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I- HOARD OF GUARDIANS Ai THE APPOINTMENT OF VACCINA- TION OFFICER. MR. T. LONGHURST THE SUCCK3*- FUL CANDIDATE. The fortnightly meeting of the L'anedy Board of Guardians was held at the Union Workhouse on Thursday last. In the absence of the chairman. Mr. R. C. Jenkins presided, there I)einz also present: Mrs. Paton, Mrs. Knotts, Messrs. D. L. Rees, T. Thomas, J. Jones, B. Harris. S.rrin .) Thomas, Jeremiah Williams, F. N. Powel', D. L. D ivies, W. Y. Nevill, J. L. Thomas, O. P T. Daniel, W. Clement. W. Morgan. R ve. Glasnant Jones, H. Evans, D. D ivies, in I Or. Jones fKidwelly), together with the cle k (Mr. D. C. Edwards), th- depiitv clerk (Mr. J. H. t htko), and the master (Mr. J. Bevan). POOR LAW CONFKBKNCB. I The Chairman said he had attended the pno I., w conference at Mumbles, and everything had paas»>d off exceedingly well. He proposed that the report be held over until that day fortnight. Mrs, Knotts seconded and it was carried. THIC visrroits FOR THB FORTNIGHT. I The vi-itors appointed ror the fortuiuht were I Me ssra. R. C. Jenkins, and J. Jones. GOVBENING BODY OF TH3 INTBKMEDIATB SCHOOL. A 1-tfcer was read from Mr. F. N. Powell, asking the Board to select three persons to represent the-n on the above body. The letter further stated that the Board had power to select one lady. Mr. J. L. Thomas We asked Mrs. Evans, Llan- gennech Park, to represent us on that body last year and I am pleased to stitte that, she has carried ont her d ities to the satisfaction of all. I propose that she be re-elected. Mr. W. Y. Nevill seconded and it was carried. The g"ntlemen appointed on the committee were the chnirman. and the two vice-chairmen. DISTRICT NURSING ASSOCIATION. I It was decided to give the annual subscription I of 210 to the Llanelly District Nursing Associa- tion. THE VACCINATION OFFICTPR. I The following applications were received for the I post of vaccination officet- J. H. Blake, Goldstream-street, assistant to clerk to Guardians. Arthur H. Bowen, Swansea-road, compositor. Seth W, Evans, New Dck. W. Evans, Prospect-pi&e.e. T. Hughes, Felinfoel, works traffic agent. W. B. Jenkins, 17, Russell-street, rate collector's clerk. J. Longhurat, Brynymor-road, builder's clerk. Fred Thomas, Lakefield, tinplate worker. John Thomas, CwmcarnhoweM, tinman. W. J Twining, Bav View Terrace, tinplate-worker. T. Williams, Rassell-street, insurance agent. It was decided to reduce the number to four and I the first ballot resulted as follows T. Longhurst 20 I J. H. Blake 15 Arthur H. Bowen 15 Seth W. Evans 12 W. Evans 10 John Thomas 6 T. Hughes. 4 Fred. Thomas. 4 T. Williams 2 W. A. Jenkins 0 W. J. Twining" 0 The foiir selected for tha next ballot were Messrs. J. H. Blake, Arthur H. Bowen, S. W. Evans, and T- Longhurst. T. Longhurst, 14 Arthur H. Bowen 13 J. H. Blake 9 Seth W. Evans 8 Messrs. J. H. Blake and S. W. Evans were then struck off the list and the final ballot was as follows T. Longhurat, 13 Arthur H. Bowen & 9 The Chairman proposed that Mt-. T. Longhni-rt be appointed varcinati n officer. Mrs. Paton seconded and it was carried. Mr. Longhurst was called into the room and informed of his appointment. He thanked them for their selection and he hoped that his connection with the Board would be a long one and tnat he would give them entire satisfaction. I THE MASTER'S IINPORT. The Master reported that there were 95 inmates in the house during last week, as compared with 91 in the corresponing period of last year. I APPLICATION FOR AN INMATE. An application was received from Mrs. R. Griffiths, Llandebie, to adopt one of the inmates, Agnes Tinnuche, a little girl 21 years old. Mrs. Griffiths II |>p -ared before the Board and the chairman asked her if she would be kind to her. The applicant replied that she would. The Chairman; How long have you been mart ied? (laughter). The Applicant Two years. The Chairman What is your age 1 The Applicant: 25 years. The Chairman Even if you get children your- self, you promise to respect the little girl ? The Applicant: Y.g, The application was granted. I A DESERVING CASE. Mrs. Rees, a widow, nmde an .'ippiication for relief. The Relieving officor considered it a deserving I case, and suggested that 3s, a week be uranted. The recommendation of the officer was carried. ALMOST BUND. An application was received' from D. Evans, Waungradog, Kidwelly, for a little assistance. He was married and had 5 children, and he was almost 1 blind. Relief iu kiiid was granted, and the relieving officer was instructed to iu\f:-iti>rate the case. AN APPJJICANT WITH PKOPRUTX. David Williams, near the Corporation, Kidwelly, applit.d for relief. He had a huuse, mortgaged up to 275. Mr. F. N. Powell asked what; the value of the house was. Mr. B. Harries did not think it was worth the mortgage money. Mr. Jeremiah Williams saill that they had been told all except what ihe house cost to build. The applicant now entered the room and in- formed Mr. Williams that it cost £100 to build. Mr. F. N. Powt H remarked that the house should be sold bv auction. Mr. B. Harries remarked that the applicant was prepared to ell the house if he could only get a buyer. The applicant said that ho had tried to sell the house but bad failed. Relief in kind was granted until the Kidwelly Works were restai ted. APPLIED TWO YEABS AGO. I B. Harri", Llwynhendy, a widow, applied for relief. She applied about two years ato and was refused. There was no difference in the circnm- stances of the case. The bouse was offered. I RESULT OF THB LOUGHOR EXPLOSION. Elizabeth Toulmin, Llwynhendy, made an ap- plication for relief. Her husband had been killed at the recent explosion at Loughor. The Relieving Officer said that tdie was receiving some money from the subscription fund. I Mr. S. Thomas thought the guardians should not nay regard to that fund as it would not last lon1{. When gentlemen subscribed they were giv»-n to understand that that fund would not be taken into consideration by the Guardians. The Chairman: Look at it in the same light as we do the clubs. It was decided to grant her 4s. a week relief. A LOUOHOB APPLICANT. I E. John, Loughor, applied for a little support. | Her husband had been one of the victims at the recent colliery explosion at Loughor. She bad six children. Six shillings a week relief was granted. AN OLD COUPLE. I T. William?, Hendy, made an application for relief. He was 73 years of age, a,,d was suffering from rheumatism. He had a wife who was 65 years of age. He had been receiving 6s. 9,1. a we. k from a club, but it had now been reduced to 3s. 6d. Mr. J. L. Thomas said that the children had been very kind to their parents. It was decided to give 2s. a week relief. A CASE FROM FURNACE. I An applicalirlO was made bv M. A. Davies, Furnace, for relief. She had been receiving a little support from her son but lie had now dis- CDiitinued it. She applied for a little extra. Is. a week was granted. ANOTH13R CASE FROM DAFHN, J W. Williams, Church-str et, Dafen, applied for relief. He was 50 years of and had a wif,, and 3 children. He wtis at present an invalid. He had been receiving 10a. a week from a club, bnt it. had now been reduced to 5s. Relief in kind was granted.