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R. J. NODDER, HATTER. 81, CHURCH-STREET, RESPECTFULLY announces that his Selection of Parisian and London NOVELTIES are now ready. B. J. N. haying received the NEWEST FASHIONS,selected by himeelf/rom the first houses in Paris and London, has great pleasure in present- ing them for the approbation of the Nobility and Gentry of Chester and surrounding districts. 81, Church Street, Liverpool. DAVID JONES, & CO., TEA AND COFFEE DEALERS, J 45, DALE-STREET, I LIVERPOOL. —————-—————————————————— I J. W. JON E S WHOLESALE & RETAIL WOOLLEN DRAPER, &o. THE CHEAP AND FASHIONABLE SHIRT, SCARF, TIES, &c., WAREHOUSE, 3, RANELAGH.STREET, LIVERPOOL. D. S.-Mi ddylai neb ddychwelyd o L'erpwl hob dala ymweliad a'r Masnachdy uchod. GWYTHENAU CHWYDDEDIG, COESAU OWEINLAID, GLINIAU, A FFERAU. Y Patent Vulcanized Indiarubber ELASTIC Y HOSANAU, GWASGRWYMAU, GLIN A FFER. yd- tyr uni, daclau a gadwant eu hydwythedd. Ni effeithia arwree neu oerfel arnynt; nid oes eisiau careiau atynt, gellir en tynu am y goes yn ddioed, fel hosan gyffrodin. Y maent y nwyddaa goreu sydd yn cael eu gwneyd at y dyben, ae ya caei en cymoredwyo yn fawr gan feddygon. Cyfanwerth lIanwerth yo YR INDIARUBBER DEPOT, 42, SOUTH CASTLE STREET, .1 CALEB WALKER, PBRCHKNO*. (123) 0 R I 0 R A U, (Patent Lover.) WRTH gyflwyno diolchgarwch am y gefnogaeth helaeth a dderbyniais gan fy nghyfeillion CYM- REIG, nid yw ond gweddas i mi hysbysu y bydd if egwyddorion hyny o onestrwydd a chywirdeb trwy be rai, yn yr amser a aeth heibio, yr enillais eich hymddiried, gael ei ystyried yn ddyledswydd genyf an parbau yn y dyfodol. J. BROWNBILL, Watch-maker, 6, Prussia. Street, y Shop gyntaf o Old Hall-street, Liverpool. Seiydlwyd yn 1761. LIVERPOOL. JOHN. G. JACOB. SILVERSMITH, JEWELLER, ENAMELLER, O AND WATCH MANUFACTURER, 56, CHURCH-STREET. A Superior Assortment of URST-CLASS JEWELLERY, SILVER PLATE AND THE NEW ELECTRO PLATE; ALSO, THE BEST WATCHES, In Gold and Silver, PATENT LEVERS, DUPLEX, ANa HORIZONTAL, GUARANTEED CORRECT-PRICES VERY MODERATE. JOHN G. JACOB, 56, CHURCH-STREET, (126) MAE ELECTRO PLATE yn gwneyd yn -L*LL rhagorol yn He Llestri Arian. Gellir ei wneyd am Onrhyw bris, yn ol y defnydd a arferir. a thewder yr Arian a roddir arno. Cedwir Llwyau a Ffyrc, tri gradd, yr oil mewn ftmnt, Ilan, ac ymddangosiad, yr un fath 4g arian. Plain Fiddle Pattern. No. 1. No. 2. No. 3. £ a. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. Table Spoons, per Dozen 3 10 0 2 10 0 1 10 0 Table Forks, „ 3 10 0 2]0 0 1 10 0 Dessert Spoons, 2 10 0 200 100 Dessert Forks, 2 10 0 200 100 Tea Spoos, „ I 10 0 1 3 9 0 14 3 Gravy Spoons, each 0 10 0 08 6 0 59 Sauce Ladles, „ 0 5 0 049 0 3 4 Soup Ladles, „ 1 0 0 0 17 0 0 11 6 Sugar Tongs, „ 0 5 0 040 030 Salt Spoons „ 0 2 3 01 10 016 D 1 8 M 0 R E, SILVERSMITH, CORNER OF BOLD-STREET, OWEN OWENS, CHRONOMETER, PATENT LJV^^m^D CLOCK 4, South Castle Street, Liverpool. SILVER PATENT LEVER WATCHES from £4 to XIO Ladies and Gentlmens Gold Patent I.ever Watches, from £9 to X20. Gold Chains, from X2 to £10. O. O. warrants the above to be of the best quality, and to keep tbem in good going order, free of charge, for 5 years. Old Watches taken in pa rt payment for new ones. Sextants, Quadrants, and other Nautical Instruments, lot gale, and carefully repaired and adjusted. IFJ LECTRO-PLATE WAREHOUSE, 46, LORD-STREET, 46. HIGGS AND JONES. WARRANTED QUALITY. ELECTRO SILVER PLATED FORKS AND SPOONS. TM Spoons i 12s. per dozen. Tea Spoons; 128. per dozen. Dessert do 18s. „ Table do. 24s. „ Dessert Forks IBs. „ Table Forks 24s. HIGGS AND JONES'S FURNISHING IRONMONGERY ESTABLISHMENT, 46, LORD-STREET, 46. ESTABLISHED UPWARDS OF SIXTEEN YEARS. SAMUEL CUTTER tk3 19, BOLD STREET. CABINET MAKER. UPHOLSTERER, BEDSTEAD, BEDDING, LOOKING-GLASS, AND CHIMNEY-GLASS MANUFACTURER. S. CUTTER'S SHOW-ROOMS Contain a most extensive Variety of all the necessary Articles FOR COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHING. Lists of Prioes may be had on application at 19, BOLD-STREET LIVERPOOL. FBMHTCBE PACKED TREE OF CHABGE, AND SENT ANY DISTANCE. (85) THE OLD ESTABLISHED BRUSH MANU. FACTORY, 33, SOUTH JOHN STREET. WALTER MO RGAN, la& w JAMES MARSDEN, & SONS. All kinds of Door Mate, Cocoa Fibre Matting, Carriage augs. Mansions, Hotels, lce„furnished on the most liberal terms C35) MOURNING MILLINERY. YMAE gan GEORGE JONES yn barod i Y Arolygiad Gymathiad mawr o Mourning Bonnets, Monrning Caps, Widow's Caps, Head Di esses. Lappets, Flowers, Grut's Crapes, Crape and Bugle Collars, Sleeves, Ribbons, Gloves, &c. Crape Bonnets am y prisiau canlynol bob amser mewn Ylltor: -2s. 6c., 3a. 6c., 4s. 6c., 5s. 6c 6s. 60., 7s. Sc., 8s. 6c., 10s. 6c., 12s. 6c., 14s. 6c., 168. 6c 18s. 6a., 20s. 60., 22s. 6c., and 2511. 61, 65, and 57, GREAT CHARLOTTE -STREET. (l24) ABRAHAMSON (BROTHERS.) CLOCKS, iS /'L 'y CLOCKS, WATCHES, WATCHES, 24, RENSHAW-STREET, LIVERPOOL. FOR a long series of years the Middle Class F of the inhabitants of Liverpool and neighbourhood were led to believe that the cheapest way of obtaining CLOCKS & WATCHES, was by paying weekly instalnunts. Messrs. ABBAHAMSON have iong since exploded this erroneous supposition, and proved that it is the most costly way of obtaining nrticles of the kind consequently, they willing, that the PUBLIC should have first rale WATCHES & CLOCKS, came to the determination to supply poods of this kind at a trifling charge above the wholesale price This determination has met its reward, the pafronaee of a generous Public, of which they feel extremely proud. The junior partner of the firm has had long and first rate ex- perience in some of the largest Watch Manufactories in the Kingdom, that, the Public will therefore find this Establish- ment is prepared to execute all kinds ofrppair8 of Watches tc Clocks, not only in a first rato manner, but also lower tban any other house in the Kingdom. WATCHES & CLOCKS obtained from this Manufactory will be wan-anted, ond O,vcha,ugod if not approved of. 24, RENSHAW STREET LIVERPOOL. L AT)IES' GENERAL OUTFIT, JLJ AND CHILDREN'S DRESS DEPARTMENT, COMPTON HOUSE, The great increase of patronage experienced in these Departments, has induced JEFFERY, MORRISH, & CO., To appoint a Second EXHIBITION for THIS DAY [WEDNESDAY], the 24tb instant, and following days, consisting of New GOODS appropriate to the Summer Season, in CHILDREN'S CHALLIES, MERINO, JEAN, and a variety of other DBESSES. A choice Assortment of BABY LINEN, CLOAKS, HOODS, BONNETS, &c. LADIES' MORNING WRAPPERS and DRESSING GOWNS, in endless variety. PETTICOATS, in WHALEBONE, from 2s. lid.; CRINOLINE, from 4s. lid.; and STEEL, from 10s. 9d. Also, all the New Styles of DRESS-IMPROVE RS. WEDDING AND INDIA OUTFITS Executed with despatch. JEFFERY, MORRISH, & CO beg respectfully to announce that they will Exhibit THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), the 24th instant, and following days, an extensive and Fashionable f Display of PARIS MILLINERY, COIFFURES, STRAW, CRINOLINE, and FANCY BONNETS, In all the New Styles and Meterials; also, a splendid Assortment of FRENCH FLOWERS and FEATHERS. COMPTON HOUSE. SHIRTS! THE CUIRASS SHIRT, THE EXCHANGE SHIRT THE IMPROVED SHIRT. THE SCAPULA TUNIC SiliRT, THE ALEPPO SHIRT, FANCY FLANNEL SHIRTS BOYS AND YOUTHS' SHIRTS Are included in the extensive Stock constantly kept at the SHIRT WAREHOUSES, 24, anlt 26, BOLD-STREET, P. L. MACTAGGART, PROPRIETOR. HALF-A-DOZEN Well-made SHIRTS for 27s., 33s., and 39s. COLLARS IN ALL THE NEW SHAPES. tI! i    ORDER, GENTLEMEN'S BOOTS AND SHOES, READY-MADE AND TO ORDER, AT •; •. W. COLLINSON & SON'S, í. 124 (TOP OF) BOLD-STREET, • I i LIVERPOOL. w. COLLINSON & SON beg to call J srve"itrrOcrK.or*"It\SAiJx-LVI'AORJ DUVIO ana SHOES, all of which are their own manufacture; they can therefore recommend them with certainty as regards their good quality. Prices very moderate. A trial is respeotfully solicited. BATHS. A LARGE ASSORTMENT AT THE LIVERPOOL FURNISHING IRONMONGERY WAREHOUSE, No. 48, BOLD-STREET, WM. BRIDSON, PROTEIETOE. jyj-AE JEFFERY, MORRISH, A CHYF., Tn awr yn cynyg 1 CYFRAN FAWR 0 LENI MUSLIN A LACE, Wedi en pwrcasu dan amgylchiadau tra manteisiol. Prisiau o 2s. 11c. I 5 GINI Y PAR. Compton House, Church-Street. GUANO AND SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. AR WERTH GAN M. T. EDWARDS, TIMBER MERCHANT, CONWY, gyflownder o'r Gwrteitbiau uchod o'r fath oreu, am brieiau rhesymol. FARN HILL SCHOOL, near CHESTER. (ESTABLISHED 1842). THE above INSTITUTION for the Board j and Education of Youths, and the improvement of Adults, has been purchased and enlarged for the aocomo- dation of Fifty Boarders. Terms per ADDum. Board with Instruction in the various branches of a sound English and Classical Education, to prepare Youths for the Pro- fessions, Trade,Commerce, Agriculture, or the Sea under 10 years of age 20 Guineas. 2-2 „ above 12 „ „ 25 „ No advance made on the Terms first charged while the Pupil remaius. EXTRAS. Music  French, German, Italian, and Wasing, each 2 Guineas per Annm- Drawing and Dancing 4 MuWsaics, hing, Dancing „ 4 „ „ „ Parlour Boarders 4 „ „ NOTE.-When several accomplishments are required-when two or more brothers come together—or for Foreigners (who ae usually taken for a term of years), some reduction is made on the above terms by special agreement. NO ENTRANCE SEES. A Quarter's notice or a Quarter's terms required prior to removal-but a pupil finishing, and for whom a situation offers, is released without notice, and charged for only to the day of leaving. Terms payable in advance, for which discount is allowed. The use of English Class Books, will, in future, bo had without charge—in order to avoid the great expense of a new set of books on a change of school; it is. however. desirable to bring any Standard works, for the purpose of reading or reference. Each pupil to be provided with a pair of Sheets, Clothes bag, desert or table spoon, knife, fork, and two towels (all to be returned); also the proper necessaries forpreserving the hair and teeth. GEORGE RUSHBY, PROPRIETOR. (28) Prospectuses mfly be had on application to Mr. Rushby, or to the Rev. W. Ambrose, Portmadoc, STARCH BREINTEBOL GLENFIELD. Yn cael ei ddefnyddio yn y LLJE1NDY BRENHINOL, Ao a farnwyd gan OLCHYDDES EI MAWRHYDI Y GOREU a ddefnyddiwyd ganddi ERIOED Yn caelei werthu gan t. boil Chandlers, Grocers, &c. QARPEDAU A DODREFNU AM BRISIAU C YFANVEETH. Y mae J. CARMICHAEL a Chyf. wedi derbyn cyfienwad newvdd 0 Garpodan y Iliwieu a'r cynnunianawyafdowiso?4 yn cynwys yr holl batr^newydd^m 1857 wedfeu gw^eithioTsEFYDITAnV* 3TLT^ vE^R Ban y gwneuthuryr goraf, ae o'r fath oraf 0 Ddefnyddiau. Gellir cymeradwyo d*v Nwrddn hvn ^r, 4 gwasanaeth yn gyatal ag am ddfynder eu bar- dduU a'u cynliun- Trwy r trefhiadau a wnL a'r^^n& ^werthi/hw/ 0 hyn affafam "U bK' BRISIAU CYFA"N;WTR"RRRTI Mewn GWELYAWD geUir effe.,thio arbediad Hawn 0 25 Y cant. GWELYAU HaUEN ?m brisian ?.?, yn Biraiingham^Y ?cc?y?na?wB?? t gan ddodrefn-wnenthurwyr, cynllunwyr carpedi a chymathwyr (Fitters) o broaad. _A_ FOR THE DRAWING ROOM. CARPETS. PATENT VELVET PILE CARPETS. „ TAPESTRY. BEST THREE-THREAD BRUSSELS THREE-THREAD. PRIME STOUT BRUSSELS. CURTAIN DAMASKS AND CHINTZES. FRENCH & CHINA SATIN DAMASKS. FRENCH SILK AND WORSTED. TABORETS. INGBAIN ALL-WOOL DAMASKS. ALL-WOOL DAMASKS. BEST UNION DAMASKS. GOOD UNION DAMASKS. RICH CHINTZES. SWISS CURTAINS. EMBROIDERED SWISS CURTAINS. EMBROIDERED LACE & BROCHE NET CURTAINS. SCOTCH MUSLIN CURTAINS. TABLE COVERS. VERY RICH TABLE COVERS IN PATENT AXMINSTER, MOSAIC TAPESTRY VELVET, FRENCH VELVET. RICH PRINTED CLOTH COVERS. I EMBOSSED DIttO. RICHLY EMBKOIDEIED. VICTORIA DAMASKOVEIRS. DAMASK CARPET CrVERS. POLES AND <ORNICES. REAL MAHOGANY ORNICE POLES IMITATION DO., RliQS AND ENDS (COMPLETE). GILDED CORNICES BRASS POLES (COIVPLETE). STAMPED CORNICB IN IMMENSE VARIETY OF PATTERN. CARPETS. BEST BRUSSELS CARPET. THREE THREAD BRUSSELS. GOOD STOUT BRUSSELS. SUPER KIDDERMINSTER, ALL WOOL. DRUGGETS. PRINTED DRUGGETS. DINING ROOM. CURTAIN DAMASKS. ALL-WOOL DAMASKS. TABLE LINEN. DAMASK NAPKINS, ALL LINEN. 11 TRAY CL6THS. » DOYLIES. FT8-! 4 BREAKFAST CLOTHS. 8.4 CLOTHS. H YARDS LONG. „ 3 YDS. LONG BBEiSFAST CLOTHS. 4 oJ 5.. DIAPE& AND DA>AS'KS IN PIECE. POLES AND CORNICES. CORNICE POLES BINGS," ENDS i (COMPLETE). STAMPED BRASSCORNICES. CARPETS. BRUSSELS CARPETS. KIDDERMINSTER. DUTCH. DRUGGETS. PRINTED DRUGGETS. CURTAIN DAMASKS. UNION DAMASKS. SUPER DITTO. FURNITURE PRINTS. FURNITURE PRINTS. DIMITIES. MUSLIN CURTAINS. SHEETINGS. 8-4 COTTON SHEETING. 1004 12-4 8-4 LINEN SHEETING. 10-4 114 BEDROOM. 12-4 LINEN SHEETING. PILLOW-CASE LINEN, 40 inch WIDE. BLANKETS & COUNTERPANES ^FMN^B^fEY BLANKETS, (FRENCH BED). §?LTS& COUNTERPANES (DO). ITENT BEDJWITNEY BLANKETS (TENT BED). QUILTS & COUNTERPANES (DO). BATH AND WITNEY BLANKETS ?O?pMED)?    QUILTS & COUNTERPANES (DO). §S8A|D00CUOIFFIKLI|DO> TOWELLINGS. DIAPER & HUCKABAC TOWELLING. BED TICKS. COMMON TICKS. UNION LINEN MTXBEBS TICKS. TOIIlTS. 5.4 and 6-4 TOILET COVERS. BEDS & M/TTRESSES. FEATHER BED, IDLBTER. and TWO PILLOWS, GICY GOOSE FEA- THERS, IN LINSN TICK, 4 FEET 6 INCHES BY 6 'EET 6 INCHES. 2ND QUALITY, SiME SIZE. 3RD QUALITY, 11 OTHER SIZES II SAME PROPOR- TION, SERVANTS BBI, BOLSTER, AND PILLOW. HAIR MATTRSSES 4 FEET 6 INCHES BY 6 7EET 6 INCHES. No. 1 QUALITY. No. 2 No. 3 „ FLOCK MATTMMS, SAME size. PAILASSES. CORNICES. BRASS CORNICES. SCOTCH BORDKRKD TOWELS. RUSSIA TOWRLLIUO. GLASS CLOTHS. KITCHEN. I UNBLEACHED HUCKABACS. < BLEACHED HUCKABACS. 4-4 HBJlIP CARPET. I I 4-4 DUTCH CAWIT. I .li-Q  .? HALL, PASSAGE, AND STAIRS. I fi- 'RDfTC8'11r c:t C:I'Io I -I,;JJU" "4A4.1\o. TAPESTRY. 18-INCHES STAIR CARPETS, 22-INCHF.S „ 27JNCHES *-4 COCOA MATT"'r L ?" STAIR COVER. IDt .'? C. MC' DOOR MATB—ALL DESCMPTIONS. I SHEEPSKIN MAW, ALL SIZES AND j COLOURS. FLOOR CLOTHS, BEST QUALITY, AKP WARRANTED HELL SEASONED. .4 SUNDRIES. IHHUUYY LIS—ALL WIDTHS. VEETIAN BLINDS. I OIL BAIZES, FOR TABLE COVERS STAIR RODS. •< ] HEARTH Ruas-ALL DESCRIPTIONS. i PRINTED AND TRANSPARENT WINDOW BLINDS. CURTAIN FRINGES, GIMPS, LACES, TAS- (CARRIAGE MATS SELS, &c. I LIVER ESTABLISHMENT, CHURCH-STREET. LEWIS'S LEWIS'S LEWIS'S LEWIS'S LEWIS'S L7ZZTETS ALPTCL COATS CLOTH COATS S?vJs CLOTH VESTS ?<.?. ,??, i Fechgyn. i Feckeyn. i Fechgyn, ,Q LEWIS'S TWEED JACKETS » Frckgyn. LEWIS'S ALPACA JACKETS i Fechgyn. i LEWIS'S HOLLAND JACKETS i Fechgyn. Pwysig !-YN UNIG I BLANT 0 CHWECH I UGAIN MLWYDD OED. Y ™aeJ ?ef5'd]|0d hwn yn unig i ddilladu Bech- LEWIS a CHyF. yn gweled yr ahgenrheidrwydd am y fath Sefydliad, wedi agor eu hystorfa gyda phob peth gwisgadwy gofynol i blant o chwecti i ugain mlwydd oed. Y mae pob dilledyn y gall bachgen ei eisiau yn cael ei gadw yn y Sefydliad, yn cynwys y fath feinaf er gwisgiad da, hyd y brasfrethyn cryf at fyned i'r ysgol a chwareu. TXSX.ERAT7 VII BBADLAWN. RHESTRVANOL O'R PRISIAU I'W CHAEL OND YM OPYN, NEIU A DDANPONIR TN DDIGOST AT UNRHTW Grr- EIRIAD. l LEWIS'S ALPACA VESTS i Fechgyn. • <5 LEWIS'S QUILTING VESTS i Fechgyn. i  LEWIS'S DOESKIN TROUSERS » Fechgyn. ':d ;P LEWIS'S LEWIS'S LEWIS'S LEWIS'S LEWIS'S TWEED TROUSERS CLOTH TROUSERS DRILL TROUSERS GAMBROON TROUSERS MELTON COATS llô) t Fechgyn. i Fechgyn. i Fechgyn, i Fechgyn. i Fechgyn. "VT W Y D D A U HAIARN I D DO DR B F N U TA JOHN P. BAT E MAN, 18, BYROM: STREET, a RHIF. 1,3, a 5, CLAYTON-STREET. Bydd i Bersonau a fyddant am ddodrefnu eu tai gael cyflawnder helaeth a dewisedig am y prisiau isel isod. Telerau, Arian Parod. t • Fenders.obobmath. o Is 60 i 35s yr un. Taclau o gwmpas y tan o 2s Oc i 25s y set. Trays hirgrwn wedi eu duo yn loew o 6s 00 i 30s am set o dri. Gorchuddion Dysglau Ymherodrol o 14s 6o y set o chwech. Cyllill, &c., goreu Joseph Rogers a'i Feibion o 6c i 50s y set. NWYDDAU ALCAN AC EMLIWIEDIG GRIFFITHS, GYDA'R STAMP BREINTEBOL. Gyda phob math o Nwyddau rhy luosog i'w henwi. JOHN P. BATEMAN, 18, BYROM-STREET, A RHIF. 1, 3, a 5, CLAYTON.STREET. COMPTON HOUSE, BANGOR. R JONES, HIGH-STREET, BANGOR, Brethynwr Llian a Gwlan, Gwertbydd Sidanau, « Man-nwyddwr, a Chwegydd [Grocer] Teuluaidd. DOSBARTHIAD MAWR A DEWISOL 0 FONETI, BLODAU FFRENGIG, &c. LOSS OF APPETITE, THE WANT OF DUE ENJOYMENT OF FOOD, AND IN WEAK DIGESTION, USE THOMAS'S MERIONETHSHIRE SAUCE, WHIOH, prepared with a strict regard to Medical and Pharmaceutical principles, promotes the V» due performance of the digestive and assimilative processes; and imparts a relish tue most exquisite to Steaks Chops, Roast Meat, Curries, Gravies, Fish, Game, Soups,and Salads; AND IS THE MOST DELICIOUS, ECONOMICAL, AND GENERALLY USEFUL SAUCE EXTANT. Sold in Liverpool br Jones, 5, Paradise-street; Syers, 16, Ranelagh Street.-London -Messrs. Dietrichen and Co 63, Oxford treet D blin, Wells, 52, Upper Saville-rtreet.-Birmingham: Bellamy, 16, Spireal Street.-Manchester Jones, 58, Great Jackson Street.—Chester: Bowers, Brothers Grindley & Son.-Birkenhead: W. J. Foulkes; Thoma Fore, Chemists; and every where throughout North and South Wales, in Bottles, at Is. 6d. each. (111) Prepared (ONLY) by WILLIAM THOMAS, Bala, North Wales. MSR YN CAEL El WERTHU GAN Y RHAN FWYAF 0 FFERYLLWYR PARCHUS YN MHOB TREF. POWDR DANEDD BREINIOL MEISTRI GABRIEL. tOT Y mac y Powdr hwn yn cael ei gydnabod yn gyffreriinol fel y goraf sydd yn tod. Y mae yn rliydd oddi- wrth bob eylwedd niweidiol; y mae yn gwynu y danedd a'r dant-leoedd (gums). IGAU DANEDD DIRYWIEDIG.-Y MAE YR ENAMEL GWYN GUTTA PKHCHA yn caol ei ddodi yn y (lant dirywiedig pan ym feddal ae fe etyl y ddanodd. PRis Is 6C. y Blychaid, neu anfouir ef ar dderbyniad IIJ o lythyrnodau gan MRI. GABRIEL.Deintyddion, y dyfeiawyr. &W- RLif. 112, DCKE-STREET, LIVERPOOL, A 3:3 LUDGATE.HILL. LOKDON, lie y "eJHr ymgyughori a hwy bob dydd, heb daln, o ddeg hyd saith. CAO-?' I ? ? ? ? ?, -? ??, ? 112 DUKE STREET, LIVERPOOL-112 MESSRS. GABRIEL, (the Old-established) J_VJL DENTISTS, beg to arfnounce to their Patients and the Public generally, that they may be consulted Daily, from Ten to Seven, at their Establishments free of charge. Ksr 112, DUKE-STREET, LIVERPOOL, AND 33, LUDGATE-HJLL, LONDON. IMPROVEMENTS IN DENTISTRY, Messrs. G. have lately introduced a new and very import- ant improvement in ARTIFICIAL TEETH. Which they continue to supply, FROM A SINGLE TOOTH TO A COMPLETE SET, Without extracting any teeth or stump, and also without causing any pain, AT STRICTLY MODERATE CHARGES, While the work will be found superior to what has been in. troduced to the public for so many years. The muoh-approved.of ENAMELLED TEETH are fixed on the most tender gums, without extracting any teeth or stumps, or causing any pain, at the following scale of char- ges, namely: A Single Tooth from 3s. 6d. and 78. 6d. Complete £448. and £88s.-Guaranteeù to answer every purpose for which nature oulnined the originals. These beautiful teeth never change colour or decay Stopping with Gold, 5s.; with Succedaneum, 2s. 6d.; with MESSRS. GAFRIKI.'S WHITE ENAMEL, 5S. STOPPING THE TEETH WH1THOUT PAIN, WITH GOLD AND THE SUCCEDANEUM. acaling,Ertracting, and all Operationsp-erformed at strictly moderate charges by me eia e c ar a MESSRS. GABRIEL, SURGEON -DENTISTS, 112 V UKE-STREET, LI VERPOOL 112. 33, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON. NOTICE.—Messrs. GABUIEL have enlarged and improved their MechanicalDepartments,so that they ere now enabled to complete orders with II very short notice; also Mislits byother Delltists remodelled. One visit only necessary from Country Patients, Every information respecting the teeth and gums, and onsultations, free of (barge. Particular attention is directed to the New Teeth with Artificial Gums. Ymwelir n Cbaornarfon )On gylch\nol, o hyn y rboddir rbybudd prydlou yn y "Camonon it"Denbigh Herald." Yr ymweliad nesaf a Chaetuaifoii fydd ar y lat o Orphenaf, yn yr UXBRIDE ARMS. ?B- YN CAEL KL WERTHU CAN Y RHAN FWYAF 0 FFERYLLWYR PARCHUS YN MHOB TREF. T?R CAU DAKEDD DIRYWJKUX!—EN?MEf. Gwr? 6 UTTA PEKCHA. YmaeyDanwadgwefthfawr hwn yn Ji' cafl ei ddodi yn y d8nl pan vn fc'ddaJ, ae mae yn dyfod yn galed yn mben haner awr etyl y ddanoodd, a rlieidw y danedd rhag dirvwio. Y mae yn well na dim a ddefnyddisryd hyd yma. Pris Is. (Sc. y Blychaid, neu unfonir ef ar dderbyniad 20o lyttmuodau, gan MIU. GABRIEL, Deintyddion, v dyfeiswyr. Bhif m, DUKE-STREET, LIVERPOOL. Tlfl y t'ellir ymgynghori a hwy, boh dydd, heb dalu, o (Ideg hyd saith. Gall pawb ddofnvddio yr enamel, ganfod eyfarwyddiadau llawn wodi ou hamgau yn mhob blwch. HELAETHIAD YR AMSERAU! YR WYTHNOS NESAF. Ym y bwri o hl,,elhu yr Amser" bys'lys i"n darllenl?y ? ys rhai m?- LTAJ ™ 1 wS° hW?^a»ljfa ? mawr gyme r:e o'r cynliun. Yr wythnoBoesaf bydd yr helaethiad yn craerJd Ha. Bydd yn anturiaeth Wysig i ar ran y meddianwyr wneuthur heJaethiadn?orfawr ar y fath delerau a'r rbai a gynygiwyd, ond y mae ein byder yn ein eyfeillion Huosog, y rhai sydd wedi glynu ^n yr ??erysagosibymtbcugndyuedd. er pob thw?ebi? yn ein w7neutJur- Bydd eyfnewidiad nid yn unig yn maintidi, ond hefyd yn o i^ ™! 5yn?la?' gan y bydd ei belaethiad yn rboddi rbagor ntt hvTnSZr lZillL marchnadoedd, &c., at yr byn y mae parotoadau wedi eu groeith Sy?dedi"n dosbarthwyr hysbysu yn ddioed pa nifer yn ychwaneg fydd i'-w ? an?? n ?? ? ddecbreuad y charter. Diau y bydd yn dda gan lawer ddichreu eI dderbyn yr wytbnos nesar, gan y bydd HANES RHYDDERCH P?DEM? ?tS???yn ?? ?'?"' yrh7nf?dd seiliedi? ar?Suo fywyd dvnL^f 110 0 ? J1"11 yn Lverpool, wadi ei fwriadu i osod allan beryglon tretydd mawrion, ac wedi ei ysgrifenu yn bwrpasol i'r ?m?roM. TELERAU. Gyda'r Post, (fel o'r blaen) wedi ei stampio 30 Trwy ddosbarthwyr 91 Lie na byddo dosbarthwr, ond i 2, 4, 6, 8, &c., gyduno i'w dderbyn 2t T. HUGHES AND CO'S BEDDING, UPHOLSTERY, AND FURNITURE WAREHOUSE, ?? AND 47, BOLD.STREET, LIVERPOOL. JVL STOC a^CHY F•> yn gwabodd y rhai sydd mewn anen am DDODREFN, at eu RjyO?L,MwEodic?e.??? y dvfeisiau newyddaf mewn DODREFX DRAWING-ROOM, nnNG-ROOM, ? BED. wedi ei detliol yn dda o goed Jedi en «v^^ Flpet-Streeta Seel-street, 0 dan arolygiad Mion?rchol T. H., 0 Stoc canmol-mae eu.efyHAfelMMMchwyr Coed aU?w. weithyddion, yn eu galluogUi i u^irvlfafe^nw^i e T>o S i- fr, Wedl eU gW ^lyd yn dda bn8 Bnor isel » ofynir gan rai masnach- y dda am ?"s ?< "ei ag a ofynir gan rai mamach- ?da< a<m A.n?wydd?au .c?y&-e?dinSLIn???????????  y dref hon, fel ag y maent wedi eu ?.ydi.w gwertau i gwsme riaif rheolaidd: neu eu gwarantu wed. eu gxnyd yn dda, &c., &c. Yn y DOSRAN GWELYAWD, gaD fod pob dodrefn?n wedi ei wneyd 1 y Ile, ceir en bod yn i-bydd oddiwrtb ? an- ???????j ?u j?r ±ni?fit?u ? ??D brMiti?? tr M?A 1T? HAS am ^diydeddr^yn^dai na'r pha arferol. Pob Nwydd w?i ei nodi mewn Bgurau Mnl?g. u?u o'r pnaiau. Genir .?1 Pri.iad.u (Estimates) a Darluniau trwy ymofyn a T. HUGHES & CO., 45 and 47, B0Id'Street, LU'EEP001" (128) Yr holl Yards, Gweitbfeydd, so Yetorfeydd ^^rth-Ree^tre^a See1-.te'et > OWEN ROB E R T S, [SUCCESSOR TO MR. R. M. GRIFFITH,] LINEN AND WOOLLEN DRAPER, HABERDASHER, GLOVER, LACEMAN, AND j FAMILY GROCER, HIGH STREET, BANGOR, R^EmHF.L £ J invites particular attention to his splendid Stock of Carpets, Druggets, Dam- Linens, &c' Moreens, Chintz, Caps^e8' Blankets, Sheeting, Bed Ticks, Towellings, Counterpanes, ToUetinge, Table LinenB,&C,&c.,&O. HatsendCaps.  TEAS and COFFEES, and General Italian Warehouse. Å respectable YOUTH wanted ai an APPRETICE. Or Yn Shop LEWIS LEWIS, Nelson Em- Yn Shop LEWIS LEWIS, Nelson Em- porium, Bont Bridd, Caernarfon, mae y Def- porium, Bont Bridd, Caernarfon, mae y Def- nyddiau Dillad GOREU A RHATAF yn nyddiau Dillad GOREU a RHATAF yn I NGHYMRV. Ymwellad a'r lie a bratrf hyii. NGHYMRU. Ymweliad ar Ue a brawf hyn. v.. "'¡; T Y RHAI Y MAE GANDDYNT FECHGYN I'W DILLADU. Os oes genych FECHGYN i w dilladu, e 6 i 10 mlwydd oed. Os oes genych FECHGYN i'w dilladu, o 10 i 13 mlwydd oed Os oes genych FECHGYN i'w dilladu, o 13 i 16 mlwydd oed Oe oes genych FECHG YN i'w dilladu, o 16 i 20 mlwydd oed Galwch gyda LEWIS AND COMPANY, RANELAGH STREET. 9.11 oe8 arnoch eiiau PAR 0 DDILL.A D YSG OL T""EED. i Fechgyn w ■ eijiau^raiLLAJ)J^SGOL TWEED, i Fechgyn,~ r.- MRiLIE'H'bTRRET. Oe oes arnoch eisiau GWDDF-RWYMYNAU A CHOLERI rhagorol, i Fechgyn, Os oes arnoch eisiau CRYSAU, Llian Llydan rhagorol i Fechgyn, r Os oes arnoch eisiau BRASIRS a GARDYSAU rhagorol, i Fechgyn, Os oes arnoch eisiau bob maint o HOSANAU a MEKYG i Fechgyn, Galwch gyda LEWIS AND COMPANY, RANELAGH STREET. OS oes arnoch eisiau LLYFRGOD YSGOL rhagoTol i Fechgyn, Os oes arnoch eisiau CADACHAU LLOGELL Sidan a Chambric i Fecbgyn, < Os oes arnoch eisiau GWREGYSAU ELASTIC Thagorol i Fechgyn, Os oes arnoch eisiau GWASGODAU a DRAWERS GWLANEN i Fechgyn, Galwch gyda LEWIS AND COMPANY, RANELAGH STREET, LIVERPOOL, PWTSF AWR.-I IECHGYN YN UNIG. O BOB OEDRAN, (1J5) 0 CHWECII I UGAIN MLWYDD. • .t 'r LIVER ESTABLISHMENT, LIVERPOOL. -J. Carmichael and Co., have Vacancies for TWO APPRENTICES. AR WERTH, ri AN Mr. J. DAVIES, MANUFACTURER, vT Cwmdwr, Dwy Engine SengI, nemawr gwaeth na newtdd, wedi eu gwneuthur o ddofayddiau da, yn nghyd a THROELL NY DDU, (Spinning Jack,) ye enydd. Gwerthir y Peirianan am bris rhesymol. Pwy bynag a ewyllvsio gael manylach desgriBad. 8C hel- aethach gwybodaeth am danynt, yruofvner trwy lvthvr, wedi talu y cludiad, yn ol y cyfarwyddid hyn JOHN DAVIES, MANUFACTURER, CWMDWR, P. O. LLANWRUA, CARMARTHKNSHIRE. EXTENSIVE SHOW ROOMS. JJIGGS & JONES invite iiii in- spectjon of their MAGNIFICENT SUITE OF SHOW ROOMS, Where may be seen, conTenientlv arranged, THE LARGEST, BEST SELECTED, AND MOST V RIED STOCK OF FURNISHING IRONMONGERY In Liverpool, consisting of BATHS, TEA URNS, CHANDELIERS. HALL LAMPS, TEA TRAYS, FENDERS, FIRE-IRONS, IRON AND BRASS BEDSTEADS, &c., All Marked, in Plain Figures, AT TWENTY PER CENT. LOWER THAN ANY OTHER HOUSE. HIGGS & JONES, ] 4C) LORD-STREET 46, I LIVERPOOL. Yn awr yn Barod, Pris 6c., A DRODDIAD o Deithiau Cenadol a Dargan fvddiadou y Parch. Dr. Livingston, yn NghaDolbartb Deheudir Affrica. Cvfieitbedig gan y Parch. THOMAS LEn. Gellir cael un, neu unrhyw nifer, drwy y Llythyrdy, ar dderbvniad y gwerth mewn Poslage Stamps. REES LEWIS, Argiaffydd a Cliyhoeddydd, MEETIIVR TYDFIL, ac i'w gael gan yr holl Lyfrwertbwvr. CERDDORIAETH GYNULLEIDFAOL. Newydd eu Cyhoeddi, Pris Dwy Gciniog, YTAIR TON FUDDUGOL, ar y Mesur J_ 8. 8, 6, vn Xgh?-stad?euae?h GenHo!'ù1 Ffwrnes, Llanelli, Ebrill' 7fcd, !'M7. Gan ('hn Ambrose Lloyd, ae Ellis Williams, Brthesda, Llanllechid. D.S.—Danfonir 6 copi yn rbydd gyda'l' Post i bwy bynsg a ddanfono 12 Vostage Stamp i MR. JOHN RAKDELL, MARKET STREET, LLANELLY. R I C i E RICHARDSO'S E.Col,?IMERCIAL TEMPERANCE HOTEL, HIGH-STREET, CONWAY, WITHIN TWO MINUTES WALK OF THE RAILWAY STATION. NORTH & SOUTH WALES COMMERCIAL INN 27, REDCROSS STREET, NEAR THE LANDING STAGE. YMAE Mrs. EVANS, Perclienog y Gwesty uchod, yn dymuno hysbysu i'w ebvfeilJioti 11 gyfTred- inol, ei bod wedi gorfod at at i swyddogion y Royal Xavy ddefnyddio ei thy mwyach, er mv;),n gwneyd He i nifer cy. nyddol y rhai sydd yn lletya gyda bi. Y mae Mrs. E. wedi tuyned i draul ychwanegol i wneyd fi thy vu un cyReus a ) manteisiol, a hydera y mwynheir yuo holl gyeuron Ty car- | trefol gan ymwelwyr o Gymru a manan ereill. ON SALE.—FISHING SMACK. EXPECTED to carry from 45 to 50 Tons. Woull answer for Coasting, having large hold-room, and is in first-rate condition. Faithfully built at Liverpool, had a thorough overhaul last January, and has not been out of dock since (having been seized and sold under a Sherift"1I warrant). Cost her late owner about S200 last December, including the January repairs, and now to be sold for J £ 120, a great bargain. In Birkenhead Dock, getting hull and rigging cleaned, and sails put in order for sea.—Apply to SLEIGHT and JONES, Ship Brokers, Red Cross-street, Liverpool. EISTEDDFOD LLANGOLLEN. CYNHELIR yr EISTEDDFOD hon dydd Lion, y 6ed o Orphenaf, 1857. Am 10 yn y boreu bydd y Corau, Beirdd. &c yn cydgyfarfod yn y British School, i ffurfio yn orymdaith, a bydd y Corau yn canu rhai o'u tonau ardderchocaf trwr'r heolydd, hyd nes v cyrhaeddant Bowl- ling Green Mr. Allen, Ponsonby Arms." Bydd i'r cyfarfod cyntaf ddecbrell am 11 o'r gloch, a'r ail am 4. Mynedind i mewn trwy docynau (am y dydd):— I'r Esgynlawr. 3s. I' r Eisteddleoedd neilldnol. 2s. I'r Eisteddleoeddcyffredin Is. Gellir cael hysbysleni (programmes) trwy ddanfon 2 stamp i'r Ysgrifenydd. Ystyrir y Cyfansoddiadau Buidugol yn eiddo y Pwyligor. Hefyd, bydd Bardd Cadeiriawl yn cyhoeddi EISTEDDPOD DALEITHIOL Powrs Yn ngwyneb haul a llygad goleuni, i gvmeryd lleyn Llangollen, yr Alban Hefin, 1858. D. S—Dymunir hysbysu y bydd i Mr. Allen, yn ol ei fedrusrwydd arferol, barotoi lluniaeth ar gyfer dyeithriaid ar y telerau mwyaf rhesymoL R. EVANS, Yagrifen,,dd. R. EYANS, Ysgrifenydd. Yn awr yn barod, pris Swill, yr Ail Ran o GYDYMAITH Y CERDDOR, yn cynwys GTonau a daruau moesol a difyrus, at wasanaeth teu- laoedd, cyfarfodydd llenyddol, yr ysgol Sabbothol, Dirweet, &c. Cyfansoddedig gan J. D. JONES, Ruthin. YnmysgTotiau yr Ail Ran ceir Nos Sadwrn y Gweith- iwr," 'Rwy'n m 'd "Y Milwr Clwyfedig," I'lentyn y Meddwyn," Ffoo fy Nhad," Can Miriam," &c., &e. Anfonir hi yn ddioed ar dderbyniad 12 0 stamps ceiniog. 13 yn y dwsin i Gorau. Mae ychvdig gopiau o'r rhan gyntaf ar law, ac anfonir hwy ar yr un teleraa a' r Ail Ran. Cyfeirier at Mr. J. D. JONES, RUTHIN, DENBIGHSHIRE- MANTAIS I'R CYMRO HANES CYMRY A CHEEDL Y CYMRY. n awr yn  H Gan y Parch. T. PR cE, [Carnbuanawc], yn awr yn I cael eu gwertbu am 12s. y copi, am Dri Mis yn unig Gellir cael y Llyfr rhagorol hwn wrth anfon Is. yr wythnos, 4s. y mis, neu 12s. ar unwaith, mewn Postage Stamps, neu Post Office Order, i DAVID WMUMS, Printer, BRECON. D. S.—Wedi n ysbaid o dri mis, bydd y Llyfr uchod yn dychwelyd i'w bris cyhoeddedig, sef 16s. y copi, Mehelin 13eg, 1857. Fit y Wasy, yn cael ei gyhoeddi yn Rhanau, yr ail Gyfrol o waith CHARNOCK aT BRIODOLIAETHA r DUW Pris 6c. yr un. Yn cael ei gyhoeddi, argrajfiad rhad, pris 3s. yn rhanall, TRAETHAWD am yr Ysbryd Glan ai ?a?th. T gan Dr. OWEN, yr liwn sydd 'I'l cad ei gydnabod v? brif iraith yr Atcdirv. Anfuner archebion am y Llvfrau uchod at v Cyhoeddwr HUGH JONES, 0 0 NEW STREET, MOLD. F 1,000 IN CASE OF DEATH. A FIXED ALLOWANCE OF £6 PER WEEK. 1, THE EVENT OF INJURY BY ACCIDENTS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION may be secured by an Annual payment of 13 for a Policy in tbe BAILvVAY PASSKNGERS ASSURANCE COMPANY. Smaller amounts may be secured by proportionate payments. NO CHARGE rOB STAMP DUTY. RAILWAY" ACCIDENTS ALONE may be in- ui-ed against by tliejoiiriiey or by the Yettrat all the prin- cipal Railway Stations, where also Forms of Proposal and Prospertu.-es may be bsd—mid of the Provincial Agents- and at the Head Office, London. N. B.—The nsefulness of ihir, Company is shewn hv the sum paid as Compensation for Accidents, JB22,72 2 Railway Passengers ASBur8n;e Company, Empo?erei by Spedal Act ot Parliament. | Office,?, Old Broad btrect, £ S. WILLIAM J. VIAN, ) Secretary. I GARDENS, LIVERPOOI? Leaaee, Mr. GARDENS, LIVERPOOL: I Z°?L0G{fAJ^ OHN" ATKXNS. ^.west-Derby roSL I I PRIFWYL FAWn TTTDDTW [DDD Ap-ob dyd M-X, ? ,,J? I??S?R. n uEKCHeR, I*r, a GWENER. L CWA!?r CHV.A?EL-yDDOL newydd a t?. It. tv. ,r..??vYs Mr. CALHEALM, n'r R?t Lyc'um Liumiain, Mr. C. HORSMAN, o'r T?Sw Royal, Manchester, Mr. HOLSTON, o'rRoy.1 I*. ceum, Mr. FIELDER, o'r Theatre Royal, Snnder- ladd, F- MORRELLL o'r Theatre Royal. Portsmouth, Miss RAWLINS, o'r Theatre Royal, Sadler's Wells; Ymddengys Miss MORRELLI mewn CO EG- C H W ARFU poblogaidd bob prydnawn yn ystod yr wythnos. Rhydd Signor FRAXCOIS a'i FAB eu difyrrch rhyfeddol bob prydnawn. darian mawr a mawreddog o MOSCOW WEDI El OLEUO AM Y TRO CYNTA.F AR FIN ^SWV J?'?' tai, pon?vdd, <bc? Y DDINAS BW O SS™ ??'? A FFRYDIAU DI. BlFEDI 0 GAS. Cymer nrddangosiad mawreddog o GELF-D AN- Bl7 Ie bob prydnawn. Esgynlawr gylchawl i ddawnsio. Perorfa Chineaidd olenedig. Sein- dorfeydd rhagorol gydag offerynau pres a thanan. Cenawon llewod newydd eni, a chasgliadau o ani- feiliaid Tramor, a lluaws o ddyfyrion eraill. Dawns fawr bob dydd Llun, Mawrth, a Gwener. Mynediad i mewn 18, Plant 60. OYF WLEDD A PHRIF-WYL FLYNYDD- OL Y TAFARNWYR TRWYDDEDIG. A gynelir yn y ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS, ddydd Mercher ° T° Orpbennf nesaf. KODDWR, EI ANRHYDEDD Y MAER. Rhydd i\fR. CRAILES HE?NGLER o'r Gampasfa Amryw- iaethog 'Dale-'strPeeeett;p^fll faw,°1»dgydai gwmni 0 gelfyddion, r.wi fo V15 ylau amer!°d, er cynorthwyo var WEin n Jen 1 Sn fe' T^11^8 T celfyddion caDl^ ar yr acKvraill- rh^d^arfco^Ey cy?wnwydd ^phenedig. rbyfbddol ar v Corde Ekstique Y marebog?? anarferol,Vri. POWP-LL aC A. BRIDGICS, Yn y weitbred Olympaidd. Mr. WILLIUI LL 2"n i weitbred fawr f-?. wwnrilaeettn h gyda phedwar 0 ge#vlau hodegog. ——?" BRIDGES un °'? weithredoedd nM4i<d di- gyMyi? 'V C pwr fol trosben-dadwr, gyds  chorph 0 Geifyddion vn Le Grand Voltege.  Mri. Edwards & Ribbo fy ?,"i y cylch &'u digrif,bethau. Dwg MR. ^AELES HEr-GLER i MEWM un oï ?Sff?UU ^y^°Idd 1 e'e '• befvd ei Ewnciod &'i Feriod b•nTC^h^i in ?eyctochdy-rede?ta chwerthinol. Darper, r yK-Iedd gan M r Oakes, Confectioner, o Lord-street cyflawn^Ln gadair am Dri o'r gloch yn ddiffael. Bydd y  marchogydd01 yndechreu am bump o'r gloch. frnoit nIJ' AWN8Jyl1 y 3™ .m bTimp 0' Gr?BwdM ?????*'?? ? prydnawD yn y Gyngherdd-neotdd OnwiWMd  ? oywjoc&ol seiadorf Qu?ril:. SquiM pvncbinello, hen gampau Seisnig, &c., f wnenthur hon yn un o wyhan mafdeni8dol y tymhor. grifiad mmw wya? f ysbvi lenydd.u anarferol ar yr achlysor o r des- grjfiad m wyaf vsblen ydd- Bvdd y darlun mawreddo n Moscow wedi ei oleuo yn 61 yr oedd yn yetod gwyl coroniad yrym- erawd^ Alexander Tocynau i'r Gerddi la. if Eto i'r Gerddi, y Wledd, a r Dda^ I I Gellir eu ceel gan v Pwyllgor yn y Heoedd celllyuolaef; f Mr. Thomas Carter, (Chairman), Hanover-street; Mr. Wii. iam Coward LA ice-chairman], Eegent-road; M. R. D. Nnttall, itepent-roaa Mr. James Morgan. williamson-sqaare Mr. William Birch, Afurm-street; Mr. John Evans, tfppar Dawson-iatreet Mr. G. W. Hunter, Mill-street; Mr- George Howe, Canning-place Mr. John Jones, Cable street; Mr. Edward GJiffith, Lime street: Mr. M. Warriner. Conperaa- hill; Mr. Thomas Jones, Brownlow-hill; Mr. R. A. M Knight, Rose-place; and Mr. Thos. Fisher, Thithebarnstreet. v Hefyd, 3m y Prif Wesi-tai, e'r siopau Cerddoriaeth, acban Bwyddfa, 2, WiUiam son- street. W. C. BEGGS, T-19. LIVERPOOL FLORAL AND HORTICULTURAL EXHI-* BITION SOCIETY. UNDEJt THE PATKOKAGE or THE WORSHIPFUL THE MAYOR, THE MEMBERS FOR TRE BOROVGH, CocKTr,-Hc. T. LRTTLEDALE, Esq. President. HE SECOXV EXHIBITION this Season will be held at the Botanic Garden, Edge-lane on V IHXRSDAY, the 2d July; and the THIRD on the 3d Septem- X her. Two BANDS, under the direction of Mr. Harrison, will be i in attendance. t, Subscription 10s which will entitle the parties to Six i4 Tickets for this Exhibition and Three for the next.A Sinele Tickets2s. 6d., from Two to '?" after Four ~m o.clock, One Shilling each. Subscriptions recei?ed and Tickets may be had at the .:r Seed Shops; ? Messrs. J. MAWDSLBT and Soxs Ca*tl«- « street: of Mr. ROB FKTS. Confectioner. Caatla-street'-M IOCNGHLSBANI), Exchange Newsroom; and at Messrs. J. B. LEtTHEREARMw and Sos, En?-avere and Printers, 11, South John-street, where all communications are to be ad- dressed, and any informatton may be had J. B. LEATHERBARROW, Hon. Sec. AT HOLYWELL. EXTENSIVE SALE Of best Sheffield Electro-Plated Articles, Papier Mache Goods, Cuttery, China, Glass, Earthenware, Chimney Glasses, proof and other choice Engravings, Sc., tft. MR. JAMES WILLIAMS has mach pleasure in announcing to bis friends and the public generally, that he has received unlimited instructions to Dispose of BY AUCTION, at the Large Boom of the King's Arms Hotel, Holywell, on WEDNESDAY (this day), THURSDAY (to morrow), and FRIDAY the 24th, 25th, and 26th days of June, 1857, commencing each day at one o'clock precisely, An extensive and valuable consignment of the best beffieln ET.RC'T'RO.PLA T R Îln¡:rI";Qw'" +fth1- l.l-t fohveefsf^iJ&CMsFMfi, pic3cle "ffSnes,1 "claret jugs, fish carvers and forks, candlesticks, and other costly articles. The Papier Mache Goods ar of elegant design and workmanship, comprising tables, trays, work-boxes, cabinets, tea-caddies, &e.; an as- sortment of the best Sheffield Cutlery a variety of splendid Cut Glass in decanters, wines, tumblers, &c.; Tea, Breakfast, Dessert, and other services of transparent china, in burnished gold, elegant vases, ornaments, &c.; magnificent dinner and toilet ser- vices, noble chimney glasses, superb ormolu 21-days' time pieces, a number of choice engravings, &c., &c. The Auctioneer respectfully invites attention to the above valuable Stock, an opportunity so favour. able to purchasers being very rare in this locality. The whole may be viewed on Tuesday, the 23rd of June, between the hours of 11 and 5 o'clock, by cata- logue only, which may be obtained at the King's Arms Hotel, or of the AUCTIONEER, at his office, Maes y-dre, Holywell. FOR RNRE%ERVED SALE CAB STOCK, AT LUCAS'S, LIVERPOOL, BY MESSRS, LUCAS & CO., On Thursday, the 2nd of July next, at Twelve o'clock pre- ciBely, at the Repository, Great Charlotte street, THE entire valuable CAB STOCK of Mr. M Conville, Mr. Thomas Ford, and other Car Proprie- tors, who are absolutely declining the business, consisting of 2fi. HORSES, Seven Hrr ansoms, Five Clarences, Two Pheetons, Two Gigs, Two Whitechapels, Harness, Clothing, Hay Cutters, Stable Requisites, &c., the whole nearly new, of superior quality, and in prime working condition. Immediately after the above 20 HARNESS HORSES, Short-legged, active, and useful, and seasoned to their work. The whole on view on the morning of sale, at LUCAS'S, Liverpool. MUSIC AT HALF-PRICE, FOR CASH ONLY. MESSRS. HIME and SON beg to inform the Pablic that they have determined to SELL the whole of their extensive STOCK of SHEET MUSIC, (With verv few exceptions), AT HALF-PRICE, FOR CASH ONLY. NOTWITHSTANDING THIS REDUCTION, Messrs. HIME and SON will engage to procure Music with the same promptitude as heretofore. THE PUBLIC IS REQUESTED to note that Messrs. HIME and SON write regularly to London every Wednesday and Saturday, on which days orders for Music should be given, to ensure earlv delivery. MUSIC PURCHASED AT HALF-PRICE cannot be exchanged. MUSIC SENT OUT ON APPROVAL, or booked in any way, will be charped as formerly. ERARD S Full-sized Horizontal GRAND PIANO FORTES, 150 to 175 Guineas. ERARD'S Oblique Grand Cottage PIANO-FORTES, with three unisons, in Walnut and Rosewood Cases, 85 to 105 Guineas BROADWOOD and SON'S Semi-Cottage. Cottage, and Grand PIANO-FORTES,in WalnutwoodC&s", be) to 14-5 Guineas. COLLARD and CULLARD'S jCottage and Grand PIANO-FORTES, in Rosewood and Walnut- wood Cases, 45 to 100 Guineas. HIME and SON'S Semi-Cottaiie PLANO-FORTES, in Walnutwosd and Rosewood Cases. New Stock just received — Guineas each. FOR HIRE, a large Stock of PIANO-FORTES and HARPS in great variety. SECOND HAND JOHN BROADWOOD and SONS, and COLLARD and COLLARD, always on sale at reduced prices. N. B.-All Letters on Business to be addressed to the PIrm. HDIE AND SON'S PIANO-FORTE. HARP. AND MUSIC WAREHOUSE, 57, CHURCH.STREET, LIVERPOOL. ESTABLISHMENT FOR YOUNG LADIES, HOPE VILLA, SALTNEY GREEN, CHESTER. MRS. HUDSON, late of Holly Bank Farn- 1 I don, ie6paetfuUy announces the REOPEMNG of her SCHOOL, on THCUSDAY, J uly 2?>rd. The course of Instruction embraces every branch of an accomplished and useful Education.-Termr, and references on application. SWYDDFA YMFUDOL GYMREIG. DALIED YMFUDWYR GYMRU SYLW. —t —^ t AE yr Agerdd-longau ar- T.J''? ?\ ? J dderchog ca?yaol i hwyho ??? !???  ? ?'r America ar y dyddiau a no?ir ^uif —I Quebec, ar y 27ain o'r mis  yma, y Caledcnia;" cludiad?S yr un-Plant tan 12 mlwydd oed ?4. I New York or y 1 af o Orphenaf, y "City of Washington," cludiad i'8 8s. I Portland, or yr lleg o Orphenaf, yr Agerddlong arddercbog Circassian," yn mha un yr aeth liuaws Cvmry Llaubr\nmair allan mor llwyddiauns mewn 13 o ddyddiau yn v mis diweddaf: cludiad £ 7. Mae digonedd o ymoorth gwedi ei gogyddio yn yr Age^d- longau uchod rm y pris a notiwyd. Ilefyd, gen- ym Hwyl longau i New Yo'k yn gadapi bob chwe' niwrnod. Ymofyuei am bob hyshr^rwydd yohwan- egol a Iegol a JAMES LAMB, 4. ("ION STREET. LIVERPOOL.