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BOARD OF GTTARDIANS — THE RELIEF LIST. The usual fortnightly meeting of the Llanelly Board of Guardians was held at the Union Work- house on Thursday last. Mr. T. Seymour presided, there being also present Mrs. Paton, Mrs. Knotts, Messrs. D. L. Rees, T. Jones, J. Llewellyn, P. T. Daniel, W. Y. Nevill, Daniel Davies, T. Thomas, Revs. H. Evans, D. Davies, and Dr. Jones, together with the clerk (Mr. D. C. Edwards), the deputy- clerk (Mr. J. H. Blake), the relieving officers (Messrs. D. Jones and J. White) and the Master (Mr. J. Bevan). THE VISITORS. I The visitors for the next fortnight are Colonel I Wright and Mr. W.Morgan. THE. TENDER FOR IRONMONGERY. I The Clerk recommended the Board to accept the tender of Mr. J. R. Ball for the supply of iron- mongery. Mr. T. Jones proposed that it be accepted. The Chairman seconded and it was carried. THE INMATES TO ATTEND THE ROYALTY. I An application was received from Mr. W. A. Totten, the manager of the Royalty Theatre, asking the Board to allow the children and inmates of the workhouse, to attend the Theatre on Saturday afternoon. Mr. W. Y. Nevill thought they would enjoy themselves. Heproposed that permission be grant- ed the inmates to attend the theatre. Mrs. Knotts seconded and it was carried. It was also decided to thank Mr. Totten for his kindness. THE DIAMOND JUBILEE. I A letter was read from Lord Windsor inviting representatives from the Board to attend a meeting at Bridgend on Friday,in order to raise a coun ty fund in commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee. The Clerk said that the place was in Glamorgan- shire, and the reason he thought they had sent the invitation was because of their Loughor members. The letter was allowed to lie on the table. Another letter was read from the Secretary of the Llanelly Hospital, asking the Board to appoint two members to represent them on the Special Committee, in order to raise funds towards wiping off the existing debt on the hospital in commemora- tion of the Diamond Jubilee. Mr. D. L. Rees proposed that Mr. T. Jones and Mr. R. C. Jenkins be their representatives. The Chairman seconded and it was unanimously earried, WOOD INSTEAD OF STONES. A tender was received from Mr. H. Rees for the supply of firewood. He would sell 50 or 60 tons at lis. a ton. The Master explained why this course had been taken. He thought it would be better to get the tramps to chop wood instead of breaking stones as their work. This was done in Carmarthen and other places and it worked well. They could then sell the wood as firewood. Mr. T. Jones said that this plan was in vogue at Cardiff also. The Chairman You will require a few hatchets ? The Master: Yes. Mr. D. L. Rees said it seemed to him as if they were going to do away with the stones. Mr. T. Jones: The inmates to do the work as well ? The Master: Yes, no doubt, they would be glad to get something to do. Mr. D. L. Rees: We don't want to make money on the back of the tramps. We want to do away with them. It was finally decided to get a ton of wood and try the plan. THE VACCINATION OFFICER FOR THE LOWER DISTRICT. The Clerk asked the Board when they intended going into the matter of the vaccination officership, for the lower district. Mr. W. Y. Nevill thought they could get a com- mittee of the whole Board to go into the matter. The Clerk remarked that a small committee would do very well. Mr. T Jones said this was a matter that required consideration and he suggested that a small com- mittee be appointed to go into the matter and report to the Board. Mr P. T. Daniel suggested the following mem- bers for the committee The chairman, the two vice-chairmen, Messrs. Thomas Jones, W. Y. Nevill and J. L. Thomas. The suggestion was agreed upon. THE MASTER'S RE1 PORT. i The Master reported that there were 89 inmates in the house during the week, and 6 from Bridgend, as compared with 89 for the correspond- ing period of last year. A LETTER FROM THE RECTOR OF LLANEDI. A letter was read from the Rector of Llanedi, Rev. Roger Williams, asking the Board to con- tribute towards the maintenance of Mary Davies, Tycoppa, Tycroes. Mr. D. L. Rees did not like the idea of Mr. Williams writing to the Board on that subject. It was his duty to go to the guardian of that district f and spaak to him on the matter. Mr. W. Y. Nevill thought they ought to have applied to the relieving officer. The relieving officer said that she had sons who were working. The house was offered. A DESERVING CASE. I E. Davies, Tycroes, 21 years of age applied for relief. She was now living with her mother who was a widow and 71 years of age. She had also a brother who was earning three shilling a day and maintaining his brother. The young lady was un- able to work for herself owing to a diseased wrist- joint. Mr. J. Llewellyn thought this was a deserving case. Mr. D. L. Rees proposed that 2s. Gd. a week be granted. Mr T. Jones seconded. Mr. Llewellyn proposed 3s. a week. Mr. Dl. Davies seconded. The amendment was put to the meeting and lost, therefore, it was decided to give her 2s. 6d. a week. A CASE FROM PONTYBEREM. An application for relief was made by Mrs. Kitty Rees, Pontyberem. She was 6G years of age and a widow, living with her married daughter who had three children. The Relieving Officer recommended that 2s. 6d. a week be given her. Mrs. Knotts proposed that that sum be granted. Dr. Jones thought they should relieve in kind. Mr. P. T. Daniel seconded the proposition and it was carried.. A ROAMING APPLICANT. D. Jones, Park, Llannon, applied for a 'little assistance. He had been living with his daughter at Felinfoel, but had now returned to Llannon again. Mr. D. Davies proposed that he be given 2s. a week relief. Mrs. Paton seconded and it was agreed to. HE INSISTED ON APPEARING BEFORE THE I BOARD. The Relieving Officer said that D. Harry, Llan- gennech, wished to appear before the Board to apply for an increase of relief. Mr. T- Thomas said that Harry pested him every I day about the matter and was under the impression that he had some grudge against him. He hoped the Board would give him permission to appear before them. Rev. D. Davies remarked that he was the same with him. The Chairman did not feel inclined to give Harry permission to enter the room. He said that if Harry was not satisfied with what was given him he could come into the house. By some means or other Harry was informed of the meeting of the Board and insisted on entering the room. When he appeared he told the chairman that he had been working with his father and gave a graphic account of his younger days. The Chairman told him that if the amount given him was not sufficient, he could come into the house. The applicant now gave vent to tropical language and said he would not come into the house. It was a shame to ask an old man 87 years of age to come to the house. He hoped the Lord would have mercy on him and take him from earth to paradise. While leaving the room Harry said he would cut his head off before he would go into the house. SUCCESSFUL THIS TIME. I I Kitura Owen, near Penuel Chapel, Loughor, asked the Board for the second time to relieve her. Mrs. Paton proposed that 5s. a week relief be granted. Mr- W. Y. Nevill seconded, and it was agreed to. THE WIFE OF A LATE INMATE. I Margaret Williams, the widow of Evan Williams, mason, and a late inmate of the workhouse, asked the Board to relieve her to enable her to go to Swansea. A DESERTED WIFE. I An application was made by Sarah Davies for relief. She appeared before the Board and said that her husband had deserted her, and that she had not heard from him for the last three years. She was told sometime ago that he was seen at New- port. She only wanted a little to bring up her children. She had been some time ago in a small pox hospital at Gloucester attending to patients, but now she was a charwoman. The Clerk said that she was a very upright and hard working woman, aud that she was striving for a living, but then they could not grant relief until they knew whether the husband bad crossed the ocean or not. Mrs. Knotts and Mrs. Paton also spoke in high terms of her. Finally she was offered the house. SHE WAS TOLD TO GO TO LLANELLY FOR RELIEF. I Betsy Walters, Pontyberem, applied for support. She was 43 years of age, a.nd had been receiving relief from the Carmarthen Union. They had now told her to go to the Llanelly Union for relief. Mr. T. Jones asked if she belonged to them. The Relieving Officer replied in the affirmative. Mrs. Paton proposed that she be granted 4s. a ?-?tt she be granted 4s. a week. Mr. D. L. Rees seconded, and it was agreed to. THE DAFEN CASE AGAIN. I Eleanor Howells, Church-street, Dafen, made a second application for relief. It will be remem- bered that on the first occasion she was offered the house. She had been in Llanelly for about 2 years and 11 months. She had relief from the Swansea Union about two years ago. She had now 3 children to maintain. I The Relieving Officer said she was a little better now. A medical certificate was submitted which stated that in a short time she would be able to do something for herself. Mrs. Paton thought it was a very deserving case. Mr. W. Y. Nevill: She is in distressing circum- stances. Mrs. Paton thought they should take upon themselves of giving her relief and applying for it again from the Swansea Union. The applicant now appeared before the Board. Mrs. Paton: What rent do you pay 1 —8s. 4d. a month. Mrs. Knotts How have you been living in the past ? The applicant: The neighbours have been kind to me. Mr. W. Y. Nevill: How do you propose to get work? The applicant: I will do my best to get work as soon as I am able to do. Mr. D. L. Rees stated that now she was getting better, perhaps in a short time she would be able to earn her own living. Mrs. Paton proposed that they should relieve in kind and then ask the Swansea Union to refund it. Mrs. Knotts seconded. The Chairman thought they were making a mistake in changing their minds from one week to the other. If this went on they would, get no end of applicants. The Chairman told her that the house would be the best place for her. The applicant thought that she could not break I up her home and go into the house. It was decided to relieve in kind. A YOUNG APPLICANT. I An application was received from John Williams, Dafen, for relief. He was 21 years of age and was suffering from chest and lung disease, The Chairman asked what his father's work was. The Relieving Officer said that he was an engineer in a tinworks. Mr. W. Y. Nevill: What wages does he get ? The Relieving Officer: I don't know. Eventually the matter was deferred for further inquiries. FROM FIVE ROADS. I W. Evans, Five Roads, made an application for a little support. He was 53 years of age and in ill- health. The Chairman Has lie had relief before ? The Relieving Officer; Yes, about 8 months ago. It was decided to relieve in kind for a month. AN INVALID. I H. Fulford, Allt, Llangennech, asked the" Board to grant him a little support. He was 46 years of age and an invalid. Rev. D. Davies asked if the applicant h adbeen relieved in kind. The Relieving Officer said he had been relieved in kind to the extent of 5s., a week ngo. It was agreed that further inquiries be made in the matter. HE HAD NO CHILDREN. I The Relieving Officer applied for relief on behalf of William Morris, an old man who had no children. He had been working in the Copper Works. It was decided to relieve in kind for a few weeks. A FAITHFUL SON. H. Jones, Ysguborfach, applied for relief. She was 47 years of age, aud had buried her husband some years ago. The Relieving officer said she had sons, and one, Tlieophilus, was giving her a Is. a week. It was decided to give her 2s. 6d. a week, and alsoseethat the son should contribute his share also. AN APPLICATION. I W. White, Forge-row, made an application for relief. He had been on his club for years. He had four children. 5s. a week relief was granted him.