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St. Petersburg Quiet.

I Alleged Railway Theft.

Naval Lieutenant Court Martialled.

I The Weather.,

I Stocks.

USK. [




I Markets.I


Markets. MONMOUTH, CATTLB, Monday.—Beef and mutton in short supply. Beef trade better. Store cattle and sheep plentiful, with a quiet trade. A secondary lot of cows and calves made from 112 to L14 .108, yearling cattle J65 10a to JE9, and two-year-old cattle changed bands slowly at from 910 to £ 14. Moderate supply of pigs, porkers being in fair demand, but all others neglected. Quotations:—Best beef, 6Jd; coarser qualities, 5id to 6d; Teal, 8d; ewe mutton, 6id to 7d; lamb, 8d per lb. Auction priceio:-The following prices were realised under the hammer of Mesers. Nelmes, Poole, and Atkins, Monmouth and Stroud :-Bullocks, X15 5-1 to X17 17a 6d; heifers, fH4 10s to £ 15 7a 6d; fat calves, A2 13s to JE3 3s store ditto, £1 13s to £ I 19a 6d ewes. 37s to 39s; lambs, ale 6d to 36s; porkers, 3le to 62a 6d. NBWPORT, CORN, Wednesday.—The attendance on 'Change here to-day waa very meagre. Business was exceptionally depressed and inactive, sellers quoting very firmly. Wheat and maize were much firmer, and from 3d to 6d per quarter dearer. Oats have advanced 3d and barley 6d per quarter on the week. Flour (fines) was offered at 24s 6d per sack. NEWPORT, CATTLE, Wednesday.—The supply of cattle on offer here to-day was about an average. Sheep and lambs were in plentiful supply, but calves and pigs wereinclined to be scarce. There was a large and speculative attendance, and aome very good business resulted in all departments at the following fignres :-Best beef 6d per lb, 4 inferior qualities 6d, fat cows 5d to 51d, best wether mutton 8d to 8id, ewe 6id to 7d, lamb 4 8!d to 9d. and calves 6d to 7d pigs-porkers 10s 6d to 10s 9d per score. NHWPORT, CHBESB, Wednesday.—Business at the cheese market here to-day showed signs of having lulled into a slow state. The supply was good and the attendance moderate. Caerphillvs fetched from 62s to 58s per cwt; fancy dairies, 59s to 60s; Derbys, 681.1 to 70s; and truckles, 5413 to 60s.


Proposed Board of Anglers…

Poor Fishing Season in the…

Double Inquest.I

The Tzar and Tzarina's Movements.

The Japanese Cruiser Squadron.

Archbishop of York Iucb Better.

Died from Plague. I

I Russian Compositors Strike.

I Discharged.

Wreck off Heligoland.