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Our Unionist Candidate.


Our Unionist Candidate. As Polling Day approaches the public utterances of the rival Cdndidates are closely scanned, and in Usk this week both Mr. Micholls and Mr. Haslam have addressed the electors, and both have been given & fair and patient hearing-a fact that re- dounds to the credit of Unionists and Lib- erals alike. At Mr. Micholls' meeting, on Thursday night, detailed in another column, many persons were unable to find even standing room inside the door of the Hall, and so enthusiastic were the proceedings that if there ever had been any doubt as to his fit- ness and soundness to champion the Union- ist cause in the House of Commons, it was there and tHen dissipated by his masterly handling of the great issues now before the country. Fairly and squarely, and with earnestness and ability, he laid before the electors the Unionist policy and Radical tactics, and it is eminently satisfactory to note that the vote of confidence was unani- mously carried. Electors, on Thursday next, you, as citi- zens deeply and personally concerned in the welfare of your country, both at home and abroad, will be asked to record your vote, either for Mr. Micholls, for Mr. H islam, or for Mr. Winstone, and we earnestly urge you to weigh well the responsibility that vote entails. Will you have a Government that can point to ten years' constructive legislation, during which the name of Eng- land has become more and more respected amongst the nations of the world; or will you have the dismemberment of the Empire, England the dumping ground of foreign nations, and the disestablishment and dis- endowment of the Church ? You men of Usk are sportsmen—keen, all-round sportsmen, whether on the foot- ball field, the cricket ground, or the rifle range. With true, sportsmanlike spirit, you are generous to the weakling, and you never shirk competition with the strong. In sport you put your shoulders to the wheel, and fight as one man, for one com- mon cause. Do it now in the political arena, and vote for Mr. Micholls, the Unionist candidate, and carry him to victory on Thursday next.



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