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I iThieving at the Station.


Musical Festival at Burry…



MUSTARD AND CRESS. I MUSTARND CRESS. I There is no tax, according to the Budget, on small coal. A Burry Port coal-seller laments. It is twenty-three years since the present Llangennech Council School was opened (May 3rd) as a British School. The annual outing of the. shop assistants will take place at an early date, when they intend visiting Ilfracombe. Mr. William Griffiths, architect, Llanelly, has been appointed chairman of the Carmar- thenshire' Roads and Bridges Committee. The joiners' dispute has now been, amicably settled, a mutual agreement having l-,een ar- rived at between the employers and the men. ( 1 i^h. the newly-appointed cricket "pro. P > a great acquisition to the Llanelly touin Saturday. He is a very steady player displays good judgment- when wielding the bat. He has given his colleagues a good example to emulate. His Honour Judge Bishop, at the County Court on. Monday, expressed the opinion that people were too extravagant in regard to funeral expanses, and he was very near the mark. Many spend pounds for outward show on funerals, and afterwards suffer want in consequence. The Rev. Towyn Jones is as garrulous as ever. He failed to restrain his susceptible emotions at the Conference on Thursday last, and was constrained to interrupt the Borough Member during his speech. A lively scene followed, but it was all, as it has been rightly described, a storm in a teapot." Hearty congratulations to Dr. Evans, of Goring Terrace, Llanelly. upon his promotion to the rank of Surgeon-Lieut.-Colonel of the Royal Army Corps.I)r. Evans is by this time sn old Volunteer, -ind when the Territorial Force was formed he was attached as Sur- geon-Major to the 4th Battalion. Welsh. Regiment. A eertain branch of Klondike steelworkers w;11 journey to Carmarthen on Saturday. r!'be arrangements have been left in the hands of the chairman, Hoffi Thomas, who states that an extra charge will be im- posed on those failing to turn up at the Town Hall Square. The password to the public is, Dont crush, please Although Mr. Tiniothv Davies, M.P., has vehemently impugned the figures of the Bishop of St. Davids with regard to the num- ber of Church communicants, the latter has not deemed it advisable to contradict him. Is not this ample proof of the misleading nature of the Bishop's statements in the House of Convocation. A district officer in one of our friendly societies presided at an important lodge meeting last Saturday night, and so well did lie please the members that one of them pro- posed that they should always give him a, vote whenever he required it. Another, mis- taking the word vote for vault," asked if a grave would not be more to his taste. Whilst discussing the prospective place for their annual excursion, one of the congrega- tion at a local chapel suggested Carmar- then." Th minister briefly restarted with the reply, Yes; there will be room for us all there." After the congregation had con- ceived the meaning of the minister's reply, they laughed heartily over his ingenuity! The history of Tabernacle Chapel recently .published contains an interesting account of Nonconformist activity in Llanelly from the time that David Rees, pastor of the church at Llanedy, preached to 140 fishermen, and preached the way for the building of Capel Als in 1780. The record of the work and workers at Tabernacle is very interesting. A prominent County Councillor, whilst dis- cussing the merits and demerits of the pre- sent Government, observed that they were going too far ahead, and that their reforms were too elaborate. „ He feigns to be the re --pres-entatrve of the ?v.:olliers,but, apparently. the reforms to be achieved by'the Eight Hours Act seem to arouse his ire and indig- nation. An interesting lot of Welsh manuscripts which are at present in the National Archives in Paris are about to be published for the first time. They were recently personally transcribed by Mr T. Mathews, M.A., of Llan- debie, a member of the (Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society and Field Club. The manuscripts include a treaty between Llew- elyn Fawr and Philip Augustus of France, two letters from Owen Glyndwr to Charles VI. of France and a treaty between the two, bulls from Pope Urban IV. to Richard, Bishop of St. Davids. In addition to copies of the original documents, translations of the same into English will be given, as well as photo- type facsimiles and an introduction. Waves of curious reforms are sweeping over America, as shown by the extraordinary, laws which are being considered by various State legislatures. The following are a few culled from the native press:— In New York.—To establish water wagons for carrying the habitual drunkards through? the streets. To protect bashful brides and grooms from the stares of the curious by allowing them to send marriage applications by a messen. ger, called the First Aid to Cupid Law." To compel automobile owners to insure their lives for the benefit of their victims. In Illinois.-To limit the length of women's hatpins to nine inches, and make them take out permits for longer ones, just like all other deadly weapons. .To prohibit bachelors from being called Mister their first or last names only being allowed, so that no one can be deceived. To prohibit drunkards from marrying, stipulating that every bridegroom must make an affidavit that he has not been intoxicated more than twice during the previous year. In Texas.—To make it a criminal offence to swear over the telephone. To require all drinkers of alcoholic liquora to take out a five-dollar licence. In Nebraska.-—To make all hotels have bed sheets nine feet long, clean towels, and die- infect all linen once a season. In Maine.—To tax all bachelors over thirty, the sum to be used as a pension fund for spinsters In Delaware.—To tax bachelors and gipsies, both of whom are regarded as undesirable citizens. In Congress.—To provide three Presidents for the United States: one for the East, one for the Middle West, and the third for the Pacific Coast. In Alaska.—To make all school teachers, men and women, policemen, with power to ar- rest all unruly "students of from fifteen up to fifty. In Utah.—To make it a misdeameanous not to bathe at least once a week.

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