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TRIMSARAN. I We regret to -chronicle the death ■> the beloved baby of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Rey- nolds, which took place on Friday. The funeral took place on Tuesday é1t, Tabernacle —o— On Saturday evening last the I.L.P. Scouts held an open air meeting, when brief and pointed addresses were delivered by Mr. Gwilym Elias, Mr. B^n Griffiths, Mr. S. Vicary, and Mr. T. E. Davies. Mr. Henry Jones presided. -0- A branch of the I.I.P !? lo;mcd for Trimsaran, eighteen members being enrolled. A very encouraging start. Mr. T. E. Davies was elected president, Mr. Thomas Morris secretary, and Mr. Richard Lloyd treasurer. -0-- A very sorrowful day was last Monday to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lloyd, Blaengwastad, when Death visited their hOlnGand took frojii their bosom their little boy Morgan Daniel, at the age of four years. Great; sympathy, from far and. near, is extended to Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd in their bereavement —o— Since attending the convention held iu Zion Chapel, Llanelly, on Thursday afternoon. I feel convinced that the Welsh Disestablish- lHent Bill will not become an act for another' I fourteen years. j Mr. John Hodge, M.P., said, when iutro- j ducing the Unemployed Workmen's Bill in j the House of Commons on April 30, that dur- j in the ten years ended. 1906 the trade unions |j had paid. The present, very dry vvv-ather and the ) parched condition of the ground reminded ) me of the old eoupef- J Gwlaw mis Mai gos'ou na i Owl aw mis Mcho-fin a gwyd. yr osrin. j — rv.- ?;f William Lloyd info* mc-.i 4 i.< j Sguborfa.wr and Dai'r Cantwr, • the Rebecca ¡ rioters, worked at Caeduheii Pit, Trimsaran. —o-— The Rebecca Rioters, who destroped the turnpike gates in West. Wales in 1842-3, de- rived their name from Genesis xxiv. 60: "Let, thy seed possess the gate of those which hate them." —o— I was very pleased to see Mr. W. James, late manager of Penrhiwceiber Collieries, who honoured me with a visit, as well as his son, Mr. Alfred James, electrical and mining en- gineer, College Square, Llanelly, who will open an office in Llanelly shortly. Mr James is Claite an expert in the electrical and min- ing line, and I wish him every success in the 1\ western part of the South Wales coalfield. —o— I am almost disgusted by reading Monday's papers as to capital punishment respecting Foy. Ruekin, >n his Queen of the Air" (Part III., p. 168), written in 1869, said:—"The recent direction of a, great weight of public opinion against capital punishment is the last and worst instrument in the hands of the legislator for the prevention of crime. The true instruments of reformation are em- ployment and reward: not punishment. Aid the willing, honour the virtuous, and compel the idle into occupation, and there will be no need for the compelling of any into the great and last indolence of death."—T. 'E. D. t

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Capital Punishment

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