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MYNYDD MAWR. I Last Friday evening the sons and daugh- ters of Temperance assembled in good num- bers at Ebenezer, Tumble, to show their ap- preciation of the services of Mrs. Thomas, wife of the Rev. T. E. Thomas, as president of the Women's Temperance Association. Since this league has been formed in the locality Mrs. Thomas, assisted by several pro- minent ladies, has done much to popularise the .cause of sobriety among women folk Her departure to Morriston will deprive the society of one of its most faithful workers, and it is to be hoped that Morriston will greatly benefit by her experience and useful- ness. At the send-off meeting the chair was Air J. Davies, collio-iv manager, and sncectvc;' were delivered by the Revs. Rowe Williams. J. Robinson, W. Griffiths, Mrs. D.-wies, Lower Villa, id others, while Messrs Jo ha Lloyd, Tom Morgan, and other local J(-)hu i?)m selections. In spite of the grear- J]IJlirt; f drinking in these i parts. Temperance is gradually gaining ground, the churches are becoming more 1 alive to the seriousness of the situation, and the kingdom of Bacchus is tottering to its foundations. -0-- The popularity of the eisteddfod is evident on .-til hands. Never was a time when greater hmrjst was taken by young and old in both literuiy and muoifcal competitions throughout tire Mynydd Mawr district. The eisteddfod held at Tumble last Saturday was, in tho opinion of eisteddfodic experts, one of the het over held in the vicinity. Climatic con- ditions were ideal, and everything seemed to contribute to make the gathering a success. The chair was well filled by Mr H. Jones- Davies, C.C., Glyneiddan, who delivered a. most appropriate and timely address, while the music and literature were weighed by Mr Price, A.C., Llanelly, and the Rev. D. Davies, Saron. The children's choir, chief choral and champion solo competitions were the chief items of interest. These three items brought into the arena some of the best talent in the county, and the large audience there assem- bled was given a rare treat in the various performances. An eisteddfod of this kind is, doubtless) an influence for good, and every encouragement should be given to everything that induces the young people to train and utilise their faculties in pure and noble pur- suits. —o— We are told that the Tumble- Workmen's Club ia taking a rest: at any rate, its dOOlft have been closed for the last three weeks. Whether this is due to the fine weather, or to the coming of spring, we are not in a position to judge. But why should not a club, like a human-being, get a rest now and then, after a busy time? A club, after all, is simply an assembly of human-beings; at least, we are told so. <' Now that the Budget is going to tax drinkables sold at clubs, no doubt our friends will hasten to re-open, so as to give | some substantia! -aid to our worthy Chancel- lor, to enable him to carry out his great I scheme It appears incredible that this neighbourhood can go on and manage to exist j without q, club, after enjoying its genial pre- sence for so many years. The Mynydd Mawr without a club would give us a good indica- tion as t0 wb.3t the heavens would be without Ij the sun and stars. --0'- There is a rumour afloat thai we are going t < have an interesting -contest iu the next- county council election in tbe parish of Llannon. Should the rumour prove true, two persons of similar convictions will contest the seat in the Liberal interest. It is not for us to express an opinion on vhe. wisdom of such a contest, but H '-eems that some kind of settlement should, be arrived at before that time. Of course, there arc yet some months between us and election time, but it would be well for the voters to keep their wits about them, and prepare for the fray, should the inevitable happen. Should it come off, we can expect some exciting iintes, since the persons n 11 >fd prospective can- didates are their respective spheres. Age, wisdom, and experience will favour tire one: elocim n 1 learnine. and tact till" níl1(.r. Wluitc\ vriJJ transpire, we trust j tint the <:]+'co-.is "IJ he £ >uided i-o rehn*o the t. '1 ;1J:1¡:" ,t:. !11(\;r;¡i.,)' H'n.j.è' t.,) 1



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