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URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The monthly meeting was held at the Town Hall, Usk, on Tuesday evening, Mr S. A. Hiley, J.P., presiding over the following:—Messrs. Horatio Ault, E. W. Waters, G. Edmunds, W. Workman, J. Knight. G. Mundy, T. J. Smith, Reuben Morgan, W. Marfell, A. F. Lucas (clerk), T. Rees (collector, surveyor, &c.) NEW YEAR'S GREETINGS. The Chairman said he wished to take that opportunity of wishing all the members a Happy and prosperous New Year, and to express the hope that the work of the Council would go on during the coming twelve months as it did throughout the last year, when he did not think that anything more unanimous, more friendly, or better could have been hoped for. (Hear, hear.) They had a long programme before them that night, but he hoped that it would not take them long, and afterwards he should be pleased if they would come and spend an hour with him at home. (Applause. )j THE STREET COMMITTBB reported the receipt of two tenders for stona hauling on the roads from H.M. Prison, viz., from Mr George Mundy, jr., at Btd, and MrT. Morgan, at 10d a yard. The lower one was accepted. Report adopted. THE SURVEYOR reported that the cess-pit at Lower Mill Cottages had not been attended to, but he was informed by the owner that he had employed someone to do the work, which should have been carried out. He (the Surveyor) was having the metalling placed on the roads in readiness for the steam roller which was due on the morrow. He had ordered 200 tons of Hirwain stone, about 40 tons of which had been delivered. With these and the local stone he had in hand, there would be sufficient for repairing this- year. Mr Knight said the work at the Lower Mill had now been done. A communication was read from Mr Barnes, stating that he and his son had been ill, and the steam roller was under repair, but he would send it as soon as possible. The Clerk was requested to write urging that the roller should be sent as soon as possible, and it was decided to refer the matter to the Street Committee in view of possible contingencies. It was decided to advertise for tenders for the letting of the sewage meadow, and for the purchase of the manure there. FINANCE. The following aocounts were ordered to be paid :-Dr G. Harrison Jenkins, M.O.H., half- year's salary, £ 10; Mrs E. K. Jones, stationery, 13s 3d; G. Edmunds, income tax, X2 18s 7d; w- R- J^artin. tithes, £ 1 0a 2d; Marfell and Poole, ladder for sewage disposal, 8s Usk Water Works Company, Limited, water supply, Y,3 5s; F. Jennings, railway carriage of sewage pump, 2s lid; W. Bunning. ironmongery, 17a lid; Surveyor, on account of manual and team labour, £10 12s 3d. The following payments to Treasurer were reported :—Collector, on account of rate, X65 on account of market tolls, 17s. £1 5s 7d, and £ 1 Is 8d; Mrs Freeman, Is 6d, hire of chairs Mr J, H. Salter, Is, ditto (with caretaker's allowance). AUCTIONEER'S APPLICATION, Mr Ivor Mordecai applied for the right to sell in the market. The Surveyor stated that he had informed the applicant that the auctioneers now practising there, paid JE6. It was decided that the Clerk should tell him this was the fee, without any allotted space. TRINITY MONDAY FAIR.

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