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(F t .i in present.. I( < ,"IN,')bilit and t- .yA8mONS?eIect<.dhyh;m?.?  Y,and ?BPM<'Ma London, has gre?p!?' j A iB? them for the approbation of me "? t, -w gentry of Cheater and surrounding di: 81, Churh Street, Liverpool. L ADIFS, GENERAL OUTFIT, t< mn CHILDREN S DRESS DBWKTMENT, COMPTON HOOSE. » 4, vV* Ibtlf jpOTMW of patronage experienced in these t' ente, has induced -i. PRY, MORRISH, & CO., Te appoint a Seoond EXHIBITION f)r THIS DAY [Widkmday], the 1st July, and following days, consisting of Now GOODS appropriate to the Summer Season, in CHILDREN'S CHALLIES, MERINO, JEAN, and a variety of other Dresses. A choice Assortment of BABY LINEN, CT-OAKS, HOODS, BONNETS, &e. LADIES' MORNING WRAPPERS mi DRESSING GOWNS, in endless variety. PETTICOATS, in WHALEBONE, from 28 lid CRINOLINE, from 4s. lid.; and STEEL, from 10s. 9d. Aiso, all the New Styles of DRESS-IMPROTELTS. WEDDING AND INDIA OUTFITS Executed with despatoh. EFFERY, MORRISH, & CO. beg respectfully to announce that they will Exhibit THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), the 1st July, and following days, an extensive and Fashionable Display of PARIS MILLINERY, COIFFURES, STRAW, CRINOLINE, and FANCY BONNETS, In all the New Styles and Meterials; also, a splendid Asso: tment of FRENCH FLOWERS and FEATHERS. COMPTON HOUSE. CHOICE OF 3000 BONNETS AND HATS, AT THE BAZAAR, 81, AND 81, GREAT GEORGE STREET, INCLUDING Millinery, Crino'ioe, Sewn. 11.11,1 French Chip. Leghorn, Tuscan. Rice and Dunstable 8traw RON VET -1. Straw HATS, in all colours from 6Jd. to 4s 6d Crinoline, Leghorn, and Tuscan HATS, from ts 4d. to 8s. 6d. in all the new shapes. BONNETS, fram aid. to One Guinea: Millinery, from 6s. to 0< e Guinea anil a Ha'f. Targo size BONNKT for e driv ladies. Holland and Lawn I ACIKE lid in (treat variety. MUSLINS and BAREGES of the latest desist s, in srielt 'l'ofuon. from 38 6. to One. Gum- a and Hul' p^r Press. ?" JA'?ETS MANiLES, SHA?LS. AND SILKS, in every desirable novulty. RIBBONS, FLOWERS, FEATHiiRS, AND FANCY TRINIMINGS. For Killiner. and the Trade, at wholesale prices. BAZAAR, GREAT GEORGE STREET, E. LtWIS, Pbopeietoe. — .f' SUMMER CO AT g ( EVERY description of SUMMER COATS, luitl"& for The OjJHfc,* The iiouge, TIté Garden, Street, Andjor Tourists. Including nil WATERPROOF TWEED TALMA. dnll TBE TWEED 4,ND MELTON BEAUFORT, Way be had at P. L. MACTAGGJLRTS TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. 24 and 26, BOLD-STREET. Portmmnteaus, Coat OGsrs. Carpet Bags, Knapsacks, Sermon Wallets, Src. < ( GENTLEMEN'S BOOTS AND SHOES, READY-MADE AND TO ORDER. AT W. COLLINSON & SON'S, 1:4 (Topor) BOLD-STREET, LIVERPOOL. W. COLLINSON & SON beg to call the attention of Gentlemen to their new and exten. sive STOCK of READY-MADE BOOT3 and SHOES, all of which are their own manufacture they can therefore recommend them with certainty as regards their good quality. Prices very moderate. A trial is respectfully sriicited. CYFARFOD M A W R Y IAIN E LAW, A CRYMANFA DDIRWESTO], GWYNEDD, Ax. T)r>YDi>iAtT MERCHER A Iav, Y 15fed AR 16EG 0 Gorpiiknaf ni.sak. Cy N E 1, T R CYFARFODYDP CYHOEMDT'S yi, NGHASTELL CAERNARFON, i areithio ar yr Achos Pirwestol, ac ar yr angenrheidrwydd a'r priodoldtb i lwyr ddifodi y Fasnar-h mewn Piodydd Meddwol. pydd yr enw g a'r Anrhydeddus Neal Dow, o'r America, Sylfaenvdd y Maine LawS. Pope, Yswain, Manchester; E.G. Salisbury. Yswain, Aelod Senoddol dros (iaer; y pikrt,.b, Jenkins, Powlais; yn nghyd ? ^niiyw enwogion pXfchedi? eMUl perdtymol i wal muoKlu i v.adau, | yn anerch y evfarfodydd. I!ydd Cm- Caan?t-fon, dan lywyddiaeth Mr. W. CrUMi, a Mr. H. WHliams. y? cami rhai darnau detholedig yn y cyfarfodvdd. ? D. S.—Hwn f .i4 r ntiig i!lrfod yn Ngogledd Cymru y bydd  An -b?dns? '-? ? >71 bresenol I)VYilr r ?o d am 2 of .duch 1 r .)îl K P pn, Xw" ?' ?.<t ? ?HAPN; ?aEDi, a ?hync1n y CyfdUS. c^ptftfjJg* 6 o'r g]1 C Asyaij, JT anp?di!???** Bydd y Cyfarfodydd C?j?eddos {CM 10. a 2, a 6,'yc y CawG&LI.. KYOT' ^T' %-■ lkcwrutrf" n Meli? 1,,4"ftt ?.. ''? '?A.  v 'AU CYFANWERTH. -Jliwiau a'r cynllun'anmwyaf dewisol R gau y £ Wneuthn» wyr goraf. ac o'r vn gysttd ag am ddillyuder eu bar- allan am Ï1 FAN VVERTH. uteri -rant. Gwelyac HUARN am brisiau y gwneuthurwyr yn ^b %te( oto4 ddodfefu-wnenihurwjr, cynllunwyr carpe-Ui, acbymathwyr XBN1 rORjTHB DRAWING ROOM. Q? THf<? 4 VEM'Kt À.lIP" r.. RAPESTRY 4 ijb'oj; THHEAD-j?O?t? r. THREh-TH-?tH PRIME bTOCTTtacssEM. CURTAIN DAMASKS AND CHINTZES. FR £ G £ H H CHINA 8 A TUN DAMASKS. FRENCH 8&K AND WORSTED. TI-BORETO INGIoAIN ALL WQOL DAMASKS. I ALL-WOOL DAMASKS BEST UNION DAAJASK# CARPETS. BECZT BRUSSELS CARPET. j THREK THREAD Brcsskls. GOOO STOUT Bkusski.S. SUPER KIDDEUMiNaTER, ALL WOOL. DRUGGETS. PRINTED DRUGGETS. CARPETS. BRUSSELS CA'iPETS. KIDDERMINSTER. LtUTCH. DELTGGETS. PRINTED DRUGGETS. CURTAIN DAMASKS. UNION DAMASKS. bUPEU DITIO. FURNITURE PRINTS. FURNITURE PRINTS. D13i I I IES. MUSL.N CURTAINS. SHEETINGS. 8-4 COTTON SHtETlNG. 10-4 „ 12-4 „ 8-4 LINEN SHEETING. it!-4 114 GOOD UNION nAMASKS.. < »icr c^tzes. SWISS CURTAINR. EMBROIDERED I"'S CURTAINS EM HHOIDf RED LACE & BltOCHE i\ ET CURTAINS. SCOTCH MUbLIN CURTAINS. TABLE COVERS. VERY RICH TABI E COVERS. IN I PATENT AXMINSTER, MOSAIC. TAPESTRY VELVET, & FtiENCH VELVET. RICH PRINTED CLOTH C0VE8C- DINING ROOM. CURTAIN DAMASKS. ALL-WOOL DAMASKS. TABLE LINEN. DAMASK NAPKINS, ALL LINEN. TRAY CLOTHS. DOYLIE8. BREAKFAST CLOTHS. 84 LOTHS. ::1 YAROS LONG. BEDROOM. 12-4 TINFN SHEETIN PILLOW-C ASE UN h-N, 40 inch WIDE. BLANKETS& COTTNTERPANES BATH AND U1TNEY blankets, (FRENCH RED). QUILTS & COUNTERPANES (DO'. BATH AND UIlNEY BLANKETS ITENT BED;. QUILTS & < OUNTERPANF.sfPOV IMIH AND Wl 1N E V BLANKETS (FOUR-POST BED 1. QUlLTs ? COUN 1 ERPANES (DO;. COLOURED COUNTERPANES. TOWELLINGS. DIAPER & HUCKABAC TOWELLING. BED TICKS. COMMON TlI KS. ti 10.11 LINEN Mitkess TIC KS. EMBOS8ED DITTO. RfCHLV EMBROIDERED. VICTORIA DAMASK COVERS. DAMASK CABPET OVEIIS. POLES AND CORNICES. REAL MAHOGANY COUNlCe: POLES IMITAT ON i O., RINGS AND LNDS (COMPLEIE1. GlLDI D OKNICES BR %S POLES (COMPLETES). STAMPED CO KNICtS IN IMMENSE VARIETY OF PATTERN. 3 YDS. LONG Slt CLOTHS. 4 „ „ A „ 6 DIAPE it AND DAMASKS IN PIECE. POLES AND CORNICES. CORNICE POLES, RINGS, ENDS (COMPLETE). STAMPED BRASS CORNICES. TOILETS. 54 and &4 TOI ET COVERS. BEDS & MATTRESSES. FEATHER BED.BOLSTER And TWO riL'OWS. GREY (,OOSE tEA- 'J HERS, IN LINE v TICK. 4 FEET 6 INCHES BY 6 FEET h INCHES. "nii QUALITY. SAME SIZE. 3RD QU V I'I'Y t,THE,i SiZ S IN SAME PROPOR- TION, SERVANTS BED, BOLSTER, AND Pill) OW FIAIR MATTRESSES 4 FEET 6 INCHES BY 6 FEET 6 INCHES. No. I QUAIITV. No 2 „ o. 3 FLOCK MtTTHMEt, saxk SIZE. PAlLAaSES. CORNICES. BBASS Corkices. I SCOTCH Bobdfbed Towels. RUSSIA Towklliag. U LASS CLOTHS. KITCHEN. I Unbleached Hcckabacs. bLEAcnED liUCK.BAC;S. j 4-4 Hemp Cabpet. I I 4-4 DUiCH CüPET. I HALL. PASSAGE, AND STAIRS. u I 5-S BRUSSELS Stair. I Tapevthy. 18-hcHES Stair Cabpet*. •2^-Inches „ i!7.I.NCHES „ 4.4 COCOA MATTING. Linen Stair Coyer. B ST < OCOA Mats. Door M»ts—all Descriptions. Shrkpskiv mats ALL OIM* AND I Colou <s. Floor Cloths, BUT QCtUTT, a*d Warranted WELL SZA?UNZD. Window Hollands—All WIDTHS. Venetian Blinds Oil Baizes, For Table Covess. uIR Rous. SUNDRIES. HFARTH ]Ru(3s-NL,. III-.SCIIIPTION-. i Printed AND Tb.ansjai.em WINDOW Blinds. • I CAItItIAOr MATS. I Ccktain FAIKOTS, Gimps, Laces, Tas- SELS, &c. I LIVER ESTABLISHMENT, CHURCH STREET. I LEWIS'S CLOTH JACKETS i Feckgyn, LEWIS S ALPACA COATS i Fethgyn, r LEWIS'S CLOTH COATS i Ftchgyn. LEWIS'S SILK VESTS ( i Fechgyn. I LEWIS'S J,OTB VESTS i Ftchgyn, LEWTS'S TWEED JACKETS i Fethyyn. t' LEWIS'S ALPACA JACKETS i Ftehgyn. Ir .S—*s r" LEWIS'S HOLLAND JACKETS < Fechgyn. Pwysig!—YN UNIG I BLANT 0 CHWECH I UGAIN MLWYDD OED. Y mae y Sefvdli a hwn vn unig i 'dilla In Bech. gyn. N; chedwir c.flluri i ddyniun. Y mae yn i re- 6ei (d 878 o dai yn Live) pool i wneuthur di lad i ddynion, a din) un i Fechgyn yn unip. Y mae LEWl" a CH, P. yn gweled yr angemheidi wyd I am y fath Sefyilii'd, wedi agor eu hystorfa gyda phob peth gwispadwy tolynol i b ant o chwee i i ugaln ini-Y d oed. inae pobdilledyn y gall hachi/en ei eisiDU yn cael ei gadw vn y S. fvdliad, jn cyowys y 18tb U Il" is.. byd y braafietUyn cryf at fynedi'r ysgol a cbwareu. TBX.SBAV YN BBAPbAW. :JlJ!TB FurOL o'r Prisiatj fw cbael osnTMorrw, MKTl A DDANYONIS IN DOIOOST AT VlULBrW Off- ( buiao. LEWIS'S ALPACA VESTS » Fechgyn. m LEWIS'S QUILTING VESTS t Ftchgyn. I LEWIS'S DOESKIN TROUSERS i Fethgyn. I LEWIS'S TWEED TROUSERS ll) Fechgyn. r LE?JS'S CLOTHT^US^S i Fechgyn. LEWIS'S DRILL TROUSERS i Fechgyn, LEWIS'S GAMBROON TROUSERS Fechgyn. I LEWIS'S MELTON COA i Fechgyn. LOSS OF APPETITE, THE WANT OF DUE ENJOYMENT OF FOOD, AND IN WEAK DIGESTION, USE T H 0 MA S S MERIONETHSHIRE SAUCE, WHICH, prepared with a strict regard to Medical and Pharmaceutical principles, promotes the V f dne performSnce of the dipestie and asriinilative processes; and irupxrU a retisht.e most exquisite to Steaks, Chops, Roast Meat, Curries Gravies, Fish, Game, Soups,aud Balids; AND IS THE MOST DELICIOUS, ECONOMICAL, AND GENERALLY USEFUL SAUCK EXTANT. Sold in Liverpool by Jones, 5, Paradise-street; Svprs, If), ttanetagh Street -London -Nfessrs.Dietrichen ani Co 63, Oxtoro St ept.-Dublin, Wells, bl, Upper Savilip, street.-Birrni iig ham Bellamy, 16 Spirejl Street.-Manche-iter Jones,'jS, Great Jnckson Street.—Chester'Bowei 8. Brothers Grindley at Son-Birkenhead: W J. Foulkes; Thoras Fore, Ctit-mists; anti evf-ry where throughout Nortti anil South Wales, in BottiOB* In. Od. each. (Ill) Pi elpared (UNLY) by WIJLIAM J hoMas, Bala, North Wales. tar YN CAEL EI WEBTHr GAN Y RHAN FWYAF 0 FFI RYT I.WYR PAR HU8 YN MHOBtTJUEF- I P o >v JJ E DAN E D D B K E 1 N I 0 L 1 MEI8TBI OADBIEL. IY Y mae y Towdr bWI1 yn cael ei tydunbod yo gyffrectiuoi f. ] V L,i,at'sy(ld yn bod. Y mae yn ibydid odd!- I wrth bob f-YI we d niweid'ol v mae yn twynn y danedd a riB Iti tq?ims). i GAU DANEDD DJRYWJEDIG.—Y MAE YR ENAMFI. GWY* GUTTA X'I IICHA ya fsael ei cdfdi yn RY daat J. diri wieitig paD vn feodttl, ac fe etyl y ddanodd. PillS la 6c. y liij ueu ai.fubir ef ariideibyni;a<i ii o ¡ W ui.if. 11-J, DUKE-STREKT, LIVE»I>OOL, a 3>, LITDOATK-HILI. LONDON, I. T CF.'il lie y gelMr jiugynglioii a hwy bob iljdd, heb lUln, o dcleg hyil saith. jfcv 112 DUKE STREET, LIVERPOOL——112 MESSRS. GABRIEL, (the Old-established) lYi DENTISTS, bee to announce to their ilaiint,, and the Public Rei erallv, that thev may lie consu.tfd Daily, from Ten to Spven. at their Establishments fre- ol charge. 112, DUKE-STREET, LIVERPOOL, A I- D 33. T,TTI)GAT -HILT,. LONDON. IMPROVEMENTS IN DENTISTRY, Messrs. G, have lately introduced a new and very import- ant tmprovemrnt in ARTIFICIAL TEETH. Which thev continue to eunplv, FROM A PINOLE TOOTH TO A COMPLETE SET, Without extiacting ant/ Uelh or ?<«Mp,tinda?o without causing 8i)v pnin, AT STRICTLY 'IODERATÈ CHARGES, While The work will be found superior to what has been in. troduced to tl, public lor RO many years. I he nnucb-approved.of EN'AMELLED TEETH are fixed on the most tender gums, without extracting any teeth or stamps, or causing any pain, at the following scale of char ges, namelv: ges, nameiv*: A Single Tooth from 3, M. and 76. Gd. Complete £ 4 4« and £ 8 8^.— (i unranteed to answer every pprpose f ir winch nature oidamed the oiigiuals. These beaa'ifnl te< th ir vercUangc coumr or ,1pcav Htorpinir with (inM.fts.; witb Su'c- li,neu,n, 28. 6,1. with Mkssus. Gafrirl's Wiutk Enamf.i.. 5s. *?* STOP iNG THE TEE I'H WHtTnoUt' PAt?, WITH GOLD AND THE SUCCKDAX t. W >U r- r ting, b.'rtr n't my, all/I all Opr ■ al" ns perjoi hied at strictly moderate diaries It" MESSRS. GABRIEL, S U TI ( E O N I) 1,, T I ST S, LIVERPOOL 112. n t, LUOGA I E t'll.i LO DON. Notice.—M««er*. Gabriel lave -ii(a,d an,] irnT)rov-.i tbeir M chanical Doparmi' t! ai they > rn n w fnab ed o conipleto orders with a very soon notice; also Mislits by ottier I'enti-la icmod-'l'od. One v nt (mlit i-ecessar)/ from Country Patienla, Every information respecting the teeth and glltns, and on.,ult,ttioi)g, frpe of barge. Particular uttention is d rect d to the ew Teeth with Avtincial Gmiis. Vipwelir a Cba'maiif'n mi g'luljxjiol, o byn y rboddir fhyi vri v Carmivon & Denbigh Heiald." Yr yrtveei aaemMl'onlyfid ar y laf o Otphenaf. yn yr XJXBB j *2TYN C?PL B' WERTHU CAN Y R?fA? FWYAF 0 FFERYLLWYR PAHCHUS TN MHOB TREF. r?i' CAU U\?KDD r??l?DtG—EsAMEL GWYN OUTTA PERCHA. Y mae y Uanwad gwe thfawr honyn Eceet ei d.i \n '?nt pn Y,? fe "'a), ac v we yn dyfod yn g ded yu mhen haner awr etyl y ddHnoedd, a chpidw y (!nupdd I hag' i o. Y "t-?a wdl na (hm a (MefttyJdiwvl Uyd yrna. Priat9.6c.yD?chaid.neu ZaIijI foiiir e '"? (1 ,elbyuiN 20 o )y<?'? ? ?. S.L. MRL GABRIE) Deintyddion, y dyfeisw? r. Rhif 11', DUKE-STREBT, LIVKKPOOL. ?l?T??i'm??f;ho''&hw?..b..b<)y?h?h(l.)u,o?eKhydBahb. CaHp.t'? ydtio yr euatnei, lianIo(i eyfarwyddigddu liawn wedi eu hamgau yn mhob blwcb. N W Y D D AU. H A I A R I DDODREFNU TA JOHN P. TITEMAN, 18, BTROM STREET, a RHIF. 1, 3, a 5, CLAYTON-STREET. Bydd i Bersonau a fvddant am ddodrefnu eu tai gael cvflawnder helaeth a dewisedig am y prisiau isel isud. Telerau, Arian Parod. Fenders, o boh math o Is 6c i 359 yr un. Tadaa o gwmpas y tan o 2s Oc i 28 y set. Trays hirgrwn wedi en duo yn loew o 6s 0c i 30: ameetodn. Gorchuddion Dysg'au Yrr, ht"rodrol. o 14s 6c 7 set o chwech. Cyllill, &c., goreu Joseph Rogers a'i Feibion o 58 6c 1 51s y set. NWYDDAU ALCAN AC tlMLIWIEDia GRIFFITHS, GYDA'R STAMP BREINTEBOL. 0) do pbob math o Nwy Idau rhy luosog i'w benwi. JOHN P. BATE MAN, 18, BYROM-STUEET, A RHIF. 1, 3, a 5, CLAYTON STREET. COMPTON HOUSE, BANGOR. R JONES. HIGH-STREET, BANGOR, Brethynwr Llian a Gwlan, Gwerthydd Sidanau, • Ma*&wjdd>< r, a Chwegydd [Grocer] Tenluaidd DOSBARTUIAD MAWR A dewisol 0 FONETI, BLODAU FFRENGTG, ice. YN Y WASG, [AM ODDEUTU HANER PRIS YR ARGRAFFl AD DIWEDDA Y,) GYDA DVSGWYLIAD AM DDENG MIL 0 DDERBYNWYR, ARGRAFFIAD NEWYDD CYMRAEG, 0 WAITH FLAVIUS JOSEPH US. YR HYGLOD HANFSYDD IUDDEWIG: YN CYNwYS L H«n»« TTTn«ftaethnu yr Iuddewon "U hnmrywiol a'u I gwiwgof Orncbwyliasthau; a'u rhyfeddol Ddygwyddiadau, o Gread gteth y byd, 2. Rhvfeloed I yr Iud'Iew->n gy'a'r Rhufe:n a:d o'u dech- r uftd by I d iiuvs,r Jorut4sin, gan Titus, dan Vespasiao yr I Ymerawdwr Rbufoinig. 3. Ysar-fenia l.u J,,sephas vn erbyn Ap;on, mown Amddi- frniad i H>na6.,eihau vr Iudilewon. 4. Traethawd Josephus ar Hades, mewn Atebiad ily Groegi dd. 5. Hanes Bywyd Josephus, wedi ei ysgr fenu ganddo ef ei hun. Ii. At'odiad yn cvnwyi Amddiffyn-ad i Dystiolaethau in-ephus am p;n Hiachawdwr Bandigedig lebu Grist, loan Fedyddiwr, ac lago y Cyfiawn, &c. CYFIEITHIEDIG O'R GROEG A'R HEBRAEG, Fn ol Argrafflod eywrain Havercamp. w.di ei gym ham vn ofahtt gyda Chtifirithiadau trGiU, ac Fsgri/eniadau Awduron cufoesol, o wah not Dfi/rnaso dd II" nghgda NODAU EGLURH%OL. HANESYDDOL, BYWGRAt'FOL, BEIRIADOL, A DAEARYDDOL IESTTNAO CYrKlBlOL O'R YSOBYTHYBAC, AC AMSERYDDIAKTH CYWIR YB AMRYWIOL HASESION. BEFYC, MYNEGAI CYFLAWN O'R HOIL WAlTH. GAN Y DIWEDDAR WILLIAM WHISTON, A.M. AT YR HYN TR YCHWAVFOWYU, PARHAD 0 HANES YR IUDDEWON, Q AMSER JOSEPHUS HYD Y DYDD HWN Yn CynWYI EJanec am eu GwasrariRd trwy y g vahanol burihau o Ewrop. Asia. AT-ica, ac Americi; ou wvtahanol Eolidigaetban, I)yawvd,liadon, a a cyflwr prerenal trwy yr hall fyl; ya nghyda lla^er o bethau hyuoi a rhyieidol yn nghylch y Genodl or amser Josephus. GAN DR. BRADSHAW, AR PARCH. J. MILLS, LLUSDAIN. YN AHDUBNEDIO A LLUAWS 0 GERFIADAU POTTDFERTH. OarplhoniryGwaithmewviunGyfrolha,di,o'ri,nplvg-,g"ADDrs,; C HAUB EELS I It BOBL, ao ar lvfhvronau newyldion. Daw sllan in L'buntm Swllt. Y mae v Darluni uw,-dieu,-P,flo,nbtrod, a gellir g >e ed arp-afl5 dauo honynt ond alw gyda v Cytioaddwr. Erfyuir ar Lyirwerthwyr a Dosbarthwyr Lly;rau, yu mhub ardal, gasglu Enwau a to yn ddioed; ac aufon hysbybrwydd AT T Cthoeddwb, H. HUMPHREYS, Aegbafftdd, Caibnabfok. ROBYN DDU ERYRI. Tn berod ir Wasg, ac a gyhoeddir morgynted ag y ceir sifer digonol o entcau, yn U. Gyfrol Bardd, Pris it., GWEITHIAU BARDDONOL MR. ROBERT PARRY, NEu R 0 B Y N DDU E R Y R I. A'R HTK T CSTXITIR itANES EI DEITHIAU YN EWROP AC ANI ER IC, YN NGHYD A'R AMGYLCHIADAU A GYFARFU Y DYN RHYMED IHVN YN EI OES Addumiry Owsilh D rlunian o'r Awdwr, Gytnn Peris, Twin o'r N 'nt, Rt<-h«r<l Llwyd, Awdwr 'Beaumaris Bay,' Lewis Moras o Foa,Thoi. Pennant, yr Hvnafiaetbvdd u'i Gwir Bachedig EQgob Heoer RHODDIR SAITH 0 GOPIAD AM BRIS CHWECH I DDOSBABTHWYR. Argreffir Enwau y ^aiysgrif«yr nniweld v Llyfr, gn h,,t,y anf-ner Euwau yn ddieed, i'r Cyhoeddwr, H. HUMPHREYS, Ar.!rltftyd,j. ClI.emalÍon. at Y RHAI Y MAE GANDDYNT FECHGYN I'W DILLADU. 01 088 enych FECHGYN i w dillada, o 6 i 10 mlwvdd oed. Os oes genxch FKOHG YN i'w rtihwdu, o li> 1 13 rrlwydd oed, De oes cenvch FECHGYN j'w d llndii, o 13 i If) mlwydd oed, O. oes g,nych FECHG YN j'w dillidu, o 16 i 20 mlwydd oed, Gaitcih gyda LEWIS ANI) COMPANY, Eanelagh Strekt. Os or* arnceb eisisu PAR 0 DDJII AD VSeOL TWFED i Fefhpyti, Os oes srnoch eisisnPAH 0 DDJLLAD PR^ DNAWNOL, i Fpchgvn, Á. 08 oes sir orh pisisn yr smrywiHPth izoi-eu o FOTASAU aeFSGIDIAtT,ir-,hgyn, Os Gas araoch eisiau vr amiwibeth po,-en o HKTIAU ø CHA PI "U, i Fechgyn, Galwch gyda LEWIS AND COMPANY, Rakelaoh Stbeet. 01 08S amoch eii-iou GWFDF RWYM YNAU A C0OLEFT rhagorol, i Fechgyn, O. oes amoch eisuu CRVSAU LI all Ll< dsn rhagorol i Fechgyn. O. oes arnoch eisian BRA5"1R,S a GARDNSAU ihavicol i Fwhsyii, Os oell aruoch eisiau Lolms nto HOSANA' a MENYG i Fechg>n, ? R r G?tccApyda LEWIS AND COMPANY, ? Rakelagh STREET. O. oes amoch eisiau LLYFRrtOD YSGOL rhagorol i Fechgyn, Os oes aruoch eisiau » aDaCHAU I.LOGEI.L Sidan a Chambric i Fecbgyn, Oe oes om.,ch eisiau C.WR GYSAU to ASTIC rhaporoi i Fechjryn, Os oes amoch eisiau GWASGODAU a DRAWERS GWLAN KN i Fechgyn, GsZwchyyda LEWIS AND COMPANY, RANELAOH STREET. LiVERPOOL. PWYSFAWR.—I 1ECHGYN YN UNIG, 0 BOB OEDRAN. (115) 0 CHWtCU I UGAIN MLWYDD. J T. HUGHES AND CO'S BEDDING, UPHOLSTERY, AND FURNITURE WAREHOUSE, 45 AND 47, BOLD-STREET, LIVERPOOL. MAE T. HUGHES a CHY F., yn gwabodd v rbri svdd mewn fingen am DDODREFN, at eu STOCea" yn cynwvs y iyreisan newyddaf mewn DODREFN DRAWING-ROOM, DIVING-ROOM, a BED. ROOM, wçdi jn llaw wei'thio vn eu Gweithfevfld yn Flpet-strppt a S. el-Ptieet, o rtan arolygiad uniongirchol T. H., o *~U>c wedi rHetholyn dda o goed wedi ens-rhu ac a ellir o ganlvniad eu caufnol-man eu sefvllfa f. I Maf-nachwyr Coed a Llaw- weithyddi< n, yn ell ga luogi i gyfienwi D- dr(fn di naf, weni (u gwnevd yn dda am biis "-or it-«d aga ofynir gan rai masnach- da am nwv. dan cvffn d n Llnndain, ac o wneuthur ad gwapl. a werthir yn y dref huB, fel ag y maent wedi eu gwneyd i'w guerthtt i gicsn e iai. rlieolaidd; neu eu gu arantu u-rdi eu gv:it/yd yn dda, &c., &c. Yn vDOSRAV GWELYAWD, u n fod p. b ri. dr fn, n wedi pi viipvf! vn y lie, ceir eu bod yn rhydd oddiwrth bob an- mhnredd, ac in ol samt L Cyflenwir yr IMPROVED SPRING MATTRAS am y drjdedd rat yn Uai na'r pria a ferol. Pnb Nwydd wedi ei nodi mewn figurau amlwg. Llyfrau o'r prsiau. Gellir cael Prisiadau (Estimates, a Darluniau trwy na T. HUGHES & CO., 45 and 47, Bold street, Livebpool. I (128) Yr hnll Yards, Gwei hfeydd, Be Ystorfevdd Cyfanwerth—Fleet-street a Seel-street OWEN ROBERTS, [SUCCESSOR TO MR. R. M. GRIFFITH,3 LINEN AND WOOLLEN DRAPER, HABEKDASHER, GLOVER, LACEMAN, AND FAMILY GROCER, HIGH STREET, BANGOR, RESPECTFULLY invites particular attention to his splendid Stock of Carpets, DM1ets, Dam- asks, Mo.eens, Chintz, Dimities, Blankets, Sheetings, Bed Ticks, Towellings, COUnLerpanes, T..leung8,T.Me Lijuens, &c &c &c. Hato and Caps. .?8. Mo?ec,, m?n?? H\NGIGS. ?j?p TEA-?! COFFEES, and General Italian W?rehoMe. L?eua     A respectable YOUTH wsnted as an APPRENTICE. OR I O R A U, (Patent Lever.) UTRTH gyflwyno diolchgarwch am y gefnogaeth W helaeth a dderbyniais gan fv ngbyfeillion CYil- REIG, nid yw ond rweddus i mi hysbysu y bydd i'r egwyddorion hyny o onestrwydd a chywir,('b trwy ha rai, yn yr amser a aeth heibio, yr enjJ]B¡ t'ich liymddiried, gael ei ystyried yn ckl} ledswydri geriyf eu parlolll1 In y (hfo(lo:. f). J. BKONYN^i 1LL, Wetch-mnkor, (5. Prnçia Street, y Shop gyrifnf o Old Hull-street, Liverpool. Scfydlwyd yn liGl. 'MO'CHXC,a MILLINKRY. MAE giin GFOliGK JONKS yr. red I A'olyuial Gvnmtli a-i maw- o Mmirnina Honn.-t-, dooming Cups, Wuluws (',pc, I].a(! li;fss*'S s 1 (;Itl I's Crapes. Crane »i iiu^ c oilti's, ^'vps, Hi1¡I\ns, Glove-, &c. Ccap ■ B any pnt-iau ca^huol ob is fip., 8.. 6e, 1 I!. Hr., ] vs. Gj., 14». G< i')b 6c lbs. C>c ri.2^. 6C., ami !esi. 51, 68, and 57, OP-T, AT CHARLOTTE-STREET. 124) GUANO AND SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. AR WERTH GAN I M. T. EDWARDS, l TIMBER MERCHANT, CONWY, gyfl*wncer o'r G ,n1üitUau ud¡od o'r fath or?a, am brili au rhesymol. LIVERPOOL. J O H N O. JACOB. n O F AIIIAN, (lEMVLtl) A it LI W YDD, U AC OKIAWK I' NEUTBUItWit. -5 6, C 11 U ii ( H B T RKET. Cyn.Hti.ia I ( A^sortmei i) rlHJgoroI 0 EMAU, A LLESTil vJUAX or DOSBARTH F ('YNTAF. ELECTRO I'L-\TE NEW YDD I H £ FVD, YR OniADUBON G liKI". YN AUR AC YN T ARIAN, J:>ATE"T StLVFHS, DUPLEX, ac HORIZONTAL, WEDI EU GWAEAMU \N C, Wlii— TiUSXAU RHESfMOL IAWN. JOHN (i. JACOB. 56. CHURCH ST R EET. LIVERPOOL. i MUSIC AT HALF-PRICE, u FOR CASH ONLY. MESSRS HIME And !? 0 ?N hep t^ inform tha J??L Pnh'tc i ha, th ?, bavp 'lp ermioed W 9 t LL the whole of th "it tx-,na STOCK of H E E T MUSIC, (With v ry few fx,epti"ns\ AT H A LF-P IUCE, FOR CA-H ONLY. Notwithstanding THl' reduction, HlMKn dSON w;l-1 g'Sf to nrocu • Mua cwit t' es1"" p OfT'plÎt"lea-ljf'rptofo'. THE PUBLIC IS RhQUtSTi-D '<. note th t le"lir8. HI HE SI-N write re<mla>-ln to Lot don eve,y Wednesday ati. on which diys (ii de s "r Mus c sbouij be given, iOPM«*ntp earl" Jeliv ^v. MUSIC PURCHASED AT bALF PRICE cannot be "'hang -i. MU SIC Sir8nJ'ë\ 0 ? A P P P 0 VA L. or tooUd in any way, will be chaigeu aD fjrmeily. ERARD'S Fan &:Z"O Horz ntal GRAND PIANO FORTES, 1 -0 10 175 u'S. ERARD'S 011 que Grand Co t»fre PIANO-F''RTES. with three unisons iuwalautand Uosewood CasM, ►5 10 1 <G in-as BROADWOOlJ and SOX& SPIn; Cottage, Cottage, and Giaoii Pi A ()-FOII lb$,,c %V&Wutwood Caaft, 5 11" 145 Gu;neii. C.OLLARD end CULLAI:D'<('Co'tqge and Grand PIA -NO-FOtil'ES in Rosewood and Walnut- wO"d Cjses.i-'i to i 0 >uiueris HrnE and SON S S»mi-Cot,age J'lANO-FORTES. in Widuutwo d an llo< woOd C»«e« New Stock just received Twenty fin Guineas each. FOR HIRE, a la ge Siock oi PL-O fORTES aDd UARPS in great vrtrietv. SECONDHAND t'IAN<> FORTFS bv JOHN BROATVWOOT) and SOKS. and COLLAi'D a d COLLALI), always on sa e et re-jueed prices. y. B.-AIl Letters on Business to be addressed to the Firm. JJIME AND SONS I-LANO-FORTE, HAnp, AND MUSIC WAREHOUSE, CHURCH STRRET, LIVEHPOOL. EXTENSIVE SHOW ROOMS. JJIGGS & JONES invito an in- spection of the r MAGNIFICENT SUITE OF SHOW ROOMS,. Where may be seen, conveniently arranged, THE LARGEST BEST SELECTED, AND MOST Y RIEl) STOCK OF FURNISHING IRONMONGERY In Liverpool, consisting of BATHS, TEA URNS, CHANDELIERS, HALL LAMPS, TEA TRATS, FENDERS, FIRE-IRONS, IRON AND BRASS BEDSTEADS, fcc. All Marked, in Plain Figures, AT TWENTY PER CENT. LOWER THAK ANY OTHER HOUSE. HIGGS & JONES, 46 LORD-STREET 46, LIVERPOOL. LIVERPOOL FLORAL AND HORTfCULTURAL EXHI. BITION" SOCIEiY UITDE* TPr. PATRONAGE OF THE WORSHIPFUL THE MaYkR, THE Mcmbk S ko T E BOROUGH, Cocjrrr, ice. T LITTLEIIALE, Esq, President THE SECONIP EXHIBITION ttlis Season JL will he held at the Bottn'f rwtrtieti, E 'go-lane, all TaoRsuiY, tbe 2d July; and tle THIRD on the ad aepteaw ber. Two BANDS, under the direction of Mr Harrison, will be in atten tnnc flubecription Ilf- wh'ch will piitit1^ the pnrt;es to Six Tickets fo. th Exbib tion on 1 Three 'or ihe next. Bin"Je Tickets, as 61, from Two to Fvur p.m. i after Four n.clock, "'ne Sbi lini e-k li. Subscriptions received and T ck-ts miy be bal lit the Seed Shops; at Messr«. J M 4WDSLV Sons, Cg to- street; of Mr. ROB RTS, ConfeeLi.)ij- r, C istl -airo t Mr. Yocnohusba» n. rxcL n e Ne, oroom; n I at A, eserg. J B. LuthekBiRROw a (I OS, Enifrav-rs and Piint^rs, II, Sonth Job,st.eet, »h'ro til cumrnnnitttious are to be ad- dressed, and auy inf-rni^f n miy b.. h d. J. B. i-EA'I-HkRtiAl,,ROW, Bon. See. CWMNI ITHFAEN (Granite) LIVERPOOL A PHWLLHELI. I TERFYOL) GOLUD, 3015,000 Wedi ei ranu yn 750 o g\-fraaau cvffredinol, a 750 o gyf ranau neillduol. okib vr un. BLAE-DAL. tl Y GYFRAN. CYFAlLWYDDWR LL-S-WODEAETHOL, AC AROLYGYDD LLEOL. Mr. W. Mevrick Jones, Pwllheli. 7- AEIAVWVR. Y North &; South Wales Bank. LiverpooL BROKERS. Mri. Drinkwater a Lowe, LiverpooL CYFREITHWYR. Mri. Townsend, Ridley, a Jackson, Liverpool. SWTDDFA RESTREDW, 10, SPEKELAND-BUILDINGS. opposite the General Post-office,) LIVERPOOL. Y MAE y Cwmni hR-n wedi ei fturfio dan "Weithred y I- Joint.stock Companies 18á6," gyda rhwymedigaeth derfynol, i'r dyben o chwarelu Ithfaen yn Mhwllheli. sir Gaernarfon, a lleoedd eraill, os bernir yn oreu. I r dvben hwn y mae trefniad wedi ei wneuthur i drosglwvddo i'r Cwmni La¡¡e oddiwrth y b"ir Anrh. Argi??-dd Xew- borough, am un mlvnedd-ar-hugain. am de'Tll-bris tra isel, ar y Graig GimMet. neu Careg \T-yinbwyll. hon s- d d benrh3-n c%-fansoddediL- Itht?e D? ?-n y ?)medfa i svdd benrhj-n evfansoddedie o Ithfaen. v f*vnpdfn i Borthladd IVUhdi. Nid yw y Lessee, a'r liwn y crwnaed v trefniad hw>, i dderbyn unrhyw ddycbweliad na thai, fel .Ilris neu gydna. byddi&eth o'i fudd yn y Chwarelaa, nea Ïr djTamadau ar olud taledig y Cwmni fod uwcWaw deg yn v cant; 3ma y mae i dderbyn haner y dxTauiadaa fyuio dros ben. Y mae yr amcan hwn yn cael ei sjjThaedd trw)" gread dan ddobbarth o gyfranau. sef cyfranau r.rtfredinol a chyfranau rieillduol: y rhai lilaenaf yn gvfranau riiagoi-iaethol agored I r cyhoedd. ac yn med,ill huwl i ddyraniad yn y tro cjTitaf o ddeg y cant; a'r cyfnuian neillduol yn cael eu rhoddi yn rhaii y Lessee yn gj-fnewid am y Leave, y dyraniad ar. nt 1 gael ei nedi nes i r cylranau eraill dderbyn eu dy- raniiMi o ddeg y cant; y mae vr elw dros ben wedi hrny yn gyfartal ranadwy rhwng y ddau ddosbarth o gyfranau. Bydd y liyraniadau yn daladwy bob hauer Mwyddyn. Y mae rhwymedigaeth pob cyfran-ddali\\T yn derf.mol i'r swm a fyddo heb ei dalu ar y cyfnmau a ddeiir ganddo. Y mae sicrwydd nid yn unig am Iwyddiant. ond hefyd am elw mawr iawn, yn cael ei ddatgan gan ddynion ymar- ferol fel uwehlaw amheuaeth. Yn yehwanegol at y ffaitb fod Chwareli Ithfaen bron w ddieithriad )-it rhoddi dychwelion o elw i'w perchrtiogion, a bod enni anhawsder yn bodoli i gael cyflenwad ciatehoI o Ithfaen i gyfarfod a'r yuiofmind eyflym-c^uyddol y mae rhesymau eraill illWY nertliol dros y fam a goleddu' am sicrwydd elw diiiawr i gyfodi <> Chwarelu Granite yo ghråig Gimblet: I.-Safle y graig. y gall llestri o lwyth cymedrol ad^" fod ati o bob ochr end un. yn holl inewidiadau y llanw ac fel hyn yn ei gwnputhur pi allnadwy i longi jt Ithfaen heb unrhyw gost am gatio ar y tir. 2.—Ansawdd ragorol y gareg. yr hon sydd yn gyfaddas, nid yu unig i ddybenion cyffrediii. ond hefvd yn uny gellir ei chal oli at ddefnydd iiddurniadol. 8.—Idiadlor,i-\vydd Ilafur yr ]\Tliw llheli. 4.—KhvddiJ y portliladd tiddiwnh bob tollau. b.-Illib tsel fipng-lwxth o Ulitli. yr hwn, er ei fod yn lie o gryn fasnach. nid yw yn cynyTchu unihyw nwydd i'w HUrOn allan. y mac y ilestri sydd yn dyf ci yno gyda Uwyth yn gort'od dyehweiyd gyda balast, nea fyiit-d i rywle ai-ail i chwilio am hn tho 6.—GeUtr g^sod y Chwareli ar waith gy..lag ycbydig iawn o gost. Y mae y rhai byn oil yn fanteision o r pvys mwyaf; a than y credir na ledilir eu cyffel.v'o gan nurhyw Ciiwarel amll. y maent yn d.,f0fj yn ffyuowellau ai l>a ra; v mae y Cwmni yn hyderu am uynyrc.hiad elw Tawer mwy nag smU 1" cvfiKli vn srvfireduul oddiwTth hyd \u laud antur- isethau o'r nn natur. tjeiiir jinulyi. Ult) g^frarsstr. a hi. Prinkwater & Lowe, Sharebrokers, Exchanre-sti-eet"Ea^t. Li\(rpcol; neu Mri. Towxsexp, HWLEY, aLd JAn5". ( N?-tithivr. 21. Fen- wick-street. Li?erpcd. a 1, M"r<m)M-terra<f, Birkmhehd; neu yn Swyddfa HeMredM y Cwmni. ilc y gt-rtu cae! In. rhyw hysbvsrwyild pellnch a tyd<).. to an?pm-bfi'.uji. rhvw livsb nv%-id pellne? Li i-n an' Ma;nachydd Ceryg, L!ackL'-eds-str<:?.