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To the Electors of the Southern Division of the County of Monmouth. I TREDEGAR PARK. NEWPORT, MON., January 9th, 1906. Gentlemen, The dissolution of Parliament having taken place, and my father, who has represented you for 32 years having retired from active Parlia- mentary life, f, at the unanimous request of the Conservative and Unionist Party of South Monmouthshire, am offering myself as a Can- didate for this constituency at the forthcoming election. I:> I am essentially a Unionist and am strongly opposed to any scheme which may lead up to the establishment of Home Rule in Ireland, inevitably entailing as that would the separation of Ireland from the United Kingdom and the disruption of the Empire, and I am the more strongly opposed to it inasmuch as the people of this country have twice condemned this separatist policy with no uncertain voice. The country is groaning under an unfair fiscal system ridiculously called Free Trade. I should therefore welcome an attempt to obtain fair treatment for our manufactures by foreign countries through the establishment of retalia- tory duties against the goods of those nations which unfairly compete with us at this moment, believing that by this sytem we should gain access to markets now entirely closed to us abroad and restore many industries already destroyed at home, and secure thus a reasonable hope of solving the difficulties which unfortunately sur- round so many deserving skilled workmen who at this moment are unemployed. I am strongly opposed to any scheme which would result in increasing the cost of food, and I am no less opposed to the imposition of any import duty upon that raw material which is the means of giviug employment to so many of our working men. I view with apprehension the amazing fact that we still continue to treat the other parts of the British Empire in matters of trade as if they were foreign countries, and I am strongly in favour of a closer commercial union between all portions of the Empire. I take the keenest interest in matters Educa- tional and would heartily support any further development of the existing system of element. arv, secondary, and technical education. But I am firmly opposed to the suggested elimination of religious instruction from the education of the children of this country. I am in hearty accoi-d with the Foreign Policy of the late Unionist Government, which by its tact and firmness has resulted in the arbitration treaties which have been concluded with other nations and the alliance with Japan. We have thereby safeguarded the interests of the Empire and secured the friendship of the greatest Powers both East and West, and, whilst insuring the inestimable blessings of peace, have raised the position of England amongst the nations of the world to a level unknown before in our history. The Naval Policy of the Unionist Government has my cordial approval, assuring to this country, as it has done, a powerful and efficient navy, which is the greatest safeguard against hostile aggression, and no small factor in maintaining the peace of the world. Believing as I do that conscription would be a fatal mistake, I consider that every inducement should be given to our volunteer army, and that no stone should be left unturned to make all branches of the service popular, and to make our Reserve forces, a thoroughly effective fighting force. The Royal Commissions on the Coal Trade having reported that the Coal Tax is detrimental to our Coal Export Trade I am wholly in favour of its immediate removal. The advance of Agriculture claims my keen sympathy. I heartily endorse the policy of the y Unionist Government as exemplified by the creation of the Board of Agriculture and by the passing of the Agricultural Rating Act. I also consider that means should be adopted to ad- just the present anomalies existing in Agricul- tural Rating. Gentlemen, upon all the issues before you, the greatest of which are Home Rule, Fiscal Reform, and the Union of the Empire, I con- fidently appeal for your vote acd support at the forthcoming Election. I have the honour to be, Yours faithfully, COURTENAY C. E. MORGAN. R

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