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JOHN LUXTON & CO., Principal Billposters & House Agents LLAN ELLY. LESSEES OF48 POSTING STA TIONS IN TOWN AND COUNTRY. TERMS MODERATE. PERSONAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO A U WOKE. THE SOUTH WALES BILL POSTING CO., .LIMITED, Permanent Hoardings 14 all the leading Thoroughfares of Town and Country TERMS MODERATE. PUBLICITY GUARANTEED. Speoial Attention ttfveu to Tradesmen's Announcements I SKCBKTART "DAVID, Auctioneer, 14, Vuughan Street, Llanelly. I MANAGER: BERT HALL, 71, Andrew Street, Llanelly. AARON STONE, UCTIONEER, v ALUER, P C., GREENFIELDS, LLANELLY. J. DA VIES, Of LLWYDCOED, LLANNON, Registrar of Births and Deaths FOR THE SUB-DISTRICT OF LLANNON, .And of MARRIAGES for the DISTRICT OF LLANELL Y. 'ICE :— COWELL HOUSE (OPPOSITE POST OFFICE), LLANELLY. SPECIAL SURGICAL APPLIANCES. -QUNIAI.. HERNIA TRUSSES. AMORAL HERNIA TRUSSES SCROTAL HERNIA TRUSSES. UMBILICAL HERNIA TRUSSES. MOO MAIN TRUSSES. ELASTIC STOCKINGS, KNEE CAPS. NOMINAL BELTS, CHEST EXPANDERS INGRAMS, PATENT ENEMAS, &c. 8 U) BY J. WADE, Chemist, Llanelly, Delicious, Nutritive, & Digestible. k OOD I For Infants, I UvauqS, and The ACEDII f The following letter is published by t sPecictf oermission of the Russian f 4 I COurt- J I ill j j. Balffintal Csalle. i 1\ Y SCOTLAND, y 25ih September, 1&96. 11 Sh.s I w Please forward to Balmoral X Castle one dozen 2/6 Tins of ? | Benger's Food for H.I.M. The i L impress of Russia, addressed 7 v to Miss Coster. We have K u deceived the box ordered from j /{ Petel"hoff. I v Yours truly, ft  X  | Messrs. F. B. Beager & Co., Ltd., j (j Bga a ??' is soM fn Tine at 116, 2/6, (* Sf. bf chemwte? 860,, everywhere. r ) CAMBRIA CYCLE CO., LTD., LATE JOHN S. BROWN. WARNING TO THE PUBLIC! Beware of Small Cycle Agents who state they are able to supply Cycles of any make. -4 The CAMBRIA CYCLE CO. hold the Sole Agencies for HUMBERS RALEIGHS QUADRANTS PREMIERS SWIFTS RUDGE- WHITWORTHS SINGERS I \1 ENFIELDS RAPIDS RAGLANS ROVERS OSMONDS HUDSONS CAMBRIAS &c. Therefore, beg to Caution the Public that any of the High Grade Machines bought from other agents cannot be guaranteed by the Makers. The CAMBRIA CYCLE CO. are prepared to give RIDING LESSONS, Free of Charge, at their Spacious Riding School, and will also take old machines in exchange. WT MACHINES ON HIRE. REPAIRS A SPECIALITY. Pneumatics from £6. I Cushions from 30s. Second-hand Defiances (Equal to New) from £3 to R4.  IT* FTfT?? CAMBRIA CYCLE CO., LTD., LATE JOHN S. BROWN, 1!US'AY?T?''E?nrs ?STfiT?T?'E??T! T T A'Mr?T T  7' MARKET STREET, LLANELLY. A GREAT IMPROVEMENT. NEW FURNISHING BUSINESS FOR LLANELLY. The Only Practical Furnisher in the Town.  'icrc!! W. o. EVANS, HOUSEHOLD & GENERAL FURNISHER, Begs to inform the Public of Llanelly and District, that he. has acquired the Shop at the corner of C'OW.ell and Murray Streets (lately occupied as County Court Offices), which have been Greatly Enlarged and Improved, with a view of fully meeting the growing demands of the town and district. The Premises will shortly be OPENED with a New and Varied Stock of Furniture, viz., Dining, Drawing and Bedroom Suites, &c., Bedsteads and Bedding, Carpets, Rugs, Floorcloths, Linoleums. Intending Customers would do well to reserve their purchases until W. 0. E. Opens with his select Stock at Popular Prices. THE BEST and Healthiest TEMPERANCE BEVERAGE  lrHE sf HER* BEER   m  from  ^V$\ No other Extract makes Beep MK Beware of Vile l?nitatious- Sold in 6 d I/- and I' Small Tasting Sample Free on receipt of 2d. Stamps to cover Postage. I Factory—Bloonisbury Works, LEEDS. i Small Tasting Sample Free on receipt of 2d. Stamps to cover Postage. Breakfast Beverairer^^P^ AT HO-ME OR ARROAI), For Millions & Millionaires ISl at one Farthing' A5k your Grocer, Chemistp or Store for a Gd., 1 2/ FACTORY- Bloomsbury Works, LEEDS. j Am RHAGLENI, &c, AM Y PRISOEDD MWYAF RHAD, ANFONER I ercpry," LLANELLI..