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COUNTY COURT. I 1 Town Hall. before His Honour Judge Bishop. The undefended case: were •disposed of j", the learned registry Mr. J. Walton Bishop. ADMIN I .^T RAT ION i George Robert tailed to answer a nunibet I ■of administration judgment summonses, and I His Honour made a c-omirjittak JrDCi E AJJ FUNERALS. There weiv uearlv thirty adiiiialis:tya:ilon 1 debtors, many ( f tl\en» giving unemployment or irregular work ••*? an excuse for non-pay- ment. One of the -slated tlii-i lie had only recently Ijum-i] a -child, and this meani heavy expens"? tl',at His Honour expre-??d the opinioM that people were i pxuayagant '?"i?M funerals.. In most K n order of committal for 21 days was tv TO PAY FORTHWITH. Messrs Pudrier mid Thome sued Messrs J. damage and Son for goods supplied. Eleanor Gamagfe said her son was Indebted to the plaintiffs, and was "prepared to pay. 'His Honour: What can you pay? Witness: four shillings per month. Plaintiff said he wanted the money at once. Witness said her son bought a c-art from Mr f'udner, while his father was at sea. His Honour: You have no defence at all. You buy a cart worth e7. and offer four shil- lings a month. That will not do. You must Dav forthwith A SERVANT'S CLAIM. Minnie Butt. Burry Port, sued Geo smith. Station Road, Burry Port. Plaintiff said that she was engaged as a servant by the defendant, at five shillings per week. She was given notice about three weeks ago to leave, and she now claimed her wages. Smith said 'he gave the plaintiff a week's notice, but she went away at once. His Honour dismisised the case, ftnd, said the plaintiff had forfeited her wages hy leaving without, notice. PAID OUT OF COURT. Mr. Carson made an application on behalf of Moriah Darius and Thoma.s Davies for the payment out of court of the sum of R39. which had been 7pdid in respect of the death of Oswald Davies. The applicants were the father and mother of the deceased, who was partially dependent upon fhem. His Honour (onsented to the payment. A DISPUTED AGREEMENT. Mrs Vivian West View Terrace, sued L. Roes and Emily Reos for £22 16s. in respect of rent and damage. Mr. J. Lewis Phillips appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. David Jennings defended. Mary Matilda Vivian said she owned the premises recently occupied by the defen- dants. She did not either agree to let or sell the house to them. Previous to the defen- dants occupyiii g the house witness received a rental of 8s. per week. Some alterations had been made to the house, to which she objec- ted. If she were desirous of re-altering the premises it would c-ost her about zElO. Mr. Jennings: Alcs. Rees and yourself are very friendly ? His Honour: She is hot daughter, and I think she ought to be. Continuing, u-'ifn« £ « said That in June of last year there- was a conversation with regard to the purchasing of the house She did not, however, agree to it.. She denied that she had told Mrs. Rees that she: would selli the house. was willing, loi* Mrs Rees to occupy the r house, providing «h">> would recompense her, be cause this Vkist- the only means she haji to live '-Alr. Je-.itiirigz:: T know that Mr. Rees has spent £10 on *hfd?—For his own Leneftf Don't you remember Mr. Rees^jliowing you n skeieh of whnt he proposed to do with the Do you suggest dwt your son-in-law forcibly took the house from you ?—He never paid me any rent. Joseph Llewellyn, builder, said he estima- ted the cost "of re altering the premises to its original state at £ 10. Replying to his Honour, Mr. JennÜlgs said trrere was a counter-claim. His Honour: I do not think it would be I legally worth your proceeding with it, be- cause you do not. think I should pay you for work which I did not ask you to do. Mr. Jennings said the plaintiff verbally agreed to sell The premises to the defendants for £ 250,. and the defendants, in p-Lirsuance,-of that agreement, took possession Lewis Rees, painter, son-in-law of the plain- tiff, said he contemplated purchasing the house, and offered to buy it for R250. When lie made the agreement, Mrs. Rosser and his wife were present. Witness subsequently look possesssion of the premises. On Sept. 24th the plaintiff refused to accept the con- tract, and he left the house. His Honour said it seemed to him there was 'a discussion with regard to the purchas- ing of the house, but he could not understand why Rees went out. He gave verdict to the plaintiff for Z12 16s. on the claim and also on the counter-claim.






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