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Eisteddfod Ebenezer, Llandefeilog.


"Hen Amaethwr" ac Addysg.


I Ysgolion Sabbathol Methodistiaid…

t "Ty yr Arglwydd " a Thy…


Clywedion o Bontyberem.*I

Y Friallen.

Parti Meibion Ponthenry.

!——.-: I Atebion i Ddychymyg…

IPenillion PriodasolI

Telyneg Briodasol.I

Y Dyn Dau-wynebog. I

- Dychymyg.I

Dan Ganghenau'r Pren Afalau.…


Odlau Hiraeth !



MISS MARY EVANS, Teacher of Mnsic Local Representative of the London Coliegr Music. SENIOR HONOURS, CERTIFICATED 1. O L.' Wishes to make known that she is prepared to Receive or Visit PUPILS for TRFOR* and PIAN-OFOKTS PLAYING Ammmiford apd Kidwelij wititteti weeigly rBHMB 08 ftPPLICATIOlr t3. OowDiuK Stre«i. Llanelly J. T3AVIES & SON, A.M.I.CE. M.B.A.. CIVIL & MINING ENGINEERS, ARCHITECTS, SURVEYORS, VALUERS, ESTATE AGENTS & AUCTIONEERS, COWEtL HOUSE, LLASSELLY, Alcvlll LT.WYOOOEn,ORO^^HAXDS, by Public Auction or Piivnte Treaty of Pro- perties Piallt. tock, etc. rihun, Vahation., Reports, ) iff. Fire, Accident, Iilness, and Workmen's Compensation l>isur>*tice«. 'I' tegran K I)p vieq Survewirs." phone 367 N«tion>»l Ksfcalilisbe.! 854 2426 Nat Telephone Nt, ot^i Important to Farmers ) j w. II. n iOM ,\S&CO., j CORN, CAKE & MANURE. MERCHANT Hap 1.11 kinds of Feeding Cake aud Feedlsg Meals in Stock at VAUXHALL STORES. I ,pœtion ii.vited. Lcw,-rt Prices us application ANALYSES PURITY GUARANTEED. j Fa-m Stfda, Oati-, B-iriey, Cluvef, &e.t a.)W&yt" in ] -itook. and "hid Rt t beat- ;,it Mn-xet Rate. j Agents for the Noted MOLASSINE MEAL TtslFgnktis. Palatme," Lianeily All Commanlca- tions to— v UX]ff A! L' 8rOES LLANELLY 4188 The Charing Cross Bank. Established 1870. CARDU F BRANCII-73, ST. M&UY STIiBBT. Reed Oftices: -28. Bedford Street, CLFtring Cross. London and 39. Biahopsgare Sweet Within, London, B.C. Branches: Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford Bristol, Ac., &c. Surplus. =1.078 LOASP of £ 30 to £2.000 granted at a tew hours' notice Town or Country, on personal security, jewellery, prpciom itonc-s, stocks, shares, and furniture without removal. Stocks and Stares bought and sold. 2l per cent. allowed on Current Account Balances. DEPOSITS of 910 and upwards received as under:- Subject to 3 months' notice of withdrawal, 5 per cent. per aDo 6 II „ 6 „ JJ 12 „ „ { 7 if Special terms for longer periods. Interest paid quarterly. Owing to the nature of our investments, we are able to pay rates of interest on deposits that will compare favourably with dividends paid on almost any class of stock or share- holding insuring the safety of capital. We have been established for SO years, and our position in the banking world to-day testifies to the success of our business methods and to the satisfaction of our customers. Write ornl for Prospectus. A. WILLIAMS A H. J. TALL. Joint Managera | BOOK FOR HUSBANDS | (By a Physician-New Edition, contains 1 confidential advice and important informs- tion for married men. Post free, 7d. W. White, 1, Pilgrim Street, Ludg&te Hill, London N.C. ASK OF THE OWL I and he will wisely advise I m you to use Bliss Native m ? Herbs—the Original Herb M? }? Compound-the common- jplf ?g sense remedy for purify- ?? ? ing the blood, toning the i? ? liver, restoring the kid- tigk ? neys, correcting constipa- IP ?? tion and rheumatism, and JM ? putting the entire system Mb ? in perfect health. Many W&  testimonials in our Alma- W ? nac tell of wonderful ||i ? p cures—and the cost is so K| ? little — only 4 for a box W of 200 tablets-enough for 1 the whole family. Re- i member the name—BLISS. < I FOR SALE By WILLIAM DAVIES, Glasfryn, Dunraven Terrace, Gowerton, Glam. Mrs. EVANS, 80, Thebamkj Ht\, CnDLER, PoBIt, says; "I was crippled by Hheunsati^ra and had to use crutches. BIi8 Nathit Iferl.-s has conquered the pain and made me well. I HARMLESS. IMMEDIATE, PURE. NOTHING DANQEROUS IN PRESTO DOWDERS N tor Hea d ac h e, B to • Neura lgia, for Toothache, tor Quinsy, ACGEPT MOTmMO E?t. R?M "° RIBKS. ii- V ,)t" ] W.UAV'n'?&0?(.i?r?. '?.ncics is. t-Jiiworton. j oifpred. ADVICE TO THE MARRIED. A BOOK FOR THE PEOPLKI By a Hedictl fixpert. Contains over 200 pagpt- of up bodatt practical information whicb should be nd by all. Largely illustraiad. the most com- plete book published. Prom all bookseilen i.e., or direct post free for postal order lB, M. -MOORE. Wtlt.iamb & Co.. Eavenliill Road. Belfast 8124 FOR SALE.—Stephens' Ink (the best in the market), Carrs Inks, and Webster's fDu,. Fountain Pens, Ijetter Files, and all kinds of stationery useful to house or office, pt iowect prices at tbe "Merc,,ur,v" Affif-R 28 ¥«*■*»» Ptreet, Ltanoay.