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PARKUM TEA. The New Tea. A recent discovery. PARKUM TEA. Cures Headaches. An Unfailing Remedy for Indigestion. PARKUM TEA. A Pure Blend of China, Indian, and Ceylon Growths. PARKUM TEA. Described by a famous London expert as the Best Tea ever offered to the people of Wales. PARKUM TEA. Ladies will always find it will suit their tastes better than any other. PARKUM TEA. The most delicate person will retain it without injury to the nerves or digestion. PARKUM TEA. P ARKUM 1 Y?AT?TMTTT'MT T?TiTLjARL. QUALITY is the ¡ test of VALUE. 4 QUALITY is the triic test of VALUE. PARKUM TEA. In ;J-Ib., i-lb., and i-lb. Airtight Wrapped and Lead Packets; also 5-lb. and io-lb. Tins. PARKUM TEA. Ask all respectable Grocers for it. PARKUM TEA. PARKUM TEA. Should be used in every household. George's oI IFilile and Gravel Pills. A MARVELLOUS REMEDY. Xfc is more than Gold to me it saved my Life. J > IN THE BACK AND LOINS. STONE, GRAVEL, URINARY DISORDERS. '^J&UQGISHNRSS OF THE LIVBH AND KIDNEYS. i BILIOUSNESS, INDKj EBTION, CONS'l' II' ATION. 1. PILES, COLIC. J'ALm'ATION OF THE HEART. HEAD-AOHE, GIDDINESS. All's A FT Ell EATING, DMOVVSiNESS. F TURNING SOUR. ^EEV0USNE8B, DESPONDENCY. DISAGREEABLE TASTE IN THE MOUTH. SLEEPLESSNESS. QENEIIAL DEBILITY. Vm,HTING, NAUSEA. B3'OOD IMPURITIES, SORES, BOILS. 't-/ • ^ELIMATLSM, SCURVY. 1>1\0I\SI0AL SWELLINGS. DIFFICULTY OF BREATHING. THE THREE FORMS OF THIS REMEDY. ? ??lEKT?'AN?n?UO'CS. tH.?IURHTK? TOXIC. OoD-PU (' 11.1 k !iL'lbV' H. ?ERVE-STREN?THKNING, f?? ALL V u WANT. IF you suffer pain in the l'ack ami IA)iim, or between the SboiiWera, this remedy will eiioctiiitlly rwuove it. If you are troubled with Irritation of the Bladder, Suppression and Retention of the Water, Stf)llt- or Gnivt: the only SAFK And EFrFxrUAL RUM BOY ever ottered to the World im (»EORGE S PILB AND GRAVEL PILLS, If the Water is High Coloured, Thick, and depositing much Sediment, lose DO time, prtxiure a box of GIOORGE'S PILLS, and yon will BOOlJ be RIGHT "gain. If your Kidneys and Liver are sluggish and out of order, this remedy will gently fctiiuuiate t)s«se i»ii|w»rt»nt organs, open up their ologged passages, arid promote the wcretiou ni' healthy bile tuid other vital ttuidi If you are a martyr to Indigestion, Biliousness, and Constipation, yw have A SOKE RKMKDY in GEORGE'S TILLS. If you suifw from any Bowel disorder, such as JIBes, Constipation Flatulence, Colic, you have here a RKMKIW you can always rely upon f v 'li suffer from Paljiitation, and are afraid that your Ifeart you will !m<l these iliiis all Ki'KtCAClOOS ltKMBDY. If you ,suffer from Hend-ax'he ami Giddiness, GEORGE ¡n L Uj will remove these Pains sooner jblut.ii any other known Medicine. If you have- Pain after eating, and feel Drowsy and Listless -one dose of GEORGE'S PI LLS will act lik« a charm. If your Food tunis Sour aud I'IKW into vho nioutii, ft few tarsi's of RKWKUY will make your trouble); A thisig of the past. I -Ifou'-hÏN;s," Excitable, and Low Spirited, a perfect AHTJDOT? wii!bn?'?)nUM<)?.UH?-LLS. I If you have a Disagreeable Tuxte in the month, a single dose of GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS at bedtime will clear the I tongue before tile dawn of another day.  yo!? 0 1, 8 'rbe,7 N,?iii n'S!Mpfa,UstogtvHy.o" '?t, t'-y GROKHE'S PILLS. They wiH 1 I ymll:l eas::j.jz, nud revive your s?eugtb. If yon feel nnnt for Exertion, W«ik, aad Limp, this Remedy win I L'ki(ir,y .tii(i I"kx)ur P.,n?i | the enjoyment of your hie. I I' If you M e trouMed with N?u?ex, and Vomiting fit the thought of eat- ing, & box of GEORGE'S PILLS ?i? make your meat and drink both Savory and Pleasant. If your Blood is impure, il; will keep open ail the important outlets of I the body, and thus givy free exit 1.0 all Gross Humours, and no more I blood Impurities will be found bursting through the Skiu in J'nnplfw. Blotches, Sores, or Boils. I In thousands of eases i t has 'amoved from ttio Blond, M-otand branch, Rheumatic, Scorbutic, Scrofulous taints that have defied f4ii othar remedies. If YOU a to Dropsical Swellings, Hi is lUnainiy, by action upon the Kidneys and. Skin, will soon briiag relief. If you have DiNcutty of Breathing, this Remedy will H ÚitèIJd to you in the hour of ueed. No 1, GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. No 2. GEORGE'S GRAVEL PILLS. l?o. 23,, GEORGE'S PILLS FOR THE PILES.  -or. It is Ap'erient, and therefore removes Constipation. It is Aniit.iliouR, and will, therefore, correct all Irregularities of the Liver. It. i* Dinrvtic, and wiH, therefore, keep«p«) the water pa«sage«. It. w Tom." awl will, therefo're, aivo tAme and vigour to the Digestm: Orgasm. It jj. P-ioo, purifving and N^rve-Strengihcuing; it is, therefore, A 1,L are Sold Bverri¡,-here, m Boxes, 18 ld .&, 28 Hd. J3yP¡:6t, h nd p,s Workl -mv)wi;e(l Pills are Sold Everywhere, in Boxes, Is !M & 2s 9d. By P'lwt, la 3d & Ha v tBOPBIETOa ■ J. E. GEORGE. MJl.P.S.. HIBWAIK. GLAM. TEN BEST HOUSE IN TOWN FOR I General Printing IS THE MERCURY, | UPPER PARK STREET. ■ I Neatness, Cheapness and Despatch Guaranteed. THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN SOUTH WALES FOR EVERY DESCRIPTION OF DRAPERS' GROCERS', AND CHEMISTS' HANDBILLS, &e. CLUB CONTRIBUTION CARDS & NOTIONS, CASH, CONTRIBUTION, and MINUTE BOOKS, RULES OF PUBLIC SOCIETIES, PARTICULARS A CONDITIONS OF BALE, CHEQUE BOOKS, PAMPHLETS, CARDS, BOOKS, TRACTS, TESTIMONIALS i ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION, j RECEIPT FORMS, BUSINESS OBCULABS, GUMMED LABELS, MERCHANTS j TRADE LISTS, MUSIC, PLAIN and COLOURED POSTERS, CALLING CARDS, INVITATION CARDS, TOAST LISTS AND MENU CARDS, CONCERT PROGRAMMES AND TICKETS. BALL PROGRAMMES AND TICKETS, EMBOSSED ENVELOPES, EMBOSSED LETTER HEADINGS. Orders by Pmt or therioise xoill always receive prompt attention. f NOTE THE ADDRESS— 'Mercury' OMCCS3 j UPPER PAKE STREET, UPPER PARK STREET, LLANELLY. ♦


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