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NEWPORT. I POLICE COURT, WEDNESDAY. I THE MOTOR-CAR ACT. J W. S. Percival, of 8, Hereford-street, Newport, employed by Messrs. Thomas and Price, engineers, was charged with unlawfully driving a motor-car in Caerleon-road in a manner dangerous to the public. The proceedings were taken by the police under Section 1 of the Motor Car Act, 1903. Mr Abbott (from the Town Clerk's office) appeared in support of the police; Mr H. A. Moore (instructed by Messrs. Hornby and Baker-Jones) defended. Mr Abbott said the affair, which ended in an accident, occurred about 8.25 p.m. on August 11th. The three grounds upon which the defendant was alleged to be driving recklessly were that the car was on the wrong side of the road, no warning of its approach was given, and that be was going too fast. Mr Harry Spiers Jones, of Durham-road, a clerk at the Alexandra Dock, stated that on August 11th he was cycling in Caerleon-road on the left hand side, near the Presbyterian Church. He was riding from town towards Durham-road, and was between the kerbstone and the tram line. He noticed a tramcar near Annesley-road, and a motor-cycle came out from behind the tramcar, and approached witness on the side of the road which witness was riding-and on the motor- cyclist's wrong side. Thinking that the motor- cycle would collide with him, witness turned a bit towards the centre of the road, and rode along between the two down lines of the tramway. Immediately the motor-cycle passed him (without audible warning) he noticed a motor-car making at a very rapid rate (of 30 to 35 miles an hour) a long sweep, round the tramcar, and bearing down on his (witness's) side of the road, and, therefore, on the motor-car's wrong side, The car hit him, bicycle and all, full tilt. The bicycle was drawn under the- car, and smashed. He was knocked and injured, but whether he was thrown over the top of the car and the passengers or alongside of the car he did not know. He sustained fifteen cuts and bruises, and his clothes were torn. Mr Horace Lyne had the doctor's certificate in con- nection with other proceedings. Other-- witnesses estimated the speed at thirty miles, eighteen miles, and eighteen to twenty miles on hour. Defendant said he held a licence from Middlesex. He was an abstainer, and had never had an accident before. The car was only going eight to ten miles an .hour, and the accident occurred through Mr Jones riding on his wrong side of the road. It seemed to him that Mr Jones had his head down and was riding as hard as he could. He jode right into the motor-car. Though he was not certain defendant believed that he sounded the horn. The five magistrates retired, and the Mayor, in the result, said they had by a majority decidel to dismiss the ease. Mr Moxon Fuller said, as representing one other magistrate and himself, he wished to express the opinion that the accident was due entirely to, the horn not being sounded.


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