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BITRRY PORT SCHOOLS. —, 4 MONTHLY MEETING OF THE SCHOOL BOARD. THE PINGED SCHOOL QUESTION AGAIN. The monthly meeting of the Pembrey School Board was held at the infant school on Monday last. Mr. E. Evans presided, there being also present: Messrs. D. L. Rees, D. Williams, Revs. W. it. Lloyd, D. Evans, and J. Jenkins, together with the clerk (Mr. W- H. Cox). THE CERTIFICATED TEACHER. The Chairman proposed that a certificated teacher holding a 2nd class D. certificate be given a bonus of £ 5, as in the other places. Mr. D. L. Rees seconded aud it was unanimously carried. NO APPLICATIONS. The Clerk said that he had received no applica- tions for the post of certificated teacher to fill the vacancy at Copperworks school. They had only advertised in one paper. Rev. W. R. Lloyd thought they should advertise in the three local papers and the Schoolmaster. The Chairman proposed that they should advertise • in the local papers and in the Schoolmaster and insert the advertisement in its new form. Rev. D. Evans seconded and it was carried. RESIGNATION OF THE VICE-CHAIRMAN. A letter was read from Mr. D. Tenant Thomas, the vice-chairman, resigning his seat on the Board, because he bad left the country. Mr. D. L. Rees proposed that they should accept the resignation, and appoint a successor at the next meeting. Mr. D. Williams seconded and it was carried. APPLICATION FOR AN INCREASE. An application was received from Miss Williams, of the Trimsaran School, for an increase of salary. Rev. D. Evans: She gets £45 now. The Clerk Yes." Mr. D. L. Rees Is she under the new scale ? The Clerk: No. Mr. D. L. Rees: How does that compare with the present scale ? Rev. D. Evans: It is above it. We cannot con- sider the matter to-day. Eventually it was decided to adjourn the matter Until the next meeting. THE PINGED SCHOOL. I The Chairman said that this matter was left open I until that day at the last meeting. He should like to know if the clerk had anything to say in the Matter and if he had received any reply from the Education Department to Mr. Lloyd's letter. The Clerk replied in the negative. Rev. W. R. Lloyd: I received just a line or two hi reply. It only stated that the matter shall re- ceive their immediate attention. The Chairman thought that they could proceed subject to the approval of the department. The plans had been passed. They could now instruct their architect to prepare specifications, then they could advertise for tenders. Mr. n. Williams: 'Have you settled about the land ? The Chairman We held it over from the last meeting. We promised to do so to see what the Department would say. Mr. D. L. Rees: As Mr. Lloyd as written to them, they will either sanction it or disapprove of it.- I think we can send the plans up. It will cost us nothing. Rev. D. Evans agreed with Mr. Rees. Mr. D. L. Rees proposed that the plans be pre- pared and submitted to the Department. Mr. D. Williams was of opinion that they should see that the land was safe first of all. The Chairman thought that would be safe. Rev. W. R. Llcyd said that no doubt the Depart- ment had been very busy during the Easter holidays and that was the reason of the delay. The Chairman said that the arrangement for the purchase of the land was conditional. Rev. D. Evans thought that this matter would stand a long time if they deferred it to the next meeting. Rev. W. R. Lloyd thought that if the clerk received a reply from the Education Department, he could call an extraordinary meeting of the Board. Rev. D. Evans seconded the proposition and it was carried. SEAL OF THE BOARD. I It was decided to put the seal of the Board to I the indentures of the three pupil teachers at Pwll I School. THE SCALE OF SALARIES. I Hev. W. R. Lloyd was of opinion that the new scale of salaries, the Board had recently made, should be printed and distributed among the teachers. The Chairman thought it was a good plan. Rev. D. Evans said they could also insert the scale of salaries in the annual report. It was finally decided that 200 copies be printed. THE BILL FOR COxVL. I The Chairman said that bills had been submitted from Messrs. Williams & Co., the coal contractors, for the supply of coal to the various schools. The bill amounted to about £ 21. The Clerk stated that the bill for last year was £ 11 7s. 5d. and, already, they had paid last December -97 4s, for coal, and now they had bills of about 121 for coal. There must be a mistake somewhere. There was a vast difference between the two years. Mr. D. L. Rees: We should compare these bills with those of last year. It is almost three times as much as last year. The Chairman The figures appear very much more. The Clerk: The question is whether coal is used here on Sunday. Rev. D. Evans did not think so. The Clerk said that he had spoken to the teachers on the matter and they said they never ordered the coal nor had they received invoices for it. The Chairman thought that no coal should be ordered without the head teacher's knowledge. Rev. W. R. Lloyd said that when Mr. Williams had the contract, he was very kind to see that the school should not be short of coal. There was an understanding between him and Mr. Williams that that should be so. Mr. D. Williams How many fires are there in the Copperworks School ? Rev. D. Evans: Ten altogether. The Chairman said that there was a lot of coal burnt in the night schools. He proposed that no coal be ordered without the head-teacher's know- ledge. Mr. D. Williams seconded. Rev. W. R. Lloyd said that Mr. Williams was very anxious to meet the various schools in the supply of coal. In the winter there was a great amount of coal required when it was very cold. He thought it exceedingly kind of a person to see to the wants of the schools. The Chairman suggested that if the bills were certified by the teachers they could be paid. The Chairman's suggestion was agreed to. MONTHLY PAYMENTS. Mr. D. L. Rees said there was a great deal of dissatisfaction among the teachers and persons en- gaged under the board that the board paid the salaries quarterly instead of monthly. He did not any reason in it himself. Some of the teachers had been speaking to him in reference to the Matter. If a stranger came there as a teacher, it ?ould be very hard lines for that person to wait for three months before he received his salary. Hev. vL R. Lloyd remarked that the matter bad heen before the Board and discussed on former occasions and it was at that time the wish of a argo number of teachers that they should be paid y Since that, two of the teachers had been Peaking to him on the matter. However, be quite agreed with Mr. Rees that it was a long time to "nut, especially when teachers were from home. The Clerk said it would mean more work for him and more trouble for the Board. Mr. D. L. Rees proposed that the salaries be paid monthly instead of quarterly. Rev. W R. Lloyd seconded and it was unani- mously carried. I THE USE OF A SCHOOL. An application was received from the Good Templars of Burry Port, asking for the use of the infant school, to hold a tea party on May the Isl. The Chairman said that he had declined to siyn the paper presented to him. They had been with Mr. Williams and that gentleman referred them t him. The last time they had the school, it was left in a filthy state and he thought they should make other conditions now. Rev. D. Evans Who made the complaint? The Chairman: The cleaner and one of the staff. Rev. D. Evans said that the Good Templars had been very careful to clean the room after them, and that what the Chairman had mentioned was a new game which was being tried. However, they had done away with that now. Mr. D. L. Rees thought they should be careful to clean the room. Mr. D. Williams explained that the reason he refused to sign the paper was, he was afraid iL would clash with something else. Rev. W. R. Lloyd proposed that it be granted. Rev. J. Jenkins seconded and it was carried. I THE USE OF THE TRIMSARAN SCHOOL. I The Kev. J. JenkIn:" made an application on behalf of the LlaQdurry Church for the use of the Trimsaran School on the 19th of June. They intended holding an eisteddfod there. Rev. D. Evans proposed that the application be granted. The Chairman seconded and it was agreed to. DESKS FOR THE COPPERWORKS SCHOOL. The Clerk said that Mr. Lewis had written him, stating that he required 16 desks 3ft. 4ins. long at 22s. 6d. each. He had not yet received information in reference to the desks required at the Trimsaran School. It was decided to order the desks for the Copper- works School.