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IF DIAMONDS WERE A PENNY EACH, How common they would soon become! But they would still possess their inimit- able lustre, their extreme hardness, their matchless sparkle—they would still be diamonds. CASSELLS SATURDAY JOURNAL" costs only a humble penny-but it's u CASSELL'S SATURDAY JOURNAL" for all that; 'tis none the less brimful of entertaining reading, sparkling wit, interesting com- petitions, bright stories, quaint facts, helpful advice. "The best and cheapest pennyworth of popular literature ever produced," says The Times. Each week's issue contains particulars ot Free Insurance for Train, Steamboat, Omnibus, Tramcar, Motor Car, Cab, and Cycling accidents. IS YOURS A MUSICAL HOME? "THE MUSICAL HOW JOURNAL" is the only penny weekly of i, iund published, and the hearty, enthusi: t ic way in which lovers of music the wor < over have taken it up proves how weL-me it is in every Musical Home. It is filled with good music, easily picked up, but not easily forgotten :—Pianoforte Music, Organ Music, Harmonium Music, Violin Music, Mandoline Music, Banjo Music, Sacred Songs, Ballads, Coon Songs, Humorous Songs, etc. A regular feature is "True Stories of Famous Songs," a series of notable songs with a short and interesting account of their history. Another enjoyable feature is Melodies We Love," in which the old, old melodies so dear to the hearts of the people are reproduced. Among its regular contributors are such world-famous composers as H. Trotere, Milton Wellings, Clifton Bingham, Ed. St. Quentin, Theo Bonheur, etc. etc. THE MUSICAL HOME JOURNAL is on sale everywhere, and may also be had in Monthly Parts, 6d. Back numbers can be obtained through all booksellers, news- agents, and bookstalls. FOR EVERYONE EVERYWHERE. There's more sound information, more genuine entertainment, and more pleasing and striking illustrations in THE PENNY MAGAZINE now than ever. It is a magazine for the father, mother, son, and daughter-for the holiday, the train, the home-for everyone everywhere. It teems with bright stories, illustrated topical articles, and jokes. Illustrated Articles of special interest appear in the current issue. THE PENNY MAGAZINE can be picked up any time and enjoyed every time. Every Wednesday, id. DO YOU MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR GARDEN? Of course you do, if you care anything at all for the pleasure of gardening. But are you doing all you can to obtain the finest flowers, the best fruit, and the most succulent vegetables ? You think you are, doubtless, but if you consult "THE GARDENER" you will see where you err, and will learn many things that will be of invaluable assistance- to you in your gardening operations. So don't hesitate to place a standing order with your news- agent for this leading and most up-to-date illustrated gardening paper for amateurs. Take notice of the practical hints it gives you, and you will be surprised at the wonderful difference in the appearance of your garden after a few weeks' perusal of this journal. Don't put off ordering it until to-morrow. Procure this week's number now from your newsagent, id. TURN YOUR HOBBY INTO MONEY. "WORK" will make your hobby pay. The Saturday Review says :— It is a curious reflection, but soundly true, that there is not a person of ordinary average intelligence and strength who could not learn from WORK' how in a short time to make a living." WORK is appreciated by all who have a hobby, not only because it teems with ingenious hints, and unravels mysterious details, but because it is a reliable guide to making your hobby a paying thing. "WORK" shows how to do things in the most economical way, and in the most satisfactory way. Profusely illustrated with simple drawings. Workers from all parts of the world contribute to WORK." It is the co- operative paper for you and every worker. It is published weekly, id.; monthly, 6d. CASSELL & COMPANY, LIMITED, La Belle Sauvage, London, E.C. FOR BOYS. For boys—and girls, too—"CHUMS" is the brightest, best illustrated, best spirited, and most companionable paper. Interest- ing and good stories; helpful articles; handy hints. Never dry, never a trashy line. A paper that consciously fascinates and amuses, and unconsciously educates and elevates. "CHUMs" is published weekly, id.; and monthly, 6d. CASSELL & COMPANY. LIMITED. La Belle Sauvage, London, B.C. JOHN H. RENNIE Member of the Auctioneers Institute by Exam- lination.) AGRICULTURAL AND GENERAL AUO. TIONEER, TENANT RIGHT & TIMBER VALUER, SURVEYOR, LAND AGENT, ROTEL AND INSURANCE BROKER Newport Usk, 9" Chepstow Districts. Sales of Fat and Store Stock in NEWPORT, USK, and CHEPSTOW CATTLE MARKETS on Market Days. Horses in NEWPORT MARKET monthly. Furniture and Chattel Effects, SALEROOM periodically. Chief Offices and Saleroom:- 6 and 12, SKINNER STREET, NEWPORT. Nat. Telephone, 0625. Telegrams, Rennie Auction Fixtures. 1905. Nov. 20-Fat and Store [Stock, at Usk Cattle Market. 27—Highly Important Unreserved Sale of Dairy and Store Cattle, Flock of Cross-bred Sheep, Horses, Imple- ments, etc., at Court Perrott, Llan- degveth. —Valuable Leasehold Properties at New- port. 23-Unreserved Sale of Live Stock, Imple- ments, Harness, &c., at Five Lanes, Caerwent, for Mr Robert Jones (leav ng). 28—Unreserved Sale of Household Furni- ture and Effects, at 3, Railway Street, Newport, for Mrs Edwards. Dec. 13-Xmas Show and Sale of Fat Stock, at Newport Market. Particulars and Catalogues to be obtained from the AUCTIONEER, 6. Skinner Street Newport. By MR JOHN H. RENNIE. Court Perrott, Llandegveth, 4 Miles from'Caerleon. MR. WM. WATKINS, of Llanfrechfa House, having taken over the whole of MR. DAVID PHILLIPS' interest in this Farm as and from the 2nd inst., MR JOHN H. RENNIE has been favoured 1" ) with instructions to arrange for unreserved SALE BY AUCTION, on the Premises, ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27TH, 1905, the extensive and valuable collectson of Farming Stock, viz :— f*S) DAIRY and STORE CATTLE, including 40 OU Dairy Cows, lOO Smart, Young and Healthy Cross-bred SHEEP, 13 Young Cart MARES, NAGS, and COLTS, 2 Ricks of Prime HAY, an excellent Collection of IMPLEMENTS, MACHINES, CARTS, WAGON, HARNESS, etc. Luncheon (by ticket) at 11. Sale at 12.15 sharp. Catalogues with particulars obtainable seven days prior to Sale from the Auctioneer, Newport; also at Usk and Chepstow on Market Days. v By Messrs. MARFELL & POOLE. Black Beech Farm, Goytre, 4 miles from Usk and Pontypool, and 1 mile from Nantyderry Station. MESSRS. MARFELL & POOLE have been favoured with instructions from Mr. T. H. REES (who is relinquishing farming pursuits), to SELL BY AUCTION, on the premises as above, ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30TH, 1905, the whole of his Live and Dead Farming Stock, comprising:— lO CROSS-BRED and HEREFORD CATTLE, 10 viz.: 3 dairy cows to calve in good season, 1 barren, 10 yearling steers and heifers, 4 calves. o I STOCK EWES, 1 RAM LAMB, 2 OXFORD <Ol DOWN DITTO. 9 CART and NAG HORSES and COLTS, in- eluding cart mare, 5 years; nag mare, 6 years; cart horse, aged; ditto, yearling colt, three-years- old cob, three-years-old cart filly, ditto colt, sucker. 35 TURKEYS; 70 FOWLS.: PRODUCE.—Rick of Hay, about 10 tons; a quantity of Swedes and Mangolds; 1 ton Potatoes. IMPLEMENTS include nearly new Binder by Harrison and McGregor, Wheel Plough by Hornsby, Bouting Plough, 3 Sets of Iron Harrows, Scuffler, Horse Hoe, Shearing Machine, Chaff Machine and Horse Works, Pulper, Bambury, N.W. Cart, Milk Cart, Market Trap, Phaeton, Mowing Machine, Manual Reaper, Rick Cloth, Horse Rake, Corn Drill, Knife Grinder and Stand, Wheelbarrow, Casks and Tubs; Long, G.O., and Trap Harness;! sundry Tools, &c. Luncheon at 11.30; Sale, 12.30 prompt. Auctioneers' Offices: The Willows, Usk. .4 LORD TREDEGAR'S Agricultural and Poultry Shows, 1905. LORD TREDEGAR has fixed the 87TH AN- NUAL MEETING, to be held at the CATTLE MARKET, NEWPORT, MON., on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21ST and 22ND. The Show-yard will be open to the public on Tuesday, the 21st, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on Wednesday, the 22nd, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Trial of Hunters will take place at Coedkernew, on Tuesday, the Slefc, at 11.0 a.m. G. P. MITCHELL INNES, Tredegar Estate Office, viewport, Mon. A ..& Cyclists, Light Up! Saturday, Nov. 18th. 5.5 Sunday, „ 19th. 5.4 Monday, „ 20th. 5. 3 Tuesday, „ 21st. 5. 2 Wednesday, „ 22nd. 5. 1 Thursday, „ 23rd. 5. 0 Friday „ 24th. 4.58 Saturday, 25th 4.57 Being One hoar after Sunset, Printing of all descriptions at the ,=:. Office of this Paver. zown' | Ir "123,ow  ¿'<ú;'L'<Ij( Establitihed 1849. NEWLAND, DAVIS, & HUNT, Auctioneers, Valuers, Surveyors, g- Land Agents. Sales of Fat and Store Stock at NEWPORT Cattle Market every Wednesday; CHEPSTOW, SEVERN TUNNEL, and LYDNEY, fortnightly. Offices: 19, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT, and WELSH STREET, CHEPSTOW. Roger Edwards' Charity. Coppice Wood to be sold by Tender THE FALLAGE of CEFN BUCHAN WOOD I- and BRAKE near, containing lOa. lr. 13p., situate in the Parish of LLANGWM UCKA. All Timber and Stores ringed with white paint are reserved. The above adjoins a good road, and is an easy haul to Usk. Mr PHRROTT, of Cefn Buchan, will show the Wood. To Let by Tender. FROM 2ND FEBRUARY, NEXT, 29a. Ir. Op. of LAND, with BUILDINGS thereon, now in the occupation of the Representatives of the late MR JAMES POWELL, Wolvesnewton, near Usk. Tenders to be sent in, endorsed "Tender for Coppice or Land," on or before SATURDAY, 2ND PROXIMO, to the undersigned. The highest or any Tender not necessarily accepted. T. REES, Clerk to the Trustees. Usk, November 8th, 1905. Monmouthshire Education Committee. AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT. THE Annual Competitive Examination OF DAIRY and CHEESE SCHOOL STUDENTS for the COUNTY MEDALS and SCHOLARSHIPS will take place at the Market Hall, Abergavenny, ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7TH AND 8TH, 1905. The Medals and Scholarships will be presented to the successful competitors by The Honbie, Ailwyn Fellowes, M.P., President of the Board of Agriculture, at, the Town Hall, Abergavenny, At 3.30 p.m., ON FRIDAY, THE 8TH DECEMBER. IMPORTANT.—These Classes are open for Com- petition to those ONLY who have received instruc- tion at the Classes held under the Agricultural Department of the Monmouthshire Education Committee and are also residents in Monmouth- shire. THE USUAL EXHIBITION Of Poultry, Eggs, Butter, Cheese, Cider, Fruit Trees, Fruit, Honey, and Baskets with an Exhibit by the Shoeing Smiths of Monmouthshire, and also a COMPETITIVE CLASS IN HORSE SHOEING, will take place at the MARKET HALL, ON FRIDAY, 8TH DECEMBER, 1905. TRAIN SERVICE. On FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8TH, a SPECIAL TRAIN will be run from PONTY- POOL ROAD to MONMOUTH (TROY) in connection with the 6.25 p.m. Ordinary Train from ABERGA- VENNY, calling at LITTLE MILL JUNCTION, USK, LLANDENNY, RAGLAN, and DINGESTOW. Full Particulars, with Schedules, may be obtained from Mr. W. J. GRANT, County Council Offices, Newport, Mon. S. N. JONES, Chairman, Agricultural Sub-Committee W. J. GRANT, Director of Agricultural Education. USK CRICKET CLUB. fi CrTCLTbd IT EVENING CONCERT In Aid of the Funds of the above Club, will be held in THE TOWN HALL, USK, On Monday, November 27th, 1905. A Capital Programme has been arranged. Doora open at 7.30 p.m. Commence at 8 p.m. The Grand Piano used is kindly lent by Messrs Waugh and Son, Music Warehousemen, Monmouth. SEATS: jReserved "is.: Is.; 4" limitetl6d. Bargains! Bargains!! Bargains! Bazaar Surplus Stock and RUMMAGE SALE LLANBADOC PARISH ROOM, Wednesday, November nd, 3.0 to 5.0 p.m. Admission3d,. No reasonable offer refused.

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