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PONTYPOOL RUR\L DISTRICT COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of the Pontypool Rural District Council was held at the Sessions Honse, Usk, on Friday afternoon in last week, Mr S. T. J.P., C.C. (chairman), presiding. There were also present:—The Rev W. W. Jones, Messrs. W.. Charles (vice-chairman), Richard Williams, Thomas Whitley, T. Watkins (clerk), and R. Derrett (surveyor, &c.). I FINANCE. A balance in favour of the Council of £ 53 138 Set, was reported. The Clerk said that, in accordance with instructions at the last meeting, he had prepared an amended estimate for the ensuing year. I THE AVON TERRACE WATER SUPPLY. A number of letters were read by the Clerk with regard to the Avon Terrace water supply. It was decided recently to write to a Mrs Lewis and the Vicar of St. Arvan's to see if a supply could be found on their property. The former stated that she could not let the Council have the water on any terms, as in the dry weather there was only enough to supply her farm. The Vicar of St. Arvan's stated that he would like a few days- to consider the matter before giving a reply. He could not specify any terms until he made some enquiries. The Clerk said they were now limited to any supply they could get from the Vicar of St. Arvan's property. It seemed watery land. Mr Richard Williams said there was plenty of water on that land anywhere. The Clerk: There is this difficulty with the Vinar of St. Arvan's-he cannot grant us any term longer than his life, because it is glebe land. The Council cannot get fixity of tenure. Mr Griffin: Supposing we have to sink in that field how are you going to syphon the water out ? Mr Charles: First of all we must have con- sent. Mr Griffin said he could not see how they were going to get the water away from there if they sank 20 or 24 feet down. Could not the well be sunk close to the houses ? The Clerk: That would be too close to the river. The Chairman said they would get plenty of water in 15 feet; it meant employing Mr Lougher or someone. The Clerk: We are bound to seek competent- advice. Mr Griffin remarked that Mrs Lewis had written that in dry weather there was only enough water for the farm, but he knew better than that. Mr Charles suggested that the Chairman and Clerk should meet on the spot, the Clerk in the meantime to write to the Vicar of St. Arvan's and get some idea of his charges. The Council adopted Mr Charles' suggestion. I THB MONKSWOOD WATER SUPPLY. Letters were read from the Marquis of Bute's agent with regard to the water supply at Monks- wood. The Chairman said he had been over there that afternoon, and found there was much more water coming out of the pipes than for years past. Still, they would like to have more. He thought it was going on satisfactorily, however. The pipes were at one time nearly filled with the roots of Trees. I PBNTOPIN ROAD, PONTHIB. After a discussion with regard to the repairing of this road, the Clerk was requested to write ro. the Magor Rural District Council, asking them too defray half the cost. THE COUNTY COUNCIL. A letter was read from the Llanfrechfa Lower Parish Council asking the Council to approach the County Council with a view to obtaining a grant of £ 30 towards the maintenance of the Black Road. Mr Griffin remarked that Mr A. A. William*, C.C., was thanked for bringing the matter before the County Council, but nothing had been heard of the matter since. The Clerk said he saw a newspaper report stating that they were going to give them a grant, but he had heard nothing officially. The Chairman sta!;ed that he hoped to have the privilege shortly of bringing this and other matters to the notice of the County Council. I IXSUBANCS PREMIUMS. The Clerk reported that the premiums under the Law Accident Insurance Society, Ltd., expired on the 14th inst. He was instructed to ranew the same. COMPENSATION FOR ALTERATION OF BOUNDARY. BOUNDARY. A circular letter was read from the Christchurch Rural District Council asking for support in petitioning Parliament with a view to obtaining compensation for loss of rateable value where alteration of boundaries took place. Om the proposition of the Chairman, it was I decided to support the movement. I NATIONAL MUSEUM. A letter was read from Mr J. L. Wheatley, town, clerk of Cardiff, thanking the Council for support- ing the claims of Cardiff as the proposed site for the Welsh National Museum and Library. LORD TREDEGAR'S TRIBUTE. Mr Watkins said he had forwarded collecting books for Lord Tredegar's tribute to all the parishes in the district. It seemed to be the general opinion that it would be better for the Councillors to subscribe in their different parishes, than to subscribe as body. THE REPORTS. Mr R. Derrett, in his highway report, stated that, as requested at the last meeting, he had re- modelled his estimate. It now amounted to a trifle less than last year's. On the 13lh and 14th March, he had the drain put in at Whitehall, Llantrissent, and he believed it would be satisfactory. After four or five days' rain, he ordered the steam roller for the 14th March, but Mr Chapman wrote stating that he could not possibly get it that or the following week. However, after two disappointments, he sent it on the 27th for three days only. During that time stone was rolled on the following roads:- Llanfrechfa Lower, Ponfcrhydyrun Black Road, and Ponthir road, Llanthewy main and White- house roads, Llandegveth, Llansoar road, Llangibby, Llwyncelyn, and end of road near- Llangibby School, Llantrissent, and the road from Newbridge to the end of Pwll Back road. The weather being favourable, the roller had the desired effect upon the loose stone. A complaint had been made with recrard to the dangerous state of the foot bridges near the Upper Mardy Farm, Llangeview, through the want of a second rail, but he was of opinion that this was a landlord's question, as he bad never repaired them. He received a copy of a letter from Mrs Mary 37. Baker, Parkhouse, Michaelatone-y-Vedw, near Cardiff, dated March 7th, complaining of a piece of fence being destroyed when the well was repaired at Ponthir. He inspected the place, and found the piece in question to be 18 feet long. He was informed by Mrs Margaret Walters, the tenant, that it was formerly a good holly hedge, and the tradesmen, to do the well, had cut it off* and had hedged it up with dead wood. He had obtained the necessary material for repairing the Ponthir road, but, having to attend to the steam roller, he had been unable to do the work. He hoped to do it in the course of a few days. The time bad arrived for advertising for tenders for the raising, supplying, and hauling of materials for the ensuing year. In bis sanitary report, Mr Derrett stated that Mr Henry Jones had written asking that he (the Inspector) and Dr Jenkins should visit the two new houses recently built near Ponthir Station, and grant the water supply certificates, as he had let the houses and the tenants were coming in on the following Tuesday. He (the Inspector) wroto per return stating that the houses must not be occupied without first obtaining the necessary certificates which could not in any case be granted a. itil the next Council meeting. He gave the htter and reply to the Clerk at once. The M.O.H, and he visited the premises on the 21st M-a;c), and found that the one house was occupied and had been since the 16th. Th