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PARKUM TEA. The New Tea. A recent discovery. PARKUM TEA. Cures Headaches. An Unfailing Remedy for Indigestion. PARKUM TEA. A Pure Blend of China, Indian, and Ceylon Growths. PARKUM TEA. Described by a famous London expert as the Best Tea ever offered to the people of Wales. PARKUM TEA. & t V j & t) ? & W < ? Ladies will always find it will suit their tastes better than any other. P ARKUM TEA. JSL ?)? <Jt*?<t!L T*& Et<&)ttJ*Az<A < The most delicate person will retain it without injury to the nerves or digestion. PARKUM TEA. 1 1 u QUALITY is the true test of VALUE. PARKUM TEA. In l-lb., I-lb., and i-lb. Airtight Wrapped and Lead Packets also 5-lb. and io-lb. Tins. PARKUM TEA. Ask all respectable Grocers for it. PARKUM TEA. PARKUM TEA. Should be used in every household. George's Pile and Gravel Pills. A MARVELLOUS REMEDY. It is more than Gold to me it saved my Life. IN THE BACK If you suffer pain in the Back and Loins, or between the Shoulders, AND LOINS. I this remedy will effectually remove it. If you are troubled with Irritation of the Bladder, Suppression and Rdcntion of the Water, Stone or Gravel, the ouly SAFE and EFFBCTOAL STONE, GRAVEL, ever offered to the World is GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL FILLS. URINARY DISORDERS. j If the Water is High Coloured, Thick, and depositing much Sediment, ] lose no time, procure a box of GEORGE'S PILLS, and you will soon _I' be RIGHT again. SLUGGISHNE" SI S OF THE If your Kidneys and Liver are sluggish and out of order, this remedy ->" H will gently stimulate these important organs, open up their clogged LIVER AND KIDN J.:¡ S. passages, and promote the secretion of healthy bile and other vital fluids. BIJ..I()ïJsNrf1!3;. -¡-If ,ou are a martyr to Indigc,;m, Biliousness, and Constipation, yon INDIGESTION ? 1 jj' ??? gjg ? martyr to Indigestion, Biliousness, and Constipation, yo'' have a SURE RsMEny in GEORGE'S PILLS. -P1J1\1'UJ-ENCE '-pliES If you suffer from any Bowel disor<!er,soch as PHes, Constipation FLATULENCE FILES, ¡ Flatulence, Colic, you have here a REMEDY you can aiways rely upon PALPITATION OF THIS 1 If you suffer from Palpitation, and are afraid that your Heart HWART. affected, you will find these Filis an EFFICACIOUS REHRDY. inAn-ACriB- If you suffer from Head-ache nd Giddin;8-, GiX.11U;I:;1.;t'ii.s riil GIDDINESS. remove these Pains sooner than any other known Medicine. P UN AF'l'1Ú't EATING- If you have Pain after eating, and fe<d Drowsy and ¿"tlee d{)s PAIN ?FTER EATING, ?? GEORGE'S PILLS wiH act iike ? charm. DKOWSiNEoS. of GEOI,GE'S PILLS %ill a'- t lii?e r? C i lt?-D). -=- If your Food turns Sour and rises into the mouth, a few doses of this FOOD TURNING SOUR. Re?j edit will make your troubles a thing of the past. NEJ RVOUSNESS. If you feel Nervous, Excitable, and Low Spirited, a perfect ANTIDOTF DESPONDENCY. will be found in GEORGE'S FILLS.  I If vou have a Disagreeable Taste in the mouth, a single dose of DISAGREEABLE TASTE GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS ,j bedtime will clear the IN THE MOUTH. tongue before tbe dartu Oi (Izt?y.  '"? If Sle??p t,) y ? > K.' fry GEORGE'S PILLS. They will  SLEE,PLE.?S.S?NESS. ? m'.i.ke your bed easy. siecp rctrc?bin?, and revive your strength. If you feel unfit for Exertion, Weak, and Limp, this REMEDY will GENERAL DEBILITY. restore your Energy and btrcuglu, and will make labour and exercise the enjoyment of your life. It you are troubled with Nausea, and Vomiting at the thought of eat- VOMITING, NAUSEA. ¡ sag, a. box of GEORGE'S PILLS will make your useat and drink both ¡ Savory and Pleasant. J- — j If your Blood is impure, it will keep open all the important outlets of BLOOD IMPURITIES, s the body, and thus give free exit to all Gross Humours, and no more FORES BOILS. i blood Impurities will be found bursting through the Skin in Pimples, 1 Blotches, Sore- < r Hoi x In thousands of < e>* if hns f < ,n Blood, root and branch, RHEUMATISM, SCURVY. Rheumatic, S<vwl i»u, Sen-hum,& u>.n » that. h-tve defied all other remedies. H_ DI"OI'JP:1 <vnr;' INCC' ¡ Ii YOu h?t,, f? ?l, t! iis i?cluedy, by its nDRpoOJp-WoICAiT L w cotvV^t L.T i>lINtsrGco«l vpQQ .?? ?,??.? „,ui sj,?? ??? ?.?. b.h,. rdief. actiei ul),):a tLe -u_ DimCULTV OF Ifvouh?.?DifTi?n'ttyof Br?thhi;?,th? Remedy will prove a friend BREATHING, i to you in me hn¡r of need. -+- j toTHiE TtTtHtI^»vi!»F L VxVOKl^AIS i> OF ¡ Ko. 1, GEOilGXS'S PIU: AND GRAVEL WLJ.S. K0_ 2i GE0 £ (i.1,y<s GRAVEL FILLS. THIS REMEDY. ¡ No. 3, GEORGE'S FILLS FOR THK PILES. -> APERIENT, ANTIEI LIOGS,H is Antibilíom\, and will, therefore, correct all Irregulari'. « t1 dt' .L i'. c It is Diuretic, i n,rl, I all4i will, NERVE-STP^NG > FUNING. therefore, give tone and vigour to the Di •»«■! P is Blood- ALL YoL a; T. purifying arid Nerve-Strengthen i ag; it is, h « YOU \VANT. WwM-v»nv-nc.d Pills are Sold Everywhere, in Boxes, Is IQd & 3s fcl Bv *> -•> Is 3d & 3s. lIT') n n 7 "P 17 (yn V ,.r T) 1):í. IT Ar PROF1UETOR J. E. GEOHGE. M.U.P.S.. iimWA.IN, -ULAM.


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