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ANGLING. The river was in a state of flood from Friday in last week until Tuesday, in consequence of the recent heavy rains, and angling was at a standstill. The river is now, however, in fine condition, and. given fine weather, anglers should enjoy a consider- able amount of sport during the holidays. Tiier0 are at present more season ticket-holders residing in the town than for some time past. SALMON KILLS. Wednesday, April 12th-Captain Phillips, ones lOlbs. Thursday, April 13th—Captain Phillips, ones 2llbs. Tuesday, April 18th—^Mr J. B. Curtis. one, 121ibs, in Prioress Flat; Mr R. Rickards, ooe" 101bs, in the Bindings; Mr Russell Gray, one. 30Jbs; Captain Phillips, one. Wednesday, April 19th-MsJor Trevor, one, 11 Jibs, in the Lower Pandy; Mr H. W. Pride, 2 one, 91bs, in the Bindings; Mr R. St John Beahley, in the Llan. TROUT CATCHES. Wednesday, April 19th-Mr E. Bishopp, 2 brace. A few trout have also been taken with tha worat in the Brooks.