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Organise and Instruct.


Organise and Instruct. Under this heading the current number of the "Church Courier" in reviewing the recent Brighton Bye-Election says:—"It cannot be doubted that the misrepresenta- tion which it is so easy to found upon the Education Act played a large and determin- ing part in the election. But, we ask, how comes it that such ignorance of the actual provisions of the Act existed among the electorate at Brighton that the false state- ments so freely circulated respecting it and Church Schools were believed? We fear I THE TRUE EXPLANATION to be that Churchmen at Brighton, both clerical and lay, in common with so many others all over the country, either fail to realise the organised strength of their op- ponents and their utter recklessness of statement, or are too wrapped up in their own affairs—in other words too apathetic to take the requisite measures to spread truth and counteract falsehood. For in- stance, we doubt whether any united meeting has been held by Churchmen in Brighton to explain their view of the edu- n p cation question, and demonstrate, as only such meetings can, their determination to stand up for their Church schools, and not let judgment go by default. We have reason to believe that organisations like the Church Defence Committee have more than once pressed upon the local leaders of the Church the necessity of taking both I CENTRAL AND LOCAL ACTION in this great town, but so far without success." A c. Conservative Working Man writing from the Unionist Club, Waltham- stow, to the "Daily Telegraph," says:— I would put it to all thinking Conserva- tives and Unionists that it is not so much the central associations we should find fault with as local organisations and our rank and file. All political fighters must agree that the majority of elections are fought and won by volunteer local effort. You may have the finest candidate in the country, your central association may be absolutely perfect in its working, but unless your local sub-agents and organisations have the support of energetic volunteer labour it is impossible for our party to win."