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I NEWS IN BRIEF. I -4- 1 Tragedies and Disasters. While playing near a pond at Blackpool John Cowell, a little boy two yeans -old, fell in and was dirowned. The body of Edward Emett, a middle-aged man, was found floating in the sea below Loch Promenade, Douglas. When the tide receded at Southend, the dead body of a well-dressed man, 6ft. in height, and aged about 65, was found on the beach. In hie pocket was an old-fashioned double-barrelled pistol. Philip Lillburn Beall, ten, the son of Captain Beall, died under chloroform whilst being operated upon for the removal of his tonsih?. A jury at Maldon returned a verdict of "Death from misadventure," and attached no blame to the medical men. Hilda Ricketts, 13, of Bristol, had on her lip a pimple, which her mother pricked with a needle. A coroner's jury returned a verdict of "Death from blood-poisoning," the doctor stating that the needle could not have been clean. Depression in trade, leading to excessive drinking, was said to be the cause of the suicide in Regent's Canal of Reuben James Jackett, 27, a Paddington cabman. A verdict of "Suicide while temporarily insane" was re- turned at the inquest. Mr. James Chandler, of Lambourn, the well- known trainer, was found dead with his throat cut in a wood on Windmill Downs. Chandler trained for Sir E. Paget, Sir R. T. Hermon Hodge, Lord Falmouth, and other well-known sportsmen. Accidents. A boy about fourteen years old was shot during a street fight. in Galway-street, CLerken- well, but not dangerously injured. A motor cyclist named! Watson, of Hoole, came into collision with a motor-car at Neston, Cheshire, and was seriously injured. While, dressing in a cricket pavilion at Birds- well, near Barnsley, a young man named, Giles was struck by a stray bullet from a neighbour- ing rifle range, and seriously injured. A street has been wrecked by th-e collapse of a disused! coal mine at Quarry Banks, Staffs. Ae the. result of a prick from the thorn of a rose, Thomas Collie, of Winnoth Dale, Stafford- shire, has died from hloodl poisoning. The brigantine General Lee, of Dublin, and the steamer Supply, of London, put into Holy- head, they having been damaged in a collision off Bardsey. 0 Owing to the collapse of a cart upon the tramway line in Kennington-park-road, Ken- nington, traffic was delayed for 45 minutes, and the remarkable sight of a line of electric-cars a mile long was witnessed. Running out from behind an electric tra-mcar which he had been following near Twickenham Green, Stanley Cole, a boy of ten, was knocked down by another car coming in the opposite direction, and killed. A fatal boiler explosion occurred on board the Cardiff tug Prairie Flower when off Penarth. The manhole door of the tug's boiler was blown out, and Patrick Ryan, an engineer of another tug, who was asleep in the stoke- hold, was scalded to death. Knocked down by a motor-car in Nottingham- road, Ilkeston, a boy named Levett, aged six, I had his skull fra-kured, and died in the hos- pital- Cases Tofd in the Courts. The Epping Rural District Council was fined £ 25 at Harlow for polluting with sewage the River Stort, a tributary of the Lea. Albert Edward Carter, the, chauffeur who was concerned in the Markyate motor-car tragedy, was committed for trial by the Hexael Hemp- stead magistrates. A verdict of "Accidental death" was returned at the inquest on Henry Arthur Cuthbert New- love, a page at the India Office, who was killed i. a lift accident there. "I have been married three times, and they are all alive," coolly observed' James Edward | Martin when charged with bigamy at Tower Bridge. At Leeds Police-court.—Mr. Willey: Have you been summoned for persistent cruelty before ?—The Husband: Not for persistent cruelty.—Mr. Willey: What was it for?—The Husband "Conjugal rights"—"conjugal per- isisteney"or something of that kind. A policeman told Mr. Plowden at the Mary- lebone Police-court that he did not think a cabman would make a charge that was not correct. Charged with converting CI40 to his own use, Richard G. Pidcock, a solicitor, was re- manded at Eastbourne. Messrs. Burgoyne, Burbidges, and Co., chemi- cal manufacturers, were at the Guildhall ordered to pay fines and costs amounting to £ 6 15s. for employing young persons longer hours than 'the Factory Acts allow. The de- fence was pressure of business. The World of Sport. The Hon. Charles Rolls' party, including Mr. Cl,aud, Faulkner and Mr. Masisac Buisi., arrived as Boulogne, having motored from Monte Carlo, a distance of 771 miles, in 28hrs. 14min., beating the previous record by Shrs. llmin. Mr. Cecil Healy, of Sydney, who represented Australia in the swimming contests at the Olympic Games, arrived in England on Thurs- day. He will be a -starter in the 100 yards English championship race at Nottingham, on 0 July 12. Military and Naval. Quartermaster Sergeant Jord&n, for making a false accusation against his commanding officer, Colonel O'Leary, Inspector of Army Signalling, ha.s been reduced to the rank of corporal. The annual estimate for the manufacture of small arm ammunition shows that Woolwich Arsenal is to receive an order for 22,500,000 rounds, and the contracting firms one for 29,000,000 rounds. This is 1,000,000 more for Woolwich and 7,000,000 less for the contractors than last year. Interesting trials have just taken place near Rome of a new military motor-train, which it is thought will solve the problem of rapid military transport over ordinary roads. An instructive statement on the new scheme for the training of naval officers is made by Professor Ewing, Director of Naval Education. He declares that the first results have been most successful, and that the scheme has come to stay. The old Admiralty yacht Enchantress has been converted into a club house for the 1100 of mem- bers of the Motor Yachlt Club. Social. The banns of Samuel Wilberforce and Kathe- rine Sheepshanks, daughter of the Bishop of Norwich, were published in Norwich Cathedral. Mr. Randal Cremer, M.P., who was taken ill in the House of Commons, has now recovered. The acute pain from which he suffered) was caused by ptomaine poisoning, tihe result of drinking a glass of tainted milk. Mr. John Redmond, M.P., declared at an Irish gathering in London that he was sick of speeches, and instead of a speech he recited "The Story of the Dream of Monk Felix," from Longfellow's "Golden Legend." The death took place at Huddersfield of Judge Carver, K.C., county-oounfc judge for a large district of Yorkshire. It is only two months ago since he was appointed. The Rev. L. C. Wood, known as Lancashire's "G.O.M. of Agriculture," has celebrated ibis eighty-sixth birthday, and! entered upon his sixty-fourth year M vicar of Singleton, near Blackpool. The King and the other members of the Royal family attended the Opera, the occasion being the first production in England of Poldinis "The Princess and the Vagabond." Sir William Bull, M.P., has beeai presented with a silver salver weighing 120cz. by the members of the Hammeaamith ConservatIve As- sociation. The Prime Minister gavea luncheon at Down- ing-etreet in honour of Prince Tsai Tse and the other Chinese Commissioners. Commercial and Industrial. During the laslt year the price of tin has risen from L138 to £200 a ton, and a boom, which will greatly benefit the Cornish mines, is, it is said, about to set in. Some lively protests against the Sunday open- ing of their shops were made by shareholders at a meeting of the British Tea Table Com- pany. The directors stated that they would be guided by a vote of the general body of share- holders. An order was made in the Chancery Division directing the London Electrobus Co., lAd., to return their money :to dissatisfied subscribers to its shares. It is reported in Glasgow that or dorr, for 85 locomotives and tenders have been placed with Glasgow but Idlers. Fifty of the locomotives are for South Africa. From Other Lands. The Sultan of Turkey has contributed £ 1,0QC to the fund in aid of the sufferers by the Vesu- vius disaster. Forty thousand Vienna bricklayers have been locked out by their employers because a numbei of the latter were boycotied. Mr. A. J. Esterling, who killed a negro whc had attacked his daughter at Austin (Texas), was released on a bail signed by 47 women. In the mattress of an aged beggar woman known to the neighbours as "Old Mother SriilF"- who was found dead in her bed in Paris, £ S,20C in banknotes and £ 800 in gold was found. The decree of beatification of Julia: Billiart. who nursed many wounded men at the, battle oi Waterloo, and founded the Order of the Sisters of Notre Dame, was publicly read at St. Peter's, Rome. A man suddenly appeared before a, party oi people who were taking refreshment in the Cafe de l'Amiral in Paris, and fired at them several times, killing one. Fearing punishment from her parents, a Dresden girl six years old attempted to- commit n;, C suicide by lying down before an approaching train. The. engine was stopped six feet from the child's head. While the Queen-Mother of the Netherlands, who has been attending the silver wedding of Prince Alexis von Bentbeim und Steinfu-rt, and the Prince himself were out motoring, their car collided with a butcher's cart and was upset, throwing out the Queen -and the Prince, both of whom were slightly bruised, but otherwise escaped without injury. Perfect safety characterised the duel between the Count de Noailles and M. Millevoye, the editor of the "Patrie," in the Pare d-es jprinces at Paris. Other Interesting Items. A special compartment has been reserved for smokere in the new Vanguard motor-omnibuses running from London to Brighton. The vehicles have no roof seats, so are divided, by a, parti- tion, the front division being labelled "Smok- ing. Erected by the subscriptions of some 2000 working men, abstained glass window in memory of the late Sir Benjamin Hingley, Bart., was unveiled at Halesowen Church, Worcestershire. The thief who broke' into the house of the Rev. Prebendary Webb-Peploe, at Onslow- gardens, decamped not only with jewellery, but also with £ 81 in gold and1 silver and five C5 Bank of England notes. The Rev. B. H. Boea-nquet, vicar of Thames Ditton, announces that during the boating sea- son special seats will be reserved in his church for persons who wish to attend in boating cos- tume. Dr. Thomas O. Chamberlain, head of the Department of Geology of the University of Chicago, believes the earth will be habitable for a hundred million years to come. Ipswich Town Council, which carries on a lunatic asylum, has received a contribution of X1500 from the asylum profits for the past year in relief of the, rates. Mr. Henry Wright, who within -a few days wold have been ill "hie lOletyeeir, died suddenly in bed at Halifax. He had expressed) a wish that he should die, in his sleep. An important conference on infant mortality is to be held in Caxton Hall, Westminster, on June 13 and 14. While a cow was being driven to Leicester cattLe fair it entered the garden of a well-known boot manufacturer, passed into the house, and wrecked the drawing-room, defying all efforts to remove it for two hours. Chuter and Rollit, the convicts who recently attacked two warders at Dartmoor Prison, have been sentenced by the board of visitors to re- ceive respectively one dozen and two dozen lashes with the cat. A firm of organ builders were about to -ship a magnificent specimen of their work to San Francisco when the earthquake occurred. The contract was cancelled, and the Sunderland corporation have now secured the instrument for the Victoria Hall for £ 1500, £ 1000 less than the original value. At a Local Government Board inquiry at Hadlow, near Tu-nbridge Wells, an assistant overseer stated that until recently the village had been deprived of the services of a parish council, the councillors having gone on "strike" for two years.










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