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MUSTARD AND CRESS. I Parkum" got in despite the 6'M?MM. J Good Friday is a fortnight later this year than last. The Oxford crew easily won the 'Varsity boat race on Saturday. Mr. Arthur D. Davies has been registrar at Llanelly for over forty years. A Cardiffian has been ssggesting that we showli celebrate the Record Rain. Smoking was, once upon a time, permitted in the precincts of the House of Commons. Sir J. Jones Jenkins, M.P., did not receive a cheer when be entered the united schools' concert. Mr Tom Hughes addressed a great Oddfellows' demonstration at Pontypridd on Saturday last. Capt. Scott is one of the latest local additions tt, the cyclists' cult. An old friend wired to Cliff Bowen on Monday: Don't come to Llanelly for ten years, you will be,, killed." It is not probable that Mr. F. N. Powell will accept the captaincy of the Llanelly cricket team in the ens.. ing season. I Mr. W. H. Gwynn, of Swansea, the kindest of men and an ardent athlete in his youuger days, died last Thursday. The only contest in the muncipal election last yeac was in Ward III, when M'ir Joseph Williams ousted Mr. Evan Jones. It is expected that a sum of about X130 will be handed over to the Charities oftheN.U.T. as areSK16 of the united schools' concert. One long bitter wail of lamentation went up from Llanelly on Saturday evening when the intelligence was received that the sospan had been cracked. On Sunday evening at Park Congregational Churebi Miss Claudia Williams gave a rendering of the solot Light in darkness." Monday's Daily Chronicle stated that the great sensation of Saturday's Rugby football was the defost of Llanelly by Gloucester. A correspondent, writing to the Christian WorUt cordially approves of the proposed amalgamation? the Welsh Congregational Colleges. A distinguished barrister told some Llanelly frieaf? the other day that whenever he got praised, it waS for winning a case he should have lost. Mr. Sidney Jones. London, son of Mr. J. E. Joneft Llanelly, will read a paper at the Chamber of Commerce on Friday evening on technical education. Mr. H. Coulson Bond, Llanelly, has been pressed t. stand for election in the representation of a Cwmbwrla Ward on the Swansea Town Council. In consequence of an accident to a section of the machinery, four mills at the Old Castle Works are, idle, and the men are working on a six hours'«Shift. A Liverpool correspondent says that if the neW American Tariff Bill should become law, it will taka away the remnant of our trade with the States. Mr. R. S. Seymour, the popular and energetic box. sec. of the Ashburuham Golf Links, from the forma" tion of the club, is to ba,nquetted shortly at the ThomaS Arms' Hotel. When the municipal destinies of Mr. Tom HugheS were being decided at Llanelly on Monday, that gentle- man was holding forth at a great Oddfellows'demon* stratiou atjCardiff. A tit-bit of Mr. Blake's addresses at the public meetiugs in the municipal election was his reference tit the stentorian buss voice of Mr. Griffiths and the dulcet tenor of Mr. Hughes. A royal proclamation has been published frOlO Windsor Castle, commanding that Tuesday June 22Lidt shall be observed as a Bauk Holiday throughout the United Kingdom. Nobody said oil Saturday night that the sospan was cracked. A few people read the sad intelligence of the telegram, and the rest perused the woeful news in the countenances of the few. It is computed that at the present rate of decreas the Laplanders will have disappeared from the face 0* the earth in fifty years. Too much bad whisky at? bad tobacco are responsible for a great deal of the decrease. The managers of the intermediate school at BrecOllt deal more generously with their clerk than most of the other similar bodies, He has just been voted a salary of L75 per annum. A Cardiff barrister knows what to do with emphasis. "You may be a civil ENGINEER," he said to a witness at the County-court on Friday," but you are certainly not a CIVIL engineer." Mr. Joseph Williams is developing into one of the best debaters on the Borough Council. During the recent election he was, perhaps, the best platfofLO speaker who took part in the campaign. The disappearance of Mr. W. W. Brodie from the Borough Council leaves Mr. J. S. Tregoning, junior alone to uphold the status and honour of the bachelors- For Mr. Tregoning there can oulv be one moral. All-but a successful effort was made to induce the G. W. R. Company to run a special train to Leicester oø Monday for the Llanelly and Leicester Ina tell, guarantee, however, was not quite large enough. There is every probability that at the forthcoming Oddfellows A.M.C. Mr. Tom Hughes will be appointed Deputy Grand Master of the Order, and naturally succeed to the chief position of hoiiour in the following year. One of the candidates on Monday was told hy another candidate early in the afternoon to go And buy a book of Llanelly views, as after the declaration of the poll he wouldn't have the face to appear in tb6 town for seven years. One of the statements urged by Mr. Blake in reptf to the "estate argument" against his candidature WS that the public were likely to get far more generoUs treatment from the Estate by putting the agent on the Council than by keeping him off. A suggestion has been made that on the evening f jubilee day a popular promenade concert should be held in the Market Pavilion, one of the items of the programme to be a few renderings by the school children who gave such a magnificent concert lftS week, A Welshman. Mr. Griffith Jenkins Griffith, a natiV-e of Glamorganshire, has presented Los AngeloS, thriving city not far from San Francisco, with a par: 3,000 acres in extent, the land and improvemelJ e in the gift being valued at half a million dollars. The beautiful domain is to be known as Griffith's Park. At the Oddfellows' demonstration, held at VooW pridd on Saturday last, Bro. Tom Hugbes 1111 presented with a beautiful album in commemoratlO S of his services to the Order, and the hope Wig expressed that at the next A.M.C. he would d successful in his candidature for the deputy grail mastership. One of the humours of the election in Ward 1. the following :—Late in the evening, Mr. Blake WAS assured by a canvasser (not his own) that he b? polled exceedingly well, "Wherever I go" w"st4e observation, "I find that you aredoin?weil? polling heavily. I feel confident you are getting church vote to a man. You see, you believe in ca"??' and Mr. Griffiths doesn't!" Shades of the filS Church Party. A unique newsp per celebration of the QuH?? Year has been arranged by the National Press Age"? which has commissioned Mr. Frederick Dolman proceed on a tour round the world, a tour which lvlii have this distinctive feature that from start to fi"'s^ he will be either sailing under the British flag ° travelling on British territory. Mr. Dohnax '? t write a series of articles which will describe the P? taken by the British Colonies in commemoration '? the Record Reign and the public feeling now pre?" ing there in reference to various imperial question8, The Rev. J. Ossian Davies, addressing the other de a London congregation on "The ministry," said » 1 work of the pulpit should be supplemented by perSor) teaching. The preacher must now and again vaca .g his lofty pedestal and go in for clerical work he "I"5t get acquainted with the condition of his hearers (), IV bY one as far as he could, as the doctor «xa*nined ,h0 cases iu the infirmary. This was a big order, but t" ? must not neglect it. The Church of Eng!<tn? vv'e j paying special attention to this pastoral work, ? their shepherding was beginning to tell 0 e, churches must not expect one Nonconformist mitiiS"t to prepare three decent sermons a week and ?'?'' 5s much ground as a clergyman with three or four d"'?t? at his beck and c?H. But they did feel they Tni?,t go in for more shepherding or the Sacerdotal1s ts ?* outmatch them. A correspondent writing to one of the rf'lii!10^ newspapers, dwells upon the indiscre?t?'-s'! of ?,O(yie organists in respect of the playing of voiunt^ :es before the commencement of divine service. ??8 years ago (he said) I attended a service where jjje a (' organist played, 0 for the wings of a dove' (Me"?'? ssobn). As this piece takes about four minutes j'o play, and as he began fifteen minutes I)ef rt e, minister came in, he had to repeat it over and 0 and over again until it became exceedingly mo"0 ous; the air itself is beautiful and was weH P??i:' but by its constant repetition it became such »• P? .,t'5 my very being that through the hymns and P??.?-gt and sermon I could hear nothing but the conV flapping of the wings of that everlasting dove, ,j<l napping of the wings of that everlasting dove. ?} though I have forgotten who the minister was or  ?t his S3rmon was about or even the text, I haveot forgotten 0 for the wings of a dove (Mendelsso