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INorth Monmouthshire.



-Monmouthshire Quarter Sessions.








I URBAN COUNCIL MEETING, I Mr W. H. Griffiths, chairman, presided at the monthly meeting on Friday, and there were also presentRev P. A. Degan, Messrs. W. H. Pitten, E. Probyn, P. B. Ford, D. W. Simpson, W. T. Woolley, J. Rosie, P. Eckersley, J. J. Harmston, I E. Fowler, G. Udell and the clerk (Mr H. H. Haden). The Streets and Sanitary Committee reported that they had instructed the Surveyor to metal Upper George-street as soon as possible.-The Surveyor estimated that the cost of making up Conway's Lane for a distance of 420 feet, and a width of 20 feet, with a 9-inch core foundation, would be about J6195. With regard to the repair of the road, which is a private one, a long dis- cussion took place and it was eventually decided that the Surveyor should lay only bottom metalling. A letter was read from the Pontypool Gas and Water Company, in reply to an inquiry from the Council, stating that they were prepared to light the market at the same cost as they had previously stated, but that all additional lamps would be paid for at the rate of 25s each. Dr S. B. Mason, Medical Officer of Health, reported that during the month six deaths and 17 births had occurred, giving rates of 11-4 and 32'8 per 1,000 per annum. Three deaths were due to bronchitis and pneumonia. One case of erysipelas had been notified. The sickness in the district had increased owing to the variations of temperature, and the excessive moisture had brought about chest affections and influenza. The Town Hall trustees reported that they had accepted the tender of the executors of Mr M. Hogan of £10 for the painting of the Court Room. They had also accepted the tender of the Ponty- pool Electric Light Company for £ 6 15a for an electric fan for the hall. The Surveyor reported that the work of the erection of the Fire Station was progressing favourably. -Captain J. M. Cope, the newly ap- pomted Captain of the Fire Brigade, in the annual report says that the fire brigade is in a splendid state of efficiency, and the apparatus all in good order and condition, with the exception, perhaps, of some of the lengths of hose. Five fires occurred in the district during the yeair. The Council horses had been taken out for trial runs with the manual engine and steamer, and, in his opinion, they were the most suitable horses for the work. A large and commodious fire station is now being provided in Osborne-road.—Captain Cope recommended the fixing of alarm bells at the residences of Fitter Jenkins (Osborne-road), Fireman Jenkins (Albion- road), and T. Trueman (Bridge-street). S The Committee appointed to deal with the proposed widening of the Bridge over the railway between Upper and Lower Bridge-street recom- mended that the bridge should not be widened, but that a footpath should be placed on the side of the road. After discussion, the matter was deferred. A report was read from the joint committee appointed by the Pontypool, Panteg, and Aber. sychan Urban District Councils to deal with the water supply question, in which they asked for powers to employ a water expert to report on the present sources of water supply, such report to include the obligations of the company under their Acts, and the extent to which they had carried them out; also as regards storage capacity, size, and condition of mains, and generally as to the Pontypool Gas and Water Company's facilities for supplying the residents of the higher districts. They also recommended that Mr E. Cook (late Surveyor to the Abersychan Urban District Council) should be engaged as assistant to the expert.—In moving the adoption of the report, Mr Harmston drew attention to the complaint of several ratepayers in the higher levels who were being pressed for payment of their water-rate by the Pontypool Gas and Water Company, whereas some of them did not get a drop of water in their houses for the whole quarter.—Mr Rosie said that several ratepayers had spoken to him about the conduct of the water company, and he had advised the people not to pay for anything they did not receive. (Laughter), Continuing, Mr Roie said I he thought the ratepayers had been very kind to the Company, because in the early summer they could have got the Company fined over and over again for non-compliance with their regulations.- After further discussion the Clerk was instructed to write to the directors of the Gas and Water Company drawing their attention to the grievances and at-king them to show some consideration.

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