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MAGISTRATES' COURT. I TOWN HALL, WEDNESDAY, before Messrs. R. MACLARAN, Ton HuaHFS and MAJOR BYTHWAY' THE SLBEPINCT OUT CASE. Samuel Davies, the Pentrepoeth lad, was again broaght up on remand and charged with sleeping out on the 19th ult. The Bench (to the father) Can you keep the boy under control ?-No sir, Have you given him sufficient food ?-The same as the rest. Have you been kind to'him ?-Yes. Is his mother kind to him ?-I cannot say. How many children have you ?—Twelve sir. Have you had trouble witk any of the other child- ren ?-No, none whatever. How many children have you at home ?—Seven, sir. How long has he been away ?—Since last Christmas. The Bench (to the boy) Why did you run away ?— Because my father was always beating me. Why did he punish you ?—Because he told me not to go out of the house, and I went. Why did you run away from school ?—Because they were beating me. Why did they beat you ?—Because I told the teacher that the boys said I had my father's clothes on. Are you willing to go to school now and be a good boy ?—Yes, sir. The Bench (to the father) Are you willing to take him back again and give him another trial ?-Yes, sir. The Bench discharged the boy, and gave him in charge of his father. TRESPASSING ON THE G.WR. j David Davies, New Road, Dafen, was charged with trespassing on the G.W.R., on the 10th inst. Mr. T. R. Ludford appeared for the Company. Inspector Tudor Davies said he knew the spot where the defendant was found. There were notices at the spot warning people not to trespass on the railway. Mr. Brodie Do you proceed under a bye-law or an Act P Mr. Ludford An Act of 1882. Mr. J. John, employed by the G.W.R. Company at Dafen, said he remembered seeing the defendant, about 4.55 on the evening in question, lying down on the side of the line between Dafen and Halfway, his feet being one foot from the rails, and his head towards the fence. The Bench said defendant had run a great risk of losing his own life, as well as those in the train. They would fine him 5s. and 9s. costs. DRUNKS. I Evan Davies, Cwmbach, Old Factory, was charged with being drunk while in charge of a horse and cart in Paddock-street on the 19th ult.-Defendant was fined 11 5s., including costs. G. Ross, Upper Water-street, was charged with being drunk in Swanfield-place on the 20th ult. Fined 5s, and costs. KEEPING DOGS WITHOUT LICENSES. I James Gibby, Whitland John Jones, Maesgwyn; Diana Jones, 17, Tumble-row; and W. Charles, 9, Tumble-row, all of Llanon, were charged with keeping dogs without licences on the 5th and the 9th ult.-The Bench fined the first defendant 8s. and costs the sec- ond 2s. 6d. including costs and the others Is. and costs.—J. Hughes. near Travellers' Well, Pwll, was charged with keeping a dog without a license on the 12th ult. Fined Is. and costs. RIDING A BICYCLE ON THE FOOTPATH. I James Wise, Cloth Hall, Market-street, was charged I with riding a bicycle on the footpath at Pembrey-road 011 the 13th inst. P.O. Tudor gave evidence and the defendant was fined 2s. 6d. and costs. E. Thomas, Coldstream-street, was charged with riding a bicycle on the footpath on the 19th inst., at Pembrey-road. P.C. D. Thomas proved the case and the defendant was fined 2s. 6d. and costs. ADULTERATED MILK. I W. Thomas, Kille farm, was charged with selling adulterated milk at Llanelly on the 8th inst. P.S. J. Harries said that on the day in question he purchased half a pint of fresh milk from the defendant and told her he was going to get it analysed. He divided it into three parts. She had one, he retained one and the other part he sent to the analyst at Swansea. The Bench told the defendant it was a serious offence, and they would fine her 18s., including costs. ADULTERATED WHISKEY. W. Morgan, Tymelyn Hotel, was charged with I selling adulterated whiskey on the 8th inst. P.S. J. Harries said that he purchased a shilling's worth of whiskey on the day in question. He told defendant's daughter it would be analysed. He sent one part to the public analyst. Tne defendant said there was a slight mistake somewhere. He was always trying to be on the safe side. The Bench told the defendant the difference in the whiskey was very low, and they weuld deal leniently with him. He would have to pay the costs 15s. 6d. DISOBEDIENCE OF AN AFFILIATION ORDER. I 'i. lvlorns, Lilangennecn, was Drougnt up on a warrant and charged with disobeying an affiliation order made against him towards the maintenance of the child of Harriet Philiips, Llangennech.—The Bench made an order of a 11 a fortnight until the arrears were cleared.