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The Empress of Germany's private wedding present to her relations always consists of a very plain travelling clock; for she values among all other virtues that of punctuality. Many curious instances of old laws may still be found in England. In Chester the man who fails to raise hIS hat when a. funeral is passing becomes liable by an old law to be taken before a magistrate and imprisoned. Sweden's supply of peat seems inexhaustible. In the province of Norrbotten alone there are 8,648,000 acres of moss land, and the total quan- tity of peat is estimated to equal a supply for two centuries of the present coal import to Sweden. Instead of calling in the aid of a surgeon when his son broke a leg a resident of Soyenau, Germany, conveyed the youth to the village car- Eenter, who hacked off the entire limlb with a atchet. The poor fellow died a few hours afterwards. 'he sale at Stone, Staffordshire, of rare duplicate orchids selected from the Walton Grange collection resulted in some enormous prices being realised. In the case of two orchids the figures were 270 guineas a piece, and others realised as much as 240 guineas and 200 guineas each. A singular story of egg-swallowing comes from Maritzburg, the capital of Natal. A well- known citizen made a bet with a local auc- tioneer that he would swallow forty-two raw eggs in ten minutes. He performed the task in eight minutes, and then offered to swallow sixty raw eggs in fifteen minutes. During the past two years the following mem- bers of the feathered tribe have flown through the windows of one of the chief G.W. Railway offices at Paddington Station: A parrot, a para- quet, a thrush, a love bird, a dove, two pigeons, and innumerable sparrows. The famous estate of Glen Tana- on Deeside, Aberdeenshire, which the late Sir William Cun- liffe Brooks left to his grandson, Mr. Ean Francis Cecil, is in the market. It consists of several farms, a grouse moor, and a deer forest, the whole extending to some 29,200 acres, valued at a little more thin £ 6,000 a year. It is the finest estate offered for sale on Deeside for many years.