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NEWS IN BRIEF. I Tragedies and Disasters. George Scrimshaw, 46, a butcher, whilst cycling at Worksop, collided with a trap driven by the matron of Worksop and District Isola- tion Hospital. The shaft of the vehicle pierced him, and he died on Monday morning. At a Manchester inquest on Monday on Frederick Rowledge, an unemployed waiter, and his wife, both of whom committed suicide by taking poison, it was stated that the woman had heard that some shares she possessed had be- come valueless. Whilst crossing Church-road, Bethnal-green, on Monday, a man was run over and killed by a motor 'bus. At an inquest at Great Chart (Kent) on Mon- day the jury returned a verdict of Wilful murder against Robert White, who drowned himself after shooting his wife. The jury did not consider that White was insane at tne time hot the tragedy. Owing to the capsizing of a boat off Shoreham on Sunday a man named Tyler, of Brighton, was drowned. While bathing at French Drove (Lines.) on Sunday Ernest Hardy, aged 24, of Crowland, was drowned. Edward Paul, 11, of Eagle-street, Holborn, was knocked down and killed by a hansom whilst he was running from Macklin-street into Drury-lane on Saturday night. Alderman Wood, of Stockport, aged 70, was found dead in bed on Saturday at his lodgings in Douglas, Isle of Man. Whilst stepping back to his ladder a Lowestoft window-cleancr missed his foot- ing, and, falling 22ft., received fatal in- juries. Joseph Dowell, 78, of Newtown, Unthank, was knocked down and killed by an express on Saturday whilst crossing the Leicester and Burton line of the Midland Railway. First-class Petty Officer Weeks shot him- self through the heart at Sheerness Gunnery School with a service rifle. A visitor at Lynton was found dead from poisoning. His visiting card read: Charles Cnsworthj Madras, India." Accidents. Three members of the Post Office boys' drum and fife band were slightly injured by a runaway horse in St. Martin's-le-Grand on Monday. The liner Deutschland, which was seriously damaged at Dover, has arrived at Southampton, and will undergo repair in the Trafalgar graving dock. Traffic from the City to the West of London on the District Railway was stopped for thirty minutes on Monday night by the signals failing at South Kensington. The residence of Mr. F. Savile-Lumley, at Rutland-gate, Knightsbridge, has been badly damaged by a fire, which originated from a spark. In an explosion at Pentwyn Colliery, Machen, on Saturday, Mr. Trump, assistant inspector, and the under-manager of the col- lierv were seriously injured. While an engine of the London County Council Fire Brigade was proceeding to a fire in St. John-street, Spitalfields, on Satur- day, one of the back wheels broke in the Bethnal-green-road, and the engine had to be conveyed back to the station. A small craft from Brighton containing four men capsized near Shoreham on Sunday, and Robert Taylor, of Brighton, who was unconscious when brought ashore, suc- cumbed. The other three were saved. During the execution of some repairs to a row of houses in Northampton-street, Mile End, on Saturday, the fronts of three of them fell out on to the path and road, but no one was seriously injured. Whilst walking behind an excursion train on Saturday John Woodward was struck in the back and thrown some distance by a train which he had not seen. He was re- moved to the North Western Railway hospi- I tal at Crewe. Walter Lefever, who went to Hastings from Malliam-road, Forest-hill, went to sleep on the top of Easthill. During the night he rolled over the side, and next morning was seen on a ledge 30ft. from the top. lie was rescued with difficulty. Told in the Courts. Lord de Clifford was fined P,5 4s. at the Shore- ham Petty Sessions on Monday for driving a motor-car without a license, and exceeding the speed limit. The Recorder, in charging the Grand Jury on Monday at the opening of the July Sessions at the Old Bailey, said the calendar was un- usually heavy, containing 103 charges. He could not account for the sudden increase in crime. a deterrent Herbert Collins, a motorist, was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment at Warwick Assizes on Saturday for the manslaughter of Harold Price, a cyclist, who was run down by Collins' motor-car and hurled into a hedge. Hugh S. Jones, chauffeur to Prince Hatz- feldt, was fined ClO and costs on Saturday at Leicester for driving a motor-car at a dan- gerous speed. Martha Slaughter, who appeared at the South-Western Police-court on Saturday to prosecute Margaret Stevenson for stealing a silver flask, said she dreamed that the flask was stolen, and when she woke up it was gone. The Liverpool police on Sunday arrested Austin Gibbons on a charge of causing the death of Herbert Henry Harris. Gibbons was a passenger and Harris fireman on the Blackpool steamer Greyhound, and during a quarrel it is alleged that Harris was knocked into the river. A police-constable named Hugh Daly pleaded guilty at Belfast on Saturday to having received a gold watch and small sums of money by false pretences, and was sen- tenced to three months imprisonment. The World of Sport. Fishing in the Thames in the Abingdon district, an angler has just landed a barbel weighing 91b. 5oz. The sum of X120 is to be added to the gold cup given by King Edward for the yacht race to be started on August 24 in connection with the Societe Nautique de la Baie de St. Malo. Music and the Drama. Mozart's "Don Giovanni," with Signor Scotti in the name part, was given at Covent Garden on Monday night. The Dairymaids," the American rights of which have been purchased by Mr. Froh- man, was performed for the hundredth time at the Apollo Theatre on Monday night. Puccini, the eminent composer, has at- tempted unsuccessfully to obtain Rostand's consent to turn his famous play, Cyrano de Bergerac," into opera. M. Antoine, the great French actor, ac- hieved distinguished success at the New Royalty Theatre on Monday night. Military and Naval. The official description of the new battle- ship Dreadnought issued by the Admiralty shows that the vessel is practically invin- cible. The type has been unanimously, ap- proved by the committee of experts ap- pointed by the Admiralty. The torpedo boat Thresher, which struck on the Horse Rock in Bantry Bay, has been refloated. An insurance amounting to < £ 1,000,000 has been completed on the battleship Inflexible, at present under construction on the Clyde. H.M. battleship Lord Nelson, now build- ing at Jarrow, will be launched on Septem- ber 4 by Lady Ridlev. The White Star liner Adriatic, 26,000 tons, which is the largest vessel ever built in Belfast, will be launched in the third week in September from Messrs. Harland and Wolff's shipyard. Social. Several members of the Rehearsal Club, of which Princess Christian is president were invited to Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, by the Princess on Monday afternoon. Rowland Petrie Hill, an English youth oi eighteen, residing at Antwerp, has been de- corated by King Leopold with the first-class gold medal for life-saving. The Prince of Wales, as president of the London Playing iFelds Society, has con- sented to allow the society's ground at Edg- ware to be called Prince Edward's Playing Fields. The King has granted the petition of the Institute of Directors for a Royal Charter. It is announced that the Archbishop of Canterbury will not be able to attend the un- veiling of the memorial of Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone in Harwarden Church. The Prince and the Princess of Wales, the Duke of Sparta, and Prince and Princess Alexander of Teck, were present at the per- formance of "La Boheme" at Covent Gar- den on Saturday evening. The Duke of Devonshire, who was born on July 23, 1833, celebrated his seventy-third birthday on Monday. Commercial and Industrial. A loss of £1,594 14s. 3d. is reported on the maintenance of the Brighton Aquarium, which is controlled by the Corporation, for the year ending March 31 last. The French railway companies have placed at Cardiff contracts for more than half a million tons of small coal and 100,000 tons of large coal, to be delivered in 1907. Hull Corporation on Monday accepted a ten- der of over IZ23,000 for a new reservoir capable of holding ten million gallons at Cottingham. The Fishguard and Rosslare Harbour and Railway were opened on Saturday by the Earl of Aberdeen. Deputations from the Northumberland Colliery Mechanics Association waited on the I Northumberland Coalowners Association in Newcastle on Saturday, and it was decided that with pays commencing August 6 and August 13 wages be advanced 1-2 1 per cent. per day. Serious distress exists in many parts of South Wales owing to the depression in the tinplate trade. At Llanelly three of the largest works in the town have been practi- cally closed. The Swaffham Norfolk) Urban District Council has decided that all their workmen who have joined friendly societies, or other- wise provided for illness, shall be paid as usual when absent from work through sick- ness, but that no wages shall be paid to such employees who have not made such provi- sion. The annual excursion of the employees of Messrs. Bass and Co., brewers, of Burton- on-Trent, took place on Friday, and more than 8,500 of the employees, their wives, and sweethearts visited Scarborough. To repair damage done to the liner Deut- schland by collision with the pier at Dover will, it is stated, cost £ 70,000. National and Political. Mr. Keir Hardie, M.P., addressed a women's suffrage meeting in Stevenson- square, Manchester on Sunday. The pro- ceedings were orderly. The Government of the Isle of Man is re- ducing its National Debt of about X-250,000 rapidly. The numbers are announced of 3i per cent. debentures to the value of X5,100 drawn for repayment at par on August 1. Unfortunately, the redemption of the British National Debt of about X796,000,000 pro- ceeds at a somewhat slower rate. The House of Lords is to read the Educa- tion Bill a first time next Monday, and the second reading will be from Wednesday, August 1, to Friday, August 3. The House will reassemble on October 23. Mr. Birrell has given notice of over three pages of amendments on the report stage of the Bill. A marble bust of Lord Chancellor Cairns, presented by his son, the present Earl, has been placed in position on the court corridor of the Royal Courts cf Justice opposite that of the late Sir George Jessel. Consols fell below 87 for the first time lor over two years. The fall from the highest price recorded last year represents a total deterioration of nearly < £ 30,000,000. From Other Lands. A Bohemian coal-mining company has bought up a village named Sobrusan, near Dux, which stood on a valuable surface coal deposit, and moved all the sixty-five houses of which it was composed to a new situation half a mile away. An agreement is said to have been arrived at between the Kaiser and the Czar whereby the former will send German troops to Russia in the event of an outbreak of armed revolt. In view of the uncompromising attitude of Switzerland, the Spanish Government will begin a tariff war upon that country. Mr. John D. Rockefeller and family sailed on Saturday evening for New York from Cherbourg. Mrs. Stanford White will leave New York for Paris early in August to remain away until the Thaw case is concluded. The representatives of the Powers at Athens have met and discussed the question in what form the Note regarding Cretan affairs should, be submitted to the King. It 3 the King. It is believed the Note will not be delivered for some time. When two excursion steamers collided in a fog off Staten Island, New York, 1,500 pas- sengers became panic-stricken, but they were, taken off by two vessels which came along- side, and it is thought there was no loss of life: Baron Komura, the newly-appointed Japa- nese Ambassador to Great Britain, has left Tokio for London. Christian Langer, a Danish lifeboat man, has died at Harboe, Jutland, at the age of 83. During the past 48 years he had saved over 500 persons from drowning. Thirty-five thousand people are homeless and destitute in consequence of the destruc- tion of a town in the Russian province of Simbirsk. Lieut General Ivan Georgivitch Mac- donald, a member of a Scotch family, who served for many years in the Russian Army, has died at Warsaw. Other Interesting Items. In reply to Mr. Redmond, the Prime Minister announced that he was unable to give any pro- mise for facilities for the passing of the Irish robacco Bill. The Great Northern Telegraph Company, Limited, announces that Iceland and the Faeroe Islands will be telegraphically connected with this country by the end of August. The Exeter Corporation has rejected the pro- posal to permit advertisements on the electric tramears of the city. The "Sunderland Daily Post, for many years the. recognised Conservative organ on Wearside, has ceased publication. Speaking before the House of Commons Stand- ing Committee on Trade, Mr. Campbell, Unionist M.P. for Dublin University, said that he knew of a. case in which a. county court judge's note of a case was submitted to the Court of Appeal. It consisted merely of a caricature of one of the counsel engaged in the case. One thousand nine hundred and sixty- seven dogs, were received at the Battersea Home for Lost Dogs last month. Mr. Denier, of Blackheath, left Harwich for Cromer on Friday in a small half-decker yacht. The boat was afterwards found off Dunwich bottom upwards and with sails set. On Saturday evening it was stated that Mr. Denier had been picked up alive, he having been in the water a considerable time. The Bolton Co-operative Society, which has over 30,000 members, has given £500 for the endowment of a cot in Bolton Infirmary. Mr1. F. A. Powell, the Mayor of Lambeth, on Saturday laid the foundation stone of the new town hall for Lambeth, to be erected at a cost of £ 40,000.