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CURRENT SPORT. tr FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION- CHAL- LENGE CUP. ASTON VILLA'S VICTORY. I The thirty-fourth annual competition for the Association Challenge Cup was finished on Satur. day at the Crystal Palace in the presence of a vast crowd estimated at about 100,000, the finalists being Newcastle United, for the first time in the history of the club, and Aston Villa. The Villa had played in four previous finals, and had thrice won the Cup. Both sides had splendid records this season, but Newcastle United, in virtue of their consistent form, which has carried them to the verge of the League championship, were rather the favourites. The teams were at full strength. EARLY SCORING. I Losing the toss, the Villa started the game, with both wmd and sun facing them, promptly at half- past three. They got the ball out to Brawn, who made a ripping centre. Carr cleared, but in three minutes the Villa scored. Leake began the attack. and Hampton went through, and, getting the ball again from the left, got the first goal of the match. s Newcastle attacked strongly for a few moments, and George had some hard work to do, but the Villa's long kick and rush game again told well. The outside wings were well fed, and from the I long passes Hampton missed two chances, and in two other instances Lawrence saved magnificently. Aston Villa continued to have the run of the game, but Newcastle occasionally attacked, and Howie missed a great chance when, with an open goal, he shot over the bar. The Villa backs were good, but were twice in difficulties, and by sheer luck Spencer and Miles cleared when Gosnell and Appleyard were almost through. The Newcastle goal then had a marvellous escape. From a corner by Hall the ball hit the bar and fell at Brawn's feet, only for the latter to miss an easy goal, while Lawrence finally cleared. The play became even, and there was a shot at each end by Appleyard and (Jar- ratty. The Villa then had most of the play. Brawn was twice away in great style, but kicked behind, and then, in a strong attack from the left wing, Bache put in a terrific shot just outside the United posts. The United attacked, and looked to have a chance, but the off-side rule was broken. Then came half-time, the Villa leading by one goal to none. SECOND HALF. I When the sides settled down on resuming, New- castle were rather hard pressed. Brawn did good work on the left, and Bache steadied himself and put in a terrific shot that was just wide. Gosnell and Veitch broke away on Newcastle's left, and the ball coming across, Howie shot. The men were on George before he could clear, and he fell. There was a scrimmage, and when George found his feet he was penalised for carrying the ball. From the free kick close up to the posts the ball went to Aitken, who shot over. After this exciting incident the Villa paid a visit to the other end, and Bache sent in a stinging shot that was just wide of the posts. It was fast, strenuous foot- ball, lut Newcastle were now getting more of the play. Spencer and Miles did great work in defense, and Leake, too, was always strong at htlf. Newcastle were making a splendid fight in spite of the sun and wind. Then was a slight delay through an injury to L<ake. Newcastle continued to do most of the presiing, but Aston defended splendidly, and had mosl of the luck. In a break-away Hampton just heated over for the Villa, and for the moment Lavt-ence was hurt in the charge. The last tweity minutes was reached, and both sides were shoring signs that the pace was telling. Then Hatpton went down, and passed out to Hall; Hall eho and Lawrence saved, but Hampton got the bat from the rebound and put it through. Aston Via thus led by two goals to none. There was sefreely a quarter of an hour left for play. The Vila finished grandly, and almost scored again in twi instances. Then came Time," and Aston Vila had won a brilliant victory by two goals to ooie. They had played splendid football, and ther win- was quite merited. Teams; 8ton Villa.—George, goal; Spencer and Miles, oaks; Pearson, Leake, and Windmill, half-backs; Btwn and Garratty (right wing), Hampton (entre), and Bache and Hall (left wing), for- wrds. Newcastle United.—Lawrence, goal; Carr and UcCombie, backs; MacWilliam, Aitken, and Grdner, half-backs Howie and Rutherford 0*ht whig), Appleyard (centre), and Veitch and Gbnell (left wing), forwards. leferee: Mr. P. R. Harrower. THE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP. I iy their victory over Small Heath on Saturday Erton greatly increased their chances of winning tt championship. This enabled them to lead tl First League table with 45 points in 31 matches, Nvcastle United, with 42 in 30 games, being sond, and Manchester City, with 42 in 31 games, bug third. Middlesbrough accomplished a gd performance in winning by two goals at Eckburn, and they are now practically safe from rtgation to the Second Division at the end of t1 season. Notts County at last managed to a game, just beating Woolwich Arsenal on the Iter's ground, The results were: Everton beat Sail Heath, at Everton, by two goals to one. JSdlesbrough beat Blackburn Rovers, at Black- bn, by two goals to none. Stoke beat Bury, at Eke, by two goals to none. Notts County beat ^olwich Arsenal, at Plumstead, by two goals to 0. Manchester City and Sheffield Wednesday CiW, at Manchester, one goal all. LEAGUE—DIVISION II. I lanchester United v. Burton United: At fochester, Manchester United won by five goals fione. Bolton Wanderers v. Burslem Port Vale: 4 Bolton, the Wanderers won by three goals lone. -Barnsley v. West Bromwich Albion: JBarnsley, the game ended in a draw, each fc scoring once. Lincoln City v. Grimsby wn: Played at Lincoln and left drawn, ihing being scored. Leicester Fosse v. rnley: At Leicester, a good game ended a draw—two goals each. Bradford City v. ickpool: At Bradford, Bradford City won by "•ee goals to one. Glossop v. Gainsborough tnity At Glossop, Glossop won by three goals one. Chesterfield v. Doncaster Rovers At lesterfield, Chesterfield won by four goals to e. Bristol City v. Liverpool: At Bristol, a bd game ended in a win for Liverpool by one al to none. THE SOUTHERN LEAGUE. I Bristol Rovers had a hard task on Saturday in e Southern League in meeting' Reading, on e latter's ground, but they managed to draw the atch, while Southampton, who had the advan- ge of playing at home, failed against Millwall, iing beaten by two goals. The result of these vo games left Bristol Rovers at the head of the Ible, three points ahead of Reading and outhampton, all three clubs having played le same number of matches. The re- alts were Millwall beat Southampton, at Southampton, by three goals to one. West Jam United beat Northampton, at Upton-park, by .'I've goals to one. Queen's Park Rangers beat Ful- ham, at Fulham, by two goals to one. Tottenham otspur beat Wellingborough, at Wellingborough, Wftt?eJQaI fc0 none* Watford beat Brentford, at beat °o ky one goal to none. Plymouth Argyle one R°rtamouth, at Plymouth, by two goals to Town and Hove Albion beat Swindon Bromntnr. ^"Shton, by two goals to none. New goals to oneeaT? i°n' at.BromPton< by two at Reading, on^oa!*?!! Bnsto1 Rovers drew> TIiEMIDEX CUP. I 4- Ealing and the London (wlf8-6* P' at Shepherd's-bueh on satlf^nS,i.WaS d«Clded dose game, in which, however ^e foJtbLn reach a high standard, Ealfcg'^n^^Vbl two goals to one. The London Caledonians had the better £ the first half, but they missed °evS chances. They led at the interval by one goal to none, but in the second half Ealing scored twice won as stated. THE SCOTTISH CUP. Third Lanark won the replayed final tie of the competition for the Scottish Cup, at Glasgow, on Saturday, beating Glasgow Rangers by three goals to one. EAST OF SCOTLAND SHIELD. Heart of Midlothian v. Hibernians.—This final tie in the East of Scotland Shield competition ended at Edinburgh in a draw of two goals each. RUGBY. NORTHERN UNION CUP. Two matches in the Semi-final were played as follows on Saturday. Hull Kingston Rovers, 10; Broughton Rangers, 6. Warrington, 7 Bradford, 2. NORTHERN UNION LBAGUE. First Division: Wigan, 20 points; Oldham, 2. Salford, 21; Wakefield Trinity, 0. Swinton, 10; Runcorn, 3. Batley, 14; Hull, 5. Leigh, 6 Widnes, 2. Halifax, 14 Hunslet, 5. Leeds 10; St. Helens, 5. Second Division: Lancaster, 2; Normanton, 0. Dewsbury, 12; Pontefract, 2. Huddersfield, 21; Bramley, 13. DURHAM CUP. Hartlepool Rovers v. Durham City: In this final tie at South Shields the Hartlepool Rovers were successful by four goals (one dropped) to a dropped goal. CLUB MATCHES. Newport v. London Welsh: In this game at Newport the home team were[ successful by two goals and four tries to a goal. Northampton v. Nuneaton: Playing on their own ground, Northampton won by seven goals (kicked by Cocking) and two tries to nothing. Neath v. Aberavon: A good game at Neath ended in a victory for the home club by a try to nothing. Exeter v. Cinderford: After a keen struggle, this match at Exeter ended in a draw of a try each. Coventry v. Bedford: At Coventry, the home side winning by a goal and a try to a try. Bath v. Clifton: A" draw of a try each was the result of this game at Bath. Leicester v. Old Edwardians: On their own ground, Leicester won by a goal and four tries to a goal. Stroud v. Gloucester: The Gloucester team won at Stroud by a dropped goal and four tries to two tries. Bristol v. Swansea: Bristol were beaten at home by three goals (one dropped) and a try to nothing. Bridgwater Albion v. Penarth: At Bridgwater, the home club winning by four tries to a dropped goal. Torquay Athletic v. Devonport Albion At Torquay, the home club being success- ful by a goal and three tries to a penalty goal and a try. Llanelly v. Cardiff After a hard game at Llanelly, the Cardiff team won by a try to nothing.






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