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"Which will you have, Home…


"Which will you have, Home Rule or Fiscal Reform?" Three good men and true have now been adopted to champion the Unionist cause in Monmouthshire in the fast approaching General Election, which promises to be more keenly fought than any election during the last twenty years. On Friday last, Mr Balfour asked the London electors, and through them the whole country, the plain question "Which will you have, Home Rule for Ireland or Fiscal Reform for the Empire ? and the three Unionist candidates in Monmouthshire have been discussing the same question since. Like their honoured leader, Mr Balfour, they have negatived Home Rule, and have pro- nounced themselves in favour of Retaliation, or the power of bargaining with other countries so as to secure real Free Trade for England, not its counterfeit, which handi- caps us with heavy tariffs while it enables the foreigner to send his manufactured goods into this country free, and, conse- quently, to undersell us in our own markets. Unionists advocate a closer union with all our Colonies, and T7I TD DT A V T7AD T>nTmrr,Tr __0_- XVIV OJAIIIAN TKA.UJ5, J The Jrrime Minister, in his Stirling speech, which has never been contradicted, pledged himself to give Home Rule to Ireland, and his words were so unmistakable that Freeman's Journal," the Irish Home Rule organ, said on the following daY, "Every vote given for a follower of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman at the next Election is a vote given for Home Rule." Since then the United Irish League has instructed Irish electors in England to vote for Liberal candidates. In the Monmouth Boroughs, Mr Lewis Haslam, the adopted Liberal candidate, said, I cordially agree with the views of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman on the subject of Ireland." Lord Rosebery, the best Liberal of all. rightly interpreted Sir Henry to mean the separation of Ireland from England, the setting up of an Irish Parliament in Dublin, and refused to serve under that banner. Mr Asquith, and other members of the Cabinet, have tried by various sophistries to whittle away the sig- nificance of Sir Henry's promise, and Sir Edward Grey adds to the absurdity of the situation by asserting that he knows the minds of the Prime Minister and of Lord Rosebery better than they do themselves, because the fact of a Radical Government having pledged itself to grant RULE TO IRERAND I is acceptable to only a very small portion of the electorate in Eng!and, Scotland, and Wales, although as an electioneering device it might attain its object in catching Nationalist votes. In this country Home Rule for Ireland means the erection of a hostile State within sixty miles of England never-ending disputes in matters of trade and commerce, with possibly tHe exclusion of British goods by hostile tariffs; the loss of from 80 to 100 millions of English money, lent upon Irish securities; the im- portation of thousands of ruined Irish labourers to compete in the already over- crowded labour market in England the weakening of the defensive force of England, and the necessity for the maintenance of a strong fleet in St George's Channel and a large increase in the British Army; perpetual alarm and unrest in the event of Continental complications; and the commencement of the break-up of the Empire. To Ireland it means the withdrawal from that country of English capital; the surrender of the Loyalist population, whether Protestant or Catholic, to the Nationalists and their racial j animosity; the destruction of all prospects of commercial and natural prosperity and < the setting back of their country's civiliza- fcion one hundred years. It is impossible to view this appalling picture with equanimity -an Ireland rent from end to end. with 1 rival factions' jealousies and animosities. < ■11 IS IN TOUR POWER, nij_A_ I caecuors, to prevent the realization of these 1 internecine tumults. By returning Conser- j native and Unionist candidates in the com- i-nrw X11 „ J. TT native and Unionist candidates in the com-I i-nrw X11 „ J. TT I UJ.5 -UIHUUOU you can maintain tne union between Great Britain and Ireland, and strengthen the bond that unites England with her Colonies. r



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