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I MUSTARD AND CRESS. I,AIUSTARD AND C.IIZESS. Several Llanellyites are attending the May meetings in London. The area of the borough of Llanelly is a little over 4,000 acres. The rateable value of Llanelly is between £80,000 and £ 90,000. There are 252 teachers, of all grades, in the service of the Llanelly School Board. During the week the Jenuings' Memorial Fund bag been raised to £ 1,045 13s. 5d. One of the shop assistants of Llanelly works some- thing over 84 hours per week. The Llaneily School Board have borrowed a sum of XZO,566 since the formation of the Board. The normal capacity of the six tinplate works iu Llaneily is 31,680 boxes per week. Elder James Caffall, from America, will preach at the Latter Day Saints' Chapel, Island Place, on Sunday next. The two candidates in the final tie for the heacl mastership of the Felinfoel National School were two brothers. Mr. Ernest Trubshaw, and Mr. Maybery are attend- ing the annual meetings of the Iron and Steel Institute held in London. The amount paid by the Borough Council for street lighting last year was JE1843 9s. 2d., and for public buildings C287 9s. 8d. The estimated population of Llanelly to-day is 27,207. When the Queen ascended the throne, it was under 6.000. In his lecture on Tuesday evening, the Rev. Arthur Mursell said that a more difficult task than calling another mau a fool was to prove one's own sagacity. A correspondent writing to a local newspaper wants dancing from 6.30 until 12 o'clock, refreshments, and extensive cloak accommodation for one shilling. The feature of the convivial proceedings at the dinner of the Swansea and Llaneily Law Students' Society was a whistling solo given by Mr.T. J. Williams, B.A. The Rev. J. Ossian Davies, who is removing to London, presumably, believes it is time Bournemouth people were given some variety. Bournemouth has a plethora of Welsh preachers. A correspondent writes to say that the Llauelly shop assistants have yet to learn the meaning of the word "conversazione," as the function held under their auspices a week ago was a "social evening." Many old friends of Dr. Llewellyn Bevan scarcely I knew him upon seeing him for the first time after his return from Melbourne last week. His face is now set in a framework of bushy white hair. One of the speakers at a recent hospital committee gave that institution a very good name, remarking that he had been a patient there for about five months on one occasion and was so happy there that he act- ually cried when he became well enough to leave. At the anuual meeting of the South Wales Liberal Federation held at Merthyr ou Friday, a vote of condolence was passed with the widow of Dr. J. A. Jones, Llaneily, who was a member of the Executive of the Federation. Mr. W. H. Johu, the new collector to the Llaneily Harbour Commissioners, appeared at a meeting of that body for the first time on Monday, when one of the members mistook him for the special correspoadent of i the Times. It is quite refreshing to hear that at least one of the present Congregationalist ministers at Bournemouth is going to leave for another pastorate.. There are four Independent churches at Bournemouth and there is a Welshman in the pulpit of each. At the banquet of the Llaneily and Swansea Law Students, Mr. C. H. Glascodine paid a graceful com- pliment to the thoroughness of Llaneily people. Whatever they took in baud, he observed, they could be counted upon doing well. Dr. Llewellyn Bevan, the great Australian divine* now on a visit to this country, was brought up at Park Congregational Church, Llaneily. It is to be hoped that the friends at Park Church will induce him to give them a Sunday ere he returns home. The South Wales Daily Ne-dss, alluding to Mr. Llewellyn John, the new Captain of the Llaneily Cricket Club, says he is young and popular to a degree, and on the cricket pitch, as in the football arena, his play is characterised by a refinement of style that is positively engaging. We regret to bear that the Rev. W. Walters (Talmai) has been seriously ill since Tuesday week last, suffering from an attack of pleurisy. Our readers undoubtedly will extend to him their sympathy. We are glad to find that be is now convalescent under the careful treatment of Dr. n. J. Roderiek, and we hope he will soon be restored to his usual health. The authorities of the Newport National Eisteddfod have paid a great compliment to the hon sec. of the Oddfellows' Eisteddfod held at Llaneily last Whit Monday. The other day Mr. W. B. Jones, received a communication from the Newport secretary asking foe the particulars of the system in vogue at the Odd- fellows' Eisteddfod in relation to return passes, the people at Newport having been informed that the system in question was perfect. » In his masterly lecture on Monday evening on Nansen," the Rev. Arthur Mursell told a good story of the boy who told a lie. For the untruth he was put in a corner to examine the pattern of the wall paper. Having been engaged in this task for sometime, he observed: Mamma. m*y I ask you question?" Mamma: "Yes." Nanghty boy "Did you ever tell a lie." Mamma: Yes." Naughty boy: "Aud Father?" Mamma: "Yes." Naughty boy: "And Father ,Ilamma '4 Y e uncle Timothy, and Aunt Tabitha?" Mamma: "Yes, I am afraid so." Naughty boy Well mamma, I (lotilt wa-it to go to beAven." Mamma.; "What!" Naughty boy: "I don't want to go to heaven." Mamma Why ?" Naughty boy Because it will be lonesome there. I don't know of anyone who will be there except God and George Washington." Referring to the Welsh breakfast to be given by Dr. Llewellyn Bevan in London this week during the May meetings, the Ckristan World says It will be a great function and we envy the Welshmen. Dr. Bevan, if appearances go for anything, is in immense form, and be is never better than iu an fter-dinner-speech, unless it be in the tt-I likig of an after-dinner story. To tind himself once more, after years of absence, at a table filled with bis old friends and compatriots, will stir all that is Welsh in his capacious nature, and great will he the outpouring. We publish to-day also an interesting interview' with Dr. Bevan. His morn- ing and evening sermons at Paddington on Sunday delighted large congregations by their freshness of style and their expansive breadth. They seemed flooded with the Australian sunshine and impregnated I with its buovant acmosnhere Dr. Llewellyn Bevan, once of Llaneily, now cf Melbourne, is on a visit to the old country, and he has been telling a British Weekly interviewer that he does. not believe that the average Australian Colonist has any great knowledge of English politics I doubt," he said "whether he could name more than four or five English statesmen. But that is the case in all countries in relation to the politics of other lands. The other day I was in a. bookseller's shop in Bale, and a man was showing me a group of the leading politicians of Germany. He was surprised to find that many were quite unfamiliar t-o me. Tell me, -1 said how many English politicians do you know I WLII,L be said 'there is Mr. Gladstone ,wd Lord ?'?.Hsbury, afd—Mtd well, surely, there is a J086ph oroething.' Now, do you know," continued Dr.. BeTan, 11 that that man s position is not so entirely different from ours in Victoria. For myse'f, I mn-st confess that I have no idea who is the present Home Secretary." A very absent minded, erudite, and well known divine residing at Swansea had (says the South <Fa £ cs Daily Post) to journey Llanelly-wards to preach. He was due at the house of his host about four in the afternoon. The Rev. gentleman started from the High-street station at the appointed time, and so far all was well, but when the tmhi si-3p[>ca at the siatsou which was his destination the gentleman in blactt was deep in thought, probably ojgitafcing over his sermon of the morrow, and thus the tram went, down the line and the Dreacher found himself miles away from where he wished to alight. H0 erKjaired the time of the next up train, and departed by it, but, alas! this was an express which flew past hw station, and for the second time tbe unforionate divine missed his goal. A gentleman who was mthe train took compassion on him, and to prevent another eeosreternps ask d the guard to kindly look after the divine and see that he got out at the right sfc&iton. This was accomplished but the h -use of the host was not reached till 10.30 at sight, and when all hep jE had bees gives; up of his. arrival.