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THE CYCLING WORLD. I A NOTES ON THE WHEELERS' AND I ATHLETIC CLUB. THE PROGRAMME FOR THE SEASON. I [BY ROADSTLFR.) I We are on the eve "f the cycling season. A few notes, therefore, on what I bdicve is, for the present at any rate, the only club in Llanelly, will no iloubt be acceptable. Let me, in the first place, say that I believe the Wheders have an eminently successful sensou before them. Of this, there can be no doubt: that it is one of the principal clubs in the west. It is. moreover, strictly confined to gentlemen amateurs.. The headquarters are at the Thoma* Arms Hotel, where excellent accommodation is affordeti for cyclists on t nr. At present, the membership is close upon 100, and it continues to receive the support of all true sportsmen in the neighbourhood. The first president was Mr. C. W. M. Lewis, Stradey Castle, in 1894, who has on all occasions been a ready supporter qf cycling. The president, in 1895 was Mr. T J. Williams who presented the club with a magnificent silvei challenge cu-\ In 1896, tho president was Mr. Frank Buckley, Bryn Caernu Castle, who has ever been fit the front rank of supporters of athletics in the west. The president J this year is Mr. W. B. Roderick, and the club re- joices in having stioli a popular all-round athlete as president. The club alway s had a good array of vice-presidents, each giving great 8tlpport tl) the club, the foremost being Sir J. J. Jenkins, M P., Messrs. W. B. Valentin, W. J. Rucklev, J. H.Rogerf, Hugh Waddle, Major Bvthway, H C. Bond, John Innes, H. E. Poole, and F. N. Powell. Since its formation, the club has been in it s'atc of great activity, and is now arranging for Its 25th race meeting, most of which meetings have been ve- v great successes. Some, however, more particu- larly the 10, 25, and 50 mile Welsh championships have been reverses for club members. The duh. however, is now aftenergetic as ever and "is going full speed ahead." One marked feature of the clnb has been at all times its up-to-date doings. It brought off the n'st evening spo t, in Llanelly, the first 50 mile race oil the Llanelly Park, witnessed by ahout 12 thousand spectators, the compel itora being 15 in number, and of the fastest men in Wales. As for dinners and smokers" the Wheelers always give a guarant e of a good thing." On one occasion the Wheelers forwarded a sum of £8 10s. to the Cilfynydd Relief Fund. The Wheelers have always been well represented on the tracks of Wales, and the club has all fclirou.-h its carper been able to show a goodly list of fast men on fo t and wheel. Among the cyclists the follow- in,, have d"ne great things: Douglas Davids, Henry Jone, J. Williams, R. H. Pugh, G. Auckland, R. E. Watkins, D. Ambrose, J. Lewis, E. R-es, A Butt, A. Williams, D. Williams, J. Jones, J. Thomas, and J. Jones. On foot: Cliff Bowen. J. J. Sanders, A. G. Williarns, J. Thomas, J. Auckland, T. Davies, and many others have achieved great success. Owing greatly to poor roads down West, -he runs I have not been such as one w<>uld like to reprd, yet I many a fine time has been spent by the. and most places from Cardiff to Milford hanas ived avisitatonetimeorot))pr. 1*' The club possesses two fine challenge oups: LaneV Challauge Cup, presented by Mr. C. H. Lam-, jeweller, Llanelly, a cap which is put np for a 10 mile cycl race. The present holder is D. Ambiosp, captain of the cyclists, the previous holder be:n»! J.- Lewis. Tiiis event is keenly Contested. The other cup is one presented by Mr. T. J. Williams an.1 is disignated li The Legal Challenge Cup." It is put up for a one mile flat race. This also makes a very keen codest. The racing qualities of J. J. Sanders are well known to all. His name is familiar t all sports committees, and his appearance is welcomed by all spectators. He has a formidable record. During the 1895 season he carried off 5 first piizes, 6seconds, 3 thirds in 1896, he took 4: first prizes, 5 second., and 3 thirds. He has a magnificat stride and goes a mile very strongly. His latest performance was at Nnwport on RIster Monday whun he took first in the half-mile flat race. As captain he is extremely popular. The vice- captain of the atbleiie. section is A. G. Williams, now in office fr the third season. He is a Splendid sprinter, and always makes a good entry. tfe hrta a good record, and .has won many valuable prizes. The captain f'f th" cyclist. section is D. Ambrose. He is the holder of Lane's Challenge Cl,p, atl,i among local riders few can beat, him. His select ion as captain for the season is highly approved of by the club generally. His cOllneclÍon withitdafr-s from its formation. As a r, ad rider he occupies a distim:ui-hed position, and Llanelly to Cardiff is no great journey for him. As a worker and oriraniset- lie has in the past acquitted himself well, havin"- had some big runs to cany through. The vice-captain is A. Butt, late of Swansea. He is a well-known Welsh rider, and his arrival at Llanelly has been hailed with delight by the Wheelers. The secretary for 1897 is C. C. Griffin, a well- known sportsman. His arrival at Llanelly from Will shire caused a great sensation. He bronuht with h ill a Inge tvred bicycle which wrought wonder and amazement, as well as miracles in the races fit which lie joined. He introduced he first pneumatic-tyred machine to Lianelly. For tw > seasons he was captain of the cluo, and as secretary lie is as good a man as can be found. With a ntlemlin of hia experience at the helm all is safe. Since last season The club has lost four fast athletes: J. Don;las Dalies, J. Williams, Cliff! Bowen, and R. E. Watkins. Yet the season's prospects are bright. A strong committee is now in working order' including J. J. Sanders, C. H. Lane, A. R. Thomas R. Sunddl, If.. S lver, A. G, Will:ams, A. Butt J. Th mas, G. Auckland, and C. C. Griffin, A great impetus has been sriven to (3yeling in Lla- elly by thearriv .1 of Mr, J. S. Brown, now of the Cembria Cyeie 0, Ltd.. and in ord r to stimu- late evel in.- and to ief i e 8»«ir»t int. ii, a splendid offer has iieen made to the club by this enterprising Cycle King, and prizes to the iii.1-i4- of t:20 will be Hivcit dii ins.r the season for o.y«-li Jl com^titions by Mr. Brown, to b« r.otifined strietly to am»ti-nr« • It is highlv p obable that, n 100 niiie roiid race will form one part of the p-ogmnune in utilising this munificent gift, al>o a one mile scratch for a "Cambria" challenge CUP. Membeie of the club ,2' ill for long distances, not a few having gone on wheels to the principal centres of thu Midlands, the Sou-h Coast, and the metro- polis. One of the chi-f agencies m the success of this club has been the eydeav-.nr of the eommittee to provide too l things for cyclists and race meetings are not the only attrattioll to members. An annual p:cnic is one of thet extra*, and in July of this yeas- va h an event will recur. The committee have determined it shall be done well SEASON'S PROGRAMME I ? 22 } Kidwelljr Cautle 2*30 p.m.  22I Ki,iwf!lly C3atle 2-30 p.m. Julie I Evenitig runs to B?rry P»>rfc 0 30 p.m. 8 Pa,-kmiil 2 30 m 12 .Iort.hcn"J.30 p m. 21921 Mumblex 2.30 p. tn. July 13 10 mile cyrl« r»e«f«>r L»ae'i« Civile.Cup. 1 mil,- flnt raof for Legal I mile cycle race for" Cambria Chulleutfif Cup. 31 N-,wport I I a. itt. Aug. 10 C" yclists' Picnic. 11 .Mumbles 2 30pm 21 T"I)y 3 30 p "i, 24 100 milf rond race 4 inite fltt (handicap). Cyclists' hdl in September. Carnival in October. Club dinner in Novernl)er.