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I LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD. I APPOINTMENT OF CHAIRMAN AND VICE-CHAIRMAN. The monthly meeting of the Llanelly School Board was held at the School Board offices on Tuesday last. There were present Mrs. Evans, Messrs. J. Hopkins, J. A. Williams, H. Wilkins, G. F. Blake, W. David, and J. Thomas (Berwick). together with the clerk (M r. Ifor W. Watkins). I' THE APPOINTMENT OF CHAIRMAN. _I Mr. Henry Wilkins proposed the election of Mr. Hopkins to the chair and referred to the fact that Mr Hopkins was one of the senior members and had done excellent work in the vice-chair during i he period he had occupied the position. He was an earnest educationalist and would, during the unexpired term, faithfully and conscientiously serve the Board. Mr. W: David seconded the motion, which was unanimously carried. Mr. Hopkins returned thanks for the confidence reposed in him. Mr. Wilkins moved the election of Mr J. A. Williams to the vice-chair, Mr. Williams being a member who had rendered most valuable services to the Board. Mr. Blake seconded in appropriate terms, refer- ring to Mr Williams as a member of great ability. The motion was unanimoixsly carried, and Mr, Williams fitly returned thanks for the honour. THE HIGHER GRADE SCHOOL. I The following tenders were received for alter-I I ations at the Higher Grade School: £ s. d. Brown, Thomas, and John 258 0 0 John Evans 276 0 0 George Mercer 259 16 0 Mr. G. Blake thought they could not do better than accept Mr. Mercer's tender, there being only a slight difference between it and the lowest. He pro- posed that Mr. Mercer's tender be accepted. Mr. J. A. Williams seconded and it was carried. NOT ATTENDING SCHOOL. Mrs. Morris, the mother of M. A. Morris, a pupil atl,the Machynis School, and Mr. Lewis, the father of M. A. Lewis, a scholar from the Dock School, appeared before the Board seeking permission to ke'-pb 'th children :d. home. Both parents had sad stories to relate of illness at home. The Board listened courteously and then requested the parents to do their best to send the children to school. THE CENTRAL CLASS. I A long discussion ensued on the appointment of a I committee of management for the central class, Mr. W. David advocating the appointment of 26 gentlemen, together with all the members of the Board as ex-officios. Mr. J. A. Williams did not consider it necessary that all the members of the Board should be placed on the committee. Mr. Blake concurred. Mr. Wilkins considered the reports in connnec- tion witt. that school most important and he did not think they had been sufficiently considered by the Board. A decision to appoint a committee of 26 wasthen carried, to contain a few parents of the scholars. The commiu ee was appointed as follows:-Major Bythway, R -vs. D. Wynne Evans, T. Johns, Ben. Evans, R. M. Humphreys, Mrs. J. Rowlands, Mrs. Maybery, Messrs. Thomas Hughes, John Innes, H. B. Pascoe, J. Clement, H. Francis, W. Y Nevill, W. W. Brodie, W. E. C. Tregoning, Gwilyrn Evans, Daniel Williams, T. Job, E. Pryor, T. Hallam, C. Mutter, W. Bowen (Felinfoel), W. H. Andrews (Dafen), and Mrs. Evans, Messrs. W. David and G. Blake, members of the Board. BRYN SCHOOL. I A letter was read from the managers of the above school, recommending oertain alterations. Mr. J. Thomas, Mr. D. Harry, and the architect, were asked to report on the question. The Rev. J. Evans was appointed to the vacancy on the com- mittee of management caused by the retirement of the Rev. J. Thomas. TRANSFER. i The Clerk read a letter from Miss H. Griffiths, Llwynhendy School, asking the Board to transfer her to the Bynea School as sewing mistress. It was decided to let the matter stand over until the time of making st aff arrangements. FIVE ROADS SCHOOL. I A half-holiday was granted the children attend- ing the Five Ro&ds School for May the 25th, on account of the anniversary services of Horeb Chapel. t THE BYNEA SCHOOL. I A letter was read from the managers of the above school slating that they had appointed Mrs. Eiztbeth Main waring cleaner of the mixed school at a salary of G. per week, and Mrs Ann Leyshon, cieaner of the infant school at a salary of 4s. per week, b 'th cleaners to find their own materials. The Bjard approved of the npp )intments. THE EVENING CLASSES. I The Clerk said that the question of payment for gas and cleaning in regard to the continuation classes held last winter, came before the Board in October. They had, however, done nothing in the matter since then. Mr. J. A. Williams said that the teachers got the full benefit of the grant. Mr. J. Thomas considered that the cleaner should be paid by the head teacher f,.r the extra work. Mr. J. A. Williams proposed that the clerk should obt an particulars from other Boards of how they dealt with the question. Mr. Wilkins s econded and it was carried. GOVERNING BODY OF THK INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL. I Mrs. Evans and Messrs. H. Wilkins and G. Blake were appointed to represent the Board on the governing body of the Intermediate and Technical School. THANK3 TO THE BOARD. I A letter was read from Mr. R. J. Edmunds con- veying the thanks of the teachers in the district for the facilities yivea them in promoting the concert in aid of the N.U.T. funds. USM OF BYNEA SCHOOL. I A letter was rea.d from Mr. J. Jenkins, Cwmfelin, applying for the use of Bynea School to hold a concert in aid of Joseph Tinnuche 011 June the 5th. It was decided that the school be granted on the usual terms. AN APPLICATION FROM THE BAPTISTS. A letter was read fl om Mr. T. Job, applying for the use of one of the rooms at the Copperworks School for the purpose of providing refreshments for visitors attending the meetings in connection with the Baptists' Union. Mr. Blake remarked that if they granted the application, they would open a wide door for others. Mr. W. David considered the application not much to grant. Mr. G. Blake felt strongly against using the t uqina the schools for I he purposes named. Mr. H. Wilkins was of. opinion that they were under an obligation to the body named for meeting the Board in the p.,st by lending the vestry of Bethel Chapel for school purposes for 18 months free of charge. Mr, G. Blake replied t,hat the "bligation had been before them once before, and they had already acceded to a request in discharge of it. Mr. H. Wilkins propose.! tli t three members of the Boaid 8tC Mr. Job and confer with him. Mr. W. Dadl seconded and it was carried. The members to see Mr. Job are: Messrs H. Wilkins, G. Blake, and W. David. J j THE JUBILEE WEEK. Idr. G. Blake gave notice that at the next meeting »f the Board he would move. "that the schools under the Board be closed for the week cosumenoing 21st of June, in commemoration of the longest reign, and tbat a communication be sent to the teachers aud inspectors to that effect at an early date." I TBEAT FOR THE CHILDREN. I Mr..J. A. Williams gave notice tht he would move at the next meeting that all the children a; tending the schools under tueBourd be given a I treat on the 22nd of June in commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen. I AN APPLICATION. An application was received from Miss Anna J. Rees, Llanarth School Board, for permission to attend the P.T. Central Class for preparation for Queen's Scholarship Examination. It was decided to grant the application on the payment of A:2 per session. I ESTIMATE OF MONIES REQUIRED., I An estimate of monies required to the 25th of March, 1898, was submitted to the Board and considered.—It was decided that a precept be made upon the overseers of the Urban Parish of Llaneily for the sum of £3,296 16s., to meet the expenses of the Board to the 29th September next, also that a precept be made upon the overseers of the Rural Parish of Llanelly for the sum of L-1,480 to the same date.