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BOARD OF GUARDIANS I THE ALTERATIONS TO THE BOARD ROOM. THE RELIEF LIST. I The fortnightly meeting of the Llanelly Board of Guardians was held at the Union Workhouse on Thursday last, Mr. T. Seymour presiding, there being also present Mrs. Paton, Mrs. Knotts, Messrs. R. O. Jenkins, D. L. Rees, W. Y. Nevill, Thomas Jones, P. T. Daniel, David John, J. L. Thomas, T. Thomas, Owen Bonville, J. Llewellyn, and Rev. D. Davies, together with the olerk (Mr. D. 0. Edwards), the deputy-clerk (Mr. J. H. Blake), the relieving officers (Messrs. D. Jones and J. White), and the master (Mr. J. Bevan). TEES ALTERATIONS. I T-he Clerk referred to the fact that the intended alterations te the Board room had been commenced and that if they preferred the workhouse to hold their meetings to anywhere else, they could go to the next room. It was decided to leave the matter in the hands of the- clerk to speak to the contractor on the matter. WIlJ L AND VACCINAS 10If OFFICERS. I The that the circular from a northern union in ref nee to the medical officers had been partly discussed at the last meeting and further discission had been adjourned until that meeting. Mr. J. L. Thomas; We better not go on with the discussion to-day, as we have as much as we can do. Mr. D. L. Rees: We better adjourn it for another fortnight. The Clerk: You can move in the matter whenever you like. Mr. D. L. Rees I propose that we adjourn the dis- ous..s. i of both questions for another month. Mr. J. L. Thomas seconded and it was carried. APPLICATION FOR AN INCREASE. I A letter was read from the Carmarthen Union asking the Guardians to increase the relief of a pauper named Mary Davies. The Clerk: We don't give- increases to that ex- tent. I don't happen to know the case, Mr. W. Y. Nevill: Perhaps the relieving officer could see into the matter. Mrs. Paton What does she receive now ? The Clerk: 6s. Mrs. Paton said she did not get much nourish- ment with that amount. Mr. W. Y. Nevill: Is not this the woman that kept a little farm at Kidwelly1? The Clerk That is the one. The relieving officer was instructed to report on the case to the next meeting. I "HAMLET" AGAIN. I The Clerk said that he had received a letter from the Swansea Union stating that Billy Lloyd (Ham.. let), was now in their workhouse. It was decided to receive him into the Llanelly Workhouse. A WARRANT TO BE ISSUED. I It was decided to issue a warrant for the arrest of the man Webb from Felinfoel, his wife being now chargeable to the Llanelly Union. APPLICATION FOR ONE OF THE CHILDREN. I An application was received from a Mrs. Pecham for one of the girls from the Workhouse. She wanted to adopt the child. She was also willing to send her to School. Mrs. Knotts thought that the child would be taken care of. She had spoke to Mr. D. L. Rees about the case. Mr. T. Jones: Mrs. Knotts and Mr. Rees seem to know something about the case (laughter). Mr. D. L. Rees said that that showed he not only worked in his own district. The master said that the child was in school and Standard III. She was 12 years of age. The application was granted. I THE MASTER'S REPORT. t The Master reported that eight of the Bridgend paupers had been discharged. The number of paupers in the house daring the present week was 86 and 6 from Bridgend making a total of 92. I ABSCONDING WITH THE WORKHOUSE CLOTHES. I I It was decided to issue a warrant for the arrest I of James O'Brien, a pauper, for absconding with the I i workhouse clothes, AX INVALID. I S. Jones, Trosmaen, 62 years of age, applied for relief. She was not in good health. The Clerk Have you a doctor's certificate? The Relieving Officer: No. The Clerk: No certificate, no relief. The Relieving Officer said that she had managed to come up there that day and wished to appear before them. She was given leave to come before the Board. The Chairman: What have you been doing Mrs. Jonest The Applicant: Nothing sir. The Chairman How do you live then ? The Applicant: Selling vegetables from the garden. The Chairman How much rent do you pay ? The Applicant: Is. Id. a week. The Chairman Yon have a brother living with you. What is his work ? The Applicant: He is a farm labourer when he is working. The Relieving Officer: Does he pay for his lodging's ? The Applicant: A little. Rev. D. Davies: It would be better for you if you let him go from your house, no doubt you would get more sympathy if you did that. The Applicant: I don't give him anything. The Clerk: What is his age ? The Applicant: Fifty-two. The Chairman The better plan for you is to make him go. Mr. D. John proposed that they give her 2s. 6d. a week relief, on condition that she made her brother leave her. Mrs. Knotts seconded and it was carried. A BATCH OF REFUSALS6 I An application for relief was received from K. Owen, Loughor. She was (if) years of age and in ill-health. She also owned a house. Relief was refused. Mary Ann Jones, Cwmfelin, applied for relief. Her husband had been killed recently at the Pencoed Colliery. She had some property, therefore relief was refused. E. Rogers, New Dock, applied for a little assistance, but the relieving officer could not recommend anything, so relief was refused. Mrs. Hickman, New Dock, asked the board to grant a little relief. She had a son about 30 years of age who was working. Relief was refused. L. Lewis, Trimsaran, applied for relief, which was refused. RELIEF IN KIND. I E. Davies, Pantglas, Tycroes, made an applica- tion for relief. She was suffering from a diseased wrist-joint. The relieving officer was instructed to investigate the case and relieve in kind if necessary. A CASE FROM FIVE ROADS. I Betsy Walters, Five Roads, appeared to make an application for a little support. She had been receiving relief from the Llangendeirne Parish, but that had been stopped and she had been ordered to go to the Llanelly Guardians to apply for relief. It was deoided to relieve in kind if necessary. WIIOLIIY DIQ-ABLFID. I J. Davies, Burry Port. 53'years of age, applied for support. He had no club and was wholly disabled. He was suffering from a cardiac disease. The Chairman said that he had been working at the colliery in Pontybercm gbutg was of no use there.: Mr. D. L. Rees He has been a hard working man all his life time. I propose that he be given 3s. a week relief. Mrs. Knotts seconded a,,ici it, was carried. A QUEER PAUPER. j The old man J. Fisher, Kidwelly, made another application for relief. He had been in the house for a few days, but went out again and when he did go he said he was going to apply once more for assistance. The house was again offered. ALMOST BLIND. I Margaret Bowen, Marble Hall Road, applied for I a little support. She was an invalid and almost blind. The Chairman thought it was a case for the honse. Mr. R. C. Jenkins said that her daughter was living next door to her and was looking after her. The Chairman said that if she would be left aione something serious might happen. Mr. W. Y. Nevill remarked it would be better if the daughter took her altogether. It was decided to give her 3s. a week. HER HUSBAND GONE TO AMERICA. I A. Vaughan, Kidwelly, appeared before tha Board to make an application for relief. Her husband had gone to America about two years ago, and she had not heard from him lately. The Relieving Officer said that he had seen a letter from the husband, and there was a part in it about money, and it had been made to read, it seems, no money" and the word after money scratched out The Chairman told her she could come into the house. Mrs. Vaughan What < I come into the house ? No, thank you (laughter). She then wished the members good morning and walked out. SUFFERING FROM ASTHMA. I D. Griffiths, Trimsaran, applied for assistance, He was 49 years of age, and was suffering from asthma. The Relieving Officer recommended- 3s. 6d. a week relief, which was granted. HE HAD BEEN IN THE HOUSE. I S. Jenkins, 65 years, applied for relief, she had been in the house, as an inmate, but had now gone out again. Mr. T. Jones thought she would be more comfort- able in the house. But then her step children would look after her and that would be all right. He proposed that she receive 2s. a week. Mrs. Paton seconded. The Chairman proposed that she be offered the house. Mr. J. L. Thomas seconded. The amendment was put to the meeting and lost, and it was decided to give her 2s. a week I relief. THE HOUSE OFFERED. I S. Davies, late of Pembrey, applied for relief, I and the house was offered. I AN EX-INMATE. I M. E. Thomas, 27 years of age, asked the Board to support her. She had been in the house before, but had gone out as she thought it would be better for her own health. She was now with a certain person who assisted her a little. The infirmary was at her service again. AN APPLICATION FROM TYCROES. I Mary Davies, Tycoppa, Tycroes, applied for relief. She had children who were working. The Chairman said that the children ought to keep their mother. The case was adjourned for a fortnight for further Investigation.