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I The Chance1 A Freehold The Chance of a Cottage Lifetime! 1 given away A Freehold Cottage, with pleasant grounds for fruit and vegetable culture, comes about as near to a universal requirement as anything that could be named. I To the worker in a big town, to the dweller in the country, the gift of a well-built House would be equally acceptable. Readers of CASSELL'S SATURDAY JOURNAL are offered a charming Freehold Cottage under such conditions that everyone, from the Merchant to the Mechanic, from the City Clerk to the Cultivator of the Land, from the Mistress to the Maidservant, has an equal chance of winning it. No learning, no knowledge, no research, no in- formation is required to secure the Cottage, which is offered under the simplest terms possible. Those who would like a valuable House, free of charge, are referred to CASSELL'S SATURDAY JOURNAL of Septem- ber 7, price Id., wherein will be found details of one of the most remarkable offers to the public which has ever been made. CASSELL& COMPANY, LTD., London; and all Booksellers. NEW FINE ART EDITION OF I The Paradise Dori < Milton. Lost t With Superb Full-page Illus- trations by GUSTAVE DORE. First Fortnightly Part ready Sept. 14, Price 6d. net. "The sombre and fantastic genius of Dore is admirably suited to illustr-ting the roet of the Un- seen. Some of the illustration are simply magnificent. The size and beauty ot the tyi. >g -phy He ill harmony with the grandeur of the q:ic. The Times. This Work will be uniform with the very successful Serial Edition of The DORÉ DANTE just concluded. CASSELL & COMPANY, LTD., London; and all Booksellers. A New and Revised Edition of SIR. ROBERT BALL'S Famous Work sir r. Bau's | The Story Great Work Astronomy, Ol "tfeO in Monthly Farta- I Heavens Will be issued in MONTHLY PARTS, price 6d. net. PROFUSELY ILLUSTRATED. The Educational Times ,avs Our notice of a work so interesting nn:st necessarily be very im- perfect. We have twice essayed to wri.e the notice, and have become so absorbed in the work as to read on for hours foretfui of our o1 i-ct. It is a story of boundless interest and of exquisite beauty." A "Beautiful Star Chart f:ill be presented With Pari 1, readv Sept. 27. z CASSELL & COMPANY, LTD., London; And all Bookstllsrs Part 1 of a New For nijjhfciy Issue, ready Sept. 27, price 6d. net, of The New The Great Work BOOli Of on Poultry. ——— Poultry By LEWIS WRIGHT. With 30 Coloured Plates expressly pre- pared for the work by Mr. J. W. LUDLOW, and other Illustrations. The Fancier's Gaz- tte says :—" The most complete book ever writ en on the Poultry lancy. It is very concise, and yet every detail is explained so minutely that the most inexperienced can understand the teachings it would impart, and profit by the ex- perience of the writer, who, perhaps more than any I other man, has studied the different treatment re- quired by different breeds." CASSELL & COMPAN Y, LTD., London; and all Booksellers. Part 1 Now Ready price 7d. net, of THE NEW ISSUE of | The A Great Book Sports of on Sports. '———' the World. Edited by F. G. AFLALO, F.1R.G.S., F.Z.S. The Standard savs :—" In its really fascinating pages may be found practically all the law and the prophets of Fport set down by accomplished and expert hands." 3Part 1 includes a Rembrandt J*f?oio?raVnrs "Platte. To be coajpleisd in 13 Monthly Par's. CASSELL & COM PAN Y, LTD., London and all Booksellers. m- OWUMS, GhzmaSto*)' at aRp Hoys* Psa-fifs™# fo&v jjzssl hefFI¡n Enj&pg**?! 16 ics 4 p,-#ges VV c ties Greasej _pf jtrme* l .NOTICE.—The October Pa o' CHUMS Enlarged pov without j && k. increase of } rormm* the First of a New I- ■' YOiun?e, will consist of 120 Large Pay s arid COLOURED PLATE, 6d. CASSELL & COMPANY. LTD., London: and all Booksellers I "For cheapness A he Penny Magazine' is ■unequalled."—'t'HH: SJ D. —————— In CnsscU's Vv'orll Fiimous Periodical Periodical A World- Famous j/ JLHW & 'enny Magazine Mr. A. T. QUILLER-COOOH'8 Celebrated S cry. The Splendid Spur, is now appeajring. in the form of separate SupplementJ Each Number of this Magazine contains Short to,-ie, by leading writers, Illustrated "Articles on interesting subjects, numerous Illustrations, & CASSELL& COMPANY, LTD., London audi all Booksellers I SUPERIMPOSED EVIDENCE. In order to substantiate our claim to be by far the largest Furnishers in this part of the country, we give below a brief list of our departments at 161 and 162, Commercial Street, Newport. Basement.—Inexpensive Bedroom and Kitchen Furnishings, Ironmongery and Hardware.1 Ground Floor (Main).—Uliddle and High-class Bedroom Furnishings. Ground Floor (Annexe). Inexpensive BEDROOM SUITES for Cottages and Small Houses. LINOLEUM DEPARTMENT (at rear). 1st Floor (Gallery). Office FURNITURE, Overmantels, Hall Furniture, Bamboo BEDSTEADS and BEDDING. 1st Floor (Right Annexe).-CarpetB, Rugs, Mats, etc. 1st Floor (Left Annexe).—Curtains and Soft Goods. 2nd Floor. Inexpensive and Middle Class Dining Room Furnishings, Antique Carved Oak, Upholstered Goods, etc. 3rd Floor.- Iiigh-(,,luss Dining-room Furniture, Drawing-room Suites, Cabinets, and Tables. 4th Floor.—Reserve Stocks. Department for Stored Furniture, etc. It will thus be seen that no less than six large Floors are devoted to the business of this branch alone, displaying a selection capable of satisfying every taste, and ranging in price from the most moderate to the most costly. Ft P f<imiP The Furniture Collosemn, MPHfnnTttn P. E. GlE,i6iT^;atJEffQ|}T. 161&162 CommorGial St,, JOHN H. RENNIE Member of the Auctioneers Institute by Exam- ination.) AGRICULTURAL AND GENERAL AUC- TIONEER, VALUER, SURVEYOR, LAND AGENT, HOTEL AND INSURANCE BROKER. Newport. Usk, 9" Chepstow Districts. Sales of Fat and Store Stock in NEWPORT, USE, and CHEPSTOW CATFLE MARKETS on Market Daj 8. Horses iu NEWPORT MARKET monthly. Furniture and Chattel Effects, SALEROOM, periodically. Chief Offices and Saleroom — 6 and 12, SKINNER STREET, NEWPORT. Nat. Telephone, 0625. Telegrams, Rennie Auction Fixtures. 1904. Sept' 5 -Fat. and Store Stock, in Usk Cattle Market. 7-Fat and Store Stock, in Newport Cattle Market. 7-Twenty Welsh Ponies and Colts, at Newport Cattle Market. 7—Attractive Unreserved Sale of House- hold Appointments and Effects, at 18, Charles-street, Newport, for Mrs M. A. Jones (leaving). 9—Household Appointments, at Sale- rooms, 12, Skinner Street, Newport. 13—Fat and Store Stock, in Chepstow Cattle Market, 14-Dwelling Houses in Ronald Road' and other Important Properties in Maindee and Newport. 14-Fat and Store Stock, in Newport Cattle Market. 22—Cart Colts and Horses, at Caerleon Fair. 27—Fat and Store Stock, in Chepstow Cattle Market. 27—Unreserved Sale of the Valuable Farm- ing Stock, Produce, and Effects, at Tymawr, Malpas, for Mr Edward Jenkins (leaving). 28- Fat and Store Stock, in Newport Cattle Market. 30-Highly Important and Extensive Sale of Valuable Live and Dead Farming Stock, at Llanpill Farm, Llansoy, for Mr -John Frost, senr., (who is giving up the farm). Oct. 3 -Fat and Store Stock, in Usk Cattle Market. 4-Large and Very Important Sale of Farming Stock, at the Pentre. Llan- tar-iam, for Mr E. C. Davies (retiring). õ-Fat and Store Stock, in Newport Cattle Market Oct. — Important Sale of Superior Farming Stock, at Nantybanno Farm, Llan- tris^ent, for Mr Edward Evans (leaving). Oct. -The whole of the Live and Dead Stock, at Celvnen F,rm, Llanthewy Vach, for Mr J. Rogers (letting the farm.) Oat. -Highly Important Sale of Clover and Meadow Hay, at the Coach and Horses. Caerwent. Oct. —Fat Stock, at Raglan. Full particulars in futnre advertisements, and from the Auctioneer, as above. By Messrs. NELMES, POOLE, & ATKINS. Thursday, next, Sept. SIll, 1904. MONMOUTH NINETEENTH Great Annual Sheep Sale. will be held in the CATTLE MARKET, as above, when MESSRS NELMES. POOLE. & ATKINS will SELL BY AUCTION, 3320 Ewes aild Tarcls 180 ilams (including entries from Messrs Large, Stock, White, Edwards, Barling, and other noted breeders). Sale to commence at 9.80. Catalogues to be obtaiued from the AUCTIONEERS, Monmouth and Stroud. By Messrs. MARFELL & POOLE. CTsk Market, Monday next, SEPTEMBER '5nI, 1904. MESSRS MARFELL & POOLE are instructed to SELL BY AUCTION, in the CATTLE MARKET. at 11 o'clock, a very smart Pony ivitti Trap and Harness, in good order. Auctioneer, Offices-The Willows, Usk. Cyclists, Light Up! Saturday, 'Sept. 3rd. 7.41 Sunday, 4th. 7.39 Monday, 5th 7.37 Tuesday, 6th. 7.35 Wednesday, 7th. 7.32 Thursday, 8th. 7.30 Friday, „ 9th 7.27 Saturday, 10th. 7.25 Being One hour after Sunset, I Monmouth Boroughs' Ambulance i hallenge Cup. HE ANNUAL COMPETITION will take I place at the Tredegar Hall, Newport, on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27TH, 1904. All entries to be sent to the Hon. Sec. on or before 13th October, from whom all information can be obtained. C. GREENING, 19, Daniel Street, Newport. <=: 5, MARYPORT STREET, USK. Ladies' School. PRINCIPAL MISS E. MERRETT. Boys under ten received. Next Term Day, I SEPTEMBER 6TH. II West Monmouthshire School, Pontypool. I HEAD MASTER J. H. PRIESTLEY, B.A. Lond. SCIENCE H. E. B. HUMPHRIES, B.Sc., A.R.C.S. MODERN LANGUAGES G. F. BUCK, B.A., Lond. FORM MASTERS.A. G. D. BARTLETT, Lond. Univ. R. HAIRE, Trin. Coll., Dublin. E. WADDINGTON, Durham Univ. Term begins WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14TH. For Prospectus apply to the HEAD MASTER. I J m'OISiTKEIVTS, &c., FOR WEEK Ending September 10th, 1904. Sept. Sat. 3-Pontypool Petty Sessions. Cricket-Usk v. Pouthir, at Usk. Sun. 4-Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity. Mon. 5-Usk Market. Tues. 6-Abergavenny Market. Chepstow Petty Sessions. Wed. 7-Newport Cattle, Corn, and Cheese Markets A bergavellny Petty Sessions. Thurs. 8-Usk Petty Sessions. Sat. 10—Pontypool Petty Sessions. Hunting Appointments; MR. CLAY'S SUBSCRIPTION OTTER HOUNDS Will meet next week (water permitting) :— Wednesday, Sept. 7th Newbridge-on-Usk At 10 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 10th Three Salmon's, Usk At 10 a.m. Zl- County Courts in Circuit 24. COURTR will be held at the several Court-towns on this Circuit, before His Honour JUDGE OWEN, the Judge thereof, on the days and at the time hereunder ineiitioned: Time, a.m. July Aug. Oct. Chepstow 10 8 3 Barry 10 5 1 4 Cardiff 10 6 3 5 10 7 4 6 „ 10 8 5 7 10 9 6 8 Abergavenny 10 15 10 Blaenavon 10 11 Tredegar 9.30 12 9 11 Pontypool.. 10 13 10 12 Newport 10.30 14 II 13 11 10.30 15 12 14 Monmouth.. 10 19 16 15 Ross 9.30 13 1 Crickhowell.. 11 17 21 Usk 11 18 20 =====-======= ItSi Yoluisteer Ballalfon SopJh Wales Borderers. G COMPANY, USK. Monday, September 5th.—Company Drill; Dress —Drill Order, at 7.30 p.m. Thursday, September 8th. — Recruits' Drill, plain clothes, at 7.30 p.m. There will be a Church Parade on Sunday, the 11th inst. The Battalion Band will attend. There will be a presentation of the Volunteer Long Service Medal to Sergt. A. Jnnes, and clasps to Lance-Sergeant C. Thomas and Corporal D. H. Lewis, for service in South Africa. It is hoped every member available will attend. RECRUITS. Intending Recruits are requested to call at the Armoury on Monday next, at 7.3J p.m. for enrolment. By order, H. J. WILLCOX, Captain, Commanding G Company. Auctioneers' Institute. The membars of the Auctioneers' Institute of the United Kingdom opened thair annual conferenoe fit Cardiff on Thursday, under the presidency of Mr D. T. Alexander. It was inaugurated by a delightful tour through the Wye Valley and back through Monmouth and Raglan. In the evening a civic reception was given at the Town-hall by the mayor Alderman John Jenkins, J.P.






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