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-M,O.H. at once reported to the Clerk what he "thought of the water supply. The persons occupy- ing the house said they did not use the water out of the pump, but obtained it from the pump at "Ponthir Works. Both houses were now occupied. They also visited the new house recently built at Spokes Farm, by the authorities of Jesus College. The well at this house was incomplete, and there was no drainage to the cowshed, pigstye, or fltable. This was to be done this week. On a Hater visit be found nothing done, and the house occupied. He was very sorry to say there had been an outbreak of diphtheria in the district. Four cases had been reported at Coedygwilog. Xlauthewy Vach. Dr Jenkins and he had inspected the premises but c uld ffnd nothing that would be likely to cause the outbreak. They were iinformed by the mother that, one of the children ,came home from school ill in the first place. They were also given to understand that sore throats "Were very prevalent in the neighbourhood. There were two surface drains which they recommended -extending down the lane, so as to deposit further sfrom the house. He (rhe Inspector) had supplied -disinfectants on two occasions, and on a later visit njfound the patients getting on well. THE HOLLY HEDGE. I The Clerk read the letter from Miss Baker in .-which she stated that the Council, in repairing the village well, entirely destroyed, without her consent, a good live hedge, and put a few dead trees in its place. She would be glad if the Council would bank up the hedge and plant it with quick; otherwise she would have to get it done and charge ,the Council with it. The Clerk paid if it was so destroyed, the Council ought, to repair it where it was broken. Mr Williams: I was under the impression it was always a dead hedge; I never saw any holly there. The Surveyor stated that the tenant said it was a good high holly hedge and she could not look over it. He, however, never saw any holly there. Mr Williams, the councillor for the district, was iffequeeted to make an inspection of the hedge, and report at the next meeting. THE NEW HOUSES AT PONTHIR. I With regard to the new house at Stokes' Farm, Dr Jenkins wrote stating that a pump had been -fixed, and there seemed to be a satisfactory water fiupplv the well was not yet complete and covered -in. There was an entire absence of surface drains. He strongly recommended the water being analysed from the well at Mr Jones' houses, Ponthir, as the water in a well adjacent was not satisfactory. The Chairman I suppose it is our duty to get this water analysed. The Clerk said it cost a guinea for analysis. "They had no power to grant a certificate until their officers were satisfied. The Chairman: Supposing you get this water Analysed and it is not fit, what is our position ? The Clerk: You can prosecute. The Council decided to have the water analysed, -,on the proposition of Mr Charles, seconded by Mr Williams. THB ROAD AT WHITEHALL. I The Rev Jones stated that the draining at "Whitehall had improved the road very much. THE BRIDGES AT UPPER MARDY. I With regard to the footbridges at Upper Mardy r it was remarked that they never had been arepaired by the Council, and it was decided to disclaim any liability. COMPLAINTS. I The Chairman said complaints had been made at Glascoed by those people who had plashed their hedges that Mr Ponsford had not attended to his, and he asked why it bad not been done. The Surveyor said he had seen Mr Ponsford, in "Newport, and he promised to attend to it. Mr Griffin also cotnplHiued of the very bad state of the road near the Paddocks, Glascoed, and the "Surveyor was instructed to see to the matter J jbefore the next meeting.