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1- PART V, (A.)-Police Pension Fund (Revenue Account). I RECEIPTS l. a. d. £ a. d. Local Taxation (Customs and Excise^ Duties 855 18 4 interest and Dividends on Investments of Pension Fund ^rom the County Council 276 15 7 Ixom other sources „ 15G 2 3 j, 432 17 10 "eductions from Pay of Constables, including Fines fc)r Misconduct 468 8 8 i?nes »ot included in the preceding item 442 12 8 |ees 290 5 9 ^Ments from County Fund to meet deficiencies in pension Fund viz.:— To meet deficiency on account of 1904—5 174 2 I 17* 2 1 vM>er Receipts, namely — proceeds of sale of Worn or Cast Clothing. 18 I 0 ■^0r special services of police and additional ^Constables. 263 0 11 TotalReceipts (a) £ 2933 7 3 EXPENDITURE. £ s. d. Pensiona to Constables and Widows 2734 12 2 Deductions paid to Constables on retirement 27 11 2 Other Payments:— Invested in Consols-Nominal Value, X188 lls. lOd. 171 3 11 Total Expenditure (a) 2933 7 3 Balance uninvested at the end of the Year Total Expenditure and Balance (a) JJ2933 7 3 — PART Y. (B).—(continued).—Police Pension Fund (Capital Account)• RECEIM. X s. d. £ a. d. glance uninvested at the commencement of the Year as shown in Part V. (B ) of the Financial Statement for the previous year 994 14 8 balance uninvested at the commencement of the Year as shown in Part V. (A.) of the Financial statement for the,previous year 219 11 1214 6 2* ^payments of Principal in respect of sums lent from Fund:— From the County Council 714 10 8 *otal Receipts (B.) 714 10 8 Total Receipts and Balances (JEM JJ1928 16 IOf EXPENDITURE. Investments of Fund made during the year :— Description of Securities. Par Value. £ s. d. £ s. d. Bank of England-Consols 1373 19 8 Total Expenditure (B.) 1214 6 2 Balance uninvested at the end of the Year 714 10 8 Total Expenditure and Balance (B.) 21928 16 10 I PART V. (B.) (coutinued).-Police Pension Fund (Capital Account). I £ a. d. £ s. d. *°tal Receipts as shown in Part V. (A.) 2933 7 3 A°tal Receipts as shown in Part V. (B.) 714 10 8 3647 17 11 Receipts which have passed through the County Fund Account, namely:— Stoppages 453 16 0 deficiency in Fund 174 2 1 Contribution in respect of Additional Constables 171 3 11 Instalment of Loans 714 10 S Interest on Loans. 276 15 7 —————— 1790 8 3 Net Receipts carried to Summary. JE1857 9 8 £ s. d. Total Expenditure out of Fund as shown in Part V. (A.) 2933 7 3 Total Expenditure out of Fund as shown in Part Y. (B.) 1214 6 2 Total Expenditure 4147 13 5 Less:—Receipts which have passed through the County Fund Account. 1790 8 3 Net Expenditure carried to Summary £ 2357 5 2 PART Y. (0.)—Police Pension Fund (Investments). Vestments of Pension Fund at com- ,Ineticement of the vear:- Description of Securities. Par Value. Cash Paid. £ s, d. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ 8. d. Land Secu- rities Com. Pany Debentures 90 0 0 90 0 0 Loans to County County Rate 9085 13 4 9085 13 4 «ank of England.. Consols 5807 12 4 5612 2 3 ,>3 14983 5 8 14787 15 7 "Vestments made during the year:— Bank of England.. Consols 1562 11 6 1385 10 I Totals £ 16545 17 2 JE16173 5 8 I- Investments realised during the year :— Description of Securities. Par Value. Cost Price. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ a. d. £ s. d. Principal re- paid f 714 10 8 714 10 8 Investments remaining at the end of the year.— Land Secu- rities Com- pany Debentures 90 0 0 90 0 0 Loans to County County Rate 8371 2 8 8371 2 8 Bank of England.. Consols. 7370 3 10 6997 12 4 15831 6 6 15468 15 0 Totals £ 16545 17 2 JE16173 5 8 PART VII.-ummaru of the Receipts and Expenditure shown in Parts I.—V. of this Financial Statement. RECEIPTS £ B. d. £ s. d. Total Receipts (excluding Transfers) as shown by Part I 128583 13 4 Total Receipts, as shown by Part III. (Loans) 27900 0 0 Total Receipts as shown by Part IV. (Exchequer Contribution Accounts) 50245 5 7 Net Receipts as shown by Part V. (Police Pension Fund). 1857 9 8 Total Receipts X208586 8 7 EXPENDITURE :— Total Expenditure as shown by Part 1 161895 11 J Less Loans repaid out of Invested Sinking Fund or Stock Redemption Fund 4453 16 0 157441 15 1 ^otal Expenditure, as shown by Part III (Loans) 43349 6 5 ■Total Expenditure, excluding Transfers to other Accounts of the County Fund, as shown by Part IV. (Exchequer Contribution Accounts) 13878 10 4 J««t Expenditure as shown by Part V. (Police Pension Fund) 2357 5 2 'h P Total Expenditure X217026 17 0 I)educt-Payments under Precept to other Local Authorities, namely Visiting Committee of the County Asylum 329 19 3 329 19 3 Net Expenditure on which Stamp Duty is payable. £ 216696 17 9 (Signed) H. STAFFORD GUSTARD, Clerk to the County Council. Total Expenditure as shown above 217026 17 0 Loans Repaid out of Invested Sinking Fund or Stock Redemption Fund 4453 16 0 Total £ 221480 13 0 Less Amount, if any, disallowed at Audit 62 15 6 Amount Allowed at Audit JB221417 17 6 I HEREBY CERTIFY that I have compared the entries in this Financial Statement with the Vouchers and other Documents relating thereto, and that the ^gulations with respect to such Statement have been duly complied with. .AND I HEREBY FURTHER CERTIFY that I have ascertained by Audit the correctness of such Statement, and that the expenditure of the County Council -J^ng the year ended the 31st day of March, 1905, included in such Statement, and allowed by me at the Audit, is Two Hundred and Twenty-one Thousand Fou_ hundred and Seventeen Pounds, Severn een Shillings and Sixpence. As witness my hand this First day of May, 1906. (Si gned) C. HUlSTON, District Auditor. [Stamp £ 75.] — JOHN H. RENNIE ï Member of the Auctioneers Institute by Exam ination.) AGRICULTURAL AND GENERAL AUC- TIONEER, TENANT RIGHT & TIMBER VALUER, SURVEYOR, LAND AGENT, HOTEL AND INSURANCE BROKER Newport. Usk, y Chepstow Districts. Sales of Fat and Store Stock in NEWPORT, and CHEPSTOW CATTLE MARKETS on Market Days. Horses in NEWPORT MARKET monthly, furniture and Chattel Effects, SALEROOM "Chief Offices and Sateroom:- 6 and 12, SKINNER STREET, NEWPORT. at. Telephone, 0625. Telegrams, "Rennie Auction Fixtures. 1906 21-Fat and Store Stock, Usk Market. 22-Superior Antique and Modern Furni- ture, at Grosvenor," 39. Elton Road, Newport, by direction of the Execu- tors of the late Mr C. H. Portnell. 31-Furniture, Pony, Trap, and Outside Effects, at Common-y-coed, near Magor, for Mr Wm. Griffiths. 2arly Date- Freehold Residential Property, Farmwood," Christchurcb. —Small Freehold Holding of 17 acres, Bryngwyn, Raglan. Valuable Business Premises and Dwelling Houses, at Newport. Particulars and ( ataloguea to be obtained from the APCTIONEBB, 6. Skinner Street Newport. =- ¿ To be Let, A COTTAGE and GARDEN, near the Railway Bridge on Cefn Tilla drive; and also a ^OTTAGE and GARDEN on The Walks, Llan- aenny.—Apply, E. WADDINGTON, Usk. Monmouthshire County Council. Main Roads. PERSONS desirous of Contracting for the t- SUPPLY of MATERIALS or for HAULING broken and unbroken STONE for the repair of the MAIN ROADS within the County for the year ending March 31st, 1907, may obtain particulars and schedules on application at the County Council Offices, Newport. Sealed Tenders to be sent to me on or before TUESDAY, MAY 22ND, en- dorsed Tenders for Hauling and Supplying Materials for Main Roads. WILLIAM TANNER, County Surveyor. County Council Offices, Newport, Mon., May 4th, 1906. Pipe Organ for Sale, Cheap. THE INSTRUMENT now in use at COLEFORD PARISH CHURCH is FOR SALE, we hav- ing been favoured with the order for a much ing been favoured with the order for a much larger urgan. It contains 8 stops, as follows :-Open Diapason, Dulciana, Stopped Diapason (bass), Stopped Diapason (treble), Principal, Fifteenth, Bourdon 16ft. (on pedals), and Great to Pedals coupler 2 Composition Pedals; 2 Octaves of Pedals. Price (including removal and erection) on appli- cation to WAUGH & SON, MONMOUTH. Established 1849. NEWLAND, DAYIS, & HUNT, Auctioneers, Valuers, Surveyors, g- Land Agents. Sales of Fat and Store Stock at NEWPORT Cattle Market every Wediiesday; CHEPSTOW, SEVERN TUNNEL, and LYDNEY, fortnightly. Offices: [ 19, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT, and WELSH STREET, CHEPSTOW. IVOR MORDECAI, 11 Years with principal Firms, Cardiff and District AUCTIONEER, VALUER, Local Markets Attended. 8, WINDSOR ROAD, GRIFFITHSTOWN. r 4th Volunteer Battalion South Wales Borderers. G COMPANY, USK. Orders for the Week ending May 26tb, 1906. On Duty during the week Lce.-Sergt. Thomas Corporal Murray. Bugler Johnston. Monday, May 21st-Company Training. Dress- Drill Order. Band to attend, at 7.30 p.m. Tuesday, May 22nd.-Band Practice,. at 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 23rd Recruits' Training, at 7.30 p.m. Thursday, May 24th.—Band Practice, at 8 p.m. Friday, May 26th-Recruits' Training, at 7.30 p.m. Saturday, May 26th-Class Firing; Riflles, etc., from Armoury, between 2 p.m. and 2.15 p.m. Intending Recruits, and men who wish to re- enrol, should be enrolled as soon as possible, to enable them to make themselves efficieut for present year. By order, H. J. WILLCOX, Captain, Commanding G Company. ■ RIDE (ja F ALLDAYS ASS, 1 Contractor, to the War CflB B(|y, X Office. Post Office, Mid Other V w Wf I government Department*. M W ( I |i Wr I Write for term, and Agent*" Addreu. I AIUtay» & Onions PMumatlO Inslfitorlng 0.. Ltd. U Loudon Showroom*— BIRMIHGHAM. I •0. Bucktersburr, Maa«Ion HOMM. E.C.

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