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JOHN LUXTON. Principal Bill Poster, jgTATION T) OAD, L LANELLY. ZtiSSEE OF 4S POSTING STATIONS IN TOWN AND COUNTRY. TERMS MODERATE. PERSONAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO ALL WORK. THE SOUTH WALES BILL POSTING CO., LIMITED. Permanent Hoardings 14 all the leading Thoroughfares of Town and Country IBEJUS MODERATE, PUBLICITY GUARANTEED. Special Attention given to Tradesmen's Announcements SECRIETARY ™ DAVID, Auctioneer, 14, Vaughan Street, Llanelly. AARON STONE, TJCTIONEERP v ALUER, &C., GREENFIELDS, LLANELLY. J. DA VIES, Of LLWYDCOED, LLANNON, Registrar of Births and Deaths FOR THE SUB-DISTRICT OF LLANNON, And of MARRIAGES for the DISTRICT OF LLANELLY. %Plcp :— COWELL HOUSE (OPPOSITE POST OFFICE), LLANELLY. SPECIAL SURGICAL APPLIANCES. IGUNIAL HERNIA TRUSSES. FEMORAL HERNIA TRUSSES SCROTAL HERNIA TRUSSES. UMBILICAL HERNIA TRUSSES. MOC MAIN TRUSSES. ELASTIC STOCKINGS, KNEE CAPS, NOMINAL BELTS. CHEST EXPANDERS INGRAMS, PATENT ENEMAS, &c. 8 ti) BY J. WADE, Chemist, Llanelly. Delicious, Nutritive, & Digestible. k FOOD j For INFANTS, | INVALIDS, and The ACED. F »j The following letter is published by A ? special permission of the Russian ? \j CoM?— V I # I ? lateral Ss?il?  ? ?GOTLAND, <\ ? ?f& Sep?em&er, 1896. j\ J ?1? J ? Please forward to Balmoral X ? Castle one dozen 2/6 Tins of i ? Benger's Food for H.I.M. The i ? Empress of Russia, addressed 7 ? to Miss Coster. We have ? received the box ordered from 4 ? Pete1"hoff. ¡ | Yours truly,  ?   jj ? /??1  | Messrs. F. B. Benger & Co., Ltd., |j ? \t M„. essrs. F. B. Benger & Co., Ltd.,  B"ger's Food Is soM in Tins at 1/6, 2/6, '(? ? ?"?5/-by Chemists, &0., everywhere. r V\ 0 1897. DIAMOND JUBILEE YEAR SHOW AT London House, Llanelly. RANDELL & SONS Beg respectfully to announce their return from the London Markets with a well assorted Stock of FRENCH & ENGLISH NOVELTIES FOR THE SPRING SEASON, INCLUDING Mantles, Jackets, Capes, Blouses, Skirts, Corsets, etc. W LADIES SHIRTS in Lawn, Fancy Cambric and Silk. French and English Millinery. FLOWERS, FEATHERS, ORNAMENTS, OSPREYS, JET SPRAYS, etc., etc. Ribbons for Millinery in all Newest Shades. SAILORS IN GREAT VARIETY. t DRESS DEPARTMENT. « All Wool Covert Cycling Cloths in Dark and Light Greys and Fawns. A Good Assortment of Fancy Black Materials, Plain and Figured Lustres, etc. Dressmaking & Millinery Departments UNDER THE MANAGEMENT OF THOROUGHLY EXPERIENCED HANDS. IIIIUII- -A.- Show Thursday Next j AND THROUGHOUT THE SEASON. THE FAVOUR OF AN EARLY VISIT IS SOLICITED. NOTE.—Throughout the year 1897 (Diamond Jubilee Year) we are determined to mark all Goods at such prices that must prove beneficial to all who purchase. COMPARE PRICES. RANDELL & SONS, London House, i & 3, Thomas Street, LLANELLY.


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