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Ur. E. E. Micholls tlie Adopted…



The Monmouth Boroughs. I


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IN n Militl Itoiiis New Year's day witnessed a Primrose League social and dance at the Tredegar Hall, when Mr and Mrs Micholls were present, and were received with great cordiality. They delivered short addresses to the Leaguers, as also did Mr Danford Thomas. Mrs Micholls is deputy-dame president of the Talbot and Tredegar'Habitation, and, in wishing the members happiness and prosperity, she said there was nothing incongruous in dancing on the eve of battle. They had a good precedent in history, and she looked upon that dance as a good omen that they would win the political Waterloo which was about to be fought. Mr Micholls also welcomed the enthusiasm that was being shown in the contest. Mr Woodcock and Mrs Joseph organised the successful meeting. At the annual dinner of the Tredegar Constitu- tional Club, where Mr L. H. Hornby presided, much patriotic enthusiasm was also diplayed.

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