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NEW YEAR HONOURS, j AN INDIAN LIST. I In a special supplement to the "London Gazette "issued on Sunday night a list of New Year Indian honours was announced as follows: The King has been pleased to make the follow- In a special supplement to the "London issued On Sunday night a list of New Year Indian honours was announced as follows: The King has been pleased to make the follow- ing promotions in and appointments to the Most Exalted Order of the Star of India TO BE A KNIGHT GRAND COMMANDER. I His Highness garamad-i-Raiaha-i-Bundelkhand Maharaja Mahindra Sawai Sir Pratap Singh Bahadur, G.C.I.E., of Orchha. Bahadur, G.C.I.E., of Orchha. TO BE KNIGHTS COMMANDERS: I Mr. Joseph Bampfylde Fuller, C.S.I., C.I.E., Indian Civil Service, Lieutenant-Governor of Eastern Bengal and Assam. Lieutenant-Colonel Harold Arthur Deane, C.S.I., Chief Commissioner and Agent to the Governor- General, North-West Frontier Province. Sir Edward FitzGerald Law, K.C.M.G., C.S.I., lately an Ordinary Member of the Council of the Governor-General. His Highness Raja Bhure Singh, C.I.E., of Chamba. Eleven Companions of the Order are also ap- pointed. The King has been pleased te make the follow- tng promotions in and appointments to the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire. TO BE KNIGHTS GRAND COMMANDERS: I Major-General Sir Edmond Roche Elles, K.C.B-, K.C.I.E., lately an Ordinary Member of the Council °f the Governor-General. His Highness Nawab Sidi Sir Ahmed Khan Sidi Ibrahim Khan, K.C.I.E., of Janjira. I 'U. TO BE A KNIGHT COMMANDER: I major Arthur Henry MacMahon, C.S.I., C.I.E., Political Department of the Government of India, lately British Commissioner, Seistan Arbitration Commission. There are also nineteen appointments to a Com- panionship of the Order. KNIGHTHOODS. I The King has been pleased to confer the honour of Knighthood upon the following gentlemen Mr. George Edward Knox, Indian Civil Service, Puisne Judge High Court of Judicature at Allahabad Mr. Ralph Sillery Benson, Indian Civil Service, Puisne Judge of the High Court of Judicature at Fort St. George, Madras; Mr. Harvey Adamson, C.S.I., Indian Civil Service, Chief Judge, Chief Court, Lower Burmah; Mr. Walter Charleton Hughes, C.I.E., chairman of the Bombay Port Trust, and an additional member of the Council of the Governor of Bombay for making laws and regulations; Mr. Alexander Pedler, C.I.E., Director of Public In- struction, Bengal, and Vice-Chancellor of the Calcutta University; Mr. William Dickson Cruick- shank, C.I.E., secretary and treasurer Bank of Bengal; and Mr. James Buckingham, C.I.E., lately of Assam. In the case of several notabilities an addition of two guns has been made to their salute of fifteen guns, this being an honour that is very highly prized. A number of awards are also announced of the Kaisar-I-Hind Medal for public service in India. NAVAL. I The Admiralty have made the following pro- motions in the Royal Navy: Captain Spencer Henry Metcalfe Login, C.Y.O., A.D.C., Commodore Second Class, has been pro- mated to the rank of Rear-Admiral in His Majesty's Fleet, to date January 1, 1906. The following commanders are to be captains: Drury St. Aubyn Wake, Stuart St. John Farqu- har, Herbert Orpen, Hon. Stanhope Hawke, Edward Herbert Moubray, Herbert James Ogilvy Miller, James Andrew Fergusson, Thomas Webster Kemp, C.I.E., Thomas Legge Barnardiston, Ber- tram Mordaunt Chambers, William Reginald Hall, Henry Harvey Bruce, Clement Greatorex, George Cuthbert Cayley, Allan Frederick Everett, Her- bert Bertram Pelly, M.V.O. A number of lieutenants are promoted to be commanders, and of sub-lieutenants to be lieu- tenants. Captain E. A. Simons has been appointed a Naval Aide-de-Camp to the King, in place of Commodore S. H. M. Login, promoted to flag II rank. The following appointments were made at the ¡ Admiralty on Saturday Commanders J. C. Tran- cred, to the Pelorus, and R. Sullivan, to the Pan- dora, to date 1st insfc. Lieutenants E. G. W. j Davidson, to the King Alfred, to date December j 29, and to the Bramble, in command, un- dated; E. E. Parker, to the Victory, for the Lightning, in command, and W. L. Bamber, to the King Alfred, for the Britemart, in command, undated: M. B. Baillie Hamilton, to the Emerald (1st), F. C. Fisher, to the Ganges, for the Bos- ¡ cawen III. (1st), C. D. Fenn, to the Ganges, for 1 the Boscawen II., H. Haire-Forster, to the Ganges I (G.), for Training Establishment at Shotley, and J G. P. Legard, to the Vivid, temporary, additional, < for R. N. Barracks, to date January 1. I



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