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I 1 1 A WORD WITH YOU. THB DK BIGGEST, BRIGHTEST AND A BEST BOYS' T^§3f PAPER IS Every rT Tuesday, price ID. BIG ■* PRIZE SCHEMES. THE VX BOYS' WORLD.0 CASSELL & COMPANY. LTD., London and all Newsagents. I 1 At A New Serial Story by WILLIAM LE QUEUX, entitled "The Spider's Eye," commences in Cassell's Magazine For JUNE, Price 6d„ which begins a Netl1 Volume. THE TIMES says:—" The contents of 'Cassell's Magazine' are beyond expectation-beyond hope." On SIIÜ at all Booksellers' and 1M Railway Bookstalls, # wit 4 A HOLlDA Y ALBUM will be Given Awa.vwiththe AIN JULY PAP T, Price 6d., Of Little 'IjpM FoiKs py Which commences a NEW VOLUME. Amongst the other attractive features in the JULY PART are:- New Serial Story by Miss E. EVERETT GREEN. entitled "PERCY VERE." Illustrated by R. LILLIE. New Serial Story by A. L. HAYDON. en- titled "A DESPERATE VENTURE." Illustrated bp T. H. ROBINSON. CASSSUL TC COMPANY, LIMITED, London; and all Boohislltrt. i»< -41 TO HOLIDAY TRA VELLERS. Each Weekly Number of Cassell's Saturday Journal price id., contains particulars of UNIQUE FREE INSURANCES. 11,000 at Death, £ 250 for Disablement. For Train, Tram, lijus, Cab, Motor Car, and Steam* boat Accidents. Also Free Insurance for Cyclists in case of Death or Injury. "The best and cheapest pennyworth of popular literature ever produced. "-Times. CASSELL & COMPANY, LTD., London; and all Booksellers. 111 JUST ADDED TO CASSELL'S SIXPENNY EDITIONS. Burlmaby's Ride to Khiva. Under the White Cockade. By HALLIWELL SUTCUFFE. By a Haies-Breadth. By HEADON HILL. The Adventures of Harry Revel. » T. QUILLER-COUCH. The Rogue's March. By E. W. HORNUNG. B A I all Booksellers, and the Railwav Bookstalls. | Registration of Voters. COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. SOUTHERN DIVISION. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that EDWARD ANNESLEY OWEN, Esquire, Barrister- at-Law, having been appointed to Revise the Lists of Voters and County Electors in the Election of Knights of the Shire for the Southern Division of the County of Monmouth and of the County Authorities, will bold Courta for that purpose at the places and times, and for the several Parishes and Places respectively undermentioned, viz:— AT MONMOUTH. At the Shire Hall, on WEDNESDAY, the 13th day of September next, at 12.15 o'clock in the Afternoon, for- Cwmcarvan Penalt Dixton Rockfield Mitchel Troy Wonastow Monmouth AT TRELLECK, At the Police Court, on WEDNESDAY, the 13th day of September next, at 4.30 o'clock in the Afternoon, for- Llandogo Trelleck Parish Llanishen Trelleck Grange Llanvibangel Tor-y- Trelleck Town mynydd AT USK, At the Sessions House, on THURSDAY, the 14th day of September next, at 11.30 o'clock in the Forenoon, for Bettws Newydd Llanllowell Gwehelog Llantrissent Gwernesney Monkswood Kemeys Commander Newchurch East Llanbadoc Newchurch West Llangeview Trostrey Llangibby Usk Llangwm Isba Wolvesnewton Llangwm Ucha. AT RISC A, At the Urban District Council Offices, on MONDAY, the 25th day of September next, at 11 o'clock in the Forenoon, for— Dnffryn Graig Risca Rogerstone AT NEWBRIDGE, At the Newbridge Hotel, on TUESDAY, the 26th day of September next, at, 11.10 o'clock in the Forenoon, for- Abercarn Mynyddislwyn AT RAGLAN, At the Police Court, on WEDNESDAY, the 27th day of September next, at 11.45 o'clock in the Forenoon, for- Bryngwyn Llanarth Clytha Pare Grace Dieu Dingestow and Hamlet Penrose of Treworgan Penyclawdd Llangoven Raglan Llandenny Tregare Llansoy AT BEDWAS, At the Council School, Bedwas, on THURSDAY, the 28th day of September next, at 10.60 o'clock in the Forenoon, for- Bedwas Lower Machen Lower Bedwas Upper Machen Upper AT CASTLETON, At the Coach and Horses Inn, on THURSDAY, the 28th day of September next, at 4.20 o'clock in the Afternoon, for- Marshfield Rumney Vlichaelstone-y-Vedw St. Mellons Peterstoae AT NEWPORT. At the Town Hall, on THURSDAY, the 28th day ,f September next. at 6 o'clock in the Afternoon, lor— Bettws Nash Coedkernew Newport Christchurch St. Brides Wentlooge Ffenllis St. Woollos Ma!pas AT CHEPSTOW, At the Police Court, Chepstow, on FRIDAY, the 29th day of September next, at 11.30 o'clock in the Forenoon, for- Caerwent and Crick Penterry Caldicot Portskewett Chapel Hill St. Arvans and Hamlet Chepstow and Hardwick of Portcasseg Dinbam St. Arvans Grange Bowick St. Kingsmark ftton St. Pierre and Runstone Kilgwrrwg Shirenewton Mathern Tintern Parva Mounton AT MAGOR, At the Non-Provided School, on FRIDAY, the 29th day of September next, at 5.20 o'clock in the Afternoon, for— Biehton Llanvair Discoed Goldcliff Llanvihangel Roggiett lfton Magor Llangstone and Llan- Penhow beder Red wick Llanmartin and Llan- Roggiett devaud St. Brides Netherwent Llanwern Undy Llandavenny Wilcrick Llanvaches Whitson AT CAERLEON, At the Police Court, on SATURDAY, the 30th day of September next, at 9.30 o'clock in the Forenoon, for- Caerleon Llanddewi Vach Kemeys Inferior Llanbennoc Llangattock-juxta- Llanvihangel Llantarnam Caerleon Llanfrechfa Lower Llandegveth Tredunnoc AN EVENING SITTING. AT NEWBRIDGE, At the Newbridge Hotel, on TUESDAY, the 26th day of September next, at 6 o'clock p.m. AT NEWPORT, At the Town Hall, on THURSDAY, the 28th day of September next, at 6 o'clock p.m. The punctual attendance of Overseers at the time fixed is required. Overseers are requested to attend personally, together with their Assistants, and to bring with them to the Revising Barrister's Court the several Notices of Claims of Voters, Occupiers' Lists, and all Notices of objections to Voters, and Notices of Withdrawal or Revival of Objections, sent or delivered to them, with all Bills, Receipts, and Vouchers for expenses incurred by them; also all rates made for the Relief of the Poor between the 5th January, 1904, and the 15th day of July, 1905. Overseers are also required to Publish this Notice in their respective Parishes and Places. N.B.—Neglect of duty in any particular required (as set forth in the Act of 6 Victoria, Chap. 18, and subsequent Acts), will subject an Overseer to a Fine not exceeding Five Pounds, nor less than Twenty Shillings. H. STAFFORD GUSTARD, Clerk of the County Council. Newport, Mon., 23rd August, 1905. J GGJM n — RIDE —I 111,1 ALLDAYS that Mooey EXTRACTORS to the War Rand other W W W CYCLES Allcfaya & Onions Pneumatic Engineering: Co. Ltd. Allcfaya & Onions Pneumatic Engineering: Co. Ltd. London Showrooms.— BIRMINGHAM. 4 *°> Bucklersbufy, fiUuulon Hons*. Bt<r« GOOD COALS! CHEAP COALS!! y THE PHOENIX COAL COMPANY, LTD., WILL OPEN A A k, DEPOT AT USK RAILWAY STATION, ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 4TH, 1905, FOR THE SALE OF ALL KINDS OF HOUSE AND STEAM COAL AT VERY MODERATE PRICES. W Best Forest Mouse Coal a Specialitl#. -a Large or small quantities delivered into your Cellars. Truck Loads at Colliery Prices. Local Agent: Mr. JAMES KNIGHT, Senr. HEAD OFFICE: ROSS. DnPbTS: ROSS, KERNE BRIDGE, MONMOUTH, AND USK. Registration of Voters. PARLIAMENTARY AND MUNICIPAL BOROUGH OF MONMOUTH. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that EDWARD ANNESLEY OWEN, Esquire, Barrister-at- law, having been duly appointed to Revise the Lists of Voters in the Election of a Member for the Parliamentary Borough of Monmouth, and also the Lists of Persons entitled to be enrolled as Bur- gesses of the Municipal Borough of Monmouth, will hold Courts for those purposes AT MONMOUTH, At the SHIRB HALL, on WEDNESDAY, the 13TH day of SEPTEMBER, 1905, at 12.15 p.m., FOR THE BOROUGH OF MONMOUTH, AND AT USK, At the SESSIONS HousR. on THURSDAY, the 14TH day of SEPTEMBER, 1905, at 11.30 a.m., FOR THE BOROUGH OF USK. The Overseers of every Parish are required to attend and bring with them to the Revising Barrister's Court the several Notices of Claims of Voters, and all Notices of Objections to Voters sent or delivered to them, relating to their re- spective Parishes or Places, and all rates made for the relief of the Poor at their respective Parishes or Places, between the 5th day of January, 1904, and the 20th day of July in the present year. BICKERTON H. DEAKIN, Town Clerk of the Borough of Monmouth. Monmouth, August 25th, 1905. — —— — JOHN H. RENNIE Member of the Auctioneers Institute by Exam- ination.) AGRICULTURAL AND GENERAL AUC- TIONEER, TENANT RIGHT & TIMBER VALUER, SURVEYOR, LAND AGENT, HOTEL AND INSURANCE BROKER Newport. Usk, 8f Chepstow Districts. Sales of Fat and Store Stock in NEWPORT, USK, and CHEPSTOW CATTLE MARKETS on Market Days. Horses n NEWPORT MARKET monthly. Furniture and Chattel Effects, SALEROOM periodically. Chief Offices and Saleroom:- £ 6: and 12, SKINNER STREET, NEWPORT. Nat. Telephone, 0625. Telegrams, Rennie"' Auction Fixtures. 1905. Sept. 4—Fat and Store Stock, Usk! Cattle, Market. 5—Fat and StoreJJStook, Chepstow Cattle Market. 6-Fat and Store Stock, Newport Cattle Market. 8—Household Furniture and Effeets, at Salerooms, 12, Skinner Street (re- moved for convenience of Sale). 11-Important Unreserved Sale of Live and Dead Farming Stock, Produce, and Effects, at Maesmawr Farm, Glas- coed, for Mr and Mrs Thomas (who are leaving). 12-Important Clear-out Sale of Prize-bred and High-class Poultry, at Llangibby Castle, Mon., the property of Dr Rutherfoord Harris, M.P. (who is giving up Poultry breeding). II-Eal and Store Stock, Newport Cattle Market. 13-Stock Ewes, Newport Cattle Market. 13—Freehold and Leasehold Properties, in Maindee and Lliswerry, Newport, 18—Fat and Store Stock, Usk Cattle Market. V 19-Fat and Store Stock, Chepstow Cattle Market. 20-Fat and Store Stock, Newport Cattle Market. 20-Stock Ewes, Newport Cattle Market. 21-Shire-Bred Colts, Cart and Nag Horses, at Caerleon Fair. 27-Fat and Store Stock, Newport Cattle Market. 27—Important Sale of Freehold Pasture Lands, Cottage and Garden, situate at Redwick and Bishton, belonging to the Estate of the late Mr Bv. Gale. Particulars and Catalogues to be obtained from the AUCTIONEER, 6, Skinner Street Newport. Llangibby Castle, Within 3 miles of the Market Town of USK, MONMOUTHSHIRE. Important Unreserved Dispersal Sale of the whole of the Prize-winning and Highly-bred Poultry; Also 16 Sectional Fowl Houses Of various sizes, WIRE RUNS, NETTING, TIMBER, APPLIANCES, and SUNDRIES, the Property of Dr. F. Rutherfoord Harris, M.P., Who is giving up Poultry Keeping, and which JOHN H. RENNIE has been favoured hwith instructions to conduct, as above, On TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12TH, 1905, At 1.30 p.m. Details in Catalogues, obtainable 7 days prior to Sale, from Mr. S. COOK, Head Poultryman at the Castle, or the AUCTIONEER, Newport and Usk. By Messrs. MARFELL & POOLE. Usk and Llandenny, Monmouth- shire. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY FOR SALE, WHICH MESSRS MARFELL & POOLE have been instructed to OFFER BY AUCTION, at the THREE SALMON'S HOTEL, USK, on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8TH, 1905, at 3 o'clock in the Afternoon (subject to the Common Form Conditions of the Monmouthshire Incorporated Law Society), and to such Special Conditions of Sale as shall then be produced, LOT I.-All that desirable FREEHOLD DWEL- LING HOUSE, with Garden at rear, known as 14 P ortland House," situate in BRIDGE STREET, USK, and having a frontage thereto of 44 feet, or thereabouts, now in the occupation of MR. R. A. ROGERS. Early possession can be had of this Lot. LOT 2.—All that Freehold Cottage and Garden, with Outhouse and Pigstye, situate at the KING- COED, LLANDENNY, in the occupation of MRS BLAKE, at a rental of jE5 4s. per annum. There is an excellent spring of water on the premises. For further particulars as to Lot 1 apply to MESSRS. GUSTARD & WADDINGTON, Solicitors, Usk; as to Lot 2, MESSRS. WATKINS & CO., Solicitors, Pontypool: or to the AUCTIONEERS, Usk. Usk Market, Monday, September 4th, 1905. MESSRS MARFELL & POOLE will OFFER IfJL BY AUCTION, at 10.30 a.m. to Superior Oxford Down Ram Lambs, bred by, and the property of, MR. GEORGE PRICHARD, The Peargoed, Llandenny, Usk Higher Grade School (endowed). FORMERLY USK GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Scholarship Examinations. AN EXAMINATION will be held at the above School on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2ND, at 2 p.m., for the purpose of awarding one Scholarship for a boy or girl. The Examination will be based on Standard V. work of the Elementary Education code, and tests will be given in the following subjects Arithmetic, Reading, Writing, Composi- tion, Geography, and History. Alternative ques- tions will be set in Geography on each of the Continents, and in History alternative questions will be set on each of the periods. The Scholarship entitles the holder to free tuition, books and stationery for one year, and may be renewed if satisfactory. The next term will commence on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5TH, 1905. Candidates for admission must have reached a standard of attainment equivalent to that of Standard IV. of an Elementary School. An Ex- amination for admission will be held the same time as above. Boys' Department.-Subjects: English, including Reading, Writing, Spelling, Composition, Grammar, and Literature; Mathematics: Arith- metic, Algebra, Euclid, and Mensuration; Lan- guages Latin and French; Geography, History, Science, Drawing, and Physical Training. The School has splendidly equipped Manual Training Rooms for the teaching of Woodwork, the latest Educational Development. Girls' Department.—Subjects: English, including Reading, Writing, Spelling, Recitation, English Author, Composition, and Grammar, Arithmetic, Geography, History, Plain and Fancy Needlework, Domestic Economy, Drawing, and Physical Training. Fees (16 weeks at 9d. per week) 12s. per term. All books and stationery free. Pupils prepared for the Oxford Local Examina- tions. For further particulars apply to the HEAD MASTER, MR. A. J. SMART; or to me, the undersigned, A. H. WATKINS, Ty Newydd, Usk. Clerk. THE WELSH INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION ACT. Usk Higher Grade School THE SCHOLARSHIP MANAGERS announce i. that they are able to offer TWO BUR- SARIES to children attending, or who wish to attend, the Usk Higher Grade School. Each Bursary will be a money payment granted at the discretion of the Scholarship Managers, and it is hoped it will enable a parent, otherwise unable, to keep his child at school for a longer period. It will be awarded on application to the Scholar- ship Managers, such application to be made on a form supplied by the undersigned on or before the 2ND day of SEPTEMBER. A. H. WATKINS, Clerk to the Scholarship Managers. 23rd August, 1905. é, MARYPORT STREET, USK. Ladies' School, PELINCIP.&L miss E. MERRETT. Boys under Ten received. Next Term Day, SBPTEMEBB 3TH, Abergavenny Horse Show and Agricultural Association. Aimt mmON OF HORSES & AGRICULTURAL STOCK. Special Jumping & Trotting Prizes, 9640. SPECIAL TIMBERING PRIZES, 9,24 WILL BE HELD IN Bailey Park, Abergavenny, ox Thursday, 7th September, 1905. SPECIAL ATTRACTION :-The Celebrated Ferndale Prize Band has been en- gaged for the day. Entries Close August 22nd (Double Fees September 1st.) SECS Messrs JAMES STRAKER & SON, Auctioneers, Valuers, and Estate Agents, Abergavenny. County Courts in Circuit 24. COURTS will be held at the several Court-town on this Circuit, before His Honour JUDGB OWEN, the Judge thereof, on the days and at the me hereunder mentioned: Time, a.m. Aug Oct Nov. CHEPSTOW 10 31 2 BARRY 10 1 3 31 CARDIFF 10 2 4 1 „ 10 3 5 2 „ 10 4 6 3 10 5 7 4 Abergavenny 10 14 9 BLAENAVON. 10 6 TREDEGAR 9.30 8 10 7 Pontypool 10 9 11 8 Newport 10.30 10 12 9 „ 10.30 11 13 10 MONMOUTH 10 15 21 11 ROSS 9.30 12 I4 — Crickhowell 11 16 20 Usk 11 17 19 4th Volunteer Battalion South Wales Borderers. G COMPANY, USK. Orders for the Week ending Sept. 9th, 1905. Monday, Sept. 4th.-Company Drill; Dress Plain clothes, waist belt, and frog, 7.30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 6th.-Class Firing and Team Practice, at 2.30 p.m. Thursday, Sept 7th.-Meeting of Band Com- mittee at Armoury, 7 p.m. sharp. General Meeting of Members of the Band and those interested in them, 7.30 p.m. Members who have not yet completed number of drills, or class firing, are requested to do so as soon ae possible. By order, H. J. WILLCOX, Captain, Commanding G Company. APPOINTMENTS, &c.. FOR WEEK Ending September 9th, 1905. Sept. Sat 2—Pontypool Petty Sessions. Cricket-Usk v. Ponthir, at Usk. Sun. 3-Eleventh Sunday after Trinity. Mon 4—Usk Market, Sale of Oxford Down Ram Lambs, by Messrs Marfell and Poole, at the Cattle Market, Usk. (See Advt.) Tues. 5—Abergavenny Market. Wed. 6—Newport Cattle, Corn, and Cheese Markets. Abergavenny Petty Sessions. Thurs. 7-Usk Petty Sessions. Annual Exhibition of the Abergavenny Agricultural Association, in Bailey Park. (See Advt.) Fri. 8-Sale of Desirable Freehold Property, in Usk and Llandenny, Monmouthshire, at the Three Salmon's Hotel, Usk, by Messrs Marfell and Poole. (See Advt.) Sat. 9-Pontypool Petty Sessions. Cricket—Usk v. Penarth, at Usk. ::7 Mr. Clay's Subscription Otter Hounds WILL MEET NEXT WEEK (WATER PERMITTING) Tuesday, September 5th..Awre Station, 10.40 a.m Friday, September 8th. Malpas Locks, 9.45 a.m Cyclists, Light Up! Saturday, Sept. 2nd. 7.44 Sunday, „ 3rd. 7.41 Monday, „ 4th. 7.39 Tuesday, „ 5th. 7.37 Wednesday, 6th. 7.35 Thursday, 7th. 7.33 Fri. 8th. 7.30 Saturday, 9th. 7.28 Being One hour after Sunset. \VVij PkASMON makes the most deli cioua Whipped Cream f0T Tea, Coffee, Straw berries, Stewed Fruits- A Packet^ snffl Whipped Cream and an improved wheel whisk. 1/3 post free. f /ffl PLASMON, k r <1 irarrinadon j?# London*

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