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BEVAN & Company, Ltd., Wales' Largest Furnishers For Immense Selection, Reliable Goods, Honest Service, and Sterling Value, place your orders in the hands of this well-known Firm. Their large resources, and ever- increasing Business throughout the Principality and Border Counties, enable them to supply goods at prices far below those of their competitors. No effort is spared in giving every customer entire satisfaction. All Goods delivered Free by road or rail up to 200 miles. PIANOFORTES and ORGANS at about One-half Music Warehouse Prices. Every Instrument Warranted Ten Years. Deferred Payments arranged. Large Illustrated Catalogues gratis and post free. Agents Wanted in all districts. Vangtian St., Llanelly; Wind St., Swansea; and throughout South Wales AAJVSRT tSING CHARGES Parliamentary Notions Is. per line per insertion Govenwavot Aiinou'iceinii'iii 9< Le?tatM?Puhttc Nonces | Municipal School B?n) > 6. 1 Tenders a< d (oi,t ?,.L;ts .1 Auctiov A??e?'isniQents 4d. i rteuold and Leasehold Pro- perty Sale" 6J." » LEcturt8 & Entertainments 2s. 6d, per inch Religious Services 2s. 6d. per inch PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS 15 words one insertion, 6d three insertions. Is 20 words, one insertion, 8d. three insertions, Is. 4d. 30 words, one insertion, Is three insertions, 2s. Educational. rpYPBWRITING and DUPLICATING neatly and J. promptly executed by competent operators at the Arcafte School of Sbortband.-F.or further parti- culars apt-dy at the School, Arcade CShambers, LIall- ell) 3707 BE TAUGHT BY EXPERTS IN 8borthand, Typewriting, book-keeping. Office i. routine, and Languages at the Aeeade School of Shonhaud, &c. Situations found for com- petei t vupIls.-Appl] Roland P. ThomMS. 26. Gilbert Rotd. or '\t the Arcade. Llanelly. Wanted. W N fED A ik-EN 1 1 ati tI IMPROVERS for W JVtiili ery ond Faiicy.-Apply Mrs. H, Davies, 65, Sterne,, Si ret-t,Llanelly. 6499 t IT AN i KD, a SHAKP BOY Apply, Masters& f'o, i V* S'epney Street, Llanelly. 6515 (kFFU'E BOY, under 14. Appl), by letter betore 22ml u st, David Francis, Collector, Town Halt. 6518 WANTED, ?perifnced COOK-GS?ER?L- W Apply, Mrs. Tbomas Jones, Bry?yro'iu. Llanelly 6490 WVV JANTKD, at once, IMPROVERS and APPRKN- I I' KS to the Dressmaking. Good oppoi tiinitv to leiro A M-class work.—Miss Swaucott, Brazil," Giellalla Ho d. 6185 "1 ,TANTfcD. respectable GIRL, about 16 or 17 ,e-ut of age.—Miss Swancott, "BrxzH," G'o«»ll < H-Wti, 6486 H't7AN<E!? a BOY tot?ke care of Motor Car.- W E igar Da vies, Castle Hill. 6484 PPRKN I ICES Wanted for CABINET MAKING, .A Upbots'ering. and Polishing. Respectable bojs ikj irttI liavies, Wcrn Cabi et Works, Llanelly. 6tH ■'l^T'AN'l Kl*. to Rent or Purchase DWELLING H' USE w th at least 5 Room?at PwU.—App!v V"Vil 'A¡tlbl" Blacksmith, Wapdp, rmbrr, [6389* f'q" )iAN, OFORTE TUNING aud Repairing iu all its t, by thoroughly competent aud xpericllced London Tn »-rs, who visit all parts regularly. (charge" eirictt, m.IH"te.-Apply at Thompson Ic Shackeli, Ltd.. 00. Stepney Street, Liani-Ity. HouBes, &c., To Let. ri 0 LET Six Rooms, Lavatory and Bathroom opp.>Mr.> The-t.e. Apply Mr. Jack Reef, r'umt?r. Water Street 6525 llluturl,r. t%-ater StrLet 6;?, 2 5 ?i r0 B I m o7 Sale, SHOP au'? HOUSE, Freehold in #«>■<! position in Furnace, Llanelly. Apply J t<7 Marble Hall Road. 6480 FiNRHOfi INN.—To Let. with immediate p sses- -io-i.- Apply, Buckleys Brewery, Llaceily, 6^89 GRABS Grass Grass Grazing land for horses mid cbse to town -Apply. Evau Thomas, 6494 ri'O BP. ET, from Michaelmas uext, C M. t ) M HRYD GANOL, Llanelly, containing 96t ncres; CAKGOUS. Liangennecb, containing 141 aerts wirti H ii». > • Id Buildiu s. Also several FIELDS for • zit k ?t i Liangennech -Apply, J Davies & Sou, Ht-tfte Agents and Auctioneers, Cowertl House, LILti. 6493 n 0 LET. 113. JAMES STRKET Rent, 8& fer ,| Apply, Jos Evans, 111, James-st. 6440 TO 5 FTj HOUSE md SHOP at Gathen Terrace. t A'? -?eral HOUSES for Sale,-Apply T. P. Ji Hi. h Wales Stores. 6398 rI ] 0 Corii.t, Hoad. Llatidiy Bathroom, h II &Apply to W David, Auctioneer. ID ¡.1; Hall ('h'»nibers, Liati,-Itv. 4332 ]>5 i » t SITES TO LET at Havara l^w»d. Jt from Iygad-yr-ycL to Dafeti; we, t- = nellv Water supply no borough rates; larrt- '-iar-'t reasonable terms. Also at Val)el.- App.' W Rees, Uplands, of J E. Burnell, sur- j *eyc;r, i Street. Llanelly. 1607 For- Sale. W. several Well-built HOUSES in Elgen .r ii • Pwll.—Apply, Thomas Evans & Sons, liu' 6511 1_ '< ? H ? Ot.fFHEEHOLUD\V K LUN?G f- !'? ? d SHOP t,) Suit any Tr&de at 4Jr. .1, Apply, D. 24, M Aletcury" Offices, LL. 6513 65t3 E. by Private Treaty, the SITE of three s adjoining the Benr Inn, Felinto-1. For i i t-rms. &e.. apply to Roderick & RieLar, S. &u ■-nelly • 6517 1. iu A».ri.Two well-built HOUSES, Cwm Terrace, t t t a low ground rent, no borough rates — BJ v & John, Llanelly. 6507  '.h f M E, Two Spring Coal Lonies, Ote Tip I ? t ?.d Strong Cart Harntss, Saddle and E) u Apply Jofcn Wilkins, Buriy Port. 6509 O hh;, HuUSEo. ill cuiiti-e of 5-rection, for O near l'euallt With or without U. At C. Ha. :.S. NO Foreign slab jomeiy.—Apply, Vivi.i. & o Ciiurch Street, Llaneliy 6521 ■jt \<k> AL»-l~or"to~TetT3~HOU8W8' au rSHOPS 0? fosition—nght opposite G W.R. St&'io.. j M flY j' >:i Apply, John Charges, Marble Hall Road, f Liu 6473 Ie '1 :uK A' E. gENTS' UIBI BICYCLE in i' p<-rt?t orda; Bargaiu.—Phillips, ?0, Stepney | fc^tr^- 6458 j  ?__ F,w ?tr' tNUS MINORCA EGGS from Small j r fd;; dinners; Beat Blood; Cs. dozen—17, hosd. Llanelly. 6459 ] 1-»jj«{ i k, i»»-ternl well l%uilt HOUSES at Pena1Jt j 4 T rr» 'n«-at B-x U.?d size Gardeu8; beallby <ot'"Ji i" ? "? ?t to reIJI'c56b¡e tenant*.—Apply f ? <: s?, Ltd., New Dock, Llal.eUy. 4064 j w t. ?A 4 HOUSES at Pentrepoeth t«o | ?.. ,'u Kxt?': Water laid lm. Apply \Y. Vi t .t?r. tMmrch Street. 4175 j BEAUTIFUL Walnut Fianofcrte, full trichord, Bobeck action, iron frame, brilliaut tone usual price S3 guineas, now reduced to 28 guineas, at 14s. ttet nuMtth Several others quite as cheap. For AuAbot p«t»culaw apply at Messrs. Thompson and jfiiigckeJr* Pianoforte Warehouse, Llanelly. GUINEAS at 10s. 6d. per month. New IRose- .)4 wood Pianoforte, handsome design, check iction, trichord warranted London make, Inspec- tion iuvitei.—Tbpmffeon & Shackeil, Ltd., Stepney Street. Money. MONEY— £ 15,900 to be invested on Freehold and I ?? Leaho!d property at 3?. 4 and 5 per cent. interest on large or small amounts to suit intending mortgagors.-H. Greenwood, 1, Frederick Street, Llan- lIy. I Miscellaneous Notices. LONDON.—VISITORS to London will find every ¡ L home comfort, resonabie terms, with D J Truscott. Pantycelyn House, 87, Marylands Road, ShirUnd Road, Paddiugton, W. 651P CYCLING ACCESSORIES Large Assortment just received Prices cheaper than ever. Saddles from 3s. 6d.; Outer Covers, 4s lid.; Guarantee.i Tubes with Valves. 3s. 6d. Tool-bags, Belis, Outfits, &c., &e. BoweD, 52, Station lioad. 6393 If you want to purchase a Pianoforte yoL cannot do better than consult THOMPSON A SHACKELL, LIMITED, 60, Ste-ney-strest. Lilanelly, wlio are agents for Broadwood, Brins mead, Erard, Collard, HopKinston, Agello, and &U the best London maxers; also for Eapa. nnayer, Ibach, Becbstein, Nhiedmvel, and -L foreign makers of repute. Catalogues pOl1 :r s Qinecial atore prices for cash buyers j j '-rmiir- •>•rnTn«'v* tr«*t*d MImm! *"<"< Ak Ak A, Ak A&I &AkA Ak A, A A PRELIMINARY NOTICE. ► I 1\ to tk \\& Jlcdcms, At the demand of inaiiv of our friends we nave deciaea to-arransre ttiis year, during the month of Aucust-a ► Trip to the BELGIAN ARDENNES and otner places of interest, incluaing :— IsL Brussels, Antwerp, Namur, Liege, the Field of Waterloo, Grottoes or Han, Barage of the Gileppe, ► Abbey of Maredsous, Castle of Walzin, Ciergnon, etc., etc., > particulars of which will be issued shortly We have great pleasure to announce that MONSIEUR CAMILLE DEUQUET, ► has kindly decided to accompany the tour and to act as Guide and Interpreter. No doubt, with the experience of Monsieur DEUQUET, who has a perfect knowledge of the country, this trip will prove a greater success than those of the preceding years. r The tour will be so arranged as to give every comfort and entire satisfaction to all. Ladies will be heartily ► welcomed to join the party. Particulars of the tour may be had from— > ARTHUR T. JONES, II Mercury" Offices, Llanelly. T'" V v T T T "T T" | — Grand //0//C?/ Grand Holiday Attraction, Grand Holiday LLANELLY Whit-Monday,I Attraction. Stradey Park 'T 1 MAY 31st. Stradey Park ,lr radesmens liocse Show \\('\T('\ CLASSES FOR ALL TRADES. open & Local Horse Racing & Trotting Single Harness Private Turn-outs. ¡ I OPEN NOVELTY COSTUME HORSE RACES. WT Over 2200and CUPS in Prizes. Open Classes for Farmers, Breeders and others for LIGHT and HEAVY HORSES. SHOWN IN HAND. SUITABLE FOR TOWN WOHK Schedules Now Ready, may be had Crom- ENTHIES CLOSE MAY 24th. DAVIDSON THOMAS, Sec., Inkerman Street. Llanelly Great May Fair Thursday, Friday & Saturday, May 20th, 21st & 22nd. HENRY STUDTS and SONS Will. attend the alJûH; with their NEW and ELABORATE MOTOR-CAR TRAOK, NEW VENETIAN GONDOLAS, ZOOLOGICAL ROUNDABOUTS, accompanied by a BEAUTIFUL ORCHESTUAPHONE, Confetti Carnival Every Evening. STUDTS' and all the numerous Side-shows, including Bowling Saloons, Cinematograph, Shooting Galleries, Boxing Booths, etc., etc. Open on SATURDAY, MAY 15th. 1909 STYLES OUR New Show of SPRING MILLINERY is well worth your inspection. You will find our Trimmed Hats hand- some, original and wonderfully pleasing to the eye, and becoming j to the wearer, too. One cannot help being pleased with the Charming New Materials, the grace of the Shapes, and the style of the New Trimmings, aud, above all, one must be pleased at our exceedingly low prices. L. W. ADAMS & Co. ¡ LOND014 HOUSE, Llanelly. NAT. TEL. 154. | A PEEP INTO THE I T FUTURE OF FASHION. t 2 There is nothing half so attractive to the J T well-dressed Woman as a display of coming T A Fashions in Material and Design. Imagine X I then the delights of our X i Show of Summer Dress Fabrics I I now on view. There will be found all that ▼ I is newest and best. Inspection invited. A ? DAVID EVANS, j I BRADFORD HOUSE, A 15, 19 & 20, Stepney St., Llanelly. X I Telephone No. 250. • I I LLANELLY HARBOUR TRUST. LOCAL COAL MERCHANTS who desire to m*ke JL? Monthly Quotations for COAL required by the Harbour Trustees are invited to do so. Particulars may be obtained from the HARBOUR SUPERINTENDENT. Harbour Offices, Llanelly. 6475 Llanelly County Intermediate Schools. AN ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIP EXAMINATION Will be held on SATURDAY, THE 26TH JUNE NEXT, 1 at the above Schools, and such other places as may be j notified two weeks before the Examination, if found i iiet-essary. Forty-four SCHOLARSHIPS (23 for Boys and 21 for GirlS) of the value of f.4 10s. each, will be awarded on the result of the Examination Preference will be given, so far as fifteen of the | j Scholarships are concerned (8 for Boysaud 7 for Girls) to Welsh-speaking candidates i The Candidates must not be more than 13 years of ag" on the 31st May next Full information as to the subjects of Examination, together with Forms of Application, which must be returned to me on or before the 20th May next, can be obtained from the Head Master, Head Mistress, or from the uudersigned Dated this 20th day of April, 1909. JAMES H. BLAKK, Clerk. 72, Stepney Street, Llanelly. 6438 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. i THE FOURTH ANNUAL Llanelly Regatta Win be held On Bank Holiday, August 2nd, 1909. JUVENILE CHORAL CONTEST, i CHAMPION SOLOS, Etc. Further particulars will appear shortly. R J. DAVIES. 6457 Secretary of Committee. JPHV By a few appHeationft JT JM JV will remove the most j tronble.ome B 0 r e 8 m MW Wound* and Boils. It M ?????__ ? has a migical effect J?? ?tjjj?jj?jjjj?jjjg?j?gM? upon all Skin Breaking It cleanses the Pleoti from Impurity, and sets up a rapid healm? procets so for ji all curface troubles insist on BXOIN. The Exein Co., Gowerttn, Swansea 7 d. BURRY PORT TWENTY-SIXTH ANNUAL REGATTA AND SPORTS Will be held on BANK HOLIDAY (AUGUST 2, 1909) -:0:- Further particulal s will appear shorty. 6512 G. W. R. EXCURSIONS. BATH RACES. TUESDAY, MAY 18. DAY TRIP to CARDIFF, ROATH. NEWPORT, BRISTOL & BATH. Leave Llanelly 8-20 a.m. FRIDAY NIGH r, MAY 21. To LONDON for 1, 3 or 5 days — Carmarthen Dep. 11-5 pm.) J- !<ay Fare Kidwelly 11-25  Llanelly „ 11-50 „ J 0/ For details, see bills or send postcard to stations or offices. 6516 JAMES C. INGLIS, General Manager. TO CATERERS OF REFRESHMENNTS AND FRUIT DEALERS. TENDERS are invited for the right of supplying theunder-mentiouedat STRADEY GROUNDS, LLANELLY, on WHH-MONUAY, MAY 31sr:— 1. Refreshments (exclusive of Alcoholic Drinks and Mineral Waturs). 2. Fruits and Sweets. Sealed Tenders to be in the Secretary's hands uot later than Wedneseay next, May 19th, Highest Tender not necessarily accepted. DAVIDSON THOMAS, Secretary. Coos Inkerman Street. NOTICE. The LLANLLEY MERCURY Is guaranteed to have a circulation equal to the combined circulation of any other two weekly papers pub- lished In the town or district. PEGLERS fc ¡ S,f I BEST -t  I I Butter, PER LIB. CAKE STILL "•r 21 per 2d. Ib_- All Fresh Goods AND THE Very Best Quality AT PEGLERS' I STORES Stepney St., LLANELLY. Also at SWANSEA and Branches. I