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Abergavenny Hoi-se Show.I

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Abergavenny Hoi-se Show. I The Abergavenny Horse Show celebrated its sixtieth anniversary at Bailey Park on Thursday. "Mr James Straker, this year's mayor of Aberga- venny, has occupied the secretarial position for 32 years, and has done good, consistent work all the way through. Mr W. L. Thomas, of Tredillion Park, is the president for the year. The show on Thursday was favoured with excel- lent weather, and by the afternoon, when the jump. ing and driving trials came on, there was a very good attendance of spectators. The Oyfarthfa Band (Mr G. F. Livsey, Conductor) played during the day. As to the show in volume, there was in some respects a falling off in entries. This was most marked in the sheep department. The dipping re- strictions operated prejudicially. There was also a slight falling off in the number of cattle, but in horses. which form the staple feature of the show, there was an exhibition considerably above the aver- age, nags and carters being espeeially prominent. The cart mare and foal class for the Marquess of Abergavenny's prize was so large that all the en- trants could not be accommodated in the ring at one time. There was a very good lot of heavy-weight hunters, and farmers' horses were a fairly good class. In cattle, the Here fords were, of coarse, far more numerous than the Shorthorns. In timbering, which has become a popular feature •in the show, there was a much larger entry than before. I Local prize.takers- — HOE5E3. I—Thoroughbred stallion, to be located in Abergavenny or neighbourhood during the season of 1905 2nd, Victor F. Bosauquet, Abergavenny— ,(Dmar. 3—Hunter brood mare, not under 15.0, with foal by, or in foal to, a thoroughbred horse (local)- 1st, Alfred M. Pilliner, Llan-yr-Avon, near Newport—Wings; 2nd, Victor F. Bosanquet. 4-Foal, got by-Ohari-l-t TV". L. Thomas, 'Tredillion Park 2nd, A. W. Morton, Lower ;BLouse, Llanwenarth Citra. 5-Sucker, by a thoroughbred horse (confined to l'larmers over whose land the lonm Illthshire Hounds Hunt) -1st and 2nd, A. W. Morton. 6—Yearling hunter colt, gelding, or filly—1st, -Alfred M. Pilliner-Fine Feathers; 2nd. W. H. Perry, Ross—Momentous. 7—Two-year-old hunter, gelding or fillv-lst, "Colonel Ivor Herbert, C.B., C.M.G- Llanarth 'Court, RagJan-Kadvesh 2nd, 1. and P. Francis, Highmead Farm, near Abergavenny—Polly. 8-Thrf,e-yeu,r-olcl hunter, gelding or filly (local) —1st, W. H. Perry—Highlander; 2nd, SEdword Ourre, Itton Court, Chepstow—Down Charpe. 9 -Four-year-old hunter, gelding or filly, "Calculated by appearance and performance to become a hunter iit, W. Till, Ross -Satisfaction: 2nd, H, J. Oullimore, Sedbury, Chepstow— Wyeside. ll-Hunter of any age, capable of carrying 14st C(local)-—1st, W. H. Perry—HighJ#mder 2nd, Hastings Clay, Oak Grove, Chepstow—Democrat; r, Edward Curre. 14—Hunter, the property of a resident within 'the limits of the Monmouthshire Hunt, and that ,has been hunted during the past season with the Monmouthshire Hounds—1st, Lieut-Colonel E. Bleddian Herbert, PIas Derwen, Abergavellny- Polly. 16—Cob, not exceeding 15.0, and not under 14.0 ■to be driven in harness (loc'Jl)-lst, Major Sandford, Triley Court, Abergavenny—Nap. 17-Hrlllte, mare or gelding, capable of carry- ring 14st to lGst (local)—1st. Edward Curre—Mr Porter; 2nd, Edgar T. Davies, Chepstow— "Colonel; rd, B. Lewis Perry, Caldieot Hall, 'Chepstow—Old Fashion. 20—Hunter of any age, capable of carrying 12st-lst, U. J. Francis-Dora Vsll; 2nd, W. H. -Perry—Superlative r, Lient. Colonel E. Bleddian Herbert—Polly. 24-A sweepstakes of 10s each, with L-1 added, ■W the best performer over the course (two-thirds vto the winner, one-third to the second), confined 'to members residing within the county of Mon ^anouth, or within a radius of fifteen tnilei of the Town Hall, Abergavenny (local iiieinbers)-lst, ;A. H. Guiiii-sLa, 2nd, C. J. Francis—Grey Lad. 25—Turn-out, the property of a tradesman (local) 1st, Rees Davies, Royal Stores, Beaufort; -2nd and r, S'imuel Deverall, Abergavenny. 26 Hunter of any age, capable of carrying 12st (local) C. J. Francis—Dora Veil: 2nd W. Till—Satisfaction. 27-Three-year-olcl cart mare or gtlding-Ist, 'G. Heath, Trelleck Grange—Hendre Favour' 2ud, G. Townsend and Sons, Raglan—Lively. T 28~Tw°-year-old cart gelding or filly—1st, White House, Abergavenny. mrfrZlCarl!nS Ciirfc colt, gelding, or filly, the Fprn a teuaut farmer—2nd and r, J. Flashy 10US^omiow Conqueror and Monnow iarmer—°n toai' tiie Property of a tenant Star and MonnowLofty^ ^^ough-Moanow ior ^d^ sui'able old, and not over 15.d n banffour ye»rs (local)—1st, Messrs. H. and E Lew^_fr f"?1' —Lively.11 J°neS' BaileaParm» Llantiilio cSenny 32-Pair of cart mares or geldings, four years old and upwards, to be the property of a tenant farmer engaged solely in agriculture—1st, J. reriieyhough-liloll 11ow Star; 2nd. George Heath -Delemere Movement; r, W. Beer-Highmead Belle. 33-Cart Etallion, three years old and upwards, that will attend Abergavenny and neighbourhood during the season of 1905-let, R. Newton Jack- ,son, Pontrilas-Emblematic; 2nd, John Rogers, Monachty—Honeat Tom. 34-Cart foal, the property of a farmer, the sire of the foal to be a horse visiting Abergavenny and travelling the distirct-lst, Heury Williams; 2nd, James James. 3,5 -Foal, irrespective of breed, insured by the Horse, Carriage, and General Insurance Company. London—1st, Evan Griffith 2nd and r, Messrs Geo. Townsend and Sons. 3R—Mare, served bv "Burton Lad II." season 1904—1st. IS>lac George: 2nd, Messrs Geo. Townsend and Sons—Brown 3rd, Wm. Beer- Highmead Lady. 37-Colt foal, by Burton Lad II.Ist, H. Williams; 2nd. James James: r, Geo. Spencer. gR-Filly foal. by Burton Lad lI.lst. G. R. Smith '2nd, Evan Griffiths r, James James. The Shire Horse Society's silver medal for the best Shire mare, filly, or filly foaled, registered or eligible for registration in the Stud Book in any of the above clashes for agricultural horses—Mr Heath, Delemere Movement. CATTLE. 39-Bull. cow, and offspring (Hereford breed), —2nd, Rees Keene, Llanvihangel Court. 40-Hereford stock bull, the property of « tenant farmer or owner of not more th-in 100 acres (local)- 1st, H. Williams; 2nd, Rees Keene. 41-Two-vear-old bull of any breed (local)-lst, H. Williams; 2nd, John Rogers, Monachty. 44—Shorthorn bull of any age-The Rev W. Booth Oorfield. 45-Hei,eford bull calf, under twelve months ofd (loc,tl)-Ist, Rees Keene; 2nd, H. WiUiam". 4i1-Twr) cows in milk. or wi/hin three months of calving (for breeding purposes), the property of a tenant farmer (local)-ist, Rees Keene; 2nd, David Jones. 47—Pair of two-year-old heifers, in or with calf —1st, Peter Coates: 2nd, David Jones. 48—Pair of yearlin? heifers (local)—1st, David Jones: 2nd. Morgan W. David. 49-Heifer calf, under twelve months old (local) —1st, Rees Keene; 2nd, David Jones. 50—Pair of steers, two years old or over (local) —1st and 2nd, John Rogers, Monachty. 51—Pair of steers, one year old and under two years (local)—1st, Arthur Rivers, Usk; 2nd, David Morgan, SHEEP OF ANY BREED. 52—Ram, not less than two years old-Ist, J. Morris and Son, Llanvapley 2nd, Francis Harris. 53—Yearling ram 1st, C. Maddocks, Park Lettice 2nd, F. Harris. 54-Ram lamb -1st, F. Harris; 2nd, C. Mad- docks. 56—Five yearling ewes, f^r breeding purposes— 1st, F. Harris; 2nd, A. W. Trotman, Rhadyr, Usk. 57-Five ewe lambs—1st, A. W. Trotman 2nd, F. Harris. PIGS. 60—Cottager's pig-1st, David Pugh, Aberga- venny 2nd, Edwin Nash, Llangibby" DRESSED POULTRY, ETC., 61—Pair of fowls, dressed and prepared for market in the most approved metlioa-ist. Mrs Parker. Kemeys House, Usk; 2nd, Dr. F. Rutherfoord Harris, M.P., Llangibby Castle; 3rd, Mrs A. Harris, Nantycarw, Clytha. 62-Pair of dunks—1st, Miss F. Smith, New House, Dingesfcow, illoninoiith 2nd. Mrs Wbistanee Bryn-y-Gwenin, Abergavenny 3rd, Mitis G. R. Jones. 63-Twelve hen eggs, white-1st, Miss S. A. Williams; 2nd, Mrs A. Hatris; 3rd, Miss N. Holmes. 64-Twelve hen egsrs, ooloured-1st, Miss S. A. Williams; 2nd, Mrs Powell, Talycoed; 3rd, Miss F. S Cox. 65—21b. fresh slightlv salted buttor, in lib. blockn, -1st and 2ud, Miss F. S. Cox; 3rd Miss S. Griffiths. HOUSE-SHOEING COMPETITION. 66—Open to smiths who are residents in Mon- mouthshire, for the best shoeing of a oart horse— 1st, F. R. Whitehorn, Tredegar 2nd, T. W. Hird, Caldieot; 3rd, Arthur Leighton, Llanvetherine.

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