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ADVERTISING CHARGES. Parliamentary NoticeA Is. per line per insertion Bolero roent Announcements 9(\ « Legsl and Public Notices j I Misnie.ipal and School Board >6d. „ „ Tenders and Pontra&.i% Auction Advertisements 4d." « freehold and Leasehold Pro- perty Salfw 6d. « Religions Services lectures and Entertain- >2s. 6d. per ineh lt menfe PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. 44 Wanted," To Let." For Sale," Found," "Lofit," at the rate of 1.1; Word s for 6d. (nrenai'l) ■ Wanted. WANTED. Y'I\J! Lady Fix APPRENTICE for Sl»op.~Apply Mendaines MKKCBH & VILLAKS, Vanghan Street. WANTED. II ARTICLED PUPIL in the omee w of ?ini"f R'?it?ef and Surveyor,-Apply VSBCTTKT Office, Llanelly. AGENTS nnd "ANV\F:RR Wanted. f3 to 14 .?? w?! H'-U- t s?ht Splendid opp<?rt"<?tY for smart nipn. Nothing like it ever offered. I Addressed Kovelope. L.M. Company, 198, Long Lane, London, S.E. To Let. TO FARMERS ANO OTFTERS.—Good STABLING T t? Let at t))? York H"te).—App!y Mr. DAVIES, proprietor. rpO LET nu'ELL?NG-HOUSE and LARGE Jt GAU?RN. ? G'?!'ot), FeliufoI.-Apply WATS RISIO INN. Station Rua 1 TO T-ET. HOHS"' f.t'' 8H?P in SwanseA-rosd.— Jt Appty J. DAVIKS & SONS, Cowell House, Llan- elly. IOCK-UP SHOP To Be út at 3, Park Terrace, L Pa!-k S'r.. t. I FT. immedia'e possession, at the exeeed- I moderate ren» of ?55 per annum, a Superior Bend-detached VILLA RESIDENCE in New Road, Llanellv, l'o,nIlHlI.dii1,! 1)7-ettv and extensive views of Carina-then R >v. t, Cower Coast, and Stradey Park T e house is » commodious one. and possesses every mr»Iern convenience. At the hack Il,e Stables, Coach- b<>ns#*s. and « Garden. For further par- ticulars apply to W. BUCKLY RODE HICK, Solictor, Llanellv. rFE ET. ry Commodious HOUSE, being JL N" 18. New R.'H'L Tht-re is every modern con- ▼enience. ii!fhn!itin Liith room, with hot and cold water. Rti t, £:11 per III" i urn. Immediate possession can be For fur*her particulars and to view, apply to Rev. EIVKT Lt-wis, CnefFair. Llanelly, or to Mr. G K)K(tK BI.AKII.. 81;¡..y Estate Agent. BUILDING LAND TO LETatCnpet.ne?rBnx; -B S"nth ?'-p" fiontim: m\in roKd. Good Garden Ground no Borons.!) Rates. Water Main laid on favournl'V tf tiiK — AppL W J. REES, Gelly House. For Sale. FOR Rest RRKADaml BUTTER, go to PHILLIPS' OR B,t B lti?,A 1) BUTTER, go to PHILLIPS', JT Thn.t)asM'f.t i FOR B?t WELSH BACON and HAMS, go to FW..1 Niariti,, Street, LIQllelly, -■ Lost. ON Mav 3"t. at )!?"?<-n))"ch Station, a Lady's 0 OLD BEAK FUK Finder rewarded.—App!y J. R.. MKKCMY Office. Miscellaneous. MONlY LENT to uny amount; easy repayments m t.nken Private Inquiry Agent.- Apply G," Office. 9 Brvi nior-nii,<l. Llanelly. PEMBR&Y SCHOOL BOARD. X\^Y TANTED. imw.'jatelv, a Trained CertiScRtfd W A??'I'ER for the Copperworks Boys' School. Salary, E-40 per anllum (if holding full u D," ,£7;)), i:wr.i, £ 5 per Applica- tions. statins; »fje ami experience, with etstimonials, to be sent, on or before Sat-irday, the 29th inst., to W. H. COX, Clerk. Llanellv, IHh May, 18.97. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. HSR MAJESTY'S BIRTHDAY. ON MONDAY. M.v 21th, a DAY EXCURSTON ? to S\?-?A?.i CARD!FF.wi)t !?ve Car- mHrtlip: a' 7 4(3 to Cardiff only, leaving LLANBI.l.V »t8.Hoa.m, and Swansea at 8 50 a.m. For lvfii.ii._s fnnn other stntions, WEEK END EXCUKSIONS. see t.ills and pamphlet. .] t/ Wi LKl VSON, General Manager. To Bu Iders and Contractors. TENDTRS n, i<d to BUILD a SCHOOL- T RO )H t .vin'eiin for Brvn Congregations I Chnrch, L'- iicHv. Plr\ll "i ,'i/i,ti,'IIR m"v be seen at William Jell liii;-A', Ll:tilel)Y, after Saturday next. Tenders, scale 'ml M.lorded Schoolroom Contract,' to be «e it to i lie «;»m« a-hi''ess on cr before 5 p.m. on Thnrsd >v.•. i. >897. The do not. bind themselves to accept the lowest ilf ""¡, rOR3 & BUILDERS,- rpENDFRS :.•••• F "? '"r the ERECTION of TWO i HOUSES- UV'ii !L?). Phui.s So- ■ i'i a'ions n> ty be seen at the Office of Mr, J. E. i, Architect. Llanelly, to whom Senled Tnii' U- s .)!<- t" hesellt not later than May 27 tb, 1897 The lowe" or n:.v Tender not necessarily accepted. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT, THE ANNUIL TEA AND CONCERT WILL H: HK1.B AT BETHANY CHAPEL, NEW DOCK, | (1N ) Whit Monday, June 7th, 1897. FURTHER PARTICULARS SHORTLY. J I ,J .A. )1 F S JONES. BILLPOSTER, STATIOr- ROl D. KIDWELLY. THE m.1- poi.1 aud deliver t All work docepMS.?.ih. N B • » IN'Sl"'C"n< )N INVITED. MISS MAiiV EVANS n ,.1.. 1 J ¡ '.J .l" Teacher of Music, Having Passed ali f.e F.-C, EXHmirations ot Trinity C .j'e. Ln")J,. wil.w8 to make known "hat she io Receive or Visit for T¡I¡OJtY awl PIANO- FORTE PLAYING. TEHMS 0;? A¡'P:1-CllTION. 13, Downii'j; :rt'd, 1 Llalld!Y, 11, PARK STREET, LLANELLY. J. T. MORGAN, TAILOR AND DRAPER, (Late of FELINFOEL,) Begs to inforai his numerous Friends and Customers that he has removed to the above address with a New Stock of Woollen and Tweed Goods INCLUDING Vicunas, Serges, Scotch and Irish Suitings, Fancy Trouserings of the Newest Patterns and Designs. Gentlemen's own iiaaterials made up. Fit, Style, and Workmanship guaranteed. AN INSPECTION RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESS- J. T. MORGAN, 11, PARK STREET, LLANELLY. (Opposite ARTHUR E. DAVIES, Merchant.) THE CELEBRATED C.B. Corsets. In Black 2/11 and and Slate.FM 316 3/6  WILLIAMS', ?THE TEMPLE. EXCELSIOR & PEAIIL WHISKIES. AWARDED I Gold Medal, Hibest Award, International Exhibition, Bordeaux; Diploma, Highest Award, Cardiff Exhibition. The Pearl and Excolsior Whiskies are recommended by the Lancet, British Medical Journal and other hiyh authorities for their purity arid dietetic qualities. GTJIN BA HAMPERS,' Acknowledged to be the Best Value in the Market. WINES and SPIRITS of the Finest Quality and at standard strength only. MARGRAVE BROS7 LLANELLY. MA-lt('J'1i'L,AVE 13 1,)L O S'" L-LAN BUaRY POètT. A GRAND EISTEDDFOD Will be held at H e above place on WHIT MONDAY NEXT, JUNK 7th, 1897. CHIEF CHORAL COMPETITION', not LESS than SO voices. Ffarw 1 j Ii, G_. mxi ¡fad" (1.). Parry). Prize, MALE VOICK COMPKTITK N. Crassders" (Dan Profcheroe), not 1VK> ban 40 voices. 1rize, iCtO a!l Gobi Mednl. CHOHAL COMPKT!TTON, "'Pwysydd fel yr Arg'wvdd (T. Davies). Prize, Silver Me<»al. ADJI:DIC.\TO!lS Music JOHN PRICE, Rlivminy. Poetry, Conductor, See. Rev. G. PISNAR GRIFFITHS, Pentre-esi\ II. Secretaries JNO. ROWI.ANDS, Biyny^roes. ARTHUR GOWER, A.C Pencoed. Treasurer J. G. FtXDLAV. Programmes, d, per PPt, 1 (I. PONTY 3ES.EM. 'V Â. .t!.í t. ,11:" A GRAND EISTEDDFOD- I Will be held at the above place on MONDAY, JU?Y 5?h, 1897. ,M ONDi%-Y, JTJ,' i 1i, GvmrU F?r' ??.r&nv;. Pus £ 20, and a GotdM?!H! worth £ 2 2s, PRYOOKST- Deuwyddwch (no abon; 150 lill"). Plize El IOi. For toll list of ¡:1hj: parfcic»l»rB >Ie:, pro- graromp. So be had for Id., or l-|d. by post, from the Stcretarief,- W. THOMAS, • huh House, Poniyberem. OLlVKR BEYNON, Office, Ponty herein. I," ON DENTfSTKY.- n.l i; A(¡'!L\lL, SI'W:EON D 14N' I I KIN(, ('AltlfAtt'I'HEN. ATTKNOS LI.AN Kl.i.l KVKUY TIMIKSIlAV AT Mr. T. P. JON liS. Grocer (Corner of Market, Stree:), Art ¡tidal supplied atfireajy Heilneed Prices. Teeth Rxtracted Tf-dh "t"IIW¡j from Js, B<>u»-s or At tendance from 10 wi. too over 17 yews.—Auvt. LLANGENDEIRNE. A GRAND EISTEDDFOD WilllJe held in a Spacious Pavilion at the above place Oil MONDAY, AUGUST 2nd, 1897 (BANK HOLIDAY). CHIKF CHORAL COMPETITION (to Choirs not under 70), Flarwel i li, G% iiii-u Fad" (Dr Parry), E20. 2ND I'HOHAL COMPETITION (IO Choirs not under 35), D^ddiau Dyn hy-id fel Glaswelltyii" (T. Davies;, £6 i\L\L: Voice; OOMPHTITIOV (to Parlies not under 30), Wyr Pbiliritia" (D..Jenkins, Alus. Hac,), zEB. MUSICAL ADJUDICATOR Mr, DAVID JENKINS, Mus. BAC. CONDUCTOR MABON, M.P. Programmes iuowcea-ly (1| 1. by Post), from the Sec., Mr. LEWIS, Board School, Llangendeirue. W. c. ACE, TEACHER OF MUSIC. Lessons on Violin and Pianoforte. Pupils prepared for the Local Examinations of f'rinity College (Lund.), Royal College of Music, &c. Pianoforte* and Violins for Sale on Easy Terms. MISS SftAGrCrlE AUBREY (Former SUident at the Royal Acatletny of Music, London), gives Lessons in Voice Training k Pianoforte Playing And is open to Engagements AS ACCOMPANIST AT CONCERTS & EISTEDDFODAU. ViöÎUs Llwynhendy, Llan^eniiech, Poutardulaw, and Amui^nford weekly. Further particulars at Marahfield Terrace, Llanelly. LLANELLY FOOTBALL CLUB I ALL OUTSTANDING ACCOUNTS asainsfe the fL nhove Clnh must b« in the bauds of Secretary by MONDAY MORNING NEXT. J. GRIFFITHS. Hot). See., 35, Thnma" Street. OPENING OF A NEW PHOTOGRAPHIC BUSINESS. W. G. PROBERT (Formerly of Messrs. McLucas & Co.) Begs to inform the inhabitants of Llanelly and public generally, that he HAS OPENED the VICTORIA STUDIO, Vaughan Street, Llanelly, Where, by strict attention to business and High- class work, he solicits a slaare of their patronage. Athletic Groups: Foo,rBALL, CRICKET, and LAWN TENNIS. Children's Groups a Speciality, fliT Enlargements, Paintings in Oil, Water Colours, ami Architecture Photography. F. L. RE E S, STOCK & SHARE BROKER, VAUGHAN STREET, LLANELLY. BUYERS.—Rhymney Ord. Slock. Weaver's Old. and Pref. Bnekley'h Pre-Pref. mid Deh. S'ofik, Spiller'ft and BakerV Ord and Pref. North'* Colliery Deb Stock. SKLLHKS.— Llanelly L»ninlrv Slinren. TaffV:deOrd S'ock. Siraiia^haii ami Stephens' Ord. & Pref. Kaffirs & Westralians at close prices. LLANELLY. -I IN BANKRUPTCY, No. 12-1897. & JOHN QUIKOLO, OF No. 7. VAUGHAN STREET, LLANELLY. MR. S. N. POWELL will SELL by AUCTION. lv± at the abO\e address, oa FIUDAY, the 21sL Day of MAY, 1897, THE SHOP FITTINGS, which comprise 2 Counters, Shelving round the Shop. 2 Window Eoclusures. Brass Rails and Fit.th.gs. 22 Brass Window Bnol. S'ands, I Glass Sliding Case, I GIIISS Counter C""e. S'lop Window Shutters, Boot Strips, Oil Clolh on Floor, 12 Bent wood C ixirs. 4 Gas Chandeliers, I Stove. &c.. Lot of Window Tickets, C. R. Stukes and Patent Cash Till. Sale at 11 o'clock in the Forenosn. Terms Cash, Llallelly, May 19tb, 1897. Llandyry House, near Trimsaran IMPORTANT SALE OF FURNITURE, &c. MR WILLIAM DA VI D is instruct? to SELL by  PUBLIC AUCTION, as a?vt.. on MONDAY, ?,MAY 24tb, 1897, the ?huif of the Household Furniture, Including Dining, Drawing, Breakfast Room, and Library Appointmei the contents of Seven Bed- rooms, Kitchen, fee. Also a SPLENDID PHiETON (as good as new). Sale to Commelle at 12 o'clock noon. TKBMS CASH. No RICSKKVK. Further particulars of the Auctioneer at his Offices, 14. Yaughan-st-eet, Llanelly, CAEMAaTXlENSHIEE. MR. DAVID FRANCIS has been instructed to offer for SAl,g bv PUBLIC AUCTION, at i.he STEPNEY A li VIS HOTEL, LLANELLY, on THURSDAY, the 27th dty of MAY, 1897, at 3 for 3 HO o'clock in the xtternoon (subject to mich Con- ditiollR of S'ie as shall then be produced), all 'hat. Mo'lero, Compict, "lid Conveniently Situated TIN- PLATE WORKS, known as the Ashburnham Tinplate Works, situate in immediate contiguity to the Docks at Burry Port, allll comprising Four Tinplale Mills, together with the adjuncts usual 81111 necessary for currying oil business of Tin plate Manufacture. The Property is hehl under Lenses from the Right Hon. The Earl of Ashhnrnhnm, and others, lor « term of 99 yearf, from the 25th day of ftL<reh, 1889. at the low aggregate rents of £106 10s,. which Sinn includes the pr.ovlsi)ll of ail s,ipply ,f water for a works of the capacity of 12 mills. The Works are most admirably situated for facile and economic working, and have been constructed in a most substantial manner, with every modern appliance and convenience. Permission to view and copies of the particulars and conditions of sale may lie had on application to the Liquidators of the Ashburnham Tinplate Company, Limited, vis,, Samuel Ta*lor, Esq., 3, Temple Build- ings, Swansea, and Isaac Phillips, E-q., Brvnteg, Burry Port. R.S 0. of Messrs. Andrew Wood & Purves, Solici tors, 8, Gient James Street, Bedford Row, London, W.C. the Auctioneer, 16, YVest End, Llanelly; or of D. W. REES. Solicitor, Llanelly.

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