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LLANELLY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. ANNUAL MEETING OF MEMBERS. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. I The annual meeting of the Llanelly Chamber of Commerce was held at the Chamber room on Friday evening last Mr. Dan Williams presided. there being al-o present Messrs. F N. Powell, (h. In. sec.), Gwilym Evans, J. Gwyn Thomas, T. Griffiths (Luton House), W. Griffiths (Metropolitan Bank), F. R. Nevill, G. F Blake, D. Evans, J. Walter Thomas, W. H. Cox, C. F. Thompson, D. Randell, M.P., J. G. Daw, R. Stuart, A. P. Lewis, D. G. Rees (solicitor), Joseph Williams, K. Trub.-haw. J. Holmes, D. Williams. H. W. Spowart, J. A. Williams, H. D. Evans, W. David, J. Howell, Holmes Stead, W. Howell W. Griffiths (architect), W. Bowen, S. Da.w, E. Morgan, J. Scaife, R. F. Randell, J. Maybery, F. Lidgey, E. Coles, and F. L. Rees. THE BALANCE HHEHT.. The Hon. Sec. submitted the balance sneet for the year. It was of a most satisfactory character. He remarked that the number of mem- bers was 166 and only one of the total member- ship had n"t paid his subscription. The Chairman said it was gratifying to find that the statement shewed a balance in hand. He was also pleased to hear that there was only one unpaid member in the 166. He proposed that the state- ment of accounts be accepted. Mr. Gwilym Evans seconded, and in doing so said he was sorry to complain of the arrangements in reference to the telephonic communications of the chamber. He did not use the chamber telephone at present, as the arrangements were unsatisfactory, and he was forced to go elsewhere The resolution was put to the meeting and carried. I THE AN NT" AT. REPORT OF THE COtfiSfCII, OF THE i CHAMBEB. The Clerk read out the annual report of the Council of the Chamber as follows :— The Council beg herewith to present to the members of the Chamber their report for the second year of the Chamber's existence, since its incorporation. It will be remembered that the year immediately proceeding the one which has jnst terminated was one of exceptional activity and interest- The Council are pleased to state tlwt the past year has maintained its position in this respect. Matters affecting the interest of traders and the ratepayers of Llanelly and district have been laid before the meetings of the Chamber, and discussions which attracted a considerable amount of attention j have taken place with regard to them. I LOCAL TEAOE. i In their last report the Council drew attention to the unsatisfactory and depressed condition of the staple industry of Llanelly, namely, the tinplate trade. They regret that they are now unable to report any appreciable improvement. It is satisfactory, however, to note that the conditions of employment so far as regularity of work is concerned, have been more favourable in this town than in other parts. The coal trade on the whole is in a fairly satis- factory state compared with the position of affairs 12 m mths ago, A pleasing feature is the fact that operations are going on in the vicinity of the town which it is hoped will meet with immediate success, and thereby result in the opening out of large colliery Undertakings. I The Council are glad to state that during the last 12 months a large steel works his been in course of const ruction, and will at an early d" te be completed, notwithstanding the misfortunes and difficulties the promoters have met with owifig to the exceptional gales of wind and rain with which Llanelly has been visited during the past winter. This undertaking must prove to be an immense boon to the town. Experiments having for their object the manu- facture of galvanizing sheets have been adopted in some of the tinplate words. What the result may be it, is difficult to foretell, but the possibilities in this direction are great, and from the point of view of labour, must be regarded with satisfaction. I WATER TARIFF. This subject was debated at several sittings of the Chamber upon the initiative of the vice-president, who submitted a series of resolutions purporting to make the conditions of the tariff more uniform and equitable, particularly to the smaller consumers, and in the resu't the Chamber adopted the resolutions subject to certain modifications. Having regard to the interest taken in the question, and to the important statements made by several members qualified to speak with authority, it is expedient that the matter should be taken in hand at an early date by the governing body of the town with the view of bringing about alterations and improvements in the present condition of things. which it is quite clear does not give general satis- faction. j THP, GREAT STOrnr. I At the commencement of the past winter a terrible storm of wind and rain was experienced in Llanelly, resulting in the New Dock district being flooded. Much distress was occasioned, and a puhlic relief fund was started Your Council felt it their duty to take a part in the movement, and they were successful in obtaining a substantial sum. t RHON'BDA AND SWANSHA DAY RAILWAy. This question has been again under the consideration of the Council during the past year and certain corres- pondence has taken place with the directors of the Company. It is sufficient to state that efforts will be made at an e:trly date to induce the Company to apply for parliamentary powers to extend their Ime to Llanellv. I STATION ACCOMMODATION. It had long been felt that the accommodation to traders and the general public at the Llanelly passenger and goods stations was inadequate and an interesting discussion was introduced at the Chamber by Mr R. F. Randell, and a resolution urging the Great Western Railway Co. to meet the requirements of the town was passed. The Council are pleased to state that the Cllmpany are seriously taking the matter in hand and that an immediate and long wished for improvement in this direction will be the result. I LETKL CROSSINGS. In addition to the serious inconvenience and delay caused to business men and the public generally by means of the present system of level crossings, particularly near the Great Western Railway Passenger Station at Llanelly, it was felt that there was great danger to life and limb, and the Chamber took the matter up in ernest. A resolution going to the heart of the question was passed and a deputation appointed to present same to the Llanelly Urban District Council. The deputation waited upon the Governing Body of the town and strongly urged the Council to take immediate steps. Your Council, however, regret to state that nothing satisfactory has been done by the Governing Body in respect of these particular crossings. C'OMM H UCI AT. EDUCATION". I The establishment by the London Chamber of I Commerce of a system of Commercial Education I attracted considerable attention to the examination schemes issued by them. Several debates took place iu the Chamber and before their close a valuable contribution in the way of an address was kindly given by Mr. Sidney Jones, B.A., (a native of Llanelly), one of the examiners of the London Chamber of Commerce, The suhject was so thoroughly ami lucidly dealt with by Mr. Jones 'that.il was decided to print his paper and circulate it amongst the members of the Chamber. The debate resulted in the following resoltllieli being I adopted n 'me1y:That this Chamber cannot accept I the examination scheme of the London Chamber of Commerce relative to commercial education but sug- gests that steps should be taken with the view of I establishing some shemo more likely to meet local re- quirements." ELECTRIC MGHTIKG or THE TONVN-, I Mr. J. C. Howell, electrical engineer of Llanelly,yery kindly invited the members to inspect; the installation of lights erected by him in New Dock Road in connec- tion with his scheme for the electric lighting of the town. A large number availed themselves of the invitation and jllr. Howell explained very fully the details of his scheme and the probable cost. The members were also taken through the electric works. Mr. Howell at a subsequent date delivered an iuteresting and valuable address upon the subject of electric lighting of Llanelly. THIRD CONGRKSS OF CHAMBKBS OF COMMERCE OF THB I KMPlltR. Mr. Blake attended the congress as the representa- tive of this Chamber aud afterwards delivered his I report. ASSOCIATION OF CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE. I Your vice-president (Mr. G. Evans) and Messrso William Bowen aud Thomas Hughes attended the Autumn Meetings of the Associated Chambers of 0.nlllmerce in Southampton as the representatives of this Chamber and afterwards delivered t.heir report thereon The Spring Meetings of the Association of 1897 were held itt London and Messrs -William BIHven and Thomas Jones represented this Chamber. NORTH P KM B ROK KSIII It B RAILWAY. The promoters of this railway in their hill before parliament last session applied for powers to construct N series of short lines in immediate proximity to [Janetty. Their proposals wpre carefully considered by the Chamber and a deputation WaS appoilltld to wait. upon the Docks Committee of the Llanelly Harbour Commission to urge the Commissioners to strenuously oppose the Bill unless satisfactory terms for connecting Llanelly at certain points were ob- tained. Your deputation met the committee and an inter- change of views took place wljich showed that there was a practical unanimity of opinion with regard to flIP Bill your are glad to report that the representations of the Commissioners found ready acceptance at the hands of the promoters. The Bill w»s, however, thrown out by Parleime.it, but your Council will not lose sight of the matter, when the promoters again approach Parliament. I GAS. Serious complaints as to the supply atif] qiialitv of gas in the public lighting of the town having been inside, the question of the obligations of the GaR Com- pany nlHlr their COHt.r:wt \Vit II the governing body of the town was di"e\:81(¡ at a meeting of the Chamber, and a resolution urging tho Urban Dist.rict Council to insist upon the agreement with the company being carried out was passed, but your Council regret to state that the reply of the town authority w:ts not satisfactory. I ACCOMMODATION. Yoiir Cotiitcil regret to state that they have been unable as yet to find better and further accommodation for members. It was hoped that long ere this additional rooms in the Nevill Memorial could have been procurerl and correspondence took place with the Urban District- Council on the subject, but. no arrangement has been arrived at. Your Council will lceep in view this important matter and will avail themselves of the first opportunity to improve the present accommodation. I MKMBERSHir. The Council are glad to state that the number of members has increased during the last year. The Council regret that during the pftst. year your auditor, Mr..John Jennings, was removed by death. Mr Jennintrs had for many years been closely identified I with this Chamber and bad for a considerable time acted as auditor. He had also prior to the Incorpora- tion of the Chamber been a member of the Committee for many years Hi.i piace as auditor was filled by the appointment of Mr..1. Gwynne Thomas. Attendance of Members of the Council for the year ending 25th March, 1897 D. Williams, President. 14 j G. Evans. J.P., Vice President 6 A. P Lewis, H on. Treasurer 7 1). Randell, M.P. 1 E. Trubshaw, J.P. „ 4 T. Jones (Merchant) 6 J. Mavbery, 3 H Wilkins, J.P. 8 G.B'a.? 8 W. G,iffiths (B.. ?) 6 W Bowen 12 .T. Allen Williams 7 R. F. RaTiflell 8 T. E Fielding 4 ) John Jennings ^deceased) (1! 3 The Ciiairiaan moved the adoption of the Council's report, and thought they could con- gratulate themselves upon the useful work they had done last year. With regard to the local industry, he considered that the condition of the tinplate trade was a source of great anxiety to those engaged in it —an anxiety due largely to the increased competition in that trade from America. He believed that the Welsh manufacturers were at length—aft er some delay-—opening their eyes to the fact that there were other countries which would consume large quantity of plates, if proper repre- sentations were made to them, and representatives found. Fresh ma-kets should be opened up at no distant date. He was sorry to find that the, tinplate manufact urers had been unable to agree in raising a fund to send out representatives to open up new markets in other countries. TheBlackburn Chamber of Commerce had sent out such representatives to see what could be done for the Blackburn trade, and a satisfactory report had been presented. It would be a good thing if the tinplate manufac- turers of Llanelly could do something in this direc- tion. The coal trade of the district was in a more satisfactory state than in the previous year. He was sure it. was their heartiest wish that the un- dertakings now in hand would be successful. It was of vital importance that there should be a good gas coal in the district. They were making big efforts to work this coal at Machynis and he trusted that at no distant date the coal would be worked pro- fitably in their neighbourhood. With regard to the anthracite trade, it nourished well during the past year, and from what he had heard it was the intenti-n of proprietors to ship large quanties of this coal at the G.W.R. Dock in Llanelly He was also pleased to state that the rates had been materially reduced,the concessions frorathe G.W.R. Company being considerable. However, there was a great deal to be yet done in this direction. The rating in Germany contrasted most favourably with the rating here. The railway people should be alive to the fact that unless they gave proper facilities for carriage to the coast, coal proprietors could not compete with Germany. In America also the rates were much lower than in this country. These facts should induce the English Railway companies t" re-consider their poiti Ill. In refer- ence to the steel trade, they welcomed the new industry to their midst, and no doubt all hoped it would prove successful. The local water tariff, like the poor, had been with them for some years. There had been many interesting discussions on the matter, and he hoped that when it was taken up again, the qu ;stion would be solved, and give satisfaction to all concerned. They had not lost siiiht of the Rhond la and Swansea Rail- way and the proposed connection with Llanelly,and the Chamber would aga n take the matter up in the autumn. They had not finished matters in relation to the level crossings so far as they should They ought to take upon-themselves the business, and not wait for the Urban Council. With regard to commercial education, they had had several interesting discussions thereon. They had had the advantage of a very able address delivered by Mr. Sidney Jones on that subject, but lie (the speaker) was of opinion that the movement of the London Chamber of Commerce was too ambitious for the needs "f South Wales. He would like to see a small committee appointed to consult with H.M.I., with the object of opening an ex- perimental clas: at Llanelly next winter. The electric light was another question which had been under discussion and he considered that the Urban District Council should take the matter up and seriously consider it. The proposed extension of the North Pembrokeshire and Fishguard Railway was a question which would have to be closely watched by Llanelly authorities. There were two sides to the question and it was for their Chamber to consider what benefit Llanelly would derive from the pro- posed extensions. Mr. J. Maybery seconded the adoption of the re- port nd remarked in reference to the level crossings that he had been informed by Mr. J. Rees, the traffic manager, that the company had the matter in hand, and ere long- they hoped to complete arrangements for having the shunting done the side nearest Swansea. The plans had been drawn and operations would be commenced at an early date. Mr. E. Trubshaw supported the resolution and said that the town authority were very glad to receive the Chamber's support on all matters apper- taining to he welfare of the community. Resolutions lL been passed by the Chamber which had been of great value to the town. The District Council bad done all in their power to give affect to the views of the Chamber on all matters effecting for good the town of Llanelly. He had been a member of the deputation to the Company on the railway case, which had been carefully discussed in committee, and he was glad to learn that the result was satisfactory to that. body and to the town generally. The report was then adopted. THE PRESIDENT FOB THE ENSUING. YEAB. The Chairman said that lie bad very great plea- sure in proposing that Mr. Gwilvm Evans be appointed president, for the en-uing year. Mr. Evans, as they all knew, was a commercial man, and one who believed in the future of Llanelly That was obvious by the investments ho had made in the various industries of the town. Mr. Evan- had taken a great-deal of intereatin county council work. of which body he was a member He had also done excellent work: in the the advancement .f technical education in Wales. Mr. Evans was a member of the Llanelly School Board for many years, but his hands were not quite so full now a.. they were a couple of years ago He had no doubt that Mr. Evans would go through the duties of chairman during next year more successfully than the office had ever been filled before. Th-y c -ul,i not fix upon a more capable trentlemen to fill the chair. All present, no doubt, hoped that Mr. Evans' health would be restored to him. thus enabl- ing him to undertake the work or the chair with vigour and zeal. Mr. Trubshaw said that he had great pleasure in seconding the resolution. He was quite sure that all present were, exceedingly glad to see Mr. Evans amongst them once m-»re af'ter his serious illness. It was to be hoped that he would thoroughly re- cover his usual state of health and that he would enjoy his presidential position and have a success- full year of office. Mr. Evans bad thehi^h com- mercial ahilities which were required to filrthe office with success. He was quite sure that Mr. Evans would assist them in guaranteeing the future prosperity of Llanelly. Mr. D. Randell, M.P., supported the resolntion and was of opinion that ho could add nothing to what had already been said of Mr. Evans. He wished him every success in his new office. The resolution was put to the meeting and carried unanimously. Mr. Gwilym Evans thanked all present for the honour they had confer; ed upon him in electing him to the important po-ition of president of the Cham- ber. He was of opinion that Llanelly was one of the principal towns iti Wales, and it was true that he had always believed in its future and in proof of that belief he had invested his money in the concerns of the town. He would take the chair, and promised to fill it to the best of his ability. He had watched the town with interest for the la-t quarter of a century, and would seek to continue to watch it closely for i he next quarter century. He was proud of the distinction conferred upon him as one who had honestly striven to be of some service to Llanelly. The retiring president had d, ne tiis work well and deserved all the praise that could be given him. All the members had listened most attentively to his addresses, and had he"n quite satisfied with the work he had done durintrhis term of office. He (the speaker) hoped that he would be spared to endeavour to fill the chair as ably as Mr. Williams. His only hope was that his health would return to hirn and that he would be of service to them and the town (applause). Mr. J G. Daw proposed that Mr. W Bowen be appointed vice-president for the ensuing year. Mr. W. Howell seconded. The Chairman supported the motion and stated that they would be very fortunate in obtaining Mr. Bowen as vice-president. The motion was carried. Mr. W. Bowen thanked the Chamber for the honour they had done him. He considered it a great honour to be elected vice-president of that chamber. He would second Mr. Evans in all his efforts to advance the interests of the chamber j and the town. I I TIUJ TREASURER. Mr. W. Griffiths (Metropolitan Bank) proposed there-election of Mr. A. P. Lewis as treasurer. Mr. G. Blake seconded and it was carried. Mr. A. P. Lewis thanked them for the re-appoint- ment. THE SECUKTAKY. The Chairman proposed the re-election of Mr. F. N. Powell, as secretary. Without him ho did not think the Chamber could have been so success- ful and useful as it had been. Mr. F. N. Powell had given them great assistance and his advise had been very valuable. His re-election would he for the welfare of the chamber, and he would no doubt give Mr. Evans and Mr. Bowen valuable aid. jI Mr J. Maybery, in seconding the proposition, said that if Mr. Powell would consent to act for another year, it would be an excellent thing for the Chamber. Mr. W. Bown supported the motion and said that the success of the Chamber had been largely due to the efforts of Mr. Powell, and he hoped that gentleman would live to occupy the position for many years to come (applause). The motion was earned. Mr. F. N. Powell said he was exceedingly obliged to them for the way they had received his re- election as secretary. However, he did not think it right that the same per-on should fill the office every year. There was no doubt a lot of work attached to the office but he had done it with pleasure, for it bad been a labour of love. Mr. Evans was not in the best of health and it occurred to him (the speaker) that he might be of some assistance to him as secretary in the coming year. He would therefore consent. to undertake the duties for another year (applause). I AUDITOK, The Chairman proposed the re-election of Mr. J. Gwynne Thomas as auditor. Mr. W. Howell seconded and it was carried. Mr J. Gwynne Thomas thanked the Chamber for re-electing him as auditor, and he assured them that 1 he would do the work to the best of his ability. I A NEW MEMBER. I Mr. Reginald Tnffley Harding, solicitor, was un- I animously appointed a member of the Chamber. I VACANCIES OK THE COUNCIL 01" THE CHAMBER. The Clerk reported that there were no nomina- tions for the vacancies on the Council, and it would be for the Council to select members to fill up the vacancies. I THE DIAMOND JUBTLI3E. The Chairman said that they had to appoint two representatives to act on the special committee formed for the purpose of obtaining subscriptions to remove the existing debt on the hospital and for the necessary improvements thereto, and also for the erection of a children's ward. He proposed that Messrs. William Bowen and W. Griffiths, I (Metropolitan Bank) he appointed. Mr. Gwilym Evans seconded and it was carried. I A VOTE OF THANKS. Mr. J. A. Williams moved a vote of thanks to the retiring chairman. Mr. Williams had done his work remarkably well during the year and he deserved the thanks of all the members. He was sure that all would agree with him that Mr. Williams had done a great deal for the interests of the Chamber. Tho retiring president, had been very courteous and uniformly straightforward. His addresses and decisions had given entire satisfaction. Mr. H. W. Spowart seconded and it was carried. The Chairman asked them to accept his thanks for their kind remarks. He thanked the secreta' y and all present for their kind support during the three years he had been in office. They had worked harmoniously together and he hoped they would do so in the future.