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INorth Monmouthshire.



USK. I Ageni—Sfrt. B. K. Jones, Stationer CHURCH DEFENCE.—We would refer our readers to the Advertisement in another column of a public meeting to be held on Monday night, at the Town Hall, Usk, when the subject of Church Defence will be discussed- As this is a matter of the deepest interest at the present time it is hoped all will make an effort to attend. DR. R. HARRIS, M.P.—At a Conservative meeting at Penge, on Tuesday night, the following telegram, in support of Dr. Rutherfoord Harris's candidature, was read from Mr Chamberlain:—" As a native of Camberwell, I hope that the constituency of Dul- wich will again return Dr. Rutherfoord Harris to Parliament, with a triumphant majority.—Cham- berlain." THB LATB SIR E. H. CAitBurr.-Sic Edward Hamer Carbutt. first baronet, MJ.M.E., M.I.C.E., of 19, Hyde Park-gardens, W., and of Nanhurst, Cranleigh. Surrey, D.L.. J.P. Liberal M.P. for the Monmouth Boroughs, 1880—6, who died on October 8tb last, left estate of the gross value of 1103,192, of which the net personalty has been aworn at £ 89,623. CHOIR SUPPHR.—On Tuesday evening, Mr and Mra R. Rickards, of The Priory, Usk, for the third year in succession, kindly entertained the choir of Usk Parish Church at supper at "The Castle," Usk. The organist (Mr Theodore Seaton) presided, and the Rector and Curate were present. An excellent repast was, as usual, provided, and a very enjoyable social evening was spent, in the course of which the toast of Mr and Mrs Rickards was heartily drunk. TERRIBLE ACCIDENT TO A BUILDER.-We re- gret to announce that as Mr S. Shaw, builder, Mill Street, Usk, was re-bricking a well, at Mr J. Knight's new house at Common Trip, Gwehelog, on Tuesday morning, the side of the well gave way and fell upon him with great force when he was on the ladder, whereby his nose and face were terribly injured and his jaw fractured. Dr G. H. Jenkins was soon in attendance, and Mr Shaw was taken by road to Newport Hospital, where, from latest reports, he appears to be making as much progress as can be expected under the sad circumstances. He passed a fairly comfortable night on Wednesday and is bravely bearing his pain and misfortune. The greatest sympathy is felt with his wife who has spent some time with her husband since his admission to the Hospital. NEW YEAR'S PARTY.—Sir Alfred and Lady Maloney gave a dance to their servants at Cefn Tilla, on the 1st, when there were many invitad guests from Usk and Llandenny. The servants' hall had been very nicely decorated for the occasion by Mr Ducker and his gardening staff. At 8.30 p.m., Sir Alfred and Lady Maloney, with Miss Gladys Maloney and Mr H Owen Lewis (her lady- ship's father), entered the hall, and having ex- tended a cordial welcome to all, opened the dancing with Sir Roger de Coverley." At 10.30 there was on adjournment for refreshments in the house- keeper's room, after which dancing was resumed until 12.30, when Mr Joseph Murray, who had made an efficient M.C., in a neat speech, thanked Sir Alfred and Lady Maloney for their great kindness. During the evening the housekeeper, Mrs De Lnca, assisted by Miss Curly, saw that all the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and a happy time was brought to a close by the singing of Auld lang syne," and God save the King."


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