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kt V > I • "J.1V t wi-UutrOl- HELWEOL, Rhydcl ei "L .I.n UEfDDOROL AC ASLUNIADOL, Yn ddewifiadol o'i_ W&HTDM A'I ANTPRIAETHAU Y? ?t?M?M?M? ? AFIEICA. Bydd adroddiad yr Heliwr yn cael ei egluro gyda cliyfres newydd 0 OLYGFEYDD DABLBNIADOL, B LLWYKWYR BRODOROL DWW^TITWCH K-VLAHAM, Ymddangos yn eu Dawnsiau. nodweddiadol. XyDediad i mewn i'r Oriel, Is.; Ereteddleoedd blaen, 2s.; Cylchoedd trwsiadus, eto, 3s. Dechreuir am 8 o'r gloch yn ddiffael. G E 0 It G E'S H A L L. MORGAN PERFORMANCES Will be given by the Organist. Mr. W. T. BEST. Everv SATURDAY and THURSDAY. SATURDAY AFTERNOON at 3 p.m. THURSDAY EVENING at .8 p.m. ADMISSION. Saturday Afternoon. 6d. Thursday Evening. 3d. The Concerts laat One Hour. Doors open Half-an-Hour before each Performance. A LADY & GENTLEMAN, or Two Gentlemen, can f jL. be accomodated with comfortable Apartments, in a respectable and healthy part of the Town, where there are no other lodgers nor children. Apply to A. B. at the Amserau" Office. TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. RESPECTABLE quiet Lodgings, for One or Two JT? Young Gentlemen, in a small private family Parents wishin to send their sons to School would find this a desirable home, and every attention would be paid to their comfort. The situation is open and healthy, and an easy distance from the Mechanics. Apply to X. Y., "Amserau" Office. EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENT, 27, CATHERINE-STREET, LIVERPOOL. CONDUCTED BY MISS CLARA JONES. The Young Ladies will re-asemble on WEDNESDAY the 22nd of JULY. MISS JONES is willing to receive a Young Lady for 4 years, or Two for 2 years, whom she would board and educate, including Music, French, and Dancing, upon £100 being paid to her in advance. GRAMMAR SCHOOL, ST. ASAPH. SUPERIOR EDUCATION—COMMERCIAL, MATHE. MATICAL, AND CLASSICAL. THIS School will be Re-opened on TUESDAY, July 28th, T1867, when One or Two Boarders can be received. Inclusive Terms, 30 & 35 Guineas a year. For further particulars address the Head Master, w J. J. H. HARRIS, L.C.P. St Asaph. July 1st, 1857. LIVERPOOL "WSIITUTE SCHOOLS. „hhHE next QUARTER will COMMENCE as follows:- X The GIRLS' SCHOOL on WEDNESDAY, July 29th; and the HIGH SCHOOL, COMMERCIAL SCHOOL, EVENING SCHOOL, and SCHOOL of ART, on TlnflWDAY, July 30th The Principal of the Hi* £ School receive Boarders. < PtMpectusM may be obtained on application at the IN- if 11 Hp, or by letter to ASTRUP CARISS, Secretary. kt J CUE. 'S cot, LEG E t LIVERPOOL, ht>~yrfft>ra.ted nilh the University of London. r THE FII tST SESSION of the FACULTY of ARTS A and LA WS mil commence on the 1st September next. Gentlemen (fegjj. ous of Matriculating at the University of London, or of obtaining Certificates for the Degreeof Bachelor of Arts. may obtain, all necessary information by applying to the Undersigned. .40 CLASSES^ QUEEN'S COIXEGE are arranged so as to embody all tiuitls now required at the COMPETITIVE Ex- AMINATIONS for APPOINTMENTS, whether CIVIL, MILITARY, or NAVAL, under GOVERNMENT, in the HONOURABLE EAST INDIA COMPANY'S SERVICE. „ Gentlemen intending to become Attorneys or Solicitors, can reduce the Term of Service under their Artieles of Clerkship from F. to Three Years, by attending this College for Two Years, and taking their Degree of Bachelor of Arts. Special arrangements have been made for Schoolmasters W* sad Teachers who may be desirous of obtaining Certificate* ? of Studentship with a view to a Degree as, also, for thope ? Gentlemen wbom and quauneations may in tl* estimation of tM SeaW, entitle them to the same p-1 ?? ?, ? ASTRUP CARISS, Secretary? FARN HILL SCHOOL, near CHESTER, (ESTABMSHPD 1842I. IHE above INSTITUTION for the Board and Education of Youths, and the improvement of alts, has been purchased and enlarged 'for the accomo- dation of Fifty Boarders. Terms per A uuum Board with Instruction in the various branches of a sound Frifclish and Classical Education, to prepare Youths for the Pro- fessions, Trade,Commerce, Agriculture, or the Sea under 10 years of age 2C Guineas. 10 to 12" — 22 „ above 12 — 25 „ No advance made on the Terms first charged while the Pupil remains. EXTRAS. Musie, French, German, Italian, and Wasbinor, each 2 Quineas per Annum- Drawing and Dancing „ 4 „ „ „ Parlour Boarders 4 » „ NOTE.—When several accomplishments are required-wbei two or more brothers come togetber-or for Foreigners (who are usually tallen for a term of years), some reduction is made on the above terms by special agreement. KO ENIR4MCB rEKS. A Quarter's notice or a Quarter's terms required prior to oval-but a pupil finishing, and for whom a situation offers, is released without notice, and charged for only to the day of leaving. Terms payable in advance, for which discount is allowed. The use of English Class Books, will, in future, lie had without aborge-in order to avoid the great expense of a new set of books on a change of school; it is, however, desirable too bring any Standard works, for the purpose of reading or Tererenee. Each pupil to be provided with a pair of Sheets, Clothes bag. desert or table spoon, knife; fork, and two towels fall to be returned); also the proper necessaries for preserving thS hair and teeth. GEORGE RUSHBY, PROPRIETOR. (28) Prospectuses mey be bad on application to Mr. 11 ushby, or to the Btlv. W. Ambrose. Partntidoo, O R I O R A U, (Patent Levor.) WRTH gyflwyno diolchgarwch am y gefnogaeth TT helaeth a dderbyniais gan fy nghyfeillion aYM. REIG, nid yw ond pweddus i mi tyshysu y bydd i'r egwyddorieo hyny o onestrwydd a chywirdeb trwy ba>rai, yn yr amser a aeth heibio, yr enillais eich Ijymddiried, gael ei vstyried yn ddyledswydd genyf eu parhau yn y dyfodol. t '? J. BROWN BILL,, 0, Prussia- 1* Sk*a4 y Shop gyntaf o Old Hall-street, Liverpool *7 Befydlwya? M, 1761. S<?dlwy?U61. *• < ?  ? \?.? t ( I "IIC {/  ?'- "IARPEDAU A UODREFNU AM 13 11ISIAU CYFANWEHTH. f mae J CARMICHAEL a Chyf. wedi Or-rbyncyflenw a, rewvdd o Os^an yn y ]liwiou n'r cyn]]¡in;ou mwyar dewi!\ol vr hi ll batrxmau newjdd am 1B57, wedi eu gweMhio i ST'IFY DLIA I) Y LINt.11 ga i y pwtieuithiiiwvo go i-af. ae or 'd"fnyddiau. GaIIJi- cymeiailwyo y Nwydduu byu am btrhad a gwHsaniteth \n 10,4a1 ag am aaulynaer eu bar- Trwy y trefniadau a wnaed a'r Gwceutburw, r, gwerthir Invy o hyn allau am BRISIAU CYFANWERTH. -1l?r effeithio arbaflial ll .wn o 25 y rant. GWELYAC H'IARX am brisiou y gwneuthurwyr yn iad yo cuci ei th>llawni gan dilcdrefu-vMieuihurwvr, cynllunwyr carpoii, acnymftUiwyr n R' »rx*-TP W 1 N' (1. "RO O M Alu u dgST BPUSSELS,CALirt..r. THRBt THREAD B-Pv as E Lt. aOOI),TOUT BKCSSKIS. SUPER KIDDEUMlIfaTER, ALL WOOL. DRUGGETS. PRINTED DRUGGETS. V- CARPETS. BRUSSELS CA 'PETS* -1>UTCU. DFUGGETS. PRINTED DRUGGETS. CURTAIN DAMASKS. UNION DAMASKS. bUPER lHTIO. FURNITURE PRINTS. FURMTUKE PHINTS. DIM HIES. MUSLIN CURTAINS. SHEETINGS. 8.4 COTTON SHEETING. 10-4 12-4 8-4 LINEN SHEETING. li)-4 114 „ SCOTCH BOADKREC TOWELS. RUSSIA TOWKLLIKO. GLASS CLOTHS. .6. HON HAMASKS. NTZES. rTTP^AiNH. S CURTAINS. & BUOCHE TAINS. V'JtRS. 18 COVERS IN 14STFR MOSAIC, J ^VET, 6i FUENoH MINTED CLOTH COVERS. PIKIN? ROOM. COTTA1N ALL-WOOL DAMASK> ?- TABHTI?EN. DAMASK NAPKINS, ALL LINEN. I TRAY CLOTHS. DOYI'ES. f4 BREAKFAST CLOTHS. 8 4 < LOTHs. l YARDS LONO. BEDHOOM. 12-4 TINF.N SHEETIN PILLOW-CASE Ll^UiN, 40 inch WIDE. BLANKETS&COUNTERPANES BATH AND WITNEY BLANKETS, (FRENCH BED). QUILTS & COUNTERPANES (DO\ BATH AND WIINEY BLANKETS (TENT BED). QUILTS & COUNTERPANES fDOV BA'I H AND WI'I'NEK BLANKETS (FOUR-POST BEOt. QUILTS & COUN I ERPANES (DO;. COLOURED COUNTERPANES. TOWELLINGS. DIAPER & HUCKABAC TOWELLING. BED TICKS. COMMON TItKS. UNION LINEN MLTTTESS Tic KS. KITCHEN. f UxBLEACHEn HUCKABACS. I BLEACHED HUCKABACS. EMBOSSED DITTO. RICHLY EMBROIDERED. VICTORIA DAMASK COVERS. OAMASK CARPET !,OVEIIS. POLES AND CORNICES. REAL MA HOGANYCORNICKPOLE8 IMi rvr ON 10., ltlNGi AND iiNDS ICOMPLK tE>. GILOi D « OKNfCES B» V>>S POLE* (COMPLETE), STAMPED COtfNICKs IN IMMENSE VA.ILIETY OF PAf'rERN. .;J YDS. LONG BREAKFAST CLOTHS. n „ 5 „ „ íAPii AND DA'MA8ŸrS IN PIECE. POLES AND CORNICES. CORNICE POLES, RINGS, & ENDS (COMPLETE. STAMPED BRASS CORNICES. TOILETS. 5 4 and 44 TOI ET COVERS. BEDS & MATTRESSES. FEATHER BED. BOLSTER and TWO JILIOWS. GliEY (iOOSE tEA- THEBS, IN Ll,E" TICK. 4 FELT 6INCIIES BY 6 FEET ri INCHES. -)wi, QUALITY, SAME SIZE. 3rd QUaHIT OTHEiv SiZ S IN SAME PROPOR. TIfIN. SERVANTS BED, BOLSTER, AND PILLOW HAIR MATTRESSES 4 FEET 6 INCHES BY 6 FEET 6 INCHES. No. I QUA l IT Y. No 2 „ • o. 3 „ FLOCK Mattresses, sake sizs. PAILA:SSES. CORNICES. BBASS CORNICES. j 4-4 HnfP Carpet. [4-4 DUiCH Caepet. HALL, PASSAGE, AND S T A IRS.. 5-3 BRUSSELS STAIR. 4-4 COCOA MATTING. SH?PSKI? MAT.. ALL SIZES AMC    IVINCHEI STAIR CA.r.T,. B^T^OCOA MATS. I FLoOR CLOT1ts, BEST QUALITY, J 2I-LNCHES „ DoOBMATa—?LLDESCMrTIONa. ?WA? RRA?NTED ?\\?ELI,St.?ASON?EB.' 27-INCHES „ 1 SUNDRIES. WINDOW HOLLANDS-ALL WIDTHS. HEARTH RUGS-ALl. DEse RIPTTON. I CA11J\HOE MATS. VENETIAN BLINDS I PRINTED AND TRANSPARENT WINDOW CUKTAIN FRINGES, /GIIIMMM PS, LLAACCEES S, TLAISE- OIL BAIZES, FOR TABLE COVERS. BLINDS. SEL8> &C> STAIR RODS. LIVER ESTABLISHMENT, CHURCH STREET. LEWIS'S LEWIS S LEWIS'S LEWIS'S LEWIS'S CLOTH JACKETS ALPACA COATS CLOTH COATS SILK VESTS CLOTH VESTS i Fechgyn. -i Feckgyn, Fechgyn. i Fechgyu. » Fechgyn, 4 LEWIS'S Pwysig !-YN 'UNIG I BLANT O LEWIS'S: TWEED JACn:T ALPCA TWEED JACIMTO CHWECH I UGAIN AILWYDD OED. Y mae y Sefydli,,d hwn yn unig i Fdillaiu Becu- gyn. N; chedwir dillmt i ddynion. Y mae yn ITS. eencl 878 o titti yn Livei-pool i wneuthur di lad i ddyniou, a dim un i Fechpyn yn imip. Y mae LEWIS a Chtk. \n pweled yr an^eiirheidrwyda am y lath Sefynlind, me(li egor eu hystorfa gyda phob LEW[S' ppthgwienad?y ?utyno? i b't?t o <hwec? i ugain LEWIS'S JL £ i VVIS t? mlwy.doed. Ymaepchdiiiedynyganbach?enet OUILTING VESTS ALPACA JACK 1 T ?si,uyncHeIei?dwynyS.f.<dIiad,yDey..wy9y QUII¡lJ, ESTS t?cAyyf.. fatb feitaf tr R\*is»;iad <)a,hyil y biasfietLyn cryi at cA??-'? fyned i'r yegol a chwureu. TELEBAU TH KHADLAWN. RBESTR FANOL O'R PRISIAU i'w CHAEL OD tmoftn, NBC A DDANFONIR IN DDIOOST AT tINRH IfW 8TF- > EIBIAD. LEWIS'S LEWIS'S HOLLAND JACKETS DOESKIN TROUSERS » Ftchgyn. Fechgyn. LEWIS'S LEWIS'S LEWIS'S LEWIS'S LEWIS'S TWEED TROUSERS CLOTH TROUSERS DRILL TROUSERS GAMBROON TROUSERS MELTON COA. 11) < Ferhyyn. Fechgyn. » Fechgyn, « Fechgyn. i recagyn. OWE "N,ROBERTS, ■ [SUCCESSOR TO MR. R. M. GRIFFITH,) LINEN AND WOOLLEN DRAPER, HABERDASHER, GLOVER* LACEMAN, AND ¡.' FAMJLY GROCER, HIGH STREET, BANGOR, "fS SFECTFULL y Invites particular attention to his splendid Stock of Carpets, Druges, D&m X V asks, Moreens, Chintz, Dimities, Blankets, Sheetings, Bed Ticks, ToweUing?, Counterpanes, Toileuogs, table Linens, &c, &c., &(,. Hats and Caps. A large assortment of PAPE R HANGINGS, prime TEAS and COFFEES, and General Italian Warehouse, A respectable YOUTH wanted so an APPRENTICE. YN CAEL EI WERTHU CAN Y EH AN FWYAF 0 FFERYLLWYR PARCHUS YK MHOBFFTBEF. POWDRDANEDDBREINIOL I MEISTRI GABRI L. ø- Y mee y P1I"dr hwn yn cael ei ndnubo.l yn pyflredinol ftl y gm-afsyddyn bod. Y mae yn ihydd oddi- J t' wrtli bob P ,ylwe, d niweidiol; Y mile yn Pw% nu y dunedd r dant-leoedd (qitms). 'r\ V J 1 GAU DANEDD DIRYWIEDIU.-Y M'E YR Fmambl Gwyn Gutta H rcha yn cael ei ddodi yn y <Mn>.i ilirjwiedjg pan vti feddal, »« le etyl y ddsnodd Pais Is. 6c. y Blycliaid, nen aufonirefardderbyajadSW^p j ) lythyriiodau gan MK1. GABtilEL.VKiityddien, y dyfeiswyr. Mr RLif. 11-2, D OKE-STKtET, LIVERPOOL, A S3, LUDG 4TE.HILL. LONDON, lie y gellir ymgyijghou a hwy bob d\dd, heb iiuln, o ddt g Jbyd saitL..jv I. «' { i '"iI 'J"" IV) V>UKE STREET, LIVERPOOL——11-9 MESSRS. GABRIEL, (the Old-established) DENTISTS. beL, to tinnouuce to their Patients and the Publio that thpv mny :Ie conRu!t-d Daily, from Ten to Seven Fit their E-t.,hHsiJ1)pntR fi-e- of chaifTo. I;¡r 112, DUKE-STREET, LIVERPOOL, AND :J3. LtTOOATE-HILr.. T OXDOV, IMPROVEMENTS IN DENTISTRY, Messrs. G. have lately introduced a new and very import- ant improvement, in ARTIFICIAL TEETH. Wh'ch tnp. C'(H11iTlT1!\ to supply. FROM A PINTLE TOOTH TO A COMPLETE SET, Without extracting any teeth or stump, and also without C8living Rnv nAin AT STRICTLY MOJ?R?TE CHARGES, While the work will be found Buj.eiior to what bus been in. troduced to the public lor so n,clnv years. 1 he mucb-approve'l.of ENAMELLED TEETH are fixed 0" the most tender gums, wltbout extracting at,v teeth or stumps, or causing any pain, at the following scale of char. ges, namely: A Single Tooth from 3a. (id. and 79. 6J. Con)pli te jf4 4.. and 85.-(; usraisteed to angwer every purpose for which nature oida'ned tlle origiua's. These beautiful tffth colour or decay. Stopping wiih Gold, q, with Suco(,ctaneu,n,2s. 6J.; witb MESSRS. 2s. 6,1.; with .STOPfJJNG. THE TEETH WHITHOUT PAIN, WITIl GOLD AND THE SCCCKUANF.CM» f eating, F. rtmctiiig, and all Opet-at mis performed at stiictly moderate charges bv MESSRS. GABRIEL, S U R G E o N D E N T T S T S ) 12' DUKE-STREET, LIVERPOOL 112. a:1, LUDGA'IE HILL, LONDON. KOT1cE,-l\Ie",I' GAHRIEL have EIIHIIJFFD and improved tl air Mpulianiciil 1) now fnabicd 10 complete orders with a very short notice: also Misfits by other Dentists remodelled. One v sit only iiccessary from Country Yatients, Every information respecting the teeth and gums, and oT'suiiations, free of iharge. Particular attention is directed to the ew Teeth with Artificial Gnm", Ymwnlir a Cha<murfon yn g\leh\nol, 0 hyn y rhoddir rhyhudd predion yn y "Carnarvon & Lenbigh Herald." Yr ymweliad nesaf a Chaemarfon Iydd ar y laf o OrpheTi a f, yn yr Uxbridsk ABMS. 12?- YN C?FL !? WEHTHU GAN Y HH\N FWYAF 0 FFERYLLWYR P\RCHUS TN MHOn TREF ?Tt' rA? n?FDD )UHYW1EDIG —ExAMEL Gw?s i-um fmcHA. Ymaeyttanwadg?e thfa'vr 1!1111'\1 (j r„Pl ei (I'lo(ii M. v dplIt pan vn feudal, ae moe n dy/od yn gal1 yn mhen hauer awr etyl v d,ltl???dd, a ol.ei.Kv v rianed'l 'bpsr < i' vwio. YTna?n wfU na dim a d<let.,yjdi?\d hvd yma. P'-isla.Rc.yBhchMj.ceu 5 aSre w d.e.b- .uiad20o]y?)?o''??"?'?'?' GAn)?Ht Ueintydd.oD.ydyMs.vyr. Hhit 11D'JKE-STBKKT, LIVKBPOOL. °'UeT?l"'?n?vn?onahwy,hobdY.hl.h.))d.?.odde,hyd8aiLb. U?Up?b dtefnyddio vr enamel, ?u 'où cytarwyd??jau iU?u wedi euhamgau yn mhob blwoh. ♦ ■ I JAMES SMITH, 1 M TJ S I C AND M U S F C A L INSTRUMENT SELLER, BY SPECIAL APPOrNTMF-N'T TO-HER MOST GRACIOUS MAJESTY THE QUEEN, 66, LORD-STREET. BEGS to return his sincere and heartfelt thanks to his numerous Friends and Customers for the very Liberal Patronage they have bestowed upon him for so many years. (upwards of a quarter of a Century,) and too assure them that he has no intention of retiring from Business, an REPOR TED, but that he intends prosecuting his Business, -in all its Branches, with more than usual attention and vigour. His Stout is more complete than ever, in all depart- ments, in Personally.selected Piano-fortes, Harmoniums, Harps, &c., from the Highest to the Lowest Prices at which they can be made. FULL SETS OF HAND INSTRUMENTS AT A MOMENT'S NOTICE. PRINTED MUSIC, REDUCED TO ONE-FOURTH, ONE-THIRD, and ONE-HALF the MARKED PRICES, SENT, POST' .EE, TO ANY PART OF THE BRITISH DOMIYIOXS. I HIEING, TUNING, REMOVING. A\r< V.'A CHOUSING, AS USUAL. TUNERS & BEPAQUMtS Or PlASO-FORrKS, &c., HARPS, HARMONIUMOl^AXS, SEXT THROUGH THE PBIXC IPAilTT PERIODICALLY. Octlurs addressed direct to 66, LORD-^Ti KET. Liverpool, promptly attended to. SMITH'S MUSICAL. CIRCULATING, AND PRESENTATION LIBRARY, |w THE OL-LY ONE IN LIVERPOOL. No. 68, LORD-STREET, Exporters, the Trade, Profession, and Principals of Schools, most liberally treated. EXPORTERS, the TRADE. PROFESSIORS, and PRINCIPALS of SCHOOLS, most liberally treated. —* — TEFFERY, MORRIS H. and CO hAg to aunounce that thev have purchased, from Messrs. Honey, HUT phrey, H< n«?v. Accountant, the ENTIRE STOCK OF MR. EDWARD BLAKELY, OF NORWICH, Amounting in value to £4,943 10s. 7d., at a DISCOUNT of 89J PER CEKT. from the COST PRICES, and will commence OFFERING the same ON MONDAY NEXT, THE 13TH INSTANT. THE TRUSTEES' INVENTORY GIVES THE PARTICULARS AS FOLLOWS :— CALICOS, SILESIANS, occ, 51 8 11 PRINTS 103 10 10 FLANNEL..S., .ANKETS, COU T ?R i;?.N.E.S. 103 10 10 DIMITIES. &c., 148 13 3 PLAIN MUSLINS AND 67 15 2 LINEN GOODS 171 10 10 ALPACAS, COBOURGS, Jtr 33 1 10 FRENCH MERINOES 250 6 2 CHALLI, WOOL PLAIDS, LINDSEYS, PRINTED FLANNELS, &c. 161 17 6 FANCY DRESSES. DELAINES. &c 331 0 4 BALZARINES. BAREGES. AND PRINTED MUSLINS 283 7 4 SILKS. POPLINS, VELVETS, &c- 940 11 0 SHAWLS, 460 5 11 MANTLES, 423 1 8 FURS, 116 16 9 L,kDl ES' UNDER CLOTHING, &c., 42 3 6 SEWED MUSLIN AND LACE GOODS 424 19 9 RIBBONS 246 15 8. FRINGES, GIMPS, &c., 145 17 5 < PARASOLS AND UMBRELLAS 40 10 0 GENTLEMEN'S SHIRTS, COLLARS, PRINTED SHIRTINGS, &c., 114 18 9 GENTLEMEN'S BANDANNAS, NECK- ERCHIEFS. NECK TIES, &-c. 131 17 4 HOSIERY, GLOVES, and HABERDASHERY.. 164 11 9 FLOWERS 36 0 0 „ FUNERAL PALL, CLOAKS, &c., 16 4 0 PERFUMERY 9 10 11 REMNANTS and SUNDRIES 26 14 0 X4.,913 10 7 JEFFERY, MORRISH, AND CO.. COMPTON HOUSE, 43, 45, 47, 49, 51, CHURCH STREET, LIVERPOOL. I A T Y RHAl Y MAE GANDDYNT FECHGYN I'W DILLADU. ► Os oe« gsnvch FECITGTN i w dilladn, o 6 i 10 mltrydd oed, 08 oes gonveh FKOHGYN i'w dil'»du, o Ir) i 13 mlwydd oed, Jf. Ojtfoes genych FECHGYN i'w d'llad u, o 13 116 mlwydd oed, Os 5es genych FECHG YN i'w dilladu, o 16 i 20 mlwydd oed, Galwch gyda LEWIS AND COMPANY, RANELAGH Strbkt. O. oes arnocb eieiau PAR 0 DDIf An YSGOL T'FED i Fechpyn, 0« ofaarcocheis?uPAR 0 DDILLAD PRYDAWOL, i Ffchpvn, Os oes erroch eisiau yr amrywiscth eoreu o FOTASAU ao FSGiMAU.i Fechgyn. Os oes arnoch eisiau yr flnll^v ii,eth poren o HKTIAU a CHAP1 AU, i Fechgyn, Galwch gyda LEWIS AND COMPANY, Ranelm H STEBET. Os elll arnoch eifiau OWPDF-RTVYMYNAU A CHOLEBI rhagorol, i Fechgyn. O. oes arnoch eisinu CKYSAL1 LI on Lb dnnrhaporol i Fechgyn, Os oes omoch eisiau BRAMRS a GARDVPAU lhau'o'ol i Kpchgvr., Os oes arnoch eisiau loli meint o HOSANA' a I%i E\YG i Fp(-Iigyt), Gohich gyda LEWIS AND COMPANY, BANELAGH STREET. O. oes arnoch elsian LLTFTjnOD YSGOL rhagorol i Ferhgyn, 08 oes arnoch eisisu CA DACHAU I.LOGELL Sidan a Chllmbric i Fechgyn, Os oes srnnch eisiou GWRKGYSAU El ASTIC rhaporo: i Fechtryn, Os oes amoch eisiau GWASGODAU a DRAWERS GWI.AN KN i Fechgyn, Galwch gyda LEWIS AND COMPANY, Ranelagh STREET, Litebpool, PWTPFAWP.—I 1ECHGYN YV UKTG, 0 BOB CEDRAN. (Wi) 0 CHWfcCH I UGAIN MLWYDD. COMPTON HOUSE, BANGOR. R JONES. HIGH STREET, BANGOR, Brethynwr Llian a Gwlan, Gwerthydd Sidanau, Man-nwyddur, a Chwegydd [Grocer] Teu]uai?ft .DOSBARTHIAD MAWR A DEWISOL 0 FONETI, BLODAU FFRENGTG, &c, T. HUGHES AND CO'S BEDDING, UPHOLSTERY, AND FURNITURE WAREHOUSE, 45 AND 47, BOLD-STREET, LIVERPOOL. MAE T. HUGHES a CTi N F.. yn p-wahodd v rhni svdd mewji nnpen nm DDODREFN, at en STOC eana, "n rynw,s y dyl'eis'an neWyddaf mewn DODREFN DRAWING ROOM, DINING-ROOM, a BED- ROOM, w^di en Raw we,'tlii,n u a St el.street, o dan arolv ciad unionirvrrhul T. H, o "toe iveiii t-i clethol:rn dda o goed we(li eu q, chu ac a ellir o ganlyniad eu canmc]—maf ell sefv'lfa f, I -.Nfa-nachivvr Coed aLlaw- weithyddinn, yn e" pa htOf!' i gyfirnwi D, dr< fu di 'iiaf, weiii » u FWDP"¡ yn dda am b. is t-ior isi 1 ag n ofynir gan rai mHSi>a<-h- da am nwyrdau cyffredm Llnndain, ac o wneiitliiii.-ad gWHel, a werthir yn y dref bon, fel ag y maent wedi eu gwneyu i'w gu erthu i gwtmeiiait rheolaidd: neu eu guaranty, u cdi en gusneyd yn dda, &c., f*c. Yn y DOSRAN GWELYAWD, p-n fed T" l1 r'rdrf fn'n wr-di ei vrneyd \n v lie, ceir 1"11 bnd yn rhydd oddiwrth bob an- mhuredd, ac yn ol samj l. Cyflenwir yr IMPROVED SPRING MATTRAS am y drydedd ra', yn llai na'r pris a'feroL Pcb Nwydd wedi ei nodi mewn figurau amlwg. Llyfrau o'r pr siau. Gellir cael Prisiadau [Estimates^ a Darlurrna tr»y ymofyn a T. HUGHES & CO., 45 and 47, Bold-street, LIVERPOOL. (1SS) Yr holl Yards, Gweiihfeydd, ac Ystorfeydd Cvfauwenh—Fleet-street a Seel-street FUR N ISH IN G I R 0 N M 0 N G E R Y JOHN P B A T E M A N 18, BYROM-STREET, and No. 1. S. & 5. CLAYTON-STREET. Parties Furnishing will find an extensive assortment at the following Low Prices Fenders in great variety, from Is. 6d., to 3;'?. Fire Irons Od., to 2;?. the set. Fire lions -s. Japanned oval Trav7 ?s. 0d., to 30s. the set of 3 Imperial Dish Covers 14s. M. the set of 5. Joseph Rodders it Sons' superior Table Cutlery" 5s. 6d., to 50s. the set. GRIFFITHS' PATENT STAMPED TIN AND ENAMEL GOODS. Together with a variety of articles too numerous to mention. BUILDERS AND CABINETMAKERS IRONMONGERY. The LARGEST and most COMPLETE STOCK in LIVERPOOL. With every variety in Price and Quality. FSTABLISHED 1*00. I CSS OF APPETITE, THE WANT OF DUE ENJOYMENT OF FOOD, AND IN WEAK DIGESTION,' USE THOMAS'S MERIONETHSHIRE SAUCE, Wf-I JCH, prepared with a strict regard to Medical and Pharmaceutical principles, promotes the I doe nerfo-mance of the iliaesti e and usf processes and i!,il,,rts a relish;, ,6 must exquisite to Steaks. Chops, Roust Meat, Curries. G, ""¡e, i'ish,Game, Soups,and Salads; AND IS THE MOST DELICIOUS, ECONOMICAL, AND GENERALLY USEFUL SAFCE EXTANT. Bold in Liverpool by Jones, 5, Para-Si so. street: Svers, 10, Ranelsgh Street —London:—Messrs. D,etrich??n and Co 61, Oxford Rt eel.—Dublin Welis. 5!, Upper Saville stvee;.—Birmingham: Bellamy, IS, 8pa'el Street.— Manchester Jones, 0$, Great Jackson Stn'et,-Chcter' Bowers, Brothers Urindley & Sc:. -R¡rkenbead: W. J. Foulkes f 4oras iFore, Chemists nd evtry where tbroughout North and South Wales,in BotJe5. at 1., 6d. eacb. (Ill) Prepared (l'LY) by WJLU.M 'J nuM?s, Bale, North V.?ica. SELLING UFF. AJ. STEPHENS begs to inform his mm'-ms A friends and tha puolic generaPy that :n con?e- queuce of intended alterations, he will oa Mondav next the 13th Instant, commerce Sellins 02" the w'11.= of his extensive stock of Wt>ollen Cioods, c^mprisi'ig West of England and Yorkshire Broad Doeskins. Tweeds and Vesting?, in almost end'e^s variety: Waterproof Tweeds &-c.: Ladias Cloths for -Ilit-itle, in various clours. Also his immense Stock of Gentlemea s Vest and Ladies Dress Buttons. A. J S. takes this opportunity of tendering his test '•thanks to those who have kindly patronized hm since his 'commencement in business. WOOLLEN WAREHOUSE, 18. WILLIAMSON SQTTABE. MUSIC AT HALF-PRICE, FOR CASH ONLY. MFSSRS HIME and SON beg to inform ths 1 PuM'c that thfvhav '<<"<" n?npd to SELL the?hate of thdir ext.< ns v» STOCK of SHE E T Ni U S I C, (With v^rv few fxepti,tls\ AT HTL???H'IC'E. FOR CASH ONLY. SOT WITH ST A ND1NO THl- BEDTJCTIdK, Mcsst«. H IM K «• dSON wi 'l ■ -r.g ige to proea a Mu«'c wit"i t, e S p imp;it ices-s hf>r«tofo e. THE PUBLIC IS R -QUE?l'?P t? note tLt Messrs. HI ME "n.' Si-)N re-jularly to Lottlon eveiy Wed»e»'ljiy nl; Sa>v>day. on which days (\)de;. tor Music euoulu be given, lOftiMiio cor;" Jeliv-rv. MUSIC PURCHASE I> AT HALF PRICE cannot be exchauc-'i. MUSIC SENT our ON APPIOT L, or looked in any v ay, will ue chaigaci as fuimeily. ERARD S Full alzvd Hor'znnt.a1 GBA "D PIAXO FORTgS. 1>0 to ERARD'S Oil que Grand Co:t%)pr- PIANO-F RTES, with three unn me. in Walnut and liosewoou CaseS, fob 10 Ic, G lioses BROADWO04o and SON^> Semi Coitspe, Cottage, and Giaud Pt.\S"-FOUTES,m\\a.LuutwoodCeae<. 5 I ti 145 Gu^eas. COLLARD "D'! COLLAIT)" Co'tige and Granl PIANO-FOHIES. in Rose«<OJ aud Wairut. wood C.ise9, 4'> to 1 '0 j UillP <a HIME and SON'S Semi-Cot age JTANO-TORTES, tft Wnluuttvo dlln l!o^wno4 Cj-es Ne» £ tock just received -Talenty fire Guineas each. FOR HIRE, a :a ge Stock nl PIA-,O t OUILS aid UAFPS in great variety. SECOD H.\ND PIAl" FultTF,c:. '1; J()H nT¡0A nOOD and SONS, and COLLA' D a d COLLAuD, always ou sa e et rejuceJ prices. B-A.11 Letters on Business to be addressed to the Firm. JJIME AND SONS riANO-FORTE, HAnp, AND MUSI3 WAREWOTTSB, 57, CHURCH STREET, LIVERPOOL. THE WELCOME BACK Ti) HOMEI JL A TALE OF MIDSUMMER. Hail, Midsummer, the joyous times Now breathed by even' tnapue, When from their duties and their tasks Return the happy y-.iiny The welcome they received at homs Repays the absence long, And gay will now be every hearth, With many a happy throng. Hail, Midsummer, and with it, too, Thoughts which the -ing possess— They know it is the very time For dashing Summer Dress. They know they will new gjarments Both graceful, good, and smart, And visits, too. they know they'll pay To HYAM S MMchles!- Mart. For Midsummer is Hyam's stock Both varied, rich, and rare A countless choice is there displayed, For juveniles to wear. The prices are amazing low, Superb indeed the styles. And that s the place where all should draes Their treasured juvenilis. Hurrah, hurrah for Midsummer, > INbep all is gay and bright, v When .Joyous parents clasp the Hand ■ Of each with pure delight. It is a time, a happy time, For children to possess And is it not thrice dear to all For bringing Summer Dress B. HYAM. NATIONAL TAILOR, CLOTHIER, HATTER, HOSIFr t- OUTFITTER, 97. I. O D STREET. 1VERPOOL. EXTENSIVE SHOW ROOMS HIGGS & JONES invite an in. spection of their MAGNIFICENT SUITE OF SHOW ROOMS, Where may be seen, conveniently arranged, THE LARGEST, BEST SELECTED, AND MOST V mE D STOCK OF FURNISHING IRONMONGERY In Liverpool, consisting of BATHS, TEA URNS. CHANDELIERS, HALL LAMPS. TEA TRATS, FENDERS, FIRE-IRONS. IRON AND BRASS BEDSTEADS, &c.. All Marked, in Dain F:grur"s, AT TWENTY PER CET. LOWER THAN ANY OTHHR HOUSE HIGGS & JONES. 40 LORD.STREET 40, LIVERPOOL. REAPING HOOKS AND SICKLES. A LARGE SELECTION Tom the BEST MAKZR3, AT JOHN r. HATEMAX S. 18, B ITRO.Nl- Fflf,'ET, And Nos. 1. 3. and 3. CLAYTON-STREET. HOME AND EXPORT riiOTOGRAl'HK DEPOT. JUBILEE BUILDING-i, 16, LOUr-sTREKT, LIVERPOOL. IMPORTANT TO EMIGRANTS, DEALER?, ARTISTS &c, IN soliciting a continuance of patronage. re-SST JL KEWTOK, Manufacturer and lmpuxxers, beg to call attention to then- estensive and v;,ell. -elect,, d STOCK oi English. Freneh. American, and German REQUISITES. Lenses. Double Achromatic, from each ( am eras. 7s. and upwards Cases. Maws. Preservers. l'a?«e I'aitouts, Frames, &c.. at corresponding prices Chemicals of ab- solute purity (iiass of all shades London niqde rv.cil.-r) Agents for Alaiion's J'hotogi-ajdiic Paj-en? aud "•n v -its. Hill Norris s various Preparations, KeitJA <aiiimack's, and Ramsden's < ollodi u. ALL ARTICLES WARRANTED, ANU AT WHOLESALE PRICES. OrisF.r.vK—NO FRONT SHOP. w A K i" h o r s E r J' THE r A s s A n 7. [PBICE USTS FOEWAKDElj. Ht-aS 'ow puhJi"hing. price b., the A L C 0 F P li T 0 ?,? .1lk P ?' THE coixonii'x PROCESSES PHOTOGKAPHII n: Tivc urT-DwR PHOTOGRAPHY: 11 FTIArT, P.1 STEREOSCOPIC I'H'JT'" ;j;APHY FAILURES. AND THEIR ( AUSE.S. Post Free, Eourtecu Stamps.