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Musical Festival at Burry…


Musical Festival at Burry Port j The eighth annual "Cymanfa Ganu" of the Welsh Baptist Churches of Burry Port and District, comprising choirs from Ferryside, Kidwelly, Pwll, and Burry Port, was held at the Tabernacle Chapel on Tuesday, the 4th instant, and the meetings were under the able conduetorship of Mr. J. Owen Jones, F R.C.O., organist of Tredegarville Baptist Church, Cardiff. The first meeting commenced at 10.30 a.m 7" and was presided over by the Rev. R. Ellis Williams, who introduced the service by reading a portion of the Scriptures and prayer. This meeting was taken up entiijely by the juvenile choirs, and, as is universally the case, was the best of the series. The young, fresh voices blended harmoniously, and wer-e under perfect control. This showed good training and long practice, the abSêIlce of copies being very conspicuous. The young choristers, therefore, were able to give their attention entirely to the conductor. The whole of the pieces at this meeting were ex- I cellently Tendered but special mention should I be made of Duwies Sobrwydd," 'Rwy'n ymddiried," and" Dring i Fyny." The only fault that could be found with this meeting I was the weakness of the bass and tenor parts, there being an insufficient number pre-¡ sent to balance the sweet voices of the Wile. children, who crowded the greater portion of the gallery, One feature of this meeting was a catechism on Temperance, the questions being put by the Rev. R. Ellis Williams, the juveniles replying in a very clear and excel- lent manner The meeting was brought to a close by prayer by the Rev. Elias Evans, English Baptist Church, Stepney Road. In the afternoon the adult choirs took part, when there was again a very good attendance., The meeting was introduced by Mr. E Vaughan SLaylittle, and was presided over by the Rev. R. Owen, Pwll. All the tunes at this meeting were creditably sung, some of them being excellently rendered, particularly "Onward," "Gellilenor, and "Calcutta." The two anthems, "Gwyn eu byd y meirw (W. Propert, A.C., Llanelly) and Nid i ni, 0 Arglwydd" (T. D. Edwards, A.RC.M., Portli), were also given at this meeting. The first, a light, easy anthem, was very well rendered, but the latter required more power and pre cision, and the performance of both, as well as the congregational tunes, were very con- siderably marred by the lightness of the bass and tenor parts, the volume of tone in the others prepondering so as to interfere very considerably with the balance. Mr. Rufus Rogers, Pwll, gave a very interesting address on "Singing," and the service was brought to a close by prayer by the Rev. John Owen, Beth an v. The evening meeting was announced to commence at 6 o'clock, and long before the scheduled time the sacred edifice was simply packed. A large number failed to gain ad- mittance, and had to be content with listen- ing around the chapel ground. The meeting was introduced by the Rev. Daniel Hughes, Calfaria, Llanelly, and the Rev. Hugh Jones, Kidwelly, presided. The different choirs had now attended in full force, the gallery being crowded in all parts. Good singing was an- ticipated. and the anticipation was fully realised. "Calcutta" and "Gellilenor" were again repeated, and that with far better re- sults: in Let, all the tunes rendered were ex- cellently sung __0 At an interval a duett was given by the Misses Jones, Pwll, and a very appropriate addresg by Mr. Edward Evans, Burry Port. A very important feature of this meeting were the two solos on the organ given by the conductor in a masterly style, one of them describing a concert on a lake interrupted by a storm, and was particularly realietic and very much admired. It was so graphically given, and the thunder so well executed, that the electric, light actually went out, during the performance. The singing throughout, was very good, and of a high order, but one could not help notic- ing and deprecating the presence of so many copies in the hands of the choristers, and the attention paid to these instead of to the conductor. They could not possibly attend to. both, and the conductor, therefore, was at a great disadvantage. The organists were Miss Groom and Miss Lizzie Rees. Burry Port, who deserve great praise for their work during the day. The :"e' ti'i'" h'" unvfj hv H, Rev J. R ^3", Toj .jr.. f


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