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JOHN LUXTON & CO., Principal Billposter & House Agents LLANELLY. OP 48 POSTING STATIONS IN TOW A AND COUNTRY. TERMS MODERATE. PBSSOXAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO ALT. WORK. THE SOUTH WALES BILL POSTING CO., LIMITED. Permanent Hoardings In all the leading Thoroughfares of Town and Country MODBEATB. PUBLICITY GUARANTEED. IPecial Attention given to Tradesmeit's Announcements SECKKTAKY 1f. DAVID, Auctioneer, 14, Viiughan Street, Llauelly. MANAGKR BERT HALT,, 71, Andrew Street, Llanelly. AARON STONE, A, TJCTIONEER, v ALUER, PC., GREENFIELDS, LLANELLY. J. IjAVIES, "or LLWYDCOED, LLANNON, Registrar of Births and Deaths FOR THE SUB-DISTRICT OF LLANNON, And of MARRIAGES for the DISTRICT OF LLANELLY. COWELL HOUSE (OPPOSITE POST OFFICE), LLANELLY. SPECIAL SURGICAL APPLIANCES. GONIAL HERNIA TRUSSES. ftliORAL HERNIA TRUSSES SCROTAL HERNIA TRUSSES. UMBILICAL HERNIA TRUSSES. MOC MAIN TRUSSES. ELASTIC STOCKINGS, KNEE CAPS, NOMINAL BELTS. CHEST EXPANDERS INGRAMS. PATENT ENEMAS, tut. BY J. WADE, Chemist, Llanelly. Delicious, Nutritive, & Digestible.  FOOD I ? For INFANTS, JJ ? t??!?% and The ACED. F r {, The following letter is published by A sPecial permission of the Russian rl Court- j I fib 5 ■J I A f 8s!m?s? Casik { JJ &OTLAND, ¡ A r 25th S13tc;mb"r, 1896. ¡ \t ???t ?fp!-ejn&er, /&'?6. ) ? I | ) r"?? '? ? Please forward to Balmora l X C +1 d "T' f' J r as;.e one dozen 2/6 Tins of ? ? Anger's Food for li.LM. The < Empress of Russia, addressed ( j to Miss Coster. We have received the box or-defed irom j V Peterhoff, A | Yours truly, j '? ?/? r"\ ?? ?? ??? ?,? r S ? ???- (\ Messrs. F. B. Benger& Co., Ltd., j ( f Igor's Is eold 111 Tlns at 1/6, :;1:'59 GUId Si- by Chemists, &c., evefywhere. < SUNLIGHT & LIFEBUOY S« 66J 15V 61 SOAP COMPETITIONS. RUXiKS.   ?' Cempe?toM ma.y enter EACH or EVESY MONTH for EITHER or BOTH In PHrms SQn!tt?t'*or"Lifebncy"CompetitMns,bn<,BK!st6endMthe"8UNLIGHT" or "LIFEBUOY" Coupons in SEPARATE PACKETS, carefully marked on OF OASH the outside of the postal wrapper "SUNLIGHT" or "LIFEBUOY." 2. For ihis Competition the United Kingdom wiH be divided into 7 Districts, BICYOLES* and the Priaea will be awarded every month during 1897 in each of the 1 BICXCLES — districts as stated below. WATCHESt 3. Competitors to save lIB many "SUNLIGHT SOAP" or "LIFEBUOY SOAP Wrappers as they can collect. Cutoff the top portion of each wraper- 'R??Tra that portion containing the heading SUNLIGHT SOAP or LIFEBUOY RfiOTTS M SOAP." Enclose with these (caUed "Coupons") a sheet of paper stating GIVEN FREE Competitor's full name and address, and the number of coupons sent in, and G?t?VjURM? M ?ftRMmMR M forward same (see Rule 1) postage paid to Lever Brothers, Limited, Port .a-g 1897 Sunlight, near Birkenhead, marked on the Postal Wrapper (top left-hand corner) Ulirmg A lootavfj with the NUMBER of the DISTRICT Competitor lives in, and the word "SUNLIGHT" or "LIFEBUOY," whichever Coupons the packet contains. 4. The competition will CLOSE the LAST DAY of EACH MONTH. Coupons received too late for one month's competition will be put into the next. All parcels on which Postage has not been fully paid WILL BE REFUBED. a. 2r.HDJ~Tt1!S T?r PORTION 8. Competitors who obtain wrappers from unsold soap in dealers' stock will SEMDTtm T&ffORnOM  ? ?at < < <t?_ be diaquattned. Winners of Prizes in Money, Bicycles, or Watches in either !??_  y T??KAT'_ SMMy ? "8anHght" or "Lifebuoy Competitions are debarred from winning tbeøame nfcSjfcii" 4atl•v. ?f prize again in the same competition during 1897. Employes of Lever Brotherm6 M Limited, and their families are debarred from co- eling. a?f .?t? 6. A printed list of winners in competitor's district will be forwarded to .?WMt. j B r/u* <  competitors in about 3 weeks after each monthly competition closes. 7. Lever Brothers, Limited, will endeavour to award the prizes fairly to the best of their ability and judgment, but it is understood that ALL WHO COMPETE AGREE TO ACCEPT THE AWARD of Lever Brothers, Limited, as HrtaJ. L?VEB BROS., Ltd., Port Sunlight, near Birkenhead. ?iNAMB OF -;STRICT. PRIZES FGH SPKL^HT CPU PONS. j TotatPri?in?tDis.   cO  ONS. '°*? ?'ng 1MT. r. The 1 Comnet!tor m each Diat.nct who end. in the !an'gMt trLCtg during IW7. 1 JRË'¡n number. of liunligirkt C.p.n. f,- the in *IA?. h. or .1?,, L2:t cash :C 1, 764 0 0 Tll, 10 in cath 1)?'?triet ?llo send in the next Jargest number will each receive, carriage paid, at S r^wnnw wrnnrvm Kl.^r, winner's option, a I?dY'N or ?cntl-s He, ?.1 „ Svrnifvv Premier 13.??y?le,* with F?Ma pneuma.tic tyres, price £ 21. 640 0 0 ? W ALE S, LAN 0 ASH IRE, The 40 Competitors in each Di"trwt who Bend in the next CHESHIRE. 4 WALES, LANCA8HIHE, argest number will each receive, at winner's option, fi _<g.{I-=- '?La?'sor??tte?Ue??'?t?."?!ce '??: ,?,? 0 0 & N$:JôWDND. 1m' The remaining ?Suntight Competitors will each receive CUMBEORi- Cloth-bound Books, by Popular Authors, in the propor- LAND, YORKSHIRE ISLE 01, Cloth-bound Books. by Popular Authors. in the propor- YORKSHIRE. ISLE: ?? ?°" ? ? Book for e?ery 50 Suzilight C?pons sent in.. 10,000 o 0 Q SHROPSHIRE, HEREFORD- Total Prizes for Sunlight Coupons during 1897. £ 43,516 o o SHIRE, MONMOUTHSHIRE, PRIZES FOR LIFEBUOY COUPONS. 1 ruMMa STAFFORDSHIRE, WORCES- The 1 Competitor in cach I)it?kt ?l?o send. in the largest TEESHlRE W ARWICKBHIRE '?c 1 Competitor in each District who sends in the !argMt DBRBYSHmE. LEICESTER- number of Lifebuoy Coupons from the District in ?uich 8HIRÐ, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. h. r he resides will receive A321 cash I 7<4 0 0 8HIBE. NORTHAMPTOKSinHE. The 5 CompetiOrs iu ~li District who Mnd in the next OXFORDSHIRE. BUCIUNGHAM- largest Bu?nber ?H each receive, earriage paid, at BERKSHIRE, NOTTING. lailest number will each receive, ?rriage Paid, at HAMSHMP?, RIJTLANDSHIRE winner?s option, a I?dy'?4 or Gentleman's Helical UNCOLNSHIRE, HUNTING P-Ip Bi?y,l?,* with t???,, price &2 1. 8,820 0 0 IXW9BHIRB. e.,?h  In the next SHHAIMRSEH, IRB, HUNTINO- The 20 Competitors in each District who send in the next NORFOLK;SUFFOtj!—j?sEX !?'gest number win e&oh receive, f.t winner'e option, 7,oS6 o o 2 CAMBRIDGESHIRE, BEDFORD? ? Lady's or Gentleman's RoUedGoMW&tch,tprica?<<. 7,056 0 0 8HIR £ The rcmamin? UfabHoy Competitors will each receive BUasEX. HAMPSHIRE, ISLE BaiRE. HERTFORDSHIROEF Cloth-bound Books, by Popular Authors, m the proper. stil7w- ISLA?,71)S, tim Of ? Book for every SO Lifebuoy Coupons MEt in.. 5, OOP 0 0 SOMERSBTSHrR??L???' Tc?!f''bMaforMfe!tnoyCoupomadQfimglES7.. ??,640 0 0 ??O?B??AAL?L' DEVONSHIRE, GRAND TOTAL of all Prizes given for Sun!!?ht — t- CORNWAT and Lifebuoy Coupons, 1S97 £ 66,156 0 0 BICIes cekbro.ted H?ii (Spiral) Tuba "Premier" Cycles, 1897 Pattern, manufactured by the New > .—i- iiw SCfo t., of <toventrv. 1!> and ,:0, Holl?orii V-?*d.t, Y,.d-, ??ti?d with the T.I?eles. Peumati,, TYX64 and accessnnm, f Tlieye arc H-carat Half-Hunter Rolled 0-id IVtb", Jewelled, Opiate.I CA BRIA CYCLE CO., LTD., LATE JOHN S. BROWN. WARNING TO THE PUBLIC! Beware of Small Cycle Agents who state they are able to supply Cycles of any make. I The CAMBRIA CYCLE CO. hold the Sole Agencies for HUMBERS RALEIGHS QUADRANTS PREMIERS SWIFTS RUDGE- WHITWORTHS SINGERS I ENFIELDS RAPIDS RAGLANS ROVERS OSMONDS HUDSONS CAMBRIAS &c. i I Therefore, beg to Caution the Public that any of the High Grade Machines bought from other agents cannot be guaranteed by the Makers. The CAMBRIA CYCLE CO. are prepared to give RIDING LESSONS, Free of Charge, at their Spacious Riding School, and will also take old machines in exchange.   T T? TF' MACHINES ON HIRE. REPAIRS A SPECIALITY. _u_ Pneumatics from £ 6. ) Cushions from 30s. Second-hand Defiances (Equal to New) from £3 to .£4.   T?DA?ee CA 'BRIA C CL CO., LTD., LATE JOHN S. BROWN,   | MARKET STREET, LLANELLY. i -a A GREAT IMPROVEMENT. NEW FURNISHING BUSINESS FOR LLANELLY. ..1i. \J .J -1 ill -1 1.4 The Only Practical Furnisher in the I. Town. I  W. O. EVANS, I HOUSEHOLD & GENERAL FURNISHER Begs to iatbrm the PuoHc of LlaneHy and District that be has acquired the Shop at I the corner of Cowell and Murray Streets (lately occupied as County Court I Offices), which have been ¡ Greatly Enlarged and Improved, with a view of folly meeting *the growing demands of the town and district. I The Premises will shortly be OPENED with a New and Varied Stock, of Furniture, viz., Dining, Drawing and Bedroom Haites, &c., Bedsteads and Bedding, 1 Carpets, Rugs, Floorcloths, Linoleums. liiiolcumE4. I landing CustOH:S would do well to ?serve their purchases until W. 0. E, I Opens wIth his select Sck at Popular Prices.

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