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BURRY PORT SCHOOLS. A I THE SCALE OF SALARIES AGAIN. I A special meeeting of the Pembrey School Board was held at the Infant School on Monday last. Mr. E. Evans presided, there being also present: Revs. W. R. Lloyd, J. Jenkins, D. Evans, and Mr. D. Williams, together with the clerk (Mr. W. H. Cox). THE SCALE OF SALARIES. The Chairman I have made up a scale which may suit this Board, it is as follows:— Trained assistant teachers, males, 1st year 170. Trained assistant teachers, females, 1st year JMO. Untrained teachers, males, 1st year, X60. Untrained teachers, females. 1st vear. £50. The rate of increase to be males £5 per annum to reach £ 100; females, £ 3 per annum to reach J678. I will also submit a scale for pupil teachers, which should be as follows:—Males, 1st year, £ 13 2nd year, £16; 3rd year, £19; 4th year £22. Females: 1st year, Lll 2nd year, Y,13 3rd year, £ 15 4th year, 117; including a bonus of 21 for each examination passed well. Mr. D. Williams How much is that higher than Llanelly ? The Chairman I don't think it is higher. The figures are identical. Rev. D. Evans: How will it affect the teachers under the Board at present? The Chairman: That will be another matter for consideration. Rev. W. R. Lloyd said that he had been speaking to some of the teachers of their school about this matter and he thought the Board should give it more consideration. The question is how will it affect the teachers whose stipends have already been increased ? Are their salaries to be reduced or left as they are? The Clerk: The new scale will affect the future and not the present. Rev. W. R. Lloyd said thathe was fully convinced that they should give the matter great considera- tion. Mr. D. Williams: We have been here twice on this matter, and I should like the subject to be finished this day. The Chairman You are not in favour of deferr- ing theouestion. Mr. D. Williams No, notagain. Rev. D. Evans thought that there was a difficulty in obtaining pupil teachers. Rev. J Jenkins: I have asked the question at Trimsaran why the scholars don't go in for teaching and the reply is that the salary is too small. The Chairman: I propose that the scale be adopted. Mr. D. Williams seconded, and it was carried. Rev. D. Evans The question is now whether the P.T.'s will be affected by that scale. I The Clerk: The three new p.t.'s at Pwll school will. Rev. D. Evans said that there was some error in reference to two of the new p.t.'s at Pwll. Two of them had been monitors for two years. The Chairman: This scale ought to apply to them. Rev. W. R. Lloyd: Don't you think thaf the scale ought to be applied to all those under the Board? The Chairman I have no objection. Rev. W, R. Lloyd thought that the p.t.'s had worked hard in their schools for small wages, and that they deserved the new scale. The Chairman was of opinion that they did re- quire consideration. Rev. W. R. Lloyd proposed that this scale be adopted. Mr. D. Williams seconded and it was carried. THE RESIGNATION OF MISS TICKLE. I Rev. J. Jeckins said that he had written to Mr. Hughes, the head-master at the Pwll school, in reference to allowing Miss Tickle to go without fulfilling her proper notice. The reply was that Miss Tickle bad told Mr. Hughes that she did not enter into any agreement with the Board in reference to a notice. However, Mr. Hughes was I willing for her to leave and now she had gone. The Clerk said that he had informed Miss Tickle at the outset that her appointment was subject to the approval of the Department, and of the t. Board, subject to 2 months' notice on either I side. Rev. D. Evans said that he understood Mr. Hughes was there as a certificated assistant. When appointed she took the place of a male ex- p.t., since the education department considered her as a certificated assistant, otherwise they would have to place another teacher there. The Chairman: Miss Tickle has left, and it is now a question whether we shall appoint another. Rev. J. Jenkins said that a young lady's father had been to him stating that his daughter would be glad to fill the vacancy. The young lady was Miss Bowser. The Chairman We better defer the matter until I we see what is required there. Eventually the chairman's sug-gestion was acted upon. I THE VISITORS FOR THE NEXT THREE MONTHS. I I The following gentlemen were appointed visitors I I for schools named below for three months;- Copper Works and Infant Schools, Rev. J. Jenkins and Mr. D. Williams Pwll, Chairman and Mr. D. L. Rees; Trimsaran and the Village Schools, Revs. W. R. Lloyd and D. Evans. I THE COPPERWORKS SCHOOL. I Rev. D. Evans said that perhaps a certificated teacher would be suitable at Copperworks school. By appointing a qualified assistant, Mr. Lewis would have more time to superintend all the school. He proposed that a certificated assistant be appointed to the Copperworks School. Rev. W. R. Lloyd seconded and it was carried. Rev. D. Evans said that from the inspector's report, more desks were required in the new class- room. The Clerk: I have been waiting for information from Mr. Lewis, as to the number of desks required. There are also desks required at Trimsaran School. Rev. W. R. Lloyd Mr. Lewis has suggested desks that will se3,t four. The Clerk: But how many does he require 1 It was decided that the clerk write Mr. Lewis on the matter. PINGED SCHOOL. I The Chairman I made an attempt to complete my appointment with Mr. Seymour, and I thought it would be carried through, but at the last moment one of the members was obliged to go away and therefore the appointment was abandoned. I sug- gest that the matter be carried through by the clerk. Rev. D. Evans agreed with the chairman. The Chairman I spoke to Mr. Rees about the matter and he also agreed. Rev. W. R. Lloyd wished the board to defer the matter until a reply had been received from the Department. He had written to them and was now waiting a reply. It was a serious matter to spend the ratepayers' money on building a school in that district. He had been given voluntary evidence that the population of that district was decreasing and in the course of time, perhaps the number of people living in that district would be considerably less. He asked the board to wait and see what the Department would say about it. A large number of the ratepayers did strongly object to building there. He was perfectly unbiased and impartial in the matter. If the Department said that they could go on building everything would be all right. There were other districts in that parish where schools ought to be if it came to that. The Chairman said he had no objection. Rev. D. Evans said that personally he opposed that, and that it was a pity to see the children walk- ing such long distances to school in all weathers. The children must either go to the Village, National, or Trimsaran Schools. Some provision for a school ought to be made there. He wanted accommodation to suit the children. Rev. W. R. Lloyd said that if they deferred it until an official inquiry was made, and if that inquiry stated that there were sufficient children in that district it would be all right. Eventually the matter was again deferred until the next meeting.